Page 4 of 366 – Twitter Trend Explained

page 4 of 366The twitter keyword Page 4 of 366 is trending today and there is little explanation on twitter as to what it actually means.

Pretty much it’s just a chronicling of days in 2012 as if they were pages from a book (ie today is the 4th day of 2012, so page 4 of 366 days in 2012). The explanation seems pretty straight forward but may people were thrown off by the 366 figure rather then the much recognizable 365 number. The 366 is accurate as 2012 is a leap year so there is one extra day in February. Yesterday, the term page 3 of 366 made it to the trend board in some areas so you’ll probably see the Page N of 366 phrase a lot at least in the next few days.

Advertising on Twitter

The Ads Are Coming

Twitter ads are scheduled to hit your screen later this afternoon. They call them “Promoted Tweets” and they answer the age old question of how twitter is going to leverage its massive user-base to to bring in cash.

Current advertisers scheduled to pop-up at launch include: Best Buy, Sony Pictures, Starbucks and Virgin America.

Don’t you love the way promoted ads always show at the top of your Google and Bing results? Get ready to see the same strategy employed in your twitter searched: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said on their blog recently that the promoted tweets will be shown in search results, similar to the sponsored search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Will you click them? or better yet, Will you advertise with them?

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