Technology Gifts | Top Christmas Tech Toys

Top Tech Toys for Christmas 2011

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are serious about offering something brilliant and great this Yuletide season especially for the kids, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not in toys. You can go traditional with your gift giving or go on a budget spending to be more practical but for those who like to feel generous and have enough money to spend on good toys, then here is a list of the top 10 technology gifts to offer kids this Christmas.

Angry Birds Toys

1. Angry Birds Plush Toys

The popularity of the mobile game angry birds has spurred the release of a huge collection of toys for both kids and angry birds addicts! There are tons of cute plushies available, some with sounds from the game.

2. Leapfrog’s LeapPad Explorer

Think of this device as an iPad but for kids. If you are concerned that your kids will have more hands on use of your high end tablet, then give them something equally fun but at half the price. This device is amazing since it has a camera and video recording tool and there are games as well as apps that you can add.

3. Fijjit Friends

These are very cute robot toys that are not only look nice, they respond to you. They are interactive toys with built in 150 phrases on its system. This robot can recognize 30 words and based on the words, they can tell a joke, play music or simply dance. I guess you could call it the Furbie of this generation.

4. Chopper with Spy Cam

Imagine having your own surveillance system in the sky as a kid!  This remote control, totally functional toy chopper with an adjustable camera with built in gyroscope so camera capture isn’t shaky. It may seem a bit creepy at first but it teaches kids a lot about aerodynamics and engineering (in addition to being really fun!)

5. Air Swimmers

These are probably some of the coolest (and wierdest) tech toys available this christmas season. You can choose helium filled fish like a shark or a clown fish to navigate through the air using an infrared remote. It’s like an RC helicopter but much more interesting and with no breakable or swallowable parts.

6. Nerf Vortex Nitron Gun

This brilliantly engineered toy is a massive fully automatic nerf gun. It has a tracking scope that lights up and the removable ammo clip can stock 20 pieces. Foam disks can be used as ammo for this Nerf gun and this will definitely be a great gift for the boys and maybe some girls.

Technology Gifts

7. Remote control car a la Lightning McQueen

If you or your kids are fan’s of Disney “Cars” then you will appreciate this toy. It’s a remote control car replica of the main character, Lightning McQueen complete with the details from the movie. It is a nice, simple and fun tech toy for those who prefer a more traditional option for a gift this Christmas.

8. My Keepon

The toy was initially designed by two scientists who aimed to study autism but it became something else; a perfect gift for kids. This toy is so cute and beyond that, it can create up to 50 unique sounds and can even dance to music. It’s close to the Fijit friends but a bit more gender neutral.

9. Appblaster

This is a pretty neat augmented reality toy that requires an iphone or itouch device. It’s a white plasitc gun with a mount for your mobile device on it’s barrel. When the mobile device is engaged, it turns into a viewfinder with aliens super imposed over a camera display of your surroundings. You aim using the mobile device and blast using the gun!

10. Vtech Kiddizoom Twist

If your kids like photography and would like to do some work while you do your own on your SLR, you can depend on this kid proof device. This one has a camera that can be rotated with has a 4x zoom as well as a voice recorder and light image manipulation software built in. This is easy to hold with the rubber case and durable enough to protect the unit inside.

All these amazing new tech toys for Christmas utilize technology in a whole new way. With innovations such as these, it can be quite difficult to choose the perfect one. Nonetheless, it is very interesting what your kids will like the best since they themselves will have a hard time identifying the options most suitable for them. A lot of these toys are brilliant for kids who are just starting out with their journey towards high tech gaming.


Top 25 Android Games | Best Android Games As Of September 2011

Here are the top 25 android games as of November 2011. We combined the usual factors of addictiveness, graphics, gameplay, learning curve, length. We’ll be updating the list weekly – let us know if we’ve missed any, and vote for your favorites in the poll below!


November 23 2011: Medieval for android has been released! this was probably my all time favorite game for my iPhone – I havent put so many hours into a mobile game since!
“Brisk Mobile is excited to announce that Medieval, our best-selling tower defence game for the iPhone and iPad, is now available for the Android Market. Featuring the same gorgeous graphics and addictive gameplay that made Medieval a #1 game worldwide with over 2 million downloads on iOS, Medieval is now set to top the charts at Google.”

The Top 25 Android Games

  1. Medieval 
  2. Cut the Ropecut the rope
  3. Shadow Gun
  4. Great Little War Gamegreat little war game
  5. Sim City Deluxe
  6. Fruit Ninja
  7. Reflexions
  8. X Construction
  9. Worms
  10. Need for Speed S
  11. Doodle Jump
  12. Bejeweled 2
  13. Minecraft Pocket Edition
  14. Robo Defense
  15. Sprinkle
  16. Riptide GB
  17. Duke Nukem 3D
  18. World Cruise Story
  19. Apparatus
  20. Uno
  21. Clowning Around
  22. Flick Golf
  23. The Sims 3
  24. Trial Xtreme 2
  25. Gave Dev Story
  26. The Moron Test
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Markham Sushi | Top 5 Markham Sushi Restaurants

Here are the 5 best sushi restaurants in Markham Ontario – November 2011

  1. Tsukiji Sushi Village – Tsukiji is by far our favourite sushi restaurant in Markham. Neither the prices nor the taste can be beat! The rolls are the perfect size, without too much rice – they also roll most of the maki rolls in just a little bit of tempura flake (other sushi places should learn from this) – it’s one of the only places you can find a perfect spicy salmon roll for $4 – great prices on sashimi a la cart as well. They do pickup and dine in and their frequent-buyer program adds up to a free premium roll fast.
  2. Saporro Sushi – This is one of the best places to go for lunch – the bill usually comes to around $13 per person with tax and tip, but you get way more than enough food. The fish is fresh, the staff are friendly and you can do lunch in about 30 minutes.
  3. Sushi Tei – Sushi Tei is  a bit pricier and you don’t get what you pay for every time, but when you do – it’s a great experience. The rolls are good, and the presentation is probably the best in Markham.
  4. Gal’s Sushi – A classic with good value and great variety
  5. A Tate of Japan – This is a genuine Markham experience. We don’t recommend this place based on the sushi alone – it’s the whole atmosphere – especially around the tapinyaki tables. This place is fabulous and their chefs are amazing – it’s a “Must Try”
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5 Things That You Definitely Want In Your Carry-On Luggage

5 Things That You Definitely Want In Your Carry-On Luggage

Everyone knows traveling can be a hassle, especially the airport part. Dealing with check in, security, and most importantly luggage check in and claiming your luggage makes people aggravated and annoyed. Making matters worse, so many people have been the victim of lost luggage. You get to your destination and your luggage was somehow sent to another part of the country. How and why these things happen may not have an answer, but there is a way to completely avoid the panic of not having items that you need right away.

Now, most airlines have about the same guidelines as to the size your carry on bag should be. If a carry on is all you are planning to take, then you are going to have everything in it that you could possibly need on the trip. However, if you are taking extra luggage, you can plan ahead and put your most essential needs in your carry on, just in case your luggage gets lost.

Essential clothes

An example? Under garments such as bras, panties, and camisoles are definitely required. Other clothing items such as t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and jeans are all good precautions too. Another pair of shoes and a few pairs of socks will add the finishing touch.


Toothbrushes, hair accessories, makeup, feminine needs such as, tampons are a great idea as well. Also, medications and prescriptions that you need or take daily, for example Advil or Motrin are key items for your carry on.


Obviously you are going to want to have your money, credits, and personal information with you at all times. If you can, put your purse into your carry on. It will reduce the amount of things you have to carry and you know it will be in a secure place. Plus, if you need money, your ID, or a credit card, there is no chance of it getting lost with all of the other luggage.


Under this category falls your laptop, cell phone, Game Boy, or even a portable Vizio TV, and of course, the chargers for both of these items. These electronics will give you some entertainment on the plane ride or while you’re waiting.


The food they offer on the plane is expensive and the complimentary food isn’t always as filling as you would like it to be. Bringing your own snacks will be convenient and allow you to bring the snacks you want.

Listed above are just five of many different items you should include in your carry on. Again, if you are only bringing a carry on then you are all set and you do not have to worry about your luggage getting lost. If you plan on bringing more luggage you should definitely consider filling your carry on with the essentials.

Top 25 PS3 Games | Best PS3 Games as of September 2011

best ps3 games

Looking to buy some PS3 Games? We recommend you pick from our list instead of hoping for a good game based on the box’s pictures.

This is, in our opinion, is the list of the best PlayStation 3 games ever made (as of February 1st, 2011). No reading to the end to find the best one, just the list – in order. This list tries to include more new games since the release of our last list – please see the old list for more of a best of all time type list: Best PS3 Games. Once you’ve picked a few, check out our guide on The Cheapest Way to Buy PS3 Games.

1. Dead Space 2

2. Two Worlds II

3. DC Universe Online

4.  Mass Effect 2

5.  Modern Combat: Domination

6.  LittleBigPlanet 2

7.  Venetica

8.  Gran Turismo 5

9.  Call of Duty : Black Ops

10. Killzone 3

11. Fallout: New Vegas

12. Mindjack

13. God of War III

14. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

15. Assassin’s Creed II

16. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

17. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

18. Dragon Age: Origins

19. Uncharted3: Drake’s Deception

20. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

21. Boderlands

22. Vanquish

23. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

24. LittleBigPlanet

25. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Waterloo Poutine | Best Poutine in Waterloo

As of February 2011 – here are the best poutine places in Waterloo Ontario. Unfortunately Waterloo has a pretty lousy selection these days, but leave a comment if you find a place that we have missed!

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1. Ish n Chips

The best place we have at the moment – it’s delicious and probably the best post-bar food on king st these days. Serious line ups (in a good way) full of people all ordering poutine.

2. McCabe’s

If you’re willing to make the trip to the kitchener boarder this is probably the best poutine you can get. Make sure to get the HP Guinness Gravy (just normal dark gravy, but it’s the best – we’s also recommend getting extra cheese.)

352 King St. West Kitchener On

3. Harvey’s

This just shows how weak our selection really is in Waterloo.. It’s pretty delicious as far as fast food poutine goes and super convenient.

University Plaza (and a bunch more..)

London Bars | Top 10 Bars in London Ontario

The following is a list of the best bars in London Ontario as of February 2011

1. The Ceeps
Opened in 1890 this place continues to attract a large majority of the London student population. Get there early for Ceeps Saturdays, it’s always packed with the best people and the line-up often starts around 10 pm. Every Tuesday night Ceeps Sledgehammer Bingo is the place to be and garauntees a laugh, a few sledged watermelons and the best of the worst prizes ever. Ceeps is also attached to Barney’s lounge and patio, which is great for live music and a popular place in the summer months.
Located at 671 Richmond St. London.

2. Jack’s
Jack’s Bar in London is open seven days a week, from 4pm – 2am, always offering something to do in the downtown area. Popular with students and young people living in the city, the party never ends inside Jack’s Nightclub and Bar in London. New weekly and special events draw people every night, as guests come for food early in the evening and to party into the wee hours of the morning.

Located at 539 Richmond Street, London.

3. Rouge
A nightclub that frequently hosts special events with celebrity guests and performers. Thursday to Saturday a $5 cover is in effect (which may increase to $10 on Saturdays as it approaches capacity), but no-cover Wednesday nights are quite popular. Rouge does reserve the right to deny anyone based on dress-code policy.
Located at 50 Piccadilly Street, London.

4. Jim Bob Ray’s
Popular amongst the student crowd, Wednesday is $2.50 cocktails and DJ Chaos, Thursday $10 pitchers and featuring live acts anywhere from Illscarlet to Zed’z Dead, Friday is $3.50 domestics with DJ Hush and DJ Mar Keey, and Saturday features $1 shooters and is a popular place for party bookings.
Located at 585 Richmond Street, London

5. Tap House
Open 7 days a week, 7pm-2am, this classy bar and lounge features an open high-energy dance floor downstairs and a tiered balcony second floor with pool tables and many LCD TVs, including one over each urinal in the men`s bathroom. Often the spot for parties and events, including corporate occasions and social gatherings, the London Tap House even offers stagette packages.
Located at 545.5 Richmond Street, London.

6. The Barking Frog
The Barking Frog pub and nightclub is well known amongst locals for offering a sophisticated night out in London. Famous for its chic ambiance and an urbane environment, The Barking Frog restaurant, pub and lounge is popular amongst a young professional clientele. Those in search of a more up-scale taste of clubbing in London often turn to The Barking Frog bar, as special events draw partygoers and weekly events keep regulars coming back for more.

Located at 209 John Street, London.

7. Cowboys Ranch
Fridays and Saturdays, no cover before 10 pm and ladies free all night. Free t-shirts to whoever can ride the bull the longest and line dancing instructors on the dance floor 8pm-10pm on Fridays. Top 40 country music keeps the crowd rowdy.
Located at 60 Warncliffe Road North, London.

8. Molly Blooms
An Irish pub great for sitting back and hanging-out, with a great beer selection, extensive menu, outdoor patio and fantastic karaoke Sundays and Mondays. Great live music venue on the weekends and the Mike O’Brien band every Thursday.
Located at 700 Richmond Street London.

9. Martini Bar
Located above the Mongolian Grill Restaurant (which features an all you can eat buffet), this bar offers an extensive selection of unique martinis and is a popular spot on Martini Mondays, where a full shaker is only $5.
Located at 645 Richmond Street, London.

10. Up on Carling
Often the after-party destination for concerts and events occurring at the near-by John Labatt center, this esteemed night club has hosted events by the likes of Akon, Brody Jenner and Shemar Moore and performances by MSTRKRFT and The Bloody Beatroots. In addition to the main room, Up also features a scenic rooftop patio, which includes its own fully functional bar and VIP cabanas.
Located at 253 Carling Street, London

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best bars in london ontario

Mississauga Bars | Top 10 Bars in Mississauga

The following is a list of the best bars in Mississauga Ontario as of February 2011

The list starts with the best. Click on the name of the bar to get some more info on it. The post is just our opinion and – we are more geared towards younger bars. . Let us know what you think by leaving a comment – recommend anything we’ve missed and we’ll update the list accordingly.

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1.       Rehab :

If you are in the mood for clubbing rehab is without a doubt the most fun time in Mississauga. It’s technically located in Oakville, but its worth heading out there. One of the youngest crowds in Mississauga (although still older, on average, than most of the clubs in toronto) Rehab has the best party environment that we’ve found in Mississauga so far.

Rehab Address: 2065 Winston Park Dr. Oakville | ON | L6H 6P5

2.       Blue Suede Sue’s :

Blue Suede Sue’s – Mississauga’s Hottest Nightclub. Blue suede Sue’s keeps its fun ambience all year round. This is absolutely one of the highlights of Mississauga’s Hottest Night Club. Its beautifully maintained space with great sound and superb music including Top 40’s, Hip-Hop, Dance, R&B and more.Located at 75 Watline Ave, Mississauga, ON. Contact us at :

3. Crocodile Rock Mississauga :

With a capacity for over 800 people to party on three floors including Mississauga’s most popular rooftop patio, the 25+ crowd can enjoy delicious food from our great new menu.  An extensive appetizer section, specialty pizza, and an up-scale entrée section make this menu perfect for the after work crowd or the late night diner.  Our DJ plays nightly Classic Rock, Retro 80’s, Top 40, Disco and Dance music. Located at 10 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, ( Hwy 10 just North of Hwy 403 ), 905-712-1112,, [email protected].

4.       Coopers Pub:

Coopers Pub -A traditional Irish pub where you can find all of the comforts of Ireland right here in Mississauga. Come on In and try some traditional Irish fare and watch the big game on 1 of our many big screen tv’s. Voted best wings in Mississauga!!!! There’s something for everybody at Coopers Pub!. Located at 780 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, Ontario, L5C 3X3.

5.        Gabriel’s Ristorante Bar Grill :

The culinary team at Gabriel’s cultivates a history of fine dining experience from Toronto, South Florida and the Caribbean. Gabriel’s offers Downtown Toronto dining in the comfort of the West End; reasonably priced without compromising quality. Located at 6501 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 1A6.

6.       The Comrade

The decor and atmosphere is brilliant. Staff are awesome, cocktails very good. Super cool space and an excellent selection of beers and cocktails. It’s the ideal place to linger over drinks with friends. Located at 758 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada +1 416-778-9449 .

7.       Imperial Pub

Both of our bars offer a wide variety of premium spirits and liqueurs.  Many “top shelf” brands are available for a small premium. We’ll always be happy to learn how to mix up your favorite libation, but these classic cocktails are what we do best. We are located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 54 Dundas St. E.  – Right across Dundas Square from the Eaton Centre.

8.       Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar

Housed in a warm red brick building, Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar is a popular summer night life spot. Guests can sit indoors in a black leather booth, or outdoors in a large patio that faces a manicured courtyard. The bar has many live music events and weekend dance parties. While the drink menu heavily favors wine, there is a large selection of specialty drinks. Guests can order variations of sangria, martinis and mojitos. The bar has a range of domestic, premium and imported beers on tap. Ten has a dress code: no sports attire, sneakers or ripped or torn clothing. Located at :139 Lakeshore Road E.Mississauga, ON L5G 1E5, Canada,(905) 271-0016 .

9.       Abbey Road Pub & Patio

Abbey Road Pub & Patio is a British-style pub that features live music and an abundance of beer and fried pub food. The pub is furnished with dark wood, photographs of the Beatles and brass fixtures. Classic English pub food includes fish and chips, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie and liver and onions. The pub frequently puts the game on their high definition TVs, and when the game isn’t on, there’s a good opportunity that a live rock band or Beatles tribute band will play while you drink. Located at Abbey Road Pub & Patio, 3200 Erin Mills Parkway,Mississauga, ON L5L 1W8.

10.        Old Town Tavern

Located at Street Address: 151 Brunel Road, Mississauga, ON, L4Z1X3

Old Town Tavern Address

The Best Canadian Points Credit Cards as of July 2010

The Canadian credit card scene has changed slightly in the past few months with the introduction of travel rewards cards from Scotia Bank and BMO. These 2 Canadian banks did not offer competitive rewards cards in the past, but that seems to have changed. So are these cards better than some of the others we have already? Well it depends what you are looking for.

The big three cards of the past have been the TD Infinite Visa, the RBC Avion Infinite Visa and the CIBC Aero Gold Infinite Visa. The New are the ScotiaGold Passport Visa and the BMO World Elite MasterCard.

Scotia card comes with 20,000 initial bonus points, plus 10,000 more at the end of the first year. The 30,000 points are estimated to be worth $300 in real money (mind you this will come after paying $209 in annual fees – $99 for the first year and 110 for the second.)

The BMO card carries a fee of $150 per year – this is the highest of any of the major Canadian Travel Rewards cards. The card comes with a signup bonus of $15,000 points, or about $285.

Of the pre-existing cards the real competition has seemed to be between TD and CIBC. If you put a lot of value on being able to choose your travel and then use points to pay for it, go with TD. If, on the other hand, you simply want to be able to trade your points for their maximum cash value and you don’t really mind picking your flight/vacation from a list provided by the bank – go with the CIBC Aero Gold.

In terms of sign-up bonus RBC and CIBC are closely tied – RBC however seems to put a maximum value on flights to be purchased with points (we have not seen this to be the case with CIBC, although this is just based on our personal research.) When it comes to trading TD points for real dollars, the exchange rate is poor, but as we stated above, you do get the luxury of buying your travel from just about anywhere.

The Final Verdict: Although it is exciting that Scotia and BMO are getting into the travel reward cards market, we feel the best deal to the consumer is to go with one of the older cards. As far as we can tell, the best way to get the most free money out of a Canadian Travel Rewards card is to go with the CIBC AeroGold Infinite Visa. This card comes with an exceptional initial bonus ($15,000 points – worth somewhere in the area of $300,) an annual fee of $120, and a point rate of 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent or 1.5 if spent on gas or groceries. We’ve estimated each Aeroplan point to be worth about 1.8 cents. So you are getting approximately 1.8% back on every purchase you make. If you are buying gas or groceries, you are getting about 2.7% back.