Bell and Telus not working on Waterloo Campus

The University of Waterloo Campus is a dead zone for Bell and Telus Cell Phones. It’s so bad that it seems you can’t even get a single bar of service no matter where you are on the campus. If you happen to know any little pockets where you can find some signal, post in the comments so the rest of us can check our texts without having to head to the plaza (we found that once you are in the university plaza you can get a few bars again.)

This problem seems to have just started September 2010. There are a few rumours of people getting out of their contracts for free (instead of paying the usual $300+ cancellation fee) by claiming that since they are on campus the majority of the time and they do not get service, they should not be forced to pay their bill. Rogers still has perfect coverage of the campus.

Last week we went to the Bell store in Conestoga Mall to complain about the lack of signal, but we mostly just got smart-ass remarks “well we can’t just go and build a new tower overnight…” They did recommend pulling the battery and sim card – claiming that after you put them back in and boot your phone you should have service for a few minutes. We tried this, but had no luck…