Kik Update (Simple)

Yesterday Kik Interactive released an update. The new update is code-named simple. Its goals were to provide a simple interface to communicate with friends. It becomes easy to sign up with friends among other things. In the last release Kik also released an API for developers. There have been a couple cool usages. The first notable one is File Kiker. This allows you to share files quite easily between phones(Download File Kiker Here). Also there are two new Apps that use kik (Check it out here) to allow people to send video from the camera and also send voice notes.

Using the Kik API is really easy and you have a chance at $5,000 if you release an App to the iTunes App store or the Android market.

My husband used to start everyday with the product and it really works. You should be able to talk with a human being, including a licensed pharmacist, to answer questions about your prescription.

Also there will be a how to guide coming soon!