Anonymous Attacks Facebook (not actually)

anon atttack on fb

The hacktavist group Anonymous is said to be currently attacking Facebook. This is part of the response to the shuttering of Megaupload, the webs most popular file locker, on January 17 2012. Anonymous has been on a Denial of Service spree these last few days, causing service outages for a number of worldwide government agencies, companies and organizations that were implicated or condoned the Megaupload raids. The validity of the reports are questionable though.

So far the attack (if its actually happening) has yielded few results, Facebook was reported to be running slowly by a few twitter users. Some of the Facebook applications and games were also either slow or inaccesible. The DDoS attempt will probably be unsuccessful on a site of this size, as Facebook has numerous counter-measure to this type of harassment.

Because of the amorphous structure of Anonymous, it’s not certain that the attack is actually taking place. Some members or subgroups may be acting alone or may not have been able to drum up enough support from other members. Some anonymous mouthpieces on Twitter are claiming Facebook is under attack while others (like the one pictures below) are denying it.

anonymous attacks facebook tweet

Facebook’s connection to the Megaupload raids is not immediately clear, and some question why it is a target. The motivation is mostly to spread awareness about the harm of censorship and the ACTA bills. The anons posit that the recent pro copyright holder legislation that has been put forward around the world is not being met with enough public backlash and that they need a “wakeup call”.

Update 9:15PM EST
It looks like it was not Anonymous that caused the outage after all. Trolled indeed.



Get a Facebook Email Invite | How to Get On Facebook’s New Email

Facebook rolled out it’s new email service this week and it includes a lot more features than the standard webmail clients. It allows you to use your Facebook id to create a [email protected] email account that is fully integrated with Facebooks private messaging system. On top of that, it lets you send text messages to other users from the website and text facebook users on your mobile phone. The sms text conversations are fully integrated with your facebook chats, messages and emails. The procedure to text users from a mobile is not very user friendly at the moment, you have to text “msg” followed by the user’s name, then the message to 32665 (FBOOK).


To get your invitation, simply click here and press the request invitation button. You should get one within a couple of days. Eventually it will be enabled on all Facebook accounts, but for now enjoy the beta!

How To Secure Your Facebook Privacy


Anonymous attacks FacebookBy Nataliya Schafer

Facebook has changed its privacy policies several times since the site first launched in September 2006, leaving many of its users confused over its latest privacy policy adjustment.

In December 2009 the website changed its security policy for a third time, suddenly making information that could be censored from certain people (such as relationship status and sexual orientation) in to publicly accessible information unless settings were manually readjusted.

According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg “people [nowadays] are more open to sharing information,” and their tweaked privacy settings now reflect this ‘social norm’.

Even if you frequently monitor your security settings, you may be missing some newly changed settings that can be easily readjusted. ,, and all have excellent guides on how to ensure you aren’t sharing more with your relatives or boss than you want to.