Improving Overall Health via Goal Setting

The problem most people have when approaching the problem of improving their overall health is the lack of attainable and worthwhile goals. The great Yankee’s manager Yogi Berra was once quoted as saying if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. Goals play a number of different psychological roles within an individual. They set the groundwork for action. The provide a sense of direction and a sense of purpose. They also provide a measuring mark for improvement. One can relate their relative progress in terms of how close they are to obtaining their goal. The important things when it comes to the average person and settings goals is that they must select goals that are not completely unrealistic, but that still push them to achieve something great. The following goals are set out to give you an idea of the kind of goal setting I am speaking of. Obviously, the goals that you choose to achieve will vary according to your own personal inclinations, dispositions, and current health states.

  1. Run a Half-Marathon – Running a half-marathon is an achievement that others have expressed to me that they are very proud of. To put it simply, running is not something innately enjoyed by the average person. Yet, there are a number of different ways one can go about training for a marathon and many running experts actually denounce the act of simply running to train for such an event (though it should obviously play a large role.) Other modes of training such as swimming, participation in other cardio-intensive sports (such as soccer or basketball), and high-rep low-weight weight training. The average person is nowhere near running a half-marathon, but the joy that overcomes a person when crossing that finish line is second to none.
  2. Climb a Mountain This may not be a measuring stick of health that many are familiar with, but I can speak from personal experience that climbing a mountain is one of the most grueling physical challenges I’ve ever participated in. I often find comfort in knowing that it is incredibly unlikely that I will be physically tested the way I was when climbing a mountain when approaching new physical challenges. Training to climb a mountain, at least for me, involved weight training, endurance training (in whatever manner you choose to do so), and learning the technical skills necessary to carry out such a feat. Not only are you likely to meet some pretty interesting people during the process, but there are few words that can describe the feeling of looking down on the world from something you’ve conquered.
  3. Obtain a Fitness License – One of the most fruitful tools one can have in the search to improve their health is knowledge. Obtaining a fitness license involves learning what it truly means to become healthy, and how to go about doing that properly. You should obviously try and match the license your pursing to an innate interest of yours, whether it’s to obtain your fitness instructor’s license, becoming a yoga instructing, or teaching a Jazzercise class. The pursuit of this goal will put the subject of fitness and health at the forefront of your mind throughout the entire process, making you a more health conscious and health aware individual.
  4. Remove Three Unhealthy Eating Habits from your Life – Whether they like to admit it or not, people have an innate understanding of what is good for them and what is not. We know that eating a large fast-food meal probably isn’t the best thing for you (how many people feel like going for a jog after a Big Mac?). Choose the three unhealthiest food habits you have an completely remove them from your diet. Whether it be your favorite candy bar or your mom’s fried pork chops, it is likely that the health improvements will be more than noticeable by then end of the six months. Expected improvements from a better diet include: better overall mood, increased supplies of energy, weight loss, improved skin and reduction of acne, and improved sleep.

Downtown Guelph Food | Top 10 After Bar Eateries in Guelph

Planning on going out tonight? Here is a quick guide for places to go once you stumble out of the bar/club off MacDonell and want food fast! (Maps included)

1. Salsateria – If you are in to quesadilla’s, nachos, or burritos this is the number 1 after bar food. Great price point (like you’ll really care at that point) and the food is amazing. They have a locally famous in house salsa that is more delicious than you can imagine. Unlike some post-bar food, just as gratifying during the day.

2. Pierre’s Poutine – Best poutine in downtown Guelph, end of story. Has only been there a few years now but their poutine with Montreal smoked meat, wow. Little more expensive, but a must try.

3. Mega Pizza – Conveniently right on MacDonell grabbing a slice after the bar is really cheap, fast and amazing pizza. Also another food that you don’t need to be slightly intoxicated to enjoy. Just great pizza!

4. MacDonell Village – Have ended up here many of times, no matter how you pronounce “gyro” you will get 2/$6 and be very satisfied. Also offer other foods such as fries and poutine that are cheaper than Pierre’s, but quality is the price you pay.

5. Sun-Sun or  Wong’s Garden – May as well be the same restaurant but a traditional “drunk food” for Guelph, you can get 3, 4 or 5 item dishes (Styrofoam boxes) of vegetable rolls or chicken wings or anything else you’d expect from a late night asian restaurant. Personally don’t recommend making a point of eating there during the day, but late at night sure hits the spot.

This is just a guide to late night bar food in Guelph. Other food spots include Subway, hot dog stands, Frank & Steins, or Pita Pit. To have your restaurant included in this list of late night food downtown, leave your contact information below.

— Looking for a place to go before you grab some grub? Check out our Top 10 Bars in Downtown Guelph

How To Prevent A Hangover

By Nataliya Schafer

So you had a few too many last night. It happens to the best of us, but unfortunately you’ll probably be paying for it this morning.

While extra strength Tylenol and coffee are the most popular remedies there are lots of more effective preventative measurements to help you lick your hangover before you get it.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Never underestimate the power of a good glass of water. Alcohol dehydrates the body and causes a loss of electrolytes which  contributes significantly to a hangover. The regular recommended daily dose of water is 4-6 cups a day, but if you know you will be drinking it’s best to drink as much as you can (especially if you work out before a night of partying). A good rule is to have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have. If water is too plain for you mix it up with some Gatorade or fresh fruit smoothies and you’ll still get all the right nutrients.

Eat the right stuff.

  • Some believe that milk, milk thistle vitamins and/or yogurt will coat the lining of your stomach and prevent the alcohol from being absorbed too quickly and reduce your chance of getting sick.
  • Bananas are high in potassium (yet another vitamin depleted by alcohol), and can be eaten to prevent or cure a hangover, along with avocados.
  • Sweets and high glucose foods like white bread, marshmallow squares and candy will boost your blood sugar levels and help minimize ‘the shakes’.
  • Fatty foods will also line the stomach and prolong the absorption of alcohol, reducing your changes of a pounding hangover the next day. An old Mediterranean folk tactic is to take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking, but if that isn’t for you a Big Mac should do nicely.

Eat before and while drinking to compensate for vitamins and chemicals being depleted from the alcohol. Multivitamins can be taken in advance if food will not be available later.

Drink the right stuff. Congeners are toxins produced in the process of fermentation, and a general rule to avoid their wrath is ‘the darker the liquor, tomorrow feel sicker’. Clear liquors like vodka, tequila patron and gin contain fewer congeners than darker drinks like wine (especially cheap, sweet brands), beer, whiskey and bourbon. Sugary mixed drinks like piña coladas only add insult to injury so avoid them at all costs, and stick to one kind of drink throughout the night.

Pace yourself and know your body. Girls, keeping up with the boys is not necessarily a good thing. Men and women metabolize alcohol at different rates due to muscle mass, body size, weight and body water levels. Women have lower body water levels, which means they achieve higher blood alcohol levels faster than their similarly proportioned male friends.

Don’t smoke. As if there weren’t enough reasons to knock off the nicotine here’s one more: smoking restricts oxygen flow to the brain, and tobacco ingestion can enhance the headache, dizziness, gastrointestinal discomfort and sleep disturbance that go hand in hand with hangovers.