Hot New Releases on DVD and BluRay in April, 2011

With April only a few days away, it’s time to start looking forward to some hot new releases on DVD and BluRay coming your way next month. Be sure to check out these great titles, especially if you didn’t catch them on the big screen when they were in wide circulation. There are several comedic gems in this batch, as well as one or two with Academy Award Nominations. The King’s Speech racked up at this year’s Oscars ceremony, so now is your chance to find out what all the hype was about, in case you
didn’t see it.
Apr 5
  • Little Fockers
  • Tron: Legacy
  • Casino Jack
  • I Love You Phillip Morris

Apr 8

  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Apr 12

  • Country Strong
  • The Paranoids
  • Heartless
  • Plastic Planet
  • Behind the Burly Q

Apr 15

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

Apr 19

  • Gulliver’s Travels
  • The Way Back
  • The King’s Speech
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Somewhere
  • Vision
  • Street Kings 2: Motor City

Guest poster Sergo enjoys writing about entertainment, home theater, and satellite television. He currently writes for Allied Satellite Tv

Blog SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO is a technique which is employed for the promotion of websites, web pages or even blogs. By following the principles of SEO we can greatly increase traffic to the site, and thereby increase the revenue generated by that site. SEO optimizes certain elements of a page or blog so that it can easily be read by search engine crawlers who constantly scan the web for new and popular content. According to the level of optimization, the page gets preference in search results which will help the site to receive more traffic. SEO for a blog is a little different than SEO for a traditional website -Blog SEO puts more focus on getting the attention of the reader searcher by giving them a taste of what they can find in the full article/post.

Keyword Research:

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There are many keyword research tools available which give the blog writer multiple keyword suggestions that include (in order) all of the phrases that people most commonly  search for search for. We strongly recommend the Goolge Keyword Tool as it is probably the most accurate, and is also free. Keywords play a keen role in the SEO work. We target the keywords that will give us the greatest traffic increase to the site – keywords should always be selected with this goal in mind, while making sure to stay relavent to the blog and its content.

Blog Title and URL:

Try to add keywords or the words which are relevant to the content of the blog in the blog title and if possible add them in the URL. Ensuring your keywords can be found in each of these areas will greatly help to push your blog to the top of the results when these words are searched. The URL you are using for the blog should be meaningful; it should not simply be a collection of your keywords in URL form – remember that getting to the top of the results is just the first step, you still need searchers to click on your site and the only way to encourage them to click is to give them a good synopsis of the content that is on the page.

Updating Content

Updating content is one of the single best ways to boost your position in search engine results. If you have had a website for a while now and are wondering why your site shows so poorly in the results, this is often one of the primary reasons. If your site is a blog, then you should try to add at least 2 new posts a week. If your site is not a blog, you might want to consider adding a blog section. You can also easily create some automatically updating content by adding a twitter feed or an RSS feed that pulls data from other sites in your industry. Twitter and RSS feeds can be added as widgets to your home page.

Links to the Blog:

The more links that point to your blog (from other sites that are ranked well in terms of SEO) the more frequently that your blog is crawled and indexed which in turn will cause your blog to be viewed as more valuable. This will take time, but working to generate a few links every week will have a dramatic effect on the SEO of your blog. This site only has around 150 incoming links and is ranked in the top 2% of all sites. That said, top 2% doesn’t mean all that much, we recommend making the top 0.5% your goal. Some links are more valuable than others – the most high value links come from sites who have many links to them, but who do not link to too many other links. A forum for example might have a lot of links to it, but because it is so easy for anyone to post an outgoing link back to their site, the value of a link from a forum can be very diluted. Links to your blog only help you get to the top of the search results, as we mentioned before – make sure the content that is showing up in the results is attractive to the reader or all the SEO in the world isn’t going to get you any traffic. Typically the search engine will grab the first few sentences of your blog post, so make sure these are of good quality and reflect the content of the rest of the post. You can also use the description meta tags on your pages to specify the text you would like to show.

Writing Articles with Back Links:

An excellent way to generate high quality links to your site is writing articles to be published on other sites. By writing an article you can guarantee that your link will be placed on a page that has very few links to other sites. On this website we publish a lot of guest articles from from web masters trying to raise awareness of their product/service by writing articles that include links back to their sites. Visit our Publish Article page if you would like write an article to be published on the site. The article will appear at the top of our home page immediately after publishing. Our front page has a Google PageRank of 3 (for now..) and we link to very few other pages, so this will provide you with a very high quality link to your site and will ensure that your site gets crawled by search engines almost immediately. You can expect that the article (along with the link to your site) will be in the google results within 10 minutes of publishing.

Content of Blog:

The content of the blog should be different, it shouldn’t be like copied from some other sites, articles or blogs. Copying content directly is an excellent way to lose SEO. If content has already been indexed by the search engine one someone else’s site, it will not index the same content again on your site – doing so would create inefficiency for the customers of the search engine so naturally they avoid that. You can take ideas from other sites and paraphrase and reorganize them to create new and better content, but copy and paste will get you no where.

Long tail Keyword:

Use keywords in such a way that it should comprise of all those words which a user normally look for a particular information. Wide ranges of tools are available which will help you to track such keywords. Some of those tools are Sitemeter, Google Analytics, Mybloglog’s. Get long keywords from the mentioned tool bar and prepare a long set of keywords, and try to use those set of long keywords often within the content of the blog.

Social Bookmarking :

Submit the URL of your blog and your post, along with its content, to social networking sites, which will definitely help the blog to be crawled by the search engine a bit faster. The social bookmarking of the blog will help the blog to get a good ranking on its chosen keywords and help to boost the blog to the top of the results. Links from social bookmarking sites are the easiest kind to get so make make sure to take advantage of them. They are not quite as high value as say, a direct link from the front page of a major website, but they are fundamental to building site SEO in the early stages of any blog.

These are just a few way in which you can boost the SEO of your blog. Good luck! Post any questions in the comments below.

Best WordPress Theme Clubs | Top 10 WordPress Theme Sites

Word Press Theme Club customizes the overview of a website. With the use of themes we can completely change the look of web pages without transforming the coding and functioning of it.Word Press exhibits a wide range of club themes to build up the feature, presentation of a web site, some of those club themes are discussed below:

1. Somaxiom

Somaxion Theme Club focuses on the design and styling perspective of a web page and come up with some unique feature and application to give a different and elegant look to the web site or the web page.

2. Woo Themes

Woo Themes come up with some exciting features like documentation which will help the users to use the theme efficienty.It has also come up with Integrated  Theme Options. With each theme there is some color and layout option which could be used while using a website

3. Templatic

With the use of this theme you can reconstruct the website or the web page to give a different outlook. Easy to work with and to handle.

4. Thesis

Thesis Theme is very simple to work with and supports multimedia. Thesis theme is flexible with use of columns and the columns can easily be customized in a single click. It also supports SEO. WordPress’s built in custom field function s used in this theme so as to post the videos, photos and page specifying advertising.

5. Elegant Themes

It’s a premium word press theme which comes with user-friendly templates. The designs provided in the system are very unique, elegant and dynamic.

6. Press75

Press 75 is easy to use and comes with content management and key customization.Press75 is built on solid code framework which makes is applicable for developers and designers.

7. Studiopress

Studiopress supports Genesis Framework which makes it easy to build extraordinary web sites and web pages. Supports SEO, provides professional themes, user friendly, it is secure – no malicious attack under this theme, too many options available to customize the site and many more


a. Juxta

The one searching for very professional look and at the same time very unique and stylish theme then Juxta is the one to work with. Supports Gantry framework which captivate features like menu item control, RTL support, custom preset and many more.

b. Quantive

Quantive have more of illusive and constant designs as compare to rest of the themes released in 2010. Also supports Gantry Framework with 8 CSS style choices, so that you could use this feature to develop a Rocket Theme template of your own

c. Afterburner

The fastest Word Press themes supports Search engine optimization and give performance at its best. Complete documentation is made available, so no problem in handling this theme, installing it or wants to work on this theme.

Comparison of WordPress Theme Clubs


Name New Themes Pricing Package Framework No. of themes available Date of release
Somaxiom For 90 Days : $50For 365 Days : $75

For Developers  365 Days : $250

Gantry Framework 21 Jan 2011
Woothemes 2 new theme every month Standard – 70$Developer– 150$

Enterprise– 200$

Solid Code  Framework 88
Templatic 2 + new theme every month Emporium single use license ($65.00 for lifetime subscription)Emporium Multiple use license ($99.00 for lifetime subscription)

Premium Themes Club Full Access ($279 for the first year. Then $179.00 for each year)

58 10thDecember 2009
Press75 Essential -50$Plus- 75$

Extended- 100$

Solid Code  Framework 22 June 2008
Quantive For 90 Days : $50For 365 Days : $75

For Developers  365 Days : $250

Gantry   Framework November 2010
Studiopress Pro plus all theme-249.95$ Genesis  Framework 33
Elegant Themes Yearly membership for only $19.95 55
Juxta For 90 Days : $50For 365 Days : $75

For Developers  365 Days : $250

Gantry  Framework May 2010
Afterburner  8preset styles

Search Marketing Trends In 2011

<overview diflucan 150mg/p>

This article is a Guest Post: Carla Sanchez is a freelance writer for Omniture. Omniture is the world leader at cms software and search marketing; software that enables you to better understand your customers and increase your sales.

As 2011 moves into full view, trends in search marketing will be highlighted by local and mobile search as well as social media marketing efforts.

As the Internet industries grow up and mature, many businesses are looking at how search marketing will trend in 2011. And more importantly, how those changing trends are going to affect their business revenues and bottom lines. A number of important technological developments on the hardware and software fronts will have their affect on how users effectively benefit from search. Additionally, the big search engine companies like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft’s Bing are continuing to make interesting and exciting changes to the services they are bringing to web searchers every day.

One aspect of search marketing that we saw steadily increase last year was the use of offline advertising to promote online search. Bing launched and rode a steady wave of interest based upon their novel television commercials. Regardless of just how effective the actual search results might be, the ads brought a bit of market share to the newly emerging search engine.

The reverse is also a trend to keep an eye on in the coming year. Retail sales are and continue to be heavily influenced by the web. This means the more effective your business is at search marketing, the higher the chances you’re company’s online messages will reach and influence your retail buyers. People love to take their time online and get answers to questions, see options, and figure out exactly what it is they want to buy. Just as they tend to like to take their time learning about your products, they also want to be able to buy immediately.

Though somewhat slow and stumbling, the trend towards mobile search has finally begun to take off and is growing at a rapid pace. Hardware manufacturers continue to compete with smaller, faster, and more effective smartphones. Even some search providers have gotten into mobile hardware and software development with the release of Android operating systems and a number of heavily integrated applications designed to take advantage of search marketing.

If you’re not actively developing your search presence to appear for the local, mobile searcher you’ll be missing out on immediate results that could have a big impact on your bottom line. Most of the big search providers are focusing a lot of their attention on various local and mobile search solutions. If it’s important to them, you can be sure it needs to be important to you as well.

Not to be overlooked is the trending opportunities associated with social media marketing. Most of the larger, more influential online social communities have a number of opportunities to reach targeted niches within the larger member set. Whether you’re using their in-house search features, or are taking advantage of targeted, direct, on-page advertising, these communities offer a rich, untapped audience to get your message in front of.

Active online marketing campaigns inside of Facebook, or even on Twitter, can provide you with results that make your ROI extremely attractive. An important aspect to succeeding within the social marketing world is to fully understand each community you’re attempting to reach. Knowing that an audience on Facebook will be quite different from one you’re attempting to connect with on LinkedIn is a sure way to maximize your efforts while minimizing the potential damage which could be created by poorly designed and delivered marketing efforts.

At the end of the day trends are interesting and can have a great impact on your business’s effectiveness. Chasing the latest, greatest trends however may be less important than simply providing steady, consistent efforts. Essentially, it’s important to know what’s happening in the world of search marketing, but also to be making progress establishing your presence as an authority for the niche target markets you hope to compete in.

Carla Sanchez is a freelance writer for Omniture. Omniture is the world leader at cms software and search marketing; software that enables you to better understand your customers and increase your sales.

Get a Facebook Email Invite | How to Get On Facebook’s New Email

Facebook rolled out it’s new email service this week and it includes a lot more features than the standard webmail clients. It allows you to use your Facebook id to create a [email protected] email account that is fully integrated with Facebooks private messaging system. On top of that, it lets you send text messages to other users from the website and text facebook users on your mobile phone. The sms text conversations are fully integrated with your facebook chats, messages and emails. The procedure to text users from a mobile is not very user friendly at the moment, you have to text “msg” followed by the user’s name, then the message to 32665 (FBOOK).


To get your invitation, simply click here and press the request invitation button. You should get one within a couple of days. Eventually it will be enabled on all Facebook accounts, but for now enjoy the beta!

How to Remain Anonymous While Browsing


While there are many proxy server solutions to remain anonymous, currently the best and easiest way to mask your ip is through onion routing, using tor. The basic idea behind onion routing is that your connection will go through a series of tor routers that only know who the connection is from and where they need to make the next connection. This means that your connection will go through a series of other servers that together mask your IP address.

You can download the latest tor bundle for your operating system at:

#1 - Home of the $1.99 domain name

Draw Backs of Anonymous Browsing

The first is that when you make google searches, they will ask you for human confirmation, this is really easy, you will just have to enter a captcha.

The second drawback that while you are browsing anonymously it is strongly recommended that you do not use any plug-ins. This includes flash. This is because there could be a tor router that could inject a new executable that your machine would run. To bypass this you can disable tor when watching flash videos.

The third drawback is the speed. It will take longed to send and receive data because you are going through so many different connections.

Anonymous browsing is not encrypted browsing. There is a big difference between anonymous browsing and encrypted browsing. encrypted, and signed data can be transmit through the tor network but just because you are using tor to mask your IP does not mean you are secure.

How To Set Up a Photoblog

I was looking around at different photoblog CMSs. Currently my favorite is pixelpost. It has some great templates as well it has a a lot of great addons for social networking. For this we are going to assume that you have ftp access to a web server. This guide will go over setting up a basic photoblog installation. You will need php support on your web server to run pixelpost. Most Linux web servers come with this functionality.

FTP will allow you to upload the necessary files to your web server. First you can get the php code from:

Getting PixelPost

This will give you the latest copy of pixel post on your local machine. You must unzip the package on your local machine. This should create a pixelpost directory. Use your ftp client to upload the unzipped package to your web server. your going to want to upload the files inside the pixelpost folder to your document root, this is usually labelled as a directory “www” or “public_html”.

Setting up the Database

This step varies according to your web server. Basically you are going to need to add a new MySQL database, or if you already have one set up you can use that.

The instructions on how to do so for a couple web hosting solutions can be found here:


For Dot5Hosting log into from, then you will get redirected to your vDeck. Click “Manage MySQL” in the Scripting and Add-ons section.

By default the Manage Databases tab should be selected( you should see the Manage Databases tab blue ). Click the Add database icon that is located beside the refresh button.

This should bring up a dialog box that says Add Database.
For “Database Name” enter pixelpost
For “Username” enter pixelpost
For “Password” and “Confirm Password” you can enter any password that contains a combination of letters numbers and symbols. This will be your database password.


If you are not on Dot5Hosting or GoDaddy, then do a google search for adding a database for your provider. If you are running your own server you can add a database through phpMyAdmin or through the mysql terminal.

Configuring PixelPost

In your Web Browser go to: http://{yourdomain}.{com,org,net,ca}/admin/

Replace your domain with your domain name and choose the appropriate ending. Next, it will bring up a configuration screen. Click the button that says “Begin Installation”.

Then a new page should load, click, “Proceed to next step”.

The next page, will show a table of a couple of prerequites. All the Values on the right must be green. If any of the values in “PHP Version and Settings” are red, you will need to contact your hosting provider, or recompile php with the supported libraries or add in the required packages.

If there are any of the values under “Files and Directories” that are in red, then you will have to use your ftp client and chmod the “images/” and “thumbnails/” directories to 755.

If all the values are green then you can click “Begin Installation”.

The next step is entering your database information. For the database host will vary. Most times the host will be localhost. For Dot5Hosting, the host will be {your user name} If you do not know this please contact your provider to get this information.

For the database name we are going to use the database that we previously created: “pixelpost”.
For the database user we are going to use the user that we created previously: “pixelpost”.
The database password is the password that you created for your database. Leave the database prefix as the the default value, “pixelpost_”.

Then hit “Test Connection”.

After this the configuration should be pretty straight forward. Keep pressing the buttons at the bottom to proceed with the installation. You are going to need to remember the Admin user name and Admin Password that you enter. These can be custom values that you set.

Final Steps

To Add pictures, you are going to need to go to: http://{yourdomain}.{com,org,net,ca}/admin/

Then log in with the custom username add password that you set during your installation. You will proceed to the Administration panel. Through this you can add new images to your new pixelpost photoblog. There will be new articles to come later this week on how to add a new theme to your pixelpost installation.

When uploading pictures, some errors will happen if you upload files with filenames that have spaces in them

If you have any questions or comments about this article if you need help, then please leave a comment with your email.

Author: Louis Le

Louis Le is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo in the science and business program. He is a talented photographer who has had his work featured on several ad campaigns. Visit his portfolio at Worth One Thousand.

Netflix comes to Canada

Netflix made its debut in Canadian on September 22 offering a streaming only service to it’s subscribers. You can stream TV and Movies on your Mac or PC computer or connect it to a tv via your PS3 or Wii. It comes at a price of CAD$7.99 per month but they’re running a promotion where subscribers get their first month free. If you have a paypal account or credit card, sign up for the free period, its incredibly easy to cancel after the free period has expired.

From using it myself I found that the content available left alot to be desired. Firstly, the movies featured are hardly new releases (Slumdog Millionaire, Marley and Me) and the selection of more recent movies is limited. Its not nearly a replacement for pay cable/satellite with a very limited selection of programming from America. It seems like the major production houses have kept the big ticket shows like The Office, Grey’s Anatomy ect reserved for Hulu and payTV, letting Netflix broadcast some prime time stinkers. If you’re looking for HBO shows like True Blood or Entourage, you won’t find it on Netflix nor will you find anything made by ShowTime other than The L Word. This may change soon though, as Netflix has signed a few new deals including one with NBC to get The Office.
My advice would be to sign up for the free trial because, well, its free and streaming movies on the PS3 or Wii looks great. After the first 30 days GET RID OF IT! As it stands now, Netflix Canada is not worth the $8 a month.

Ignore SEO At The Peril Of Your Business

This Guest post comes from our friends over at Edinburgh SEO

Day after day the volume of individuals using the world wide web to obtain products increases. This can be lethal for small town enterprises who can no longer count on customers finding their shops unless they have got a useful web page. If you are a small business owner you simply can’t afford to ignore internet marketing advertising, and affordable search engine optimisation needs to be a large component of your strategy. By gaining better on-site SEO your chances of reaching new customers rises substantially. This completely new target audience for your products, very likely increases sales. Then again, if you ignore search engine optimisation and simply construct an internet site that isn’t optimised, you might as well shut the doors and pull down the blinds as nobody will see you. In case you think you do not need to incorporate SEO marketing for your business, you can be certain your rivals will be promoting their web sites. By ignoring SEO you could well be handing your potential customers to your competitors on a plate!

Getting to the first page of the SERPs isn’t entirely a matter of relevancy plus plugging loads of rich key terms directly into the site’s written content, it comprises various intricate calculations, some which we know about and a few that are carefully shielded techniques that change regularly. In case you didn’t know by now, the awesome Google is the leading internet search engine, way above Yahoo and Bing. Google caters to around 60% of all web based searches and it has billions of websites in its index. In addition, it can provide practical resources for online businesses which include internet applications, and promotion specialist tools to motivate webmasters to hold on to their top rated rankings.

Search engine advertising for example the famous Adwords controlled by Google, entails bidding on particular key terms so that each time that keyword is searched your ad is going to be viewable. This method should make it simple setting a marketing budget so if you have paid up to your maximum your advert will not be displayed. Additionally it is a straightforward method to observe the efficiency of a variety of different wordings of advertisements and enable you to tweak your marketing campaign. In the event that one particular format outperforms others then you can pause the lower converting adverts and target all of your available financial resources to the high-performers. There isn’t any restriction to the volume of advertisments you could start or stop plus no cap on the different adverts you are able to trial. This helps make the Adwords kind of advertising very affordable and functional for small business owners. Test several variants and monitor them meticulously to determine which function best.

Establishing a web promotion system and sticking with it unfailingly is the only method to increase web site page views plus more potential clients online. Your internet marketing strategy will need to include systems which will lead your prospective buyers towards your web page daily. The strategy will need to involve different web marketing methods, such as article marketing, banner advertising, on-site seo, etc., to bring the visitors to your internet site.

JustHost Suspended Sites and Account | Explained

So your all of a sudden your justhost sites and account have been shut down? This happened to us back when we used to host with them.

Why you Were Suspended

It seems that in 90% of situations this happens because you have used more CPU than you are allowed to (your site resulted in a processor spike on the server that hosts its and just host has shut you down.)

Our first reaction was thinking that one of our other sites had some content on it that someone had complained about.. this was not the case and probably isn’t the case for you.

This is well within the rights of JustHost – it is in their contract that although you have unlimited storage and bandwidth, cpu is not unlimited. JustHost is cheap and we can’t really expect them to be providing us with tons of CPU power for the low price we pay.. If, as in our case, your CPU usage was the result of just one spike and isn’t likely to happen again (right away at least) its sort of unfortunate for you. You will be forced to upgrade to a new service (of your choosing) and pay more money, even though you probably don’t really require it yet. Oh well, you’ll be ready for the next spike!

What you Can Do now

Step 1 is to get all of your files back! Contact JustHost (either call or email them) and let them know that you need your files back asap. They will open a ticket for you, give you new login information, allow you to login to the billing section to view your ticket – and there they will give you a link to a huge file that contains all the data that was in your hosting account (all sql table dumps, all html and php files, everything you need to move your sites to a new location.)

So JustHost will probably encourage you to go with their dedicated server hosting partner. There is nothing wrong with this option – they seem quite good BUT it is unlikely that you really need this type of computing power at this point. Additionally, you probably arent ready to go form paying about 5 dollars a month to paying around 200.

We would recommend that you transition to a service that is somewhere between the price of a regular hosting account and a dedicated server. Look into virtual servers such as those offered by – you can grab one of these for about $20 a month. With a virtual server you are entitled to all available CPU power – so don’t worry about getting shut down for a spike. We would also recommend having a look at Amazon EC2. Depending on the type of site you have, this might be a good and inexpensive option for you – if you are running a site that uses php and you always have a least one page load per hour (which probably describes 99% of sites on justhost) amazon EC2 may end up being too expensive as you will pay full price for constant CPU usage (about $800 per year it seems)

Good luck getting your sites back up!

Post any questions you have about the process and we can direct you to one of our guides.