Download Sywpe for Nexus One

We’re not going to post any links.. but follow these 3 steps and you’ll have Swype on your Nexus One in 5 minutes.

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  1. go to or and search for Swype
  2. Sort the results by number of seeds and look for 12.61MB torrent near/at the top
  3. Download the file and install it on your phone using the usual method
    • For those who don’t know how, just drop it into your memory card, make sure in your settings that you haven enabled installing apps from the SD Card (from non-market sources) then use a app like ES File Explorer to browse to the file on you SD Card and install the app – then enable Swype in Language and Keyboard settings. Then go try to type somewhere – long-click the text area, choose input method and pick Swype.

Swype is awesome..