Guelph Bars | Top 10 Bars in Guelph

Wooo partaaay! But where are you going to go tonight? Here is the list of the top 10 bars in Guelph as of September 2011 (in no particular order) that you may love, or maybe you haven’t even been to yet!

1. Frank & Steins / Apartment 58 Franks is a classic bar whether for dinner, drinks, the hockey game,  Franks is a great atmosphere and has cheap drink nights and wing deals weekly. Have had some sweet live bands in there that get everyone dancing. Apartment 58 is the club upstairs that usually has anything from top 40 to house to hip-hop and currently has promotions handled by Fresh Media – who always make the party crazy!

2.NV Lounge A bar that most people overlook, depending on what night you go you can have a great time. Fridays are usually the day to go, but with their huge drink menu any nights a great night.

3. Van Goghs Ear Also one of the classic Guelph bars, Van Gough’s (Ear) has three floors that will accommodate any music tastes. First floor will have anything from live bands to top 40 music with a stage to dance on, while upstairs has huge parties hosted by the guys at Guelph Nightlife for their third floor “Loft”.

4. Vinyl /Jimmy Jazz A great place that may have a minor cover, but hey..$2 drinks! Awesome music, dancing, booths, stage, and the place to hit up on a Wednesday, Thursday, or whatever night you feel like hitting the bars! Jimmy Jazz is right next door with a great place to chill out and yes, a patio!

5. Albion Hotel On the edge of the downtown area, Albion Hotel has great food and a bar scene that is distinct. Upstairs there is a dance floor but nightly music choices are very different.

6. Trappers Alley / Tabu / Palace One address, three very different scenes. Main floor is the famous Trappers with their dollar beers and atmosphere that can result in a sloppy night for first year students. Upstairs, Palace offers a very open club scene that plays top 40 and hip hop for the most part with a balcony, huge dance floor, and dancing cages. Downstairs, a newly established nightclub Tabu is now fully up and running thanks to the LateNites crew. They have wild house music that hits you hard and the best laser light show in Guelph.

7. Doogies/ Pablo’s Very friendly bars that are joined at the hip, go to either one and you will hear live music from the Doogie’s stage whether you want to hear some Tom Petty or Oasis. Pool tables, foosball and an extremely chill crowd, but a party if you’re looking for it.

8.  McCabe’s Right at the corner where everything is happening, this is the place to go to with a big group, grab some wings and pints and have a great time. Has a big screen to watch the game, live bands, and an overlooking open second floor bar.

9. Bobby O’briens / Opus Lounge Bobby O’briens was the place to watch the Vancouver games this year and it isn’t any surprise with their great food specials, variety of beers on tap, and flat screen televisions as well as a big screen on the back wall. Opus, also put on by the LateNites crew is a classy club upstairs with leather couches and a bangin’ dance floor.

10. Brass Taps The official University campus bar, has pool tables, great bar grub, and a variety of entertainment from live bands todance music.

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Downtown Guelph Food | Top 10 After Bar Eateries in Guelph

Planning on going out tonight? Here is a quick guide for places to go once you stumble out of the bar/club off MacDonell and want food fast! (Maps included)

1. Salsateria – If you are in to quesadilla’s, nachos, or burritos this is the number 1 after bar food. Great price point (like you’ll really care at that point) and the food is amazing. They have a locally famous in house salsa that is more delicious than you can imagine. Unlike some post-bar food, just as gratifying during the day.

2. Pierre’s Poutine – Best poutine in downtown Guelph, end of story. Has only been there a few years now but their poutine with Montreal smoked meat, wow. Little more expensive, but a must try.

3. Mega Pizza – Conveniently right on MacDonell grabbing a slice after the bar is really cheap, fast and amazing pizza. Also another food that you don’t need to be slightly intoxicated to enjoy. Just great pizza!

4. MacDonell Village – Have ended up here many of times, no matter how you pronounce “gyro” you will get 2/$6 and be very satisfied. Also offer other foods such as fries and poutine that are cheaper than Pierre’s, but quality is the price you pay.

5. Sun-Sun or  Wong’s Garden – May as well be the same restaurant but a traditional “drunk food” for Guelph, you can get 3, 4 or 5 item dishes (Styrofoam boxes) of vegetable rolls or chicken wings or anything else you’d expect from a late night asian restaurant. Personally don’t recommend making a point of eating there during the day, but late at night sure hits the spot.

This is just a guide to late night bar food in Guelph. Other food spots include Subway, hot dog stands, Frank & Steins, or Pita Pit. To have your restaurant included in this list of late night food downtown, leave your contact information below.

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Chatroulette Drinking Game

Getting tired of playing Flip Cup and Beer Pong over and over again? Are you looking for a new and bold game to play? Don’t really have the balls to actually play Russian Roulette? Well we’ve got what you’re looking for!

The Basics of the Game:
It’s almost the exact same as the original Russian Roulette game, the difference is that there’s no revolver and live round involved… actually the only similarity is that it’s a game of chance.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
1. A Drink of Choice (Vodka for obvious reasons, but anything will suffice).
2. A Computer with a webcam and internet connection.

Number of Players:
This game isn’t restricted to a specific amount of players, as anyone who can see the computer screen can play. However it could be difficult, so it’s best to stick between two players, alternating rounds.

How To Play:
-In order to play, simply just get onto , and allow chatroullete to use your web cam.
-Each player will take his or her turn in spinning the roulette (In this case, its just hitting the “New Game” button at the top left corner, but use your imagination)
-The player who lands on someone “doing something revolting” (I’ll let your imagination take care of this)  takes the “shot”. (This is considered to be landing on the bullet, or the fatal blow).
-The game continues until one player decides he or she cannot drink anymore and the other player is the winner.
-Variations include drinking when you see a girl with her top off, however this could involve long waits at which point you’re just better off taking shots.

Remember alcohol is somewhat of a gamble. You start the night off by drinking and don’t really know where you’re going to end up the next day. It could be great or it could be disastrous. Like a game of Roullette.

Written by: Louis Le

Broadcast Video on Chat Roulette | How To

Sometimes when you’re browsing through chatroulette you notice some of your partner’s camera feeds are of recorded video or picture. You can do this too on your mac using Camtwist and Soundflower.

Setting up the video and audio channels

Camtwist can be found here and Soundflower here. Install and launch both applications. Soundflower should populate up on your global toolbar as a small flower icon like so.Thats all we need to do with Soundflower.

Go over to camtwist and under the step 1 heading, click on Movie to select it (1) then press the select button(2). Find the movie that you want to broadcast in your finder and drag it into your playlist(3). Finally click the play button to play it (4), at this point you will only hear sound.

Click to Enlarge

Press cmd+, to go to preferences and click on “General”.  In the drop-down menu for the audio output  device select “Soundflower(16ch)”.

Setting Up Chatroulette

Visit the chatroulette website and, once the website has loaded up, move your cursor over your (bottom) cam window and a few options should pop up. For cam, select “CamTwist” and for Mic select “Soundflower(16ch)” and press allow on any flash security prompts. A CamTwist screen should appear on your (bottom) cam window. Click the Start button and you are now broadcasting your movie or image to the other chatrouletter.

If you don’t see the CamTwist Icon appear on your cam window, try restarting the browser and configuring the chatroulette Cam and Mic options again.

Mess with Junkmail Senders!

How to combat junk snail mail – take prepaid envelopes that come in junk mail, fill a box with bricks or dirty underwear (the heavier the better = $$ from junk mail sender) and tape the label to the box and mail it! When a sender attaches a prepaid envelope, this means that they have already fronted the cost of you sending in your subscription for air conditioner maintenance or useless magazine subscription, so send them a token of wasted resources back by sending them back a useless box of rocks!

Maximize Your Student Loan

This article explains both how to maximize the amount of money you get for your student loan as well as the best way to deal with any cash you receive that you might not need for your tuition or living expenses. It also explains the rules around when you are required to list your parents’ financial details on your loan application.

Most student loans (or school loans) do not have to be paid back until at least 6 months after a student graduates. Additionally, student loans typically accrue no interest until 6 months after graduation. in Ontario, the OSAP loan works in this way.

In years 1 through 3 of university or college, a student must input their parents’ financial information when filling out a loan application. For many students, this singly annoying fact is enough to deter them from applying. Once a student reaches their fourth year of study however, they are no longer required to give any information about their parents’ financial situation. This is where you have the most control over maximizing your student loan. Every student in their fourth year of a University or College program should absolutely apply for a student loan. Even if you do not require the money, you should take it and invest it in some form of guaranteed investment instrument (such as a high interest savings account, government savings bonds or GICs.) Once you reach your fourth year of study, you have about 14 months before you have to start paying the money back, so investing in riskier securities (such as stocks or options) is not recommended.

In order to get the most money possible for your student loan, you basically just have to make yourself look as poor as possible. There are 2 aspects to your financial status – how much money you’ve earned or plan to earn and how much money you have saved/invested. Obviously if you have $25,000 in your investment account, the government will feel no need to give you an interest free loan – you can clearly pay for school out of your own pocket. If you are in a situation where your current savings or investments make it look like you do not need financial assistance, find a way to change that! There are a few ways you could do this (make sure not to break the law!) First of all, you could just go and spend all your savings – probably not the best plan, but it would definitely increase the amount of loan money you would be eligible for. You could also temporarily loan/donate the money to someone else (be careful that you approach this in a legal way.) You could open a foreign account and temporarily transfer the money into it. You could move the money into a Registered Savings Plan (less emphasis is given to money in registered instruments when the government makes their loan calculations.) In order to maximize your loan amount you also have to make it appear that you are not making too much money. There are two aspects to this: the amount of money you earned in the period prior to the school term you are about to enter and the amount of money you are going to make during your study time. There isn’t ouch you can do about the amount of money you made last year, but you can definitely optimize the amount you plan to make. It’s pretty simple, do not plan to make any money during your study term until after you have completed you loan application and received your loan money.

These ware the most basic of methods for getting the most cash out of your student loan. Keep in mind that the money has to be paid back eventually, so don’t go too crazy. But let’s be serious, this is interest-free money – you should get as much as you possibly can.

A Better Quest Schedule/Calendar | Print and Save Universtiy of Waterloo Calendar

This guide explains how you can save your University of Waterloo Quest Calendar to a file (html, or Excel)

Quest sucks, and the worst part has to be the calendar. First of all, why does it take 12 clicks to find it? (it’s under enroll if you were wondering… ya, because my CURRENT courses should be listed under enroll… obviously..) What’s even worse is how impossible it is to save the calendar – you can’t… even if you save the html page it doesn’t come out right. You also cannot print it properly.

The geniuses over at Fix This Face have come up with an awesome system that lets you view, save and print your calendar in a simple and user-friendly way. You can view it right on the page and print it to a perfectly sized file, or you can save your quest calendar to an Excel file.

Just login and in 25 seconds, you have your calendar ready to go. It only takes 25 seconds the first time, once you’ve logged in once, your calendar will be saved to the system and can be accessed instantly at any time.

Check it out: UW Calendar Fix

How To Secure Your Facebook Privacy


Anonymous attacks FacebookBy Nataliya Schafer

Facebook has changed its privacy policies several times since the site first launched in September 2006, leaving many of its users confused over its latest privacy policy adjustment.

In December 2009 the website changed its security policy for a third time, suddenly making information that could be censored from certain people (such as relationship status and sexual orientation) in to publicly accessible information unless settings were manually readjusted.

According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg “people [nowadays] are more open to sharing information,” and their tweaked privacy settings now reflect this ‘social norm’.

Even if you frequently monitor your security settings, you may be missing some newly changed settings that can be easily readjusted. ,, and all have excellent guides on how to ensure you aren’t sharing more with your relatives or boss than you want to.

How To Prevent A Hangover

By Nataliya Schafer

So you had a few too many last night. It happens to the best of us, but unfortunately you’ll probably be paying for it this morning.

While extra strength Tylenol and coffee are the most popular remedies there are lots of more effective preventative measurements to help you lick your hangover before you get it.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Never underestimate the power of a good glass of water. Alcohol dehydrates the body and causes a loss of electrolytes which  contributes significantly to a hangover. The regular recommended daily dose of water is 4-6 cups a day, but if you know you will be drinking it’s best to drink as much as you can (especially if you work out before a night of partying). A good rule is to have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have. If water is too plain for you mix it up with some Gatorade or fresh fruit smoothies and you’ll still get all the right nutrients.

Eat the right stuff.

  • Some believe that milk, milk thistle vitamins and/or yogurt will coat the lining of your stomach and prevent the alcohol from being absorbed too quickly and reduce your chance of getting sick.
  • Bananas are high in potassium (yet another vitamin depleted by alcohol), and can be eaten to prevent or cure a hangover, along with avocados.
  • Sweets and high glucose foods like white bread, marshmallow squares and candy will boost your blood sugar levels and help minimize ‘the shakes’.
  • Fatty foods will also line the stomach and prolong the absorption of alcohol, reducing your changes of a pounding hangover the next day. An old Mediterranean folk tactic is to take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking, but if that isn’t for you a Big Mac should do nicely.

Eat before and while drinking to compensate for vitamins and chemicals being depleted from the alcohol. Multivitamins can be taken in advance if food will not be available later.

Drink the right stuff. Congeners are toxins produced in the process of fermentation, and a general rule to avoid their wrath is ‘the darker the liquor, tomorrow feel sicker’. Clear liquors like vodka, tequila patron and gin contain fewer congeners than darker drinks like wine (especially cheap, sweet brands), beer, whiskey and bourbon. Sugary mixed drinks like piña coladas only add insult to injury so avoid them at all costs, and stick to one kind of drink throughout the night.

Pace yourself and know your body. Girls, keeping up with the boys is not necessarily a good thing. Men and women metabolize alcohol at different rates due to muscle mass, body size, weight and body water levels. Women have lower body water levels, which means they achieve higher blood alcohol levels faster than their similarly proportioned male friends.

Don’t smoke. As if there weren’t enough reasons to knock off the nicotine here’s one more: smoking restricts oxygen flow to the brain, and tobacco ingestion can enhance the headache, dizziness, gastrointestinal discomfort and sleep disturbance that go hand in hand with hangovers.

What to do in Waterloo | Waterloo to host exciting event in the mathematical sciences this summer

The majority of this site’s contributers are from the Kitchener/Waterloo area or go to school at the university of waterloo. While putting fingers to keys in our luxurious office (the Waterloo tech library) we overheard some exciting news, the University of Waterloo is hosting the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference this summer.

It’s a week long annual conference that has been running for 17 years and it hasn’t been hosted at Waterloo since 1996. This time around, it should be twenty times as good with some extremely well decorated keynote speakers and 170 attendees.
I know exactly what you’re thinking: Its math… That’s what we (with the exception of the CSers and Mathies amongst us) thought too until we heard about the format of the conference and who the keynote speakers are. The way it works is students attending the conference are invited to give talks about any subject pertaining to math: pure mathematics, theoretical physics, computer science, economics, whatever you’re into. Student lectures done in a non-competitive and supportive environment with no Profs or pros to show you up. Not only is it great experience, but also it will look outstanding on a resume.

The student talks will be held throughout the day with breaks for the keynote speeches. This years speakers are the primary cause for our excitement, with big names from the math, finance and computer science worlds giving talks. Most notably, Waterloo CUMC has flown in Frank Morgan, the vice-president of the American math Society, to talk about the physical-geometric theory of soap bubbles. Phelim Boyle, the inventor on Monte Carlo methods in option pricing, will also be delivering a speech that should not be missed by any ECON or AFM student. The full list of speakers can be found here here on the CUMC website.

Talking to the conference organizer, I asked him what his favorite part of the event is:

“its really refreshing to meet a bunch of enthusiastic people you’re age when you’re into math. Its weird when you’re into math, and you spend a lot of time and energy on it, thinking that maybe there is no one else in the world, just you and your textbooks who find mathematics interesting. Last year when I showed up I was blown away by all the friendly down to earth people who found the subject as interesting as I do.”

At $90 registration, the whole thing is relatively cheap. A tip to any undergrads that want to go but are afraid the cost of travel/stay/ticket price is outside of their means -talk to you’re university or college’s math department. You might be able to get them to sponsor you. If you would like to attend, lecture or sponsor this kick-ass event visit the CUMC’10 website at or contact them at [email protected]