Get a Facebook Email Invite | How to Get On Facebook’s New Email

Facebook rolled out it’s new email service this week and it includes a lot more features than the standard webmail clients. It allows you to use your Facebook id to create a [email protected] email account that is fully integrated with Facebooks private messaging system. On top of that, it lets you send text messages to other users from the website and text facebook users on your mobile phone. The sms text conversations are fully integrated with your facebook chats, messages and emails. The procedure to text users from a mobile is not very user friendly at the moment, you have to text “msg” followed by the user’s name, then the message to 32665 (FBOOK).


To get your invitation, simply click here and press the request invitation button. You should get one within a couple of days. Eventually it will be enabled on all Facebook accounts, but for now enjoy the beta!