Android Market Force Closing

Anyone having that issue where the latest version of the android market 3.1.3 will force close within a minute or so of opening it?

Here is the fix.. it’s holding for now.

  1. Settings
  2. Language and Keyboard
  3. Language
  4. pick your language (even if its already selected.. just re-select it – or switch between English Canada and English US)
That fixed it for me!
  • Guest

    Market was force closing on my Desire Z too but now it’s fixed. Thanks!

  • Motorola

    thanks a lot. it is fixed now. Motorola Milestone.

  • 0Q


  • Guest

    Thanks a ton! was struggling to get Market worrking since last 3 days.
    wht a simple fix .. 🙂

  • xamouras123

    it didn’t work for me 🙁
    when it is loading it suddently freezes and says sorry something happened
    “force close”