Chatroulette Drinking Game

Getting tired of playing Flip Cup and Beer Pong over and over again? Are you looking for a new and bold game to play? Don’t really have the balls to actually play Russian Roulette? Well we’ve got what you’re looking for!

The Basics of the Game:
It’s almost the exact same as the original Russian Roulette game, the difference is that there’s no revolver and live round involved… actually the only similarity is that it’s a game of chance.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
1. A Drink of Choice (Vodka for obvious reasons, but anything will suffice).
2. A Computer with a webcam and internet connection.

Number of Players:
This game isn’t restricted to a specific amount of players, as anyone who can see the computer screen can play. However it could be difficult, so it’s best to stick between two players, alternating rounds.

How To Play:
-In order to play, simply just get onto , and allow chatroullete to use your web cam.
-Each player will take his or her turn in spinning the roulette (In this case, its just hitting the “New Game” button at the top left corner, but use your imagination)
-The player who lands on someone “doing something revolting” (I’ll let your imagination take care of this)  takes the “shot”. (This is considered to be landing on the bullet, or the fatal blow).
-The game continues until one player decides he or she cannot drink anymore and the other player is the winner.
-Variations include drinking when you see a girl with her top off, however this could involve long waits at which point you’re just better off taking shots.

Remember alcohol is somewhat of a gamble. You start the night off by drinking and don’t really know where you’re going to end up the next day. It could be great or it could be disastrous. Like a game of Roullette.

Written by: Louis Le