Quad Core Cell Phones

It’s pretty official now! We should get to see some quadcore tablets and smartphones in action later this year. We figure NVIDIA’s tegra 3 won’t be for sale in android devices until early 2012, but the fact that mobile chipset development has accelerated to this point is nothing short of incredible.

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Kik Chat Picture Messaging | It's Here!

kik chat picture messaging smileyKik chat now supports picture messaging (as long as you’ve got the latest beta..) This feature will make it’s way into the next kik update, which should arrive in the next few days – provided apple sticks to their typical (terribly slow) schedule for pushing app updates through.

The first version of these new picture messaging features allows users to take a picture from within a chat. They are able to decide whether they like the picture, or they want a retake, and then they can insert it into their chat – all very seamless.

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We don’t have the ability to select pictures we took previously, but I’m sure that feature is coming. Even if it isn’t.. who cares – it’s kind of cool to know that all the pictures you receive were actually taken right then.

Once you send or receive a picture message, you can click it in the conversation to view it full screen

Along with the new picture messaging features come a few new settings for  your kik display picture. You will now be able to view the full size display pictures of all your contacts.

kik chat picture messaging take photo

kik chat picture messaging photo in textbox

Tricep Workouts

The 6 Best Tricep Workouts for Increased Size!

Looking for Bigger Triceps? These are the 6 best tricep exercises to build size.

targeting triceps for workoutWe recommend selecting 3 of these for 1 week, and taking the other 3 for the next week. Alternating your tricep workouts each week is the best way to ensure you are always making them sore and always making them grow. If you find that after a few weeks with these tricep wourkouts your triceps are no longer getting sore, then change up the reps and the weight. For example, the first week you feel like shocking them back into getting sore (tearing the muscle enough so that you know they are going to grow) switch to only doing 8 reps with with an additional 10 pounds per hand for individual hand exercises (i.e. overhead dumbbell extenstions), or an additional 20 pounds for tricep workouts that use both hands (i.e. skull crushers/lying tricep extensions). This should shock the triceps back into serious growth. The following week pick a weight that you can do 14 reps with and try to do 3 to 4 sets of 12-14 reps. Then go back to 12-10-8 (see below). Remember: Always eat 30-50 grams of protein within half an hour of finishing your workout! (Protein Powder of the Year -5 years in a row)

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1. Skull Crushers (aka lying tricep extenstions)

  • Select a weight that you can do no more than 12 reps with (likely in the 40 to 80 pound range)
  • Do 12 reps for your first set, 10 for the second and 8 for the third

Lying Tricep Extension How To Video

2. Tricep Pushdown (using cable machine)

  • Knees slightly bent, shoulders back, elbos in front of hips, extend your arms from 90 degrees to straight
  • Do 12 reps for your first set, 10 then 8 (really we try to do as many as possible on the final set)
  • Alternate between different bar types (easy curl, stright bar, v-bar, rope)
  • when selecting 3 tricep workouts for a day, try to pick three that use different and positions such as easy-curl skull crushers, straight bar tricep pushdowns and dips

Tricep Pushdown How To Video

3. Dips or Weighted Dips

  • As always, start with 12-10-8 (reps) on the first day doing the exercise (then you can change things ups according to the info at the start of this post)

Tricep Dips How To Video

4. Overhead Cable Tricep Extentions

Overhead Cable Tricep Extension How To Video

5. Overhead Tricep Extensions with Dumbbell

Overhead Tricep Extensions How To Video

6. Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Kickbacks How To Video

Tricep Pump Workouts

effect of a tricep pump workout

If your looking for the maximum tricep pump, we recommend the following exercise:

  • Cable push downs in slow motion
    • Push the weight down at a medium pace over a 3 second count
    • Squeeze and flex your triceps at the bottom and hold for 4 seconds
    • Bring your arms back to 90 degrees very slowly, over 5 seconds

For this Tricep workout you want to feel the burn as much as possible. Focus on using every bit of energy in the muscle so that by your last rep you can’t even keep the weight down. Do higher reps (12 to 14) for 4 sets, with lower weight and make sure to perform the workout painfully slowly – try to keep your triceps squeezed and flexed the whole time, especially at the bottom when your arms are fully extended.

Check back for new info on the best tricep workouts. We are going to add sections for maximizing strength and endurance. We’ll also let you know the best supplement routine to follow when building triceps and biceps.

Waterloo Poutine | Best Poutine in Waterloo

As of February 2011 – here are the best poutine places in Waterloo Ontario. Unfortunately Waterloo has a pretty lousy selection these days, but leave a comment if you find a place that we have missed!

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1. Ish n Chips

The best place we have at the moment – it’s delicious and probably the best post-bar food on king st these days. Serious line ups (in a good way) full of people all ordering poutine.

2. McCabe’s

If you’re willing to make the trip to the kitchener boarder this is probably the best poutine you can get. Make sure to get the HP Guinness Gravy (just normal dark gravy, but it’s the best – we’s also recommend getting extra cheese.)

352 King St. West Kitchener On

3. Harvey’s

This just shows how weak our selection really is in Waterloo.. It’s pretty delicious as far as fast food poutine goes and super convenient.

University Plaza (and a bunch more..)

London Bars | Top 10 Bars in London Ontario

The following is a list of the best bars in London Ontario as of February 2011

1. The Ceeps
Opened in 1890 this place continues to attract a large majority of the London student population. Get there early for Ceeps Saturdays, it’s always packed with the best people and the line-up often starts around 10 pm. Every Tuesday night Ceeps Sledgehammer Bingo is the place to be and garauntees a laugh, a few sledged watermelons and the best of the worst prizes ever. Ceeps is also attached to Barney’s lounge and patio, which is great for live music and a popular place in the summer months.
Located at 671 Richmond St. London.

2. Jack’s
Jack’s Bar in London is open seven days a week, from 4pm – 2am, always offering something to do in the downtown area. Popular with students and young people living in the city, the party never ends inside Jack’s Nightclub and Bar in London. New weekly and special events draw people every night, as guests come for food early in the evening and to party into the wee hours of the morning.

Located at 539 Richmond Street, London.

3. Rouge
A nightclub that frequently hosts special events with celebrity guests and performers. Thursday to Saturday a $5 cover is in effect (which may increase to $10 on Saturdays as it approaches capacity), but no-cover Wednesday nights are quite popular. Rouge does reserve the right to deny anyone based on dress-code policy.
Located at 50 Piccadilly Street, London.

4. Jim Bob Ray’s
Popular amongst the student crowd, Wednesday is $2.50 cocktails and DJ Chaos, Thursday $10 pitchers and featuring live acts anywhere from Illscarlet to Zed’z Dead, Friday is $3.50 domestics with DJ Hush and DJ Mar Keey, and Saturday features $1 shooters and is a popular place for party bookings.
Located at 585 Richmond Street, London

5. Tap House
Open 7 days a week, 7pm-2am, this classy bar and lounge features an open high-energy dance floor downstairs and a tiered balcony second floor with pool tables and many LCD TVs, including one over each urinal in the men`s bathroom. Often the spot for parties and events, including corporate occasions and social gatherings, the London Tap House even offers stagette packages.
Located at 545.5 Richmond Street, London.

6. The Barking Frog
The Barking Frog pub and nightclub is well known amongst locals for offering a sophisticated night out in London. Famous for its chic ambiance and an urbane environment, The Barking Frog restaurant, pub and lounge is popular amongst a young professional clientele. Those in search of a more up-scale taste of clubbing in London often turn to The Barking Frog bar, as special events draw partygoers and weekly events keep regulars coming back for more.

Located at 209 John Street, London.

7. Cowboys Ranch
Fridays and Saturdays, no cover before 10 pm and ladies free all night. Free t-shirts to whoever can ride the bull the longest and line dancing instructors on the dance floor 8pm-10pm on Fridays. Top 40 country music keeps the crowd rowdy.
Located at 60 Warncliffe Road North, London.

8. Molly Blooms
An Irish pub great for sitting back and hanging-out, with a great beer selection, extensive menu, outdoor patio and fantastic karaoke Sundays and Mondays. Great live music venue on the weekends and the Mike O’Brien band every Thursday.
Located at 700 Richmond Street London.

9. Martini Bar
Located above the Mongolian Grill Restaurant (which features an all you can eat buffet), this bar offers an extensive selection of unique martinis and is a popular spot on Martini Mondays, where a full shaker is only $5.
Located at 645 Richmond Street, London.

10. Up on Carling
Often the after-party destination for concerts and events occurring at the near-by John Labatt center, this esteemed night club has hosted events by the likes of Akon, Brody Jenner and Shemar Moore and performances by MSTRKRFT and The Bloody Beatroots. In addition to the main room, Up also features a scenic rooftop patio, which includes its own fully functional bar and VIP cabanas.
Located at 253 Carling Street, London

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best bars in london ontario

Search Marketing Trends In 2011

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This article is a Guest Post: Carla Sanchez is a freelance writer for Omniture. Omniture is the world leader at cms software and search marketing; software that enables you to better understand your customers and increase your sales.

As 2011 moves into full view, trends in search marketing will be highlighted by local and mobile search as well as social media marketing efforts.

As the Internet industries grow up and mature, many businesses are looking at how search marketing will trend in 2011. And more importantly, how those changing trends are going to affect their business revenues and bottom lines. A number of important technological developments on the hardware and software fronts will have their affect on how users effectively benefit from search. Additionally, the big search engine companies like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft’s Bing are continuing to make interesting and exciting changes to the services they are bringing to web searchers every day.

One aspect of search marketing that we saw steadily increase last year was the use of offline advertising to promote online search. Bing launched and rode a steady wave of interest based upon their novel television commercials. Regardless of just how effective the actual search results might be, the ads brought a bit of market share to the newly emerging search engine.

The reverse is also a trend to keep an eye on in the coming year. Retail sales are and continue to be heavily influenced by the web. This means the more effective your business is at search marketing, the higher the chances you’re company’s online messages will reach and influence your retail buyers. People love to take their time online and get answers to questions, see options, and figure out exactly what it is they want to buy. Just as they tend to like to take their time learning about your products, they also want to be able to buy immediately.

Though somewhat slow and stumbling, the trend towards mobile search has finally begun to take off and is growing at a rapid pace. Hardware manufacturers continue to compete with smaller, faster, and more effective smartphones. Even some search providers have gotten into mobile hardware and software development with the release of Android operating systems and a number of heavily integrated applications designed to take advantage of search marketing.

If you’re not actively developing your search presence to appear for the local, mobile searcher you’ll be missing out on immediate results that could have a big impact on your bottom line. Most of the big search providers are focusing a lot of their attention on various local and mobile search solutions. If it’s important to them, you can be sure it needs to be important to you as well.

Not to be overlooked is the trending opportunities associated with social media marketing. Most of the larger, more influential online social communities have a number of opportunities to reach targeted niches within the larger member set. Whether you’re using their in-house search features, or are taking advantage of targeted, direct, on-page advertising, these communities offer a rich, untapped audience to get your message in front of.

Active online marketing campaigns inside of Facebook, or even on Twitter, can provide you with results that make your ROI extremely attractive. An important aspect to succeeding within the social marketing world is to fully understand each community you’re attempting to reach. Knowing that an audience on Facebook will be quite different from one you’re attempting to connect with on LinkedIn is a sure way to maximize your efforts while minimizing the potential damage which could be created by poorly designed and delivered marketing efforts.

At the end of the day trends are interesting and can have a great impact on your business’s effectiveness. Chasing the latest, greatest trends however may be less important than simply providing steady, consistent efforts. Essentially, it’s important to know what’s happening in the world of search marketing, but also to be making progress establishing your presence as an authority for the niche target markets you hope to compete in.

Carla Sanchez is a freelance writer for Omniture. Omniture is the world leader at cms software and search marketing; software that enables you to better understand your customers and increase your sales.

Keg Crab Spinach Parmesan Dip Recipe

This is a recipe for a dip that is almost identical to the Keg Steakhouse Crab Spinach and Parmesan dip. One of our friends has worked at the keg for 3 years and has recently become a manager there. He has scaled the recipe to be approximately twice as much as you would receive at the keg. This is the best warm crab spinach dip ever.


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  • One 250 ml (8 oz) container of  regular cream cheese
  • 1/2 Cup of regular (14% M.F.) sour cream
  • 1 Cup of grated Cheddar Cheese
  • 3 Tablespoons of Mayonaise
  • 2 Cloves of chopped or minced garlic (we found 3 cloves to be even better)
  • 1 Cup of chopped spinach (you can substitute frozen spinach, but make sure to remove all water)
  • 1 can crab meat (Drain well)
  • 1 Tsp parmesan cheese (a few shakes from a container)


  1. Heat the cream cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds or so to make it stir-able
  2. Mix in all other ingredients except for the parmesan cheese, mixing the carb in last (leave out a little of the cheddar)
  3. Sprinkle the parmesan and left over cheddar on top
  4. Bake for 30 minutes at 375 or until bubbling at the edges, then broil for 3 minutes or so to let the top get a little crispy

HTC Desire Z Running On Rogers

Today we bought a Desire Z from a Bell Store and had it running perfectly on rogers within half an hour.

This article explains how to get the HTC Desire Z Working on Rogers

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If you need to get your hands on one but aren’t a bell customer, read our guide on that here: How to Get a Desire Z without Being On Bell

We used this site for the unlock code, im sure there are way cheaper codes out there but we wanted it in a hurry. http://www.cellunlock.net/Unlock_Bell_HTC_Desire_Z_p/unlockbelldesirez.htm

After we got it unlocked we followed our old guide on setting up the apn settings for the nexus one – here it is slightly revamed for the Desire Z: Desire Z Rogers APN Settings

Its working absolutely perfectly with full 3G and HSPA support – we have zero complaints with this device, its the best around .. for now.

Rogers Desire Z

Canadian Bank Numbers

Looking for the Bank Number for your Canadian bank? If you need the transit number (also called branch number) of your bank use the branch locator on their website. If you need the account number of your bank account you should be able to find it easily in your online banking where they list your accounts.

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Here is a list of all the Canadian Bank Numbers:

  • Bank of Montreal / BMO Bank Number – 001
  • ScotiaBank Bank of Nova Scotia – 002
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada – 003
  • TD Canada Trust / Toronto Dominion / TD Bank Umber – 004
  • National Bank of Canada Bank Number – 005
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce / CIBC Bank Number – 010
  • President’s Choice Financial / PC Financial Bank Number – 010
  • HSBC Bank Number – 016
  • Bank of Canada Bank Number – 177
  • Citibank Canada Bank Number – 260
  • Citizens Bank of Canada Bank Number – 309
  • ING Bank of Canada / ING Direct Bank Number – 614

030 Canadian Western Bank

039 Laurentian Bank of Canada

117 Government of Canada (Not listed as a member of the Canadian Payments Association)

127 Canada Post (money orders)

177 Bank of Canada (Canadian central bank)

219 ATB Financial

241 Bank of America Canada

260 Citibank Canada

270 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (Toronto Branch)

290 UBS Bank (Canada)

308 Bank of China (Canada)

309 Citizens Bank of Canada (Canada)

326 President’s Choice Financial (no longer assigned, now shares 010 code with CIBC)

338 Canadian Tire Bank

340 ICICI Bank Canada

509 Canada Trust (prior to the merger of TD & Canada Trust)

540 Manulife Bank

614 ING Direct Canada

809 [Central 1 [Credit Union] – BC Region]

815 Caisses Desjardins du Québec

819 Caisses populaires Desjardins du Manitoba

828 [Central 1 [Credit Union] – ON Region]

829 Caisses populaires Desjardins de l’Ontario

837 Meridian Credit Union (formerly Hepco)

839 Credit Union Heritage (Nova Scotia)

865 Caisses populaires Desjardins acadiennes

879 Credit Union Central of Manitoba

889 Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan

899 Credit Union Central Alberta