JustHost Suspended Sites and Account | Explained

So your all of a sudden your justhost sites and account have been shut down? This happened to us back when we used to host with them.

Why you Were Suspended

It seems that in 90% of situations this happens because you have used more CPU than you are allowed to (your site resulted in a processor spike on the server that hosts its and just host has shut you down.)

Our first reaction was thinking that one of our other sites had some content on it that someone had complained about.. this was not the case and probably isn’t the case for you.

This is well within the rights of JustHost – it is in their contract that although you have unlimited storage and bandwidth, cpu is not unlimited. JustHost is cheap and we can’t really expect them to be providing us with tons of CPU power for the low price we pay.. If, as in our case, your CPU usage was the result of just one spike and isn’t likely to happen again (right away at least) its sort of unfortunate for you. You will be forced to upgrade to a new service (of your choosing) and pay more money, even though you probably don’t really require it yet. Oh well, you’ll be ready for the next spike!

What you Can Do now

Step 1 is to get all of your files back! Contact JustHost (either call or email them) and let them know that you need your files back asap. They will open a ticket for you, give you new login information, allow you to login to the billing section to view your ticket – and there they will give you a link to a huge file that contains all the data that was in your hosting account (all sql table dumps, all html and php files, everything you need to move your sites to a new location.)

So JustHost will probably encourage you to go with their dedicated server hosting partner. There is nothing wrong with this option – they seem quite good BUT it is unlikely that you really need this type of computing power at this point. Additionally, you probably arent ready to go form paying about 5 dollars a month to paying around 200.

We would recommend that you transition to a service that is somewhere between the price of a regular hosting account and a dedicated server. Look into virtual servers such as those offered by linode.com – you can grab one of these for about $20 a month. With a virtual server you are entitled to all available CPU power – so don’t worry about getting shut down for a spike. We would also recommend having a look at Amazon EC2. Depending on the type of site you have, this might be a good and inexpensive option for you – if you are running a site that uses php and you always have a least one page load per hour (which probably describes 99% of sites on justhost) amazon EC2 may end up being too expensive as you will pay full price for constant CPU usage (about $800 per year it seems)

Good luck getting your sites back up!

Post any questions you have about the process and we can direct you to one of our guides.