Quick Silver Screen Down – November 3 2011

November 3 2011

It looks like the popular quick silver screen (qss divx) site is down, giving a timeout error when accessed. The forum is a hotspot for the newest video links from 3rd party hosted services.

The downtime is most likely related in some way to the community’s discontent with the Quick Silver Screen administration. The origional administration, who had let site fall into a state of somewhat disrepair, sold the site to a new party who was looking to capitolize on the efforts of many upaid volunteers. The community was offended and started a new community at Daily Flix.

A few disgruntled contributors of the QSS divx community began to wreak hovoc on the boards, flooding it with multiple accounts that would post rude and outragious comments about the owners of the site, as well as threatning to “hack it.” It looks like they may have succeeded as Quick Silver Screen has been rendered un-connectable for two days.

  • Blah

    looks like http://www.dailyflix.im/ipb/ is down also.. whats going on?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, the URL was changed to dailyflix.net. Changed the link.

  • Disappointed Browser

    This is totally sad! 🙁

  • Ereright05

    please can somebody tell me what is wrong with the qss link seems no link is working etc movshare