Anonymous takes down Universal Music, DOJ, RIAA, MPAA and more

Anonymous responds to Megaupload takedown
In response to both the takedown of Megaupload today and the SOPA/PIPA bills that are being mulled over in the United states the hacktavist group Anonymous has responded by taking down several websites with a distributed denial of service attack. Both the Universal Music and American Department of Justice websites were taken offline by the attack.

4chan, the ‘homebase’ of anonymous is in frenzy over closure of one of “their sites” and are seeking revenge with LOIS, an open source DDoS ableing software. Some of the anons have posted a Javascript version of the tool to help the effort, it’s available on pastebin. The next plausible targets seems to be the FBI site or the RIAA website as many lasers are already “pointed” at them.

That said, even when the number of LOIC attackers is high, it still would not be enough to take down these types of high profile websites. Anynymous must have access to a bot net and/or is pooling resources with other groups to carry out and sustain such effective attacks.

Anonymous Takedown Catalogue

Updated as of 8:00PM EST January 22 2011
Most Site are now back up and running but, with fewer numbers, the attack continues on a few sites. The Brazilian arm of anonymous seems to still be hard at work. They are continuing the DDoS on a broad spectrum of websites, the hit list of 114 websites all with .br TDLs has been posted on pastebin. We’ve included some of the most notable downed sites on the list below.

lulzy anonymous takedown tweet

  • parasoxl

    bringing down all the site just only for one day.. but totally down MU is for the rest of the life…

  • Guest

    And so the fight for the internet begins…

  • Fastload

    I’m not impressed….all sites are up….that’s bull..

    • Poopface

      That’s because the attacks only last as long as people decide to attack.

  • Fastload

    I’m not impressed….all sites are up….that’s bull..

  • anon

    soab, don’t tell me i’ve got to go back to sourcing downloading & then viewing.

    Mega U’s  streaming via “icefilms” WAS the perfect solution since the iconic napsters downfall

  • TupuDuculCriss

    So when will the world win against communism? Wake me up when its done lmao.

  • Bull

    Glad to see FBI focusing on such an important issue, lmao, almost forgot, takes balls to go after real criminals!

  • Bull

    Easiest retaliation with very serious outcome for gouv. ,  everybody cancel their internet and let ISP fight the battle of losses.

  • lache

    I do hope Anonimous realise that aggresion has never been properly victorious. The main principle of the soft martial styles – reflect the attack back to its source, resorting to counterattack only momentarily, if need be, then going ASAP back to deflecting attacks, rather than initiating them or revibrating aggressively…