Anonymous Attacks Facebook (not actually)

anon atttack on fb

The hacktavist group Anonymous is said to be currently attacking Facebook. This is part of the response to the shuttering of Megaupload, the webs most popular file locker, on January 17 2012. Anonymous has been on a Denial of Service spree these last few days, causing service outages for a number of worldwide government agencies, companies and organizations that were implicated or condoned the Megaupload raids. The validity of the reports are questionable though.

So far the attack (if its actually happening) has yielded few results, Facebook was reported to be running slowly by a few twitter users. Some of the Facebook applications and games were also either slow or inaccesible. The DDoS attempt will probably be unsuccessful on a site of this size, as Facebook has numerous counter-measure to this type of harassment.

Because of the amorphous structure of Anonymous, it’s not certain that the attack is actually taking place. Some members or subgroups may be acting alone or may not have been able to drum up enough support from other members. Some anonymous mouthpieces on Twitter are claiming Facebook is under attack while others (like the one pictures below) are denying it.

anonymous attacks facebook tweet

Facebook’s connection to the Megaupload raids is not immediately clear, and some question why it is a target. The motivation is mostly to spread awareness about the harm of censorship and the ACTA bills. The anons posit that the recent pro copyright holder legislation that has been put forward around the world is not being met with enough public backlash and that they need a “wakeup call”.

Update 9:15PM EST
It looks like it was not Anonymous that caused the outage after all. Trolled indeed.



FileSonic closes filesharing | FileSonic Megaupload Alternatives

Filesonic Disable file sharing

This afternoon FileSonic, one of the most popular internet file lockers, disabled it’s file sharing functionality. That is, you will no longer be able to access files uploaded by other users or upload new files to be publicly accessed. Individuals who have uploaded files to FileSonic can still access their own files but have to be logged into their FileSonic account to do so.

This is in response the recent shutdown of Megaupload, a competing file locker, by the FBI earlier this week. FileSonic shares many of the same characteristics of Megaupload; it had lots of copyrighted material, it only complied with the DCMA regulations on the surface, and links to files that they host frequently turn up on websites that act as linked directories of copyrighted files (ie Filestube).

Many internet users are now concerned that many other file sharing utilities may also have to take feature limiting defensive moves in order to be allowed to continue to operate. Drop Box, one of the most use full and widely used methods of sharing files, is often cited as another prime target. We don’t think that it is any danger as it’s business model is far different from most of the file lockers. First of all, if a file is downloaded too many times it is removed from of Drop Box where ass on the less scrupulous file lockers it’s encouraged. Secondly, Drop Box monetizes the file uploader, not the downloader reducing the incentive of sharing copyright materials.

That said, there are many other file lockers who do share the same business model  as Megaupload and FileSonic who will certainly have to adapt in order to stay online.

FileServe has followed FileSonic in closing it’s file links to the public. There will most certainly be more casualties in the file sharing ecosystem in the near future.

You can check out our list of alternatives to FileSonic and FileServe to help you find a new file sharing resource.

Anonymous takes down Universal Music, DOJ, RIAA, MPAA and more

Anonymous responds to Megaupload takedown
In response to both the takedown of Megaupload today and the SOPA/PIPA bills that are being mulled over in the United states the hacktavist group Anonymous has responded by taking down several websites with a distributed denial of service attack. Both the Universal Music and American Department of Justice websites were taken offline by the attack.

4chan, the ‘homebase’ of anonymous is in frenzy over closure of one of “their sites” and are seeking revenge with LOIS, an open source DDoS ableing software. Some of the anons have posted a Javascript version of the tool to help the effort, it’s available on pastebin. The next plausible targets seems to be the FBI site or the RIAA website as many lasers are already “pointed” at them.

That said, even when the number of LOIC attackers is high, it still would not be enough to take down these types of high profile websites. Anynymous must have access to a bot net and/or is pooling resources with other groups to carry out and sustain such effective attacks.

Anonymous Takedown Catalogue

Updated as of 8:00PM EST January 22 2011
Most Site are now back up and running but, with fewer numbers, the attack continues on a few sites. The Brazilian arm of anonymous seems to still be hard at work. They are continuing the DDoS on a broad spectrum of websites, the hit list of 114 websites all with .br TDLs has been posted on pastebin. We’ve included some of the most notable downed sites on the list below.

lulzy anonymous takedown tweet

Clik app | Clik from Kik

Clik, the new application from the Waterloo Canada Company Kik (which FSB has followed quite closely), had it’s debut yesterday at the University Waterloo. The application lets you pretty much use your Apple or Android device as a remote control/media server or more for your internet connected tv or computer screen.

Users only have to visit the Clik website which displays a QR code on the screen that smart phone users can pair with their mobile devices. The device then becomes a “super remote control” for the screen able to stream from youtube, local video files, music, play games ect. You can have more then one user controlling the screen through Clik as long as they are on the same wi-fi connection. This allows for a great party feel to the application which will be released soon for Android and iPhone devices.

The application will be officially released on the app store and market place in late January 2012. One of the most exciting things about the app is that a javascript API will be released within the next couple of months allowing developers to easily create applications for the technology.

There is substantial fanfare for this application. It’s much more users friendly and provides much more functionality then a lot of traditional media servers or set top devices. The javascript API also makes it easy for both developers and web designers to create phenominal applications quickly, as you just need to know HTML/CSS and javascript. Fred Wilson, the rockstar Venture capitalist, called it “a game changer”.

The Kik development team is made up primarily of UW graduates (or CS/ENG drop-outs with exceptional practical coding skills and eye for opportunity) so they wanted to get back to their roots for the product launch. They launch party was at the campus bar The Bomber where Kik CEO Ted Livingston made a quick intro speech and jaw dropping product demo.

The Clik application from Kik will be available soon in the apple app store and in the Android Marketplace. We’ll post links as soon as their out. In the mean time, here’s a screen shot of the Clik Airtube app.

clik airtube

Page 4 of 366 – Twitter Trend Explained

page 4 of 366The twitter keyword Page 4 of 366 is trending today and there is little explanation on twitter as to what it actually means.

Pretty much it’s just a chronicling of days in 2012 as if they were pages from a book (ie today is the 4th day of 2012, so page 4 of 366 days in 2012). The explanation seems pretty straight forward but may people were thrown off by the 366 figure rather then the much recognizable 365 number. The 366 is accurate as 2012 is a leap year so there is one extra day in February. Yesterday, the term page 3 of 366 made it to the trend board in some areas so you’ll probably see the Page N of 366 phrase a lot at least in the next few days.

Down for Everyone or Just Me Ironically Down

The one of the most popular web-site downtime monitoring services is ironically down tonight. Looks like the website was too successful for it’s own good and has garnered enough traffic to go over the server resource limit that was set by Google App engine.

The Google App engine provides it’s users with an easy to use SDK and scalable hosting for web application developers. If one site is consuming a disproportionally large amount of computational resources, Goggle will temporarily shut down server to that site in order to ensure other sites don’t suffer downtimes or slow service. The site has displayed this error message before but never for quite this long.

downforeveryoneorjustme down

This may have been brought on by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The influx in shopping traffic seems to have brought down some e-commerce stores, which in turn has sent a flood of people to the down checker service. Time for a hosting upgrade!

Fear not, you can still check if a site is down or if you have just been messing with your etc hosts file too much on these services:


4chan down | down November 16 2011

November 16 2011

12:56PM EST
4chan was up and running from about 10:20PM last night to about 12:20PM today. Though the attacks were tweeted as being over 10 hours ago, it looks like they have recommenced as some requests are timing out or they complete only after a long delay.

The attack was previously reported as a UDP packet flood on port 80, but the status blog have just revised the method of attack to TCP SYN flood. Again, we don’t conclusively know who is behind the attacks but the most mentioned suspects are Lulzsec, Tumblr and 7chan.

On the 13th, a pastebin entry claimed that Lulzsec “was back” and took credit for taking down We’re not sure if this is legitimately from Lulsec as the links to their website in the message footer are dead and there has been no activity on the twitter account. Also,most of the members of Lulzsec have been jailed for previous online plunders.

TUMBLR was in a big feud with 4chan last year centered around that each of the website’s members thought the other one was copying too much content from them. 4chan threatened to take down Tumblr (with a DoS attack) on November 15th 2011, this prompted a pre-emptive attack on 4chan on November 13th 2011. Both sides managed to deny service to the other’s website for at least a day. So many of the claims that Tumblr attacked 4chan this year are those that believe that the anniversary of the takedown is being observed by Tumblr or are simply basing it on bad reporting.

The last suspect, and least likely, is 7chan, a competing chan style message board site that hosts a fraction of 4chan’s user base. This site probably did not take down, it seems 4chan users just don’t really like 7chan and want to vent frustration from these attacks by DDoSing this site.

Lulz abound.

November 15 2011
8:02AM EST
Most of of the 4chan boards are now accessible but are prohibitively slow to load. is still under a DDos Attack “consisting of a UDP flood on port 80.”

4Chan is still fighting to stay up tonight as the distributed denial of service attack continues. The site is somewhat accessible some of the time for now, but admin are working to have it back up and running. Apparently, the status blog site is also under attack now, though it’s more resilient than the boards of .

We don’t know for certain who is behind the attacks but it looks like the most likely party is the Lulzsec hacking group. See below for more info.

November 14 2011
1:21PM EST
It looks like the imfamous hacking group, responsable for taking Visa offline and gaining access to Paypal records are the ones behind the DDoS attack that has brought 4chan down for almost 2 days. This on posted on pastebin below the usual Lulzsec header:

We are Lulz Security, and we’re back. Today, November 13 2011, is a big day for us. We successfully completed a DDoS attack on, one of the top 1000 most visited sites in the United States and the world!
This attack not only shows how strong the new Lulzsec is, but the capability we have. With a botnet that can take a site with so much bandwidth such as 4chan down, Lulzsec has so much potential for some epic lulz in the future. Stay tuned!

This of course may just be a hoax, the Lulzsec twitter account was not updated and the links on the pastebin entry led to a dead website.

11:04AM EST
4chan seems to be going up (but running very slowly) and down early today due again to a DDoS attack from a “fan.” Many people are blaming Tumblr as this was the 1 year anniversary that 4chan took down the Tumblr blogging service but that fued was mostly settled then. Others are pointing to hacktivist group lulzsec who declared war on and it’s users back in June of this year but this is unlikely aas many of their primary members were arrested in September.

There has been no new statements from the Administration since yesterday so right now all the finger pointing is just speculation.

12:41AM EST
It looks like the infamous anonymous image board 4chan is down today. has been down for at least the last 8 hours.

According to the site’s status blog and twitter, the outage is only temporary. 4chan has been taken down due to a major DDOS attack. Admin are working to restore it and they’re hoping to have it back up and running “soon.”

We don’t know who is behind this wave of attacks just yet but we’ll let you know as more information becomes available.

4chan down

KIK for Nokia | KiK moves to Symbian and updates Windows Phone 7

Finally the incredibly light weight instant messaging application has been released for Nokia (Symbian.) Kik gave news of the private beta, available early this morning following the Nokia World conference. The Kik application looks amazing compared to the vast majority of the Ovi Store applications and runs smoothly on what looks to be any symbian^3 device or Symbian S60 v5.

Here are some Screenshots from the Private Beta:

KIK comes to Nokia
Kik Nokia Settings

Kik has covered all their Nokia bases by also releasing an incredibly sexy new Windows Phone 7 OS version of their app, enabling users of Nokia’s new phone line (800 and 710) to Kik.

You can sign up to get the Symbian Kik public beta on the Kik website. This is a must have app for a Nokia N8 and 701!

Youtube Channel Views Reset | Youtube Views Bug

youtube reset views sept 1 2011

A huge number of  youtube videos and channels had their number of views reset earlier today. This was not intentional, it was caused by some sort of bug or misstep when doing database maintenance.

The error has not affected all youtube channels or videos. Don’t panic, youtube is systematically restoring channel and video views to the correct values.

Let us know if your experiencing the same issue and if your views were restored!

Kik Update (Simple)

Yesterday Kik Interactive released an update. The new update is code-named simple. Its goals were to provide a simple interface to communicate with friends. It becomes easy to sign up with friends among other things. In the last release Kik also released an API for developers. There have been a couple cool usages. The first notable one is File Kiker. This allows you to share files quite easily between phones(Download File Kiker Here). Also there are two new Apps that use kik (Check it out here) to allow people to send video from the camera and also send voice notes.

Using the Kik API is really easy and you have a chance at $5,000 if you release an App to the iTunes App store or the Android market.

My husband used to start everyday with the product and it really works. You should be able to talk with a human being, including a licensed pharmacist, to answer questions about your prescription.

Also there will be a how to guide coming soon!