How to Get a Desire Z if you Aren’t with Bell

So today we managed to pick up a Bell desire Z without being customers of bell – here is how we did it:

  1. Found a friend who was on Bell
  2. Asked them nicely to come to the Bell store with us
  3. Told the Bell Lady to sell him the new phone (For $499)
  4. The HAVE to activate the device with the Bell customer’s phone number – so they did that, then they can sell the phone, then immediately after they just transfer the number back to the customer’s original device

That’s it! The Bell people were very helpful, they knew exactly what we were doing and went through with it very efficiently

Here is our guide to getting the Desire Z running On Rogers: Desire Z on Rogers

  • I went to wirelesswave, and they told me they can see me the Desire Z without being with bell or looking for someone who is with bell… Yes, they can sell you the phone (and phone only) for 499 (as of date of posting) without going through the troubles bell related issues….

    I'm guessing wireless wave is more or less a phone store, and makes profit from selling the phones, rather than making the deals with plans… unlike rogers or bell stores…. well, of course making the deals with plans for rogers and bell reels them in more money… but I think that's just a bonus…

    so go ahead and ask a wireless wave store to get (any) phone from another provider….