Downtown Guelph Food | Top 10 After Bar Eateries in Guelph

Planning on going out tonight? Here is a quick guide for places to go once you stumble out of the bar/club off MacDonell and want food fast! (Maps included)

1. Salsateria – If you are in to quesadilla’s, nachos, or burritos this is the number 1 after bar food. Great price point (like you’ll really care at that point) and the food is amazing. They have a locally famous in house salsa that is more delicious than you can imagine. Unlike some post-bar food, just as gratifying during the day.

2. Pierre’s Poutine – Best poutine in downtown Guelph, end of story. Has only been there a few years now but their poutine with Montreal smoked meat, wow. Little more expensive, but a must try.

3. Mega Pizza – Conveniently right on MacDonell grabbing a slice after the bar is really cheap, fast and amazing pizza. Also another food that you don’t need to be slightly intoxicated to enjoy. Just great pizza!

4. MacDonell Village – Have ended up here many of times, no matter how you pronounce “gyro” you will get 2/$6 and be very satisfied. Also offer other foods such as fries and poutine that are cheaper than Pierre’s, but quality is the price you pay.

5. Sun-Sun orĀ  Wong’s Garden – May as well be the same restaurant but a traditional “drunk food” for Guelph, you can get 3, 4 or 5 item dishes (Styrofoam boxes) of vegetable rolls or chicken wings or anything else you’d expect from a late night asian restaurant. Personally don’t recommend making a point of eating there during the day, but late at night sure hits the spot.

This is just a guide to late night bar food in Guelph. Other food spots include Subway, hot dog stands, Frank & Steins, or Pita Pit. To have your restaurant included in this list of late night food downtown, leave your contact information below.

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