RLSLOG.net, atdhenet.tv and torrenthound.com All Down After Hosting Raid

PRQ raid brings down rlslog torrenthound and others

Police raided the Swedish hosting company PRQ today bringing down dozens of file sharing and torrent sites including torrenthound.com, atdhenet.tv, RLSLOG.net, tankafetast.nu, linkomanija.net and hahasport.com. The hosting firm was started by two Piratebay co-founders and has been as a reliable “no questions asked” hosting service that has been raided by the police at least twice before in 2006 and 2010.

At this time, we don’t know exactly what they were looking for, only that it was a set of servers belonging to PRQ and as such, we don’t know if the affected websites will be back up. It seems pretty clear at this point the police were there on the grounds that PRQ was hosting sites with IP violations but which sites were targeted is not clear yet.

The Piratebay is also down at this time but the two incidences are unrelated as they moved their hosting from PRQ in 2006 after the first raid. Its down for technical reasons and should be back some time soon.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Use Your WordPress Site as a Pirate Bay Proxy

wordpress site to Proxy The recent SOPA/PIPA row has been making mass media headlines and bringing the censorship and copyright row to the main stream. Though SOPA/PIPA were temporarily defeated, there is no doubt that another iteration of these bills will resurface in the United States (as Maddox eloquently posits). Around the world, governments are imposing sanctions on ISP’s to block certain sites, the most frequently targeted are, of course, the pirate bay and wikileaks. Now, a group of evangelist WordPress developers from the Netherlands based Greenhost have built a plugin so that you can easily turn your blog into a proxy for these heretic sites, allowing internet users to bypass restrictions.

Enter RePress project

If you have a WordPress site that is autonomously hosted (ie it cannot be hosted on wordpress.com) then all you have to do is download the repress plugin found here, input some information about your server, input the site you want to act as a proxy for and away it goes. The site will now be available by default at http://yourblog/repost/thepiratebay.org but it can be configured to be available from a directory/URL of your choosing.

Don’t worry about going over your allotted bandwidth, the proxy will simply redirect traffic to the blocked sites with almost no expense to your host’s resources. For now the plugin is only available through the all4xs.net website but it should be available from the wordpress plugin database in the near future.

Will it Work?

The plugin was built mostly in response to the upcoming censoring of The Pirate Bay in the Netherlands. Technically it will work fine in getting around restrictions imposed by interventionist governments but they could always just block the site hosting the proxy or, in more extreme cases, persecute poeple for hosting the proxy in the first place. The more websites that do this the better as government groups don’t have the resources to scour the internet for all proxies, but just be careful if you’re in an area plagued with extremism that your site cannot be easily traced back to you.

9gag down | 9gag.com down by 4chan with DDoS attack December 21

The popular image posting website is going down sporadically tonight due to a 4chan led denial of service attack. The login, search registration and voting features are also failing on 9gag.com and no posts posts have been recorded since 17 hours ago. This was presumably to keep 4chan users from uploading obscene images and up-voting them to appear on the front page.

It appears that 4chan users, specifically residents of the /b/ section, are fed up with their content being re-published and shared on 9gag. The attack is also in retaliation to yesterday’s 9gag.com DDoS attack that brought down 4chan’s homepage. The image bellow, originally posted on 4chan.org, sums up their beef succinctly.

4chan ddos 9gag

Devout channers are using an open source DDoS application called Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) as well as it’s successor High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC) and directed their packets towards 9gag’s domain and DNS servers. The call to arms was initiated on 4chan.org/b/ and instructions were issued on pastebin.

A few 9gag users posted this in response to the attack

9gag ddos by 4chan

Important Ip list | IP Adresses Incase SOPA passes

So SOPA is on the verge of being pushed through. One of it’s main features is that it allows copyright holders to request a black list of certain domains on a service provider’s DNS record. Websites will still be available through their ip adresses so in the event that any site is blocked you can either copy the associated ip into your browser url bar or edit your etc hosts file to point the blocked domain to it’s ip.

If you are an American Citizen please sign this electronic petition on whitehouse.gov to have the bill vetoed.

Social media


Social networking


Search engine / Link sites


Torrent sites


Live Streaming Content


Porn sites


Streaming sites






Manga sites




This list was transcribed from the boingboing/reddit google doc. If you have anything you would like to add, post it in the comments.

Find Actual Ranking in Google

Google’s search algorithm is one of the most complicated on the interent, factoring in a multitude of data about both the keyword you’re searching for as well as you the searcher. If you’re logged into your google account (gmail, youtube, ect.) then Google search will be able to read their own cookies to try to better personalize your search results. Even if you’re not signed into your Google account, Google search will still be able to gather search optimizing data from you based on what sites you’ve navigated to from Google in the recent past, your current location based on ip address, ect.

This is highly useful for an average web surfer looking to find the most relevant content. For webmasters who want to see how their website is ranking on a certain keyword, this can be a bit annoying as you will ussually observe a search engine position that is inflated compared to everyone else’s results.

To fix this, what we have to do is first turn off Google instant search by changing it in your settings if your logged into your google account (gear in the top right hand corner), otherwise there should be an option to the right of the search bar.

Next search for the term you want to check rankings on. After Google populates it’s results, append &pws=0 to the end of URL. So if your search for ACN scam in google the origional url will be (with some extra paremeters added)
Now just append the &pws=0 to the end like so:
and submit the URL. This should populate un-personally filtered search results for any keyword! You can also use Google webmaster tools to find aggregate average position for your site in Google search results.

Worst Comments Ever

This is a guest post by Ty from Good Canadian Kid. Check out GCK for thought provoking and humorous reads like GCK’s Favourite Mac Utility Application , The Ultimate Badass: Bishnu Shrestha and Marketing and (Pseudo) Science

Online comments that reference blogs, podcasts, Youtube, memes, etc. can reveal a lot about the content in question. They give insight to the quality of the content and, in some circumstances, act as a microcosm that represents a larger community or fan base.

After watching a video, listening to a podcast or reading a blog, it is refreshing to view comments that are more telling then the original content it insinuates. On the contrary, it’s frustrating when the highest voted comment is one of the of the comments below.

Comments that claim that modern day music, movies and/or culture are Dead

Annoying Comments
Annoying Youtube Comment

I’ll be the first one to admit that mainstream popular culture, collectively, might not be at its best state (this is a topic that would take a lot more than a quick blog entry to discuss). With this said, it can be frustrating when the top rated comments have a fetish for nostalgia. This is probably because most of the users who publish and vote for these comments are teenagers that are upset with modern mainstream popular culture (sometimes I don’t blame them), and instead of digging deeper to find the quality content, they trash ‘modernism’, and try to live in (and sometimes overvalue) the past. I did the same thing when I was a kid – they’ll grow out of it. Quality music, movies, opinions are out there, the only thing that has changed is that you probably wont find it on MTV or FOX – you have to look it.

Comments that add zero value

Most Annoying Comment
Really Annoying Comments
Most Annoying Comments on the Internet
Video is best between X and y

I think the foundation of most of these comments are to provide a “camaraderie” feeling – I’m part of…“team I hate Justin Beiber”, “the ACDC legion’, “Oasis is the best brit-pop band team”’. I suppose, through creating and voting for these comments, people feel included in “something” – a movement, school of thought, team…whatever.

I’ll leave you to stew in this comment…

Worst comment ever

I was actually thinking about ‘liking’ this comment until the author dropped this astute personal survey on us; “The Music Industry is becoming more about marketing and less about musical quality”… Bleh

Do you have a most hated comment? Post it here in the comments or email your picture to firstsearchblue@gmail.com and we’ll throw it up!

Quick Silver Screen Down – November 3 2011

November 3 2011

It looks like the popular quick silver screen (qss divx) site is down, giving a timeout error when accessed. The forum is a hotspot for the newest video links from 3rd party hosted services.

The downtime is most likely related in some way to the community’s discontent with the Quick Silver Screen administration. The origional administration, who had let site fall into a state of somewhat disrepair, sold the site to a new party who was looking to capitolize on the efforts of many upaid volunteers. The community was offended and started a new community at Daily Flix.

A few disgruntled contributors of the QSS divx community began to wreak hovoc on the boards, flooding it with multiple accounts that would post rude and outragious comments about the owners of the site, as well as threatning to “hack it.” It looks like they may have succeeded as Quick Silver Screen has been rendered un-connectable for two days.

Google Do a barrel roll

Seriously try it!
It’s probably one of the coolest Google search quirk/fringe to date.Click here to google it.

The effect pays homage to the Nintendo 64 Starfox game, from which a friendly character’s advice to Do a Barrel Roll has turned into a geek cult saying. When typed into the Google’s search bar, the site will spin around the center bottom of the browser screen. It doesn’t work on mobile or antiquated browsers right now, so heres what you missing if your using one of those:

Do a barrel roll

Enjoy Ultimate Television Experience on Internet TV

Internet TV is catching fast for its range of new-generation features and easy-to-watch tag. Its popularity is so widespread that watching TV online has become a part of modern day life. Thousands of channels, video on demand, any time TV watching, uncontrolled access across the board genres, easy to install, no monthly subscription, and worldwide access on Internet TV provide viewers a truly world-class service. You can connect to all networks, browse anything you want, and watch TV anywhere. And all these facilities come without any additional cost or hardware.

The popularity of Internet TV rests on the fact that it offers unlimited possibilities for online TV viewers. Watching TV online has not only proved successful, but also immensely beneficial for millions who look for uninterrupted entertainment. Viewers can connect to major network websites directly and watch popular programs, including live streaming. Unlike regular cable TV, there is no restriction on what viewers should watch or not. You can pick up or order any video irrespective of language, channels, and geographical distribution and enjoy while sitting in any corner of the world.

Viewers watching TV online can enjoy unrestricted freedom and experience incredible technology. The Internet repository is growing and new content is being added everyday by people, channels, and broadcasters from various places in the world. The advent of Internet TV has made it possible to watch these videos according to viewers’ choice and taste. There is no restriction on the content, as viewers have unlimited access. The regular TV experience is limited to big production houses, sponsored programs, censored documentaries, and restricted programs. However, Internet TV is the platform where you can watch programs by both large and unknown producers, independent documents, uncensored videos, and unlimited movies.

Internet TV experience is ultimate and distinct. First, you can fix your own schedule. Viewers can log in and watch television programs at any time. It is not the television schedule that decides their timing, but they decide when and what to watch. Whether you are in office or at home, you are not restricted by channel time frames or program schedule limitations. You can download and watch any program according to your own convenience. Second, viewers face hardly any commercial interruptions while watching TV online. There are just few seconds of commercial breaks at the beginning and end of the programs.

The mobile nature of Internet TV offers an altogether new experience. This significant advantage puts it far above the regular cable and satellite TV. With the advent of 3G and mobile broadband services in most parts of the world, anyone carrying a compatible cellphone, iPhone, or laptop can watch TV online while traveling or working in the office. The new technological improvements have led to the development of latest gadgets or dongles for Wi-Fi broadband services and mobile TV software. You can use these devices and enjoy truly mobile TV on your laptop or cell phone.

Internet TV has become an essential part of modern lifestyle because of its unrestricted access. One does not need to be a technical expert to watch TV on computer. The installation can be completed within a minute and no extra equipment or retrofit is required. You can also beam the TV programs on multiple computers by networking them with one another. Uninterrupted entertainment, portability, and mobility along with better picture and sound quality make watching TV online the best possible experience.

Calvin is a tech geek and loves to capture images in his digital camera in leisure time. Visit his site for and interactieve tv van kpn and internet en tv.

jQuery 1.6.3 Released

jquery 1.6.3 released

Soon after the jQuery 1.6.3 RC1 was made available to web developers, the official finished library was released. I guess testing went well! This is still pretty new so the jQuery crew need you to report any bugs!

Notable Changes

  • Fixed a cross site scripting attack vector: Script injection used to be possible when using location.hash to select elements. The new release disallows the use of html tags and, therefore scripts, in the $() if there is a # preceding it.
  • Removed support for requestAnimationFrame API: This API would tell the browser when to repaint an animation. The feature was unfortunately mis-used and caused an animation “worm hole” as the browser would execute queued animations concurrently when the browser tab went from inactive to active. Try it out here:

    In most cases, all you really had to do was empty the animation queue before executing and new animation. Scrapping this API to (seemingly) just reduce the number of bug reports is a bit like a waste in my opinion.
  • Better handling of HTML5 attributes: The .data() API has been improved to further support HTML 5 data attributes.

You can get a complete change log here.

Report a Bug

Here are the new releases, throw them on your site (or link to them) and see how they fare. AS ussual they have provided one minified version for efficient practical use, and an uncompressed version for you own reference and to make development a bit easier:

You’d be doing the online developement community a huge service by reporting any bugs on JsFiddle using the jQuery(edge) option.