Earthquake in Toronto Montreal Ottawa Waterloo Canada June 23 2010

Yep – that was an earth quake!

If you’re looking for info on today’s (August 23 2011) earthquake, you can find it here:
Earthquake Waterloo Toronto Virginia

  • John

    I've felt 3 in Canada. This was the strongest that I remember.

    • Dr_stroger

      I hear it was felt as far as North Bay

      • Dj1

        felt it in Newmarket, and in Mississauga.

  • Hero_1101

    We felt it in Etobicoke… it was about 5 seconds. We are on the 16th floor in our office building. Pretty scary.

  • Gkrilov

    Waterloo, felt it for 5 seconds

  • JP

    Toronto, North york, felt it for 10 seconds

  • dave

    I felt it at 1:43PM in Toronto. It was an interesting feeling while in a wheelchair.

  • Techboy87ca

    any info on it yet, curious where the epicenter is and magnitude it was

    • Trueblue88tc

      5.5 near montreal

  • Tina

    Felt it in Ottawa for almost 30secs… had to go outside, it shook the entire house and could feel the ground move. Largest earthquake I've witnessed.

  • Graham_pr

    49th floor in toronto, felt it. scary.

  • DF

    Felt it in Bolton … lasted for a few minutes.

    • Trueblue88tc

      Felt it in Bolton too! very cool

  • Venture1

    Toronto – Yonge & Bloor, buildings, floors, lamps, desks, beds were shaking for several seconds.

  • chuck

    Felt it in Ottawa for about 10 seconds.

  • Kapinskie

    Ottawa, 3 floor. totally felt it! are we to expect more to come?! :-O

  • Dgdga

    i knew i felt something

  • Babulic

    Felt in Barrie and Horseshoe Valley.

  • Kate

    We felt it in Chateauguay (Montreal) – the longest one I've experienced.

  • Kate

    We felt it in Chateauguay (Montreal) – the longest one I've experienced.

  • Star_2_luv

    scar ontario all the way to brampton felt it….building shook!

  • Ddstimson

    Felt here in ottawa at Pinecrest and 417 as a major jolt. The floor literally jumped.

  • Hey!Say!Jump!

    Richmond Hill (Bayview and Major Mackenzie). The glass of the cabinet and the flower ornaments were shaking. Wow O.O

  • Kausar B

    Felt it here in Montreal.

  • Manojkp111

    I felt in toronto DT….whats going on???? Seems to be tremors…

  • Lobzy

    Apparently it went as far as North Bay, ON..

  • Lallouli-luv

    totally felt it here in Laval…lasted about half a minute

  • Eslmtl

    Felit it in Montreal.

  • Allyssiatkinson

    Felt it near Hamilton Bayfront. Lasted about 30 seconds.

  • Sara

    Felt it in Ottawa for about 30 seconds.

  • Eslmtl

    In a duplex, last floor, felt it really seriously. Montreal, Verdun area.

  • Formula1

    Juts heard on the radio – earthquake 5.7 on the richter scale – originated in Buckinham Quebec.
    Felt in Vermont, Ontario, Quebec

  • Rajesh

    I was on the phone with someone in New York, and he said he felt it.

  • Mikejchar

    yep felt here in ottawa east

  • axel

    I felt it in Bradford for about 10 secs.

  • Vall

    Montreal – apparently 5.7 on the scale
    lasted about 30 seconds
    Got me a little scared….I work on the 10th floor!

  • Nicole

    9th floor toronto. Swaying for 30 seconds…scary.