Android Applications: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Android and Apple are undoubtedly two big giants of mobile applications world. There’s no second opinion to their credibility. Some of the other platforms like Windows 7, Nokia and BlackBerry also have applications, but are not as much popular as them.


Android market has a large volume of applications to offer its users. The number of Android applications is impressive, but sometimes, Android apps let down users’ expectations and satisfaction.


There are quite a lot of quality applications, but there are also some creations having missing or incomplete features.
Here is a critical review of Android applications that fail to make any huge impression over the users, as they need improvements in several areas:



Yes, Facebook’s Android app fails to make its place in the list of best android applications. This is because it lacks a lot of features that it should have. There is no way to edit your profile, delete a wall post, and tag people in your photos. Even, if you take a look at its Android market page, you will find a huge number of complaints and suggestions. There is not even a single positive comment.


Here is a comment directly from Android market page for Facebook:


“Notifications faulty. News feed screen unresponsive. App has become so horrid that I no longer use FB.”

You can clearly see the frustration. Facebook really needs to pay attention to these problems and come up with solutions that address users’ complaints. Or else, it will face a huge downfall.



Netflix finally launched its Android application a few months back, but it couldn’t make it to become a part of best Android apps list. The main problem with this movie streaming app is that it currently only supports nine Android mobiles. It also has a limited choice of titles.


You cannot manage your DVD queue and the movie recommendation engine works very poorly. A lot of favorite and popular movies and TV shows that a lot of people would want to watch aren simply not there.


Similar to Facebook, Skype failed to make any impact on its Android users, although its launch was heavily anticipated. Despite of its promising looks and layout, it’s heavy in size. And, if you don’t have a SD card, you may face memory shortage problems with it.


Another disappointment is that you cannot make video calls. How could that not be included in Skype’s Android application? Last but not the least, it doesn’t support some of the phones; Galaxy S type of phones. This all makes it one of the weird android applications.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar Android application has some really good features, it allows you to keep a track of your meetings, places you would want to visit and schedules that you need to follow in daily routine. But, it surely isn’t perfect. Inside the application, you see a long view of the whole month and it makes it difficult for you to see your appointments. The agenda view is mixed-up and unclear. These are some of lackluster issues that need to be taken care of. What’s you think?


An article is written by Sara Carter who likes social networks, google android, registry mechanic and psychology.