Android Applications: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Android and Apple are undoubtedly two big giants of mobile applications world. There’s no second opinion to their credibility. Some of the other platforms like Windows 7, Nokia and BlackBerry also have applications, but are not as much popular as them.


Android market has a large volume of applications to offer its users. The number of Android applications is impressive, but sometimes, Android apps let down users’ expectations and satisfaction.


There are quite a lot of quality applications, but there are also some creations having missing or incomplete features.
Here is a critical review of Android applications that fail to make any huge impression over the users, as they need improvements in several areas:



Yes, Facebook’s Android app fails to make its place in the list of best android applications. This is because it lacks a lot of features that it should have. There is no way to edit your profile, delete a wall post, and tag people in your photos. Even, if you take a look at its Android market page, you will find a huge number of complaints and suggestions. There is not even a single positive comment.


Here is a comment directly from Android market page for Facebook:


“Notifications faulty. News feed screen unresponsive. App has become so horrid that I no longer use FB.”

You can clearly see the frustration. Facebook really needs to pay attention to these problems and come up with solutions that address users’ complaints. Or else, it will face a huge downfall.



Netflix finally launched its Android application a few months back, but it couldn’t make it to become a part of best Android apps list. The main problem with this movie streaming app is that it currently only supports nine Android mobiles. It also has a limited choice of titles.


You cannot manage your DVD queue and the movie recommendation engine works very poorly. A lot of favorite and popular movies and TV shows that a lot of people would want to watch aren simply not there.


Similar to Facebook, Skype failed to make any impact on its Android users, although its launch was heavily anticipated. Despite of its promising looks and layout, it’s heavy in size. And, if you don’t have a SD card, you may face memory shortage problems with it.


Another disappointment is that you cannot make video calls. How could that not be included in Skype’s Android application? Last but not the least, it doesn’t support some of the phones; Galaxy S type of phones. This all makes it one of the weird android applications.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar Android application has some really good features, it allows you to keep a track of your meetings, places you would want to visit and schedules that you need to follow in daily routine. But, it surely isn’t perfect. Inside the application, you see a long view of the whole month and it makes it difficult for you to see your appointments. The agenda view is mixed-up and unclear. These are some of lackluster issues that need to be taken care of. What’s you think?


An article is written by Sara Carter who likes social networks, google android, registry mechanic and psychology.

Top 5 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Normally I’m not one to take risks at the risk of damaging or voiding the warranties on my expensive gadgets, but recently I finally decided to go through the trouble of rooting my Samsung Charge. I had been going back and forth about the idea for the past couple months because I didn’t want to brick my phone.

Warning: Attempting to root your Android phone will most likely void your warranty, runs the risk of breaking your contract with your carrier, and may have the potential to render your phone useless (i.e. “brick” your phone). Be careful to research documented risks and consequences that others have had in attempting to root your phone model, and be sure, if you decide to root, that you root your phone in the safest method possible.

What ultimately led me to root my phone was the fact that the Charge was receiving little developer support from either the manufacturer or carrier (I’m not sure who is responsible) in terms of Android OS updates. These updates often help the performance and battery life of the phone, and I had read multiple accounts of the new Gingerbread leak (available only through root) had made major differences in phone performance.

  1. Getting Updates

    As I mentioned above, carriers and phone manufacturers are often slow to update their phones because they have more of an incentive to sell new devices rather than update devices already owned by customers. For some phones, such as my Samsung Charge, carriers have made no indication that they will update to new versions of the Android OS at all. These updates can often improve bugs and phone performance.

  2. Better Performance

    I’ve already stated that upgraded Android ROMs can improve the performance of your phone, but you can also improve your phone’s performance through using custom kernels. Many custom kernels (including the one now running on my phone) will run faster filing, conserve battery life, overclock your CPU (allowing your phone to run faster, and will run less superfluous background tasks such as indexing.

  3. Can Finally Remove Bloatware

    Remember in the old PC days when you would purchase a computer with Windows on it, and the manufacturer would add a whole slew of affiliate programs and bloatware that you will never use? Well at least then you could uninstall the bloatware. With an unrooted phone, most carriers and manufacturers have made it impossible to remove their bloatware, so it just sits there taking up storage space and even memory resources. Rooting your phone will let you remove these.

  4. Easier Screenshots and Free Tethering

    Before rooting, getting a screenshot from your Android device could be surprisingly tedious. Once rooted, you will find apps that make this an incredibly simple process. Free tethering to other computers is nothing to scoff at either. While it seems like a trivial benefit, this can really come in handy if you ever have any issues with your internet service provider at home. Now you will always have a failsafe plan.

  5. It’s All About the Apps

    Rooting your phone gives you more control over your phone which consequently give you access to a whole host of apps you otherwise couldn’t use. Best of all, you can find most of these apps in the Android Market, so you don’t have to worry about shady spyware on your phone (like jailbroken iPhone users). With these new apps, you can save the state of your phone and recover to it anytime, freeze or remove any app, tether wirelessly to other devices (without having to pay more for this feature like you would with a rooted phone), and a whole bunch of useful things that would otherwise be off limits.

Android Market Force Closing

Anyone having that issue where the latest version of the android market 3.1.3 will force close within a minute or so of opening it?

Here is the fix.. it’s holding for now.

  1. Settings
  2. Language and Keyboard
  3. Language
  4. pick your language (even if its already selected.. just re-select it – or switch between English Canada and English US)
That fixed it for me!

Download 3D Videos to Watch on HTC Evo 3D


Looking for some sample videos to watch on you 3D Android Phone – LG Optimus 3D or HTC Evo 3D? We’re compiling  a list below of a few sample Stereoscopic 3D videos to watch on your phone. Hopefully we’ll find YouTube 3D on the HTC Evo 3D soon!

3D Videos for Android 3D phones:

  1. 3D Cooking show:  mirror 1 – mirror 2 – mirror 3
  2. Resident Evil 3D Preview:  mirror 1 – mirror 2 – mirror 3 – mirror 4


Root HTC Desire Z | how to

It has been confirmed – you can officially root your HTC Desire Z using the Visionary app! (just download it from the app store)

This is a temporary root – so your phone will go back to un-rooted if you reset it (this is great if you think you are going to have trouble using the warranty on a rooted device)

Before you run it make sure that USB Debugging is enabled (we recommend you disable and re-enable it before running the app:

  • Go to the Home Screen and Click Menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Go to Applications
    • Check off Unknown Sources while you are here
  • Go to Development
  • Check off USB debugging (or if it is already checked off, un-check it and recheck it)

Now download, install and Run the Visionary App by MoDaCo

You can read about other users’ experiences here

We confirmed this on a Bell HTC Desire Z

Rogers APN Data Settings for Desire Z

So if you’ve managed to get a Bell Desire Z while still being a rogers customer, here are the settings for getting your 3G Data working:

To do this, simply go to:

  • Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
  • Hit the Menu Key and select New APN
  • Enter the settings as follows:
    Name: Rogers
    Username: wapuser1
    Password: wap
    MCC: 302 (Default Value)
    MNC: 720 (Default Value)
  • Leave everything else blank
  • Hit Menu and Save
  • Activate the new APN by clicking in the little circle next to its name
  • You should see a little 3G pop up in the status bar withing a few seconds and if you are in a good area you will see an H come up as well.
  • If for some reason things arent working properly, just pop your battery out and put it back in.
    • although you might see the 3G in the corner, it doesn’t always work properly until you do a battery pull
  • It is likely that your MMS will not be working either. In order to fix that, simple add a second APN as follows:
    Name: Rogers MMS
    Username: media
    Password: mda01
    MMSC :
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 302
    MNC: 72
    APN Type: mms
  • Leave all other settings blank
  • Hit Menu and save
  • If you did this properly, you will see it in the list with the APN you created earlier. You should not see a little circle next to the Rogers MMS APN (this is because as an MMS APN it does not need to be set to active – its used in the background for MMS only) If you do happen to see the circle next to it, you probably forgot the last step in the above settings: APN Type: mms

How to Get a Desire Z if you Aren’t with Bell

So today we managed to pick up a Bell desire Z without being customers of bell – here is how we did it:

  1. Found a friend who was on Bell
  2. Asked them nicely to come to the Bell store with us
  3. Told the Bell Lady to sell him the new phone (For $499)
  4. The HAVE to activate the device with the Bell customer’s phone number – so they did that, then they can sell the phone, then immediately after they just transfer the number back to the customer’s original device

That’s it! The Bell people were very helpful, they knew exactly what we were doing and went through with it very efficiently

Here is our guide to getting the Desire Z running On Rogers: Desire Z on Rogers

HTC Desire Z Running On Rogers

Today we bought a Desire Z from a Bell Store and had it running perfectly on rogers within half an hour.

This article explains how to get the HTC Desire Z Working on Rogers

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If you need to get your hands on one but aren’t a bell customer, read our guide on that here: How to Get a Desire Z without Being On Bell

We used this site for the unlock code, im sure there are way cheaper codes out there but we wanted it in a hurry.

After we got it unlocked we followed our old guide on setting up the apn settings for the nexus one – here it is slightly revamed for the Desire Z: Desire Z Rogers APN Settings

Its working absolutely perfectly with full 3G and HSPA support – we have zero complaints with this device, its the best around .. for now.

Rogers Desire Z