Waterloo Bars | Top 10 Bars in Waterloo

The following is a list of the best bars in Waterloo Ontario as of September 2011

The list starts with the best. Click on the name of the bar to see a map of its location in Waterloo. The post is just our opinion and we are heavily in favour of cheap, fun, student bars. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

  1. Phil’s
    • Everyone knows Phil’s as one of the dirtiest bars in the city, but everyone also agrees that it’s probably the most fun. We recommend going to Phil’s on a Wednesday (hip hop night) or a Saturday (electro night). The best part of Phil’s is definitely the cheap drinks – $2.25 EVERY NIGHT. ($5 cover..)
  2. Bomber
    • The Bomber is UW’s on campus bar. It’s pretty well only good on Wednesday, but it’s usually packed and plays good music. Drinks are pretty cheap, but they can take about 20 minutes to line up for. You need a UW student to sign you in. Show up before 10pm unless you want to wait in a huge line.
  3. Revolution (Rev)
    • Rev is the biggest bar in Waterloo. It’s huge and it gets pretty busy on Fridays. Music is good, cover and drinks are a little expensive.
  4. Starlight
    • Starlight has become one of the most popular bars on king st. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should.
  5. The Turret
    • The Turret is Laurier’s campus bar. It’s good most nights, usually lot’s of Laurier chicks. You’ll need a Laurier student to sign you in.
  6. Philthy McNasties (philthy’s)
    • Philthy’s has a bar/pub area upstairs and more of a club downstairs. The bouncers are a little nuts about who they let on the stage.. but the music is good and the drinks are decently cheap.
  7. Ceasar Martini’s (Ceasar’s)
    • Ceasar’s is usually an alright time. The best night to go is Thursday. The drinks aren’t overly cheap and the people are sometimes a little
  8. Chainsaw (the ex-Spur)
    • If you remember the Silver Spur, chainsaw is pretty much the same thing. It’s a karaoke bar with cheap beers and wings.
  9. Morty’s (pub)
    • Morty’s has the best Hot chicken wings in Waterloo. The pitchers aren’t super cheap, it’s worth going just for the wings) Cheap Wings Nights are Monday and Thursday
  10. The Fox and The Fiddle (The Fox – pub)
    • The Fox has the best wings in general in Waterloo (Ancho chipotle are the best.) It’s a little dark, but good wings and cheap beer. The Cheap Wing Nights are Sunday and Wednesday.
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The Weekly Schedule

Here is our recommendation for what bar you should go to every day of the week in Waterloo.

  • Monday: Philthy’s
  • Tuesday: The Vault
  • Wednesday: Phil’s
  • Thursday: Ceasar’s
  • Friday: Rev
  • Saturday: Phil’s
  • Sunday: The Fox

Non-Top 10 Bars

These guys didn’t quite make the top 10, but they’re worth mentioning:

  • Molly’s
  • Starlight
  • Roxanne’s
  • Front Row

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of our ranking. Maybe give us a few suggestions of other bars that belong in the list.

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  • marc

    Should this blog be titled “Top Ten Student Bars in Waterloo”?
    And what were the criteria by which you chose your top ten? Seems like it's heavily biased towards the dirty grub/cheap drinks/drunk chicks factor.

  • Jason

    Gotta agree with marc, but whatever! Im only in it for the student bars anyways.. cheap beersss! this list is sick, thanks guys.. already know my schedule for the fall! haha

  • so caesar's didnt join 140 and Taboo in hell?

  • firstsearchblue

    Don't think it went too well for Ceasar's, but she's not in trouble like the rest: http://stockr.net/wp/fire-at-waterloo-student-p

  • come on

    worst top ten bars listing ever .. there are so many good bars in waterloo and these are the ones you picked? come on your better than that

  • PianoTeacher

    This list sucks unless you're a barfly who likes to go deaf.  Also, it lists Starlight as #5 and then gives Starlight honourable mention for not being in the top ten.
    Here's a (hopefully) more useful list:

    Best beer selection in Waterloo is at Kickoff (tiny sports bar with 4 shelves of scotch).
    Best atmosphere for dancing is Starlight.
    Best bar for picking up drunk, hot university girls is the Turret.
    Best bar for meeting the 25-40 crowd is the Flying Dog.
    Best bar for meeting 40+ is the Lancaster.
    Main hick bar is Stampede Corral.
    Best (only) karaoke bar is Chainsaw (formerly Silver Spur).
    Quiet Irish pub:  Failte unless there's a band.  But still kind of quiet.
    Really noisy pub:  Duke of Wellington.
    Noisy cool hangout with good pub grub and a Blues Brothers shrine (seriously):  Ethel's Lounge.
    Cheap beer on tap, huge patio, and a menu alot like East Side Mario's:  Huether Hotel.

    Students and the elderly should get something out of many of these places, depending on taste.

    • Danielle

      Hi PianoTeacher…. I have a question based on your review. I am not from the KW area, but my father lives there.. I am trying to take him out for a fun night in the hopes that I can find some single gals 40 and above for him… But he doesn’t know this part haha… So you would suggest the Lancaster or Duke of Wellington? Are they close enough to potentially attend both in one night? Thank you so much!!!

  • Loo

    Rev is huge and amazing but is really expensive and even with it’s size, always has a huge line. In my opinion, kitty’s wings are expensive and over rated, and fox’s wings are a lot cheaper…and spicier! If you go, order “chefs extreme”. It’s not even on the menu, and it’s only in Waterloo. They are incredible! Chainsaw is also a good time, and heap drinks. Phials might be cheap drinks, but you’ll have to down a lot of them back in order to even stand being I that place it is so dirty!

  • bba>boss

    beta really should be somewhere here….nothing is cheap but if ur looking for a challenge to put ur character on blast come to beta…i had fun….but this was the first club i went to, and i had fun 🙂

  • Guest

    I immediately stopped reading when it suggested Phil’s on Wednesday night. Nothing wrong with the music, I just don’t want to get shot and dragged into Kitchener.