Waterloo Poutine | Best Poutine in Waterloo

As of February 2011 – here are the best poutine places in Waterloo Ontario. Unfortunately Waterloo has a pretty lousy selection these days, but leave a comment if you find a place that we have missed!

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1. Ish n Chips

The best place we have at the moment – it’s delicious and probably the best post-bar food on king st these days. Serious line ups (in a good way) full of people all ordering poutine.

2. McCabe’s

If you’re willing to make the trip to the kitchener boarder this is probably the best poutine you can get. Make sure to get the HP Guinness Gravy (just normal dark gravy, but it’s the best – we’s also recommend getting extra cheese.)

352 King St. West Kitchener On

3. Harvey’s

This just shows how weak our selection really is in Waterloo.. It’s pretty delicious as far as fast food poutine goes and super convenient.

University Plaza (and a bunch more..)