How To install gcc on Nokia N900

For those of you who are looking to run GCC on the N900 here is a quick guide for packages to install. I am using the latest version of maemo, (fremantle-1.3).

First you are going to have to download the following packages on your computer. Links are provided to the repository directory, or if you prefer I will list a direct links to the most current packages:

binutils – – Latest:

libgcc1 – – Latest:

libgomp - – Latest:

c++ – – Latest:

gcc-4.2-base – – Latest:

gcc-4.2 - – Latest:

make – – Latest:

Plug your phone into your computer and select Mass Storage Mode.

Copy all the files into the MyDocs folder.

Now unmount the drive ( make sure all the files have copied ), and type in the following:

cd ~/MyDocs
dpkg -i *armel.deb

This will install all the packages.

Now to compile a c program you can use the application: gcc-4.2.

You can also use make files to build projects. Many c Makefiles are formatted with a CC variable defined:


You replace the previous line with the following to allow the makefile to run on your system:


If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will try to respond.

Update: I was able to successfully compile Marcan’s PS3 Firmware version 3.41 exploit using my N900. I compiled the ps3pwn part of the exploit and it ran well on my n900. I was not able to cross compile Stage 1 and Stage 2 binaries for the cell but they are available for download.

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