Icefilms is Down Again But Not For Good down

It looks like the TV and video file distribution site will be back up and running soon. Icefilms admin Russtonic issued the following statement via a the sites temporary forum that has been erected to keep users informed during the blackout:

Sorry for the bump in the road. But we will be back soon. We have all the Back-ups and just need a new home for our SuperServer

Service to the site was cut off on December 16th 2014 when the hosting service they were using abruptly shut down their VPS accounts. We know now that the hosting company gave in to pressure from BRIEN, the Dutch recording and video organization (something like the MPAA and RIA combined). There have been many scares like like this in the past but this time there was relatively little administrator feedback leaving some to believe the site may have been shut down permanently.

Although a timeline has not been communicated, administrators are looking to restore from backups and it up and running in the little while.

Installing Software on Ubuntu Server 14.04

Install Oracle Java 7 on Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-set-default

Install Glashfish 4 on Ubuntu:

#Download Glassfish 4
#install the unzip program
apt-get install unzip
#unzip the glassfish zip to you /opt directory
unzip -d /opt
#start glassfish app server
/opt/glassfish4/bin/asadmin start-domain
#change the admin password (the current/default is blank):
/opt/glassfish4/bin/asadmin change-admin-password
#enable remote access to the admin console
/opt/glassfish4/bin/asadmin enable-secure-admin

#restart the domain
/opt/glassfish4/bin/asadmin restart-domain


Ignore Foreign Key Constraints During Truncate or Drop


If you are trying to drop/delete or empty/truncate a mysql table and you keep getting an error that you are violating a foreign key constraint, you may want to temporarily ignore that constraint. The code below demonstrates how you can tell mysql to ignore foreign key checks, delete/truncate the tables you need to, then re-enable foreign key checks


Share Large Files (up to 1GB) On Your Android Device With Kik & Putlocker

Want to send BIG files to your friends on kik? Well now theres a new way to do it! Its easy for all android users.

  1. Download the Putlocker Android App
    You can get it on Google Play or check out the Pulocker Android Website.
  2. Sign Up a new account
    If you don’t already have a putlocker account then press the register button(shown below) to set one up. This account will also be accessible from your desktop for easy file sharing between those devices. Otherwise, if you have an account, enter your credentials and select Log In to get access to your files.
    Click the register button
  3. Click the upload button
    Choose your file either from your gallery or from a directory on the your Android device:
    Click the register button
  4. Wait for the upload to complete
    The status bar will let you know when the file is in the Putlocker cloud and ready to share. You can minimize the application and the upload will continue in the background!
  5. Select the options menu and click shareShare
  6. Click the file that was uploaded, and then click share on Kik, and All Down After Hosting Raid

PRQ raid brings down rlslog torrenthound and others

Police raided the Swedish hosting company PRQ today bringing down dozens of file sharing and torrent sites including,,,, and The hosting firm was started by two Piratebay co-founders and has been as a reliable “no questions asked” hosting service that has been raided by the police at least twice before in 2006 and 2010.

At this time, we don’t know exactly what they were looking for, only that it was a set of servers belonging to PRQ and as such, we don’t know if the affected websites will be back up. It seems pretty clear at this point the police were there on the grounds that PRQ was hosting sites with IP violations but which sites were targeted is not clear yet.

The Piratebay is also down at this time but the two incidences are unrelated as they moved their hosting from PRQ in 2006 after the first raid. Its down for technical reasons and should be back some time soon.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

FileSonic closes filesharing | FileSonic Megaupload Alternatives

Filesonic Disable file sharing

This afternoon FileSonic, one of the most popular internet file lockers, disabled it’s file sharing functionality. That is, you will no longer be able to access files uploaded by other users or upload new files to be publicly accessed. Individuals who have uploaded files to FileSonic can still access their own files but have to be logged into their FileSonic account to do so.

This is in response the recent shutdown of Megaupload, a competing file locker, by the FBI earlier this week. FileSonic shares many of the same characteristics of Megaupload; it had lots of copyrighted material, it only complied with the DCMA regulations on the surface, and links to files that they host frequently turn up on websites that act as linked directories of copyrighted files (ie Filestube).

Many internet users are now concerned that many other file sharing utilities may also have to take feature limiting defensive moves in order to be allowed to continue to operate. Drop Box, one of the most use full and widely used methods of sharing files, is often cited as another prime target. We don’t think that it is any danger as it’s business model is far different from most of the file lockers. First of all, if a file is downloaded too many times it is removed from of Drop Box where ass on the less scrupulous file lockers it’s encouraged. Secondly, Drop Box monetizes the file uploader, not the downloader reducing the incentive of sharing copyright materials.

That said, there are many other file lockers who do share the same business model  as Megaupload and FileSonic who will certainly have to adapt in order to stay online.

FileServe has followed FileSonic in closing it’s file links to the public. There will most certainly be more casualties in the file sharing ecosystem in the near future.

You can check out our list of alternatives to FileSonic and FileServe to help you find a new file sharing resource.

Megaupload Megavideo Down January 19 2011 | FBI takes down

megaupload downNotorious file locker Megaupload has been taken down today as of 2:15PM, the day after SOPA was shelved. Seven individuals and two corporations- Megaupload Limited and Vestor Limited – have been charged by the FBI for piracy related crimes in the United States and New Zealand and forced to shut down This marks the largest criminal copyright cases ever in the history of the United States as the site generated $175 million in criminal proceeds and allegedly caused more than $500 million in damages to copyright holders.

In response to the closure, Anonymous has launched a distributed denial service attack on several web properties owned by those complicit in the Megaupload bust. You can check out our list of alternatives to Megaupload to help you find a new file sharing resource.

Mega-Sites Gone for Good

Along with Megaupload,, the company’s sister streaming flash video site has also been taken offline. It looks like the all of the sites in the Mega ‘network’ have been taken down as a result of the Federal investigation. This has come as a bit of a surprise to many:

  • On the surface, the site seemed to have complied with DMCA regulations, and removed material when asked.
  • The site did not directly promote piracy.
  • The listed employees are nearly all non US citizens, so this required international cooperation.

The swift and relatively unannounced takedown has created a huge stir in the internet-technology sector and, more acutely, in the thriving tech startup industry. It sets an ambiguous precedent that services used to share files, where the possibility of abuse (ie sharing copyrighted material unbeknownst to the company’s administration) may be grounds for indictment. For instance Dropbox, the personal file sharing service, may have to become increase intervention and filtering to duck a similar raid in the future. The scare of this materializing was what lead to the internet wide protest against the SOPA bill yesterday.

Still it’s almost impossible to deny that Megavideo and Megaupload were rife with pirated material and that they at best took their time in complying the DMCA takedown requests. From the department of justice press release:

As alleged in the indictment, the conspirators failed to terminate accounts of users with known copyright infringement, selectively complied with their obligations to remove copyrighted materials from their servers and deliberately misrepresented to copyright holders that they had removed infringing content. For example, when notified by a rights holder that a file contained infringing content, the indictment alleges that the conspirators would disable only a single link to the file, deliberately and deceptively leaving the infringing content in place to make it seamlessly available to millions of users to access through any one of the many duplicate links available for that file.

This was often the case anecdotally, as Alex Muir put it:

Megaupload never complied with DMCA requests – I made several as part of some research and never received any response. The site charged for access to, and provided advertising around, pirated content. The site paid people (users/staff – it’s a fine line) to provide popular content.
It went to extraordinary lengths to hide the identity of its operators.

The entire 72 page long edictment is available from here.

Bring on the Fakes

There are rumours flying around twitter about new iterations of Megaupload and Megavideo. Alas, these are so far all fakes. The most popular New Megaupload is The site allegedly hosts a a recent backup of the downed Megaupload but with a non functioning sketchy layout, consistant server outages. The UUID UA-6383685-1 points to number of other megaupload ripoff sites that exist only to display advertising when someone miss types the url. Here is a screenshot of the site:

the new megaupload

Clik app | Clik from Kik

Clik, the new application from the Waterloo Canada Company Kik (which FSB has followed quite closely), had it’s debut yesterday at the University Waterloo. The application lets you pretty much use your Apple or Android device as a remote control/media server or more for your internet connected tv or computer screen.

Users only have to visit the Clik website which displays a QR code on the screen that smart phone users can pair with their mobile devices. The device then becomes a “super remote control” for the screen able to stream from youtube, local video files, music, play games ect. You can have more then one user controlling the screen through Clik as long as they are on the same wi-fi connection. This allows for a great party feel to the application which will be released soon for Android and iPhone devices.

The application will be officially released on the app store and market place in late January 2012. One of the most exciting things about the app is that a javascript API will be released within the next couple of months allowing developers to easily create applications for the technology.

There is substantial fanfare for this application. It’s much more users friendly and provides much more functionality then a lot of traditional media servers or set top devices. The javascript API also makes it easy for both developers and web designers to create phenominal applications quickly, as you just need to know HTML/CSS and javascript. Fred Wilson, the rockstar Venture capitalist, called it “a game changer”.

The Kik development team is made up primarily of UW graduates (or CS/ENG drop-outs with exceptional practical coding skills and eye for opportunity) so they wanted to get back to their roots for the product launch. They launch party was at the campus bar The Bomber where Kik CEO Ted Livingston made a quick intro speech and jaw dropping product demo.

The Clik application from Kik will be available soon in the apple app store and in the Android Marketplace. We’ll post links as soon as their out. In the mean time, here’s a screen shot of the Clik Airtube app.

clik airtube

Important Ip list | IP Adresses Incase SOPA passes

So SOPA is on the verge of being pushed through. One of it’s main features is that it allows copyright holders to request a black list of certain domains on a service provider’s DNS record. Websites will still be available through their ip adresses so in the event that any site is blocked you can either copy the associated ip into your browser url bar or edit your etc hosts file to point the blocked domain to it’s ip.

If you are an American Citizen please sign this electronic petition on to have the bill vetoed.

Social media

Social networking

Search engine / Link sites

Torrent sites

Live Streaming Content

Porn sites

Streaming sites



Manga sites


This list was transcribed from the boingboing/reddit google doc. If you have anything you would like to add, post it in the comments.