Tornado Watch for Waterloo 2011 August 24

tornado watch waterloo
I can’t remember anything like this ever happening before in Kitchener Waterloo! Tornado watch not warning!

The watch was issued at 11am for a large chunk of Onatrio. Full list:

  • Waterloo
  • Windsor
  • Essex
  • Chatham
  • Kent
  • Sarnia
  • Lambton
  • Elgin
  • London
  • Middlesex
  • Huron
  • Perth
  • Wellington
  • Dufferin
  • Innisfil
  • Grey- Bruce
  • Barrie
  • Orillia
  • Midland
  • Parry Sound
  • Muskoka

If you are in any of these areas, stay indoors and be mindful of the weather.

Waterloo Poutine | Best Poutine in Waterloo

As of February 2011 – here are the best poutine places in Waterloo Ontario. Unfortunately Waterloo has a pretty lousy selection these days, but leave a comment if you find a place that we have missed!

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1. Ish n Chips

The best place we have at the moment – it’s delicious and probably the best post-bar food on king st these days. Serious line ups (in a good way) full of people all ordering poutine.

2. McCabe’s

If you’re willing to make the trip to the kitchener boarder this is probably the best poutine you can get. Make sure to get the HP Guinness Gravy (just normal dark gravy, but it’s the best – we’s also recommend getting extra cheese.)

352 King St. West Kitchener On

3. Harvey’s

This just shows how weak our selection really is in Waterloo.. It’s pretty delicious as far as fast food poutine goes and super convenient.

University Plaza (and a bunch more..)

Bell and Telus not working on Waterloo Campus

The University of Waterloo Campus is a dead zone for Bell and Telus Cell Phones. It’s so bad that it seems you can’t even get a single bar of service no matter where you are on the campus. If you happen to know any little pockets where you can find some signal, post in the comments so the rest of us can check our texts without having to head to the plaza (we found that once you are in the university plaza you can get a few bars again.)

This problem seems to have just started September 2010. There are a few rumours of people getting out of their contracts for free (instead of paying the usual $300+ cancellation fee) by claiming that since they are on campus the majority of the time and they do not get service, they should not be forced to pay their bill. Rogers still has perfect coverage of the campus.

Last week we went to the Bell store in Conestoga Mall to complain about the lack of signal, but we mostly just got smart-ass remarks “well we can’t just go and build a new tower overnight…” They did recommend pulling the battery and sim card – claiming that after you put them back in and boot your phone you should have service for a few minutes. We tried this, but had no luck…

Waterloo Sushi | Top 5 Waterloo Sushi Restaurants

Here are the 5 best sushi restaurants in Waterloo – September 2011

Some are all you can eat, others are better for sushi take out. Maps are provided when you click the restaurant title links. The Restaurants begin with the best (or our favourite – everything is just our opinion).

  1. Tomu Sushi (Dine in and Take out, not all-you-can-eat)
    • This is now definitely the best sushi waterloo. It is a great price and absolutely delicious. It’s not that close to campus, but it is totally worth the trip. You get all kinds of free Korean goodies when you dine in, and you even get miso soup (and sometimes salad) with your takeout. This is both the best tasting and the best value sushi in the waterloo area.
  2. Sakura Island (Dine In, Take Out, NOT All-You-Can-Eat)
    • Second best sushi waterloo. The sashimi is a little expensive unless you get it in one of their combos – so make sure to do that. They have great lunch combos as well – try the spicy salmon lunch, lots of food for about 10 bucks.
  3. Sushi 99(Dine in , Take Out, All you can eat)
    • We’re really happy with this new addition to the Waterloo Sushi line up. If you are looging for all you can eat and want to try something a little different than Ye’s – we say give Sushi 99 a shot!
  4. Nikko Nikko(Dine In, Take Out, NOT All-You-Can-Eat)
    • This sushi restaurant is technically in Kitchener, but it’s worth the short drive.
  5. Yummyaki (Dine In, Take Out, All-You-Can-Eat, also have regular menu)
    • Yummyaki has a great all you can eat menu. The sushi is good – fresh fish and not too much rice in the rolls.
  6. Ye’s Sush (Dine In, Take Out, All-You-Can-Eat, also have regular menu)
    • Ye’s is probably the best known sushi restaurant in Waterloo. It’s famous for the all you can eat menu. Their is also a Ye’s in Kitchener (the original.) The Kitchener location is better, they seem to use less rice in their rolls
  7. Ye’s Sush (Dine In, Take Out, All-You-Can-Eat, also have regular menu)
    • Ichiban is new to our list – good food, good value, great staff
  8. Iron Chef (Dine In, Take Out, NOT All-You-Can-Eat)
    • Iron Chef is located in the University plaza, so if you are just coming from a class at UW it’s definitely the most convenient. They have great lunch menus. Ordering sushi a la cart from this restaurant is little preicey. Their Miso soup doesn’t have much to it. Still a great choice for a quick lunch.

That’s our list! Feel free to leave us a comment. Let us know if you’ve found another waterloo sushi restaurant that belongs in the list!

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best sushi in waterloo ontario

Waterloo Bars | Top 10 Bars in Waterloo

The following is a list of the best bars in Waterloo Ontario as of September 2011

The list starts with the best. Click on the name of the bar to see a map of its location in Waterloo. The post is just our opinion and we are heavily in favour of cheap, fun, student bars. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

  1. Phil’s
    • Everyone knows Phil’s as one of the dirtiest bars in the city, but everyone also agrees that it’s probably the most fun. We recommend going to Phil’s on a Wednesday (hip hop night) or a Saturday (electro night). The best part of Phil’s is definitely the cheap drinks – $2.25 EVERY NIGHT. ($5 cover..)
  2. Bomber
    • The Bomber is UW’s on campus bar. It’s pretty well only good on Wednesday, but it’s usually packed and plays good music. Drinks are pretty cheap, but they can take about 20 minutes to line up for. You need a UW student to sign you in. Show up before 10pm unless you want to wait in a huge line.
  3. Revolution (Rev)
    • Rev is the biggest bar in Waterloo. It’s huge and it gets pretty busy on Fridays. Music is good, cover and drinks are a little expensive.
  4. Starlight
    • Starlight has become one of the most popular bars on king st. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should.
  5. The Turret
    • The Turret is Laurier’s campus bar. It’s good most nights, usually lot’s of Laurier chicks. You’ll need a Laurier student to sign you in.
  6. Philthy McNasties (philthy’s)
    • Philthy’s has a bar/pub area upstairs and more of a club downstairs. The bouncers are a little nuts about who they let on the stage.. but the music is good and the drinks are decently cheap.
  7. Ceasar Martini’s (Ceasar’s)
    • Ceasar’s is usually an alright time. The best night to go is Thursday. The drinks aren’t overly cheap and the people are sometimes a little
  8. Chainsaw (the ex-Spur)
    • If you remember the Silver Spur, chainsaw is pretty much the same thing. It’s a karaoke bar with cheap beers and wings.
  9. Morty’s (pub)
    • Morty’s has the best Hot chicken wings in Waterloo. The pitchers aren’t super cheap, it’s worth going just for the wings) Cheap Wings Nights are Monday and Thursday
  10. The Fox and The Fiddle (The Fox – pub)
    • The Fox has the best wings in general in Waterloo (Ancho chipotle are the best.) It’s a little dark, but good wings and cheap beer. The Cheap Wing Nights are Sunday and Wednesday.
bars in waterloo

The Weekly Schedule

Here is our recommendation for what bar you should go to every day of the week in Waterloo.

  • Monday: Philthy’s
  • Tuesday: The Vault
  • Wednesday: Phil’s
  • Thursday: Ceasar’s
  • Friday: Rev
  • Saturday: Phil’s
  • Sunday: The Fox

Non-Top 10 Bars

These guys didn’t quite make the top 10, but they’re worth mentioning:

  • Molly’s
  • Starlight
  • Roxanne’s
  • Front Row

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of our ranking. Maybe give us a few suggestions of other bars that belong in the list.

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What to do in Waterloo | Waterloo to host exciting event in the mathematical sciences this summer

The majority of this site’s contributers are from the Kitchener/Waterloo area or go to school at the university of waterloo. While putting fingers to keys in our luxurious office (the Waterloo tech library) we overheard some exciting news, the University of Waterloo is hosting the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference this summer.

It’s a week long annual conference that has been running for 17 years and it hasn’t been hosted at Waterloo since 1996. This time around, it should be twenty times as good with some extremely well decorated keynote speakers and 170 attendees.
I know exactly what you’re thinking: Its math… That’s what we (with the exception of the CSers and Mathies amongst us) thought too until we heard about the format of the conference and who the keynote speakers are. The way it works is students attending the conference are invited to give talks about any subject pertaining to math: pure mathematics, theoretical physics, computer science, economics, whatever you’re into. Student lectures done in a non-competitive and supportive environment with no Profs or pros to show you up. Not only is it great experience, but also it will look outstanding on a resume.

The student talks will be held throughout the day with breaks for the keynote speeches. This years speakers are the primary cause for our excitement, with big names from the math, finance and computer science worlds giving talks. Most notably, Waterloo CUMC has flown in Frank Morgan, the vice-president of the American math Society, to talk about the physical-geometric theory of soap bubbles. Phelim Boyle, the inventor on Monte Carlo methods in option pricing, will also be delivering a speech that should not be missed by any ECON or AFM student. The full list of speakers can be found here here on the CUMC website.

Talking to the conference organizer, I asked him what his favorite part of the event is:

“its really refreshing to meet a bunch of enthusiastic people you’re age when you’re into math. Its weird when you’re into math, and you spend a lot of time and energy on it, thinking that maybe there is no one else in the world, just you and your textbooks who find mathematics interesting. Last year when I showed up I was blown away by all the friendly down to earth people who found the subject as interesting as I do.”

At $90 registration, the whole thing is relatively cheap. A tip to any undergrads that want to go but are afraid the cost of travel/stay/ticket price is outside of their means -talk to you’re university or college’s math department. You might be able to get them to sponsor you. If you would like to attend, lecture or sponsor this kick-ass event visit the CUMC’10 website at or contact them at [email protected]