Download Sywpe for Nexus One

We’re not going to post any links.. but follow these 3 steps and you’ll have Swype on your Nexus One in 5 minutes.

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  1. go to or and search for Swype
  2. Sort the results by number of seeds and look for 12.61MB torrent near/at the top
  3. Download the file and install it on your phone using the usual method
    • For those who don’t know how, just drop it into your memory card, make sure in your settings that you haven enabled installing apps from the SD Card (from non-market sources) then use a app like ES File Explorer to browse to the file on you SD Card and install the app – then enable Swype in Language and Keyboard settings. Then go try to type somewhere – long-click the text area, choose input method and pick Swype.

Swype is awesome..

Reduce Your Debt | The Simple Trick to Dropping Your Interest Rate to 1%

This post explains how to get the absolute lowest interest rates on your debt. Be careful, if you don’t have self-control, you might be tempted to rack up more debt after you implement this plan. Obviously we take no responsibility from anything that might happen to you as a result of following this advice. Here it is!

Balance Transfer Rates

The lowest debt interest you can get is almost ALWAYS in the form of promotional balance transfer rates on credit cards. When you first sign up for a new credit card, the card company will often offer you a Promotional Balance Transfer Rate. These rates typically last for 6 months to a year and usually fall into the range of 1% to 6%. At the time of this writing, MBNA Canada happens to be offering a balance transfer rate of 0% interest for 15 months (with the fine print it ends up being 1%). This is an incredible offer and could probably help almost everyone in paying off some of his or her consumer debt. PC Financial also offers low interest on balance transfers at about 1.9% for the first 6 months (not bad either.) Capital One will usually give you 5.9% for around 3 years.

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How Balance Transfers Work

Balance transfers simply let you pay off one credit card with another. If you are carrying high interest debt on one card, you can transfer the debt to another card at a much lower rate (i.e. 2%) You new card company loves when you transfer them debt and is willing to give you a great rate because they think that after your low interest period (of say 6 months) is over, you will have to start paying them the usual high rates of about 20%. You have to be smarter than that, by the time your low interest rate disappears, you should try to have your debt paid off – if you still have some left, you should be ready to transfer it to a new card at an equally low rate. I have a friend in the banking industry who tells us stories about rich clients (million plus net worth) who still float $50,000 in low or no interest balance transfers. He says they simply don’t care to pay it back because it doesn’t cost them anything to keep it – and often times they can use that money to get a far better return than the 2 or 0% they pay on the debt.

How to Get Access to Balance Transfer Opportunities

As mentioned above, the usual way to get access to a promotional balance transfer rate is to just sign up for a new credit card that is offering a promotional rate to new customers signing up. A second method of getting a low balance transfer rate is by threatening to cancel one of the cards you already have. If you have a card with no balance on it (or a balance that you can easily pay off) call your credit card company and tell them you want to close the account unless they offer you a promotional balance transfer rate. They do not want to lose you as a customer, and as we mentioned before, it is often in their favor to offer you the rates since they don’t think you can pay off the balance before the rate goes back to 20%. Remember, you should try to pay off the balance on the card before you threaten to cancel – if you have a $5000 balance with this company, they probably will not believe you when you say you’d like to close the account.

How to Really Take Advantage of Balance Transfers

Now that you understand balance transfers, check out our article on how to really take advantage of them: Take Full Advantage of Balance Transfers

Position Marketing

This is a guest post from our friends over at TheTelecomSecret

Position Marketing is a little understood term that applies to the approach used by 99% of network marketing or MLM companies. The principle is simple – position the company as profound and the top earners as experts. This sounds like a sound and logical plan – but where does that leave you?

As a novice marketer virtually no-one will regard anything you have to say with any relevance unless you are inherently wealthy – something most new recruits are not. The new recruit does not realize that by edifying their up-line sponsors they are actually promoting them and increasing their sponsorship rates instead of their own. Many times someone will ‘hear’ the pitch from a newbie before going online and signing up under the local “big fish” in the hopes of getting special mentoring or instruction. The ‘big fish’ then swoops in with a “buy first, ask questions later” approach filled with mis-direction and false promises. Once the early commissions are earned the ‘big fish’ continues on their way looking for the next prey. The novice recruiter didn’t profit at all from the experience (and likely never even knew their friend registered).

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Why does nearly every ‘system’ out there insist on YOU building a list of 100 people – friends and family is always the routine. You are to submit this list to your up-line for one reason, and one reason only. So that when you’re broke and no longer involved your up-line can now contact these people with a typical tag line like “This is Mr. Big Fish Successful Guy, you know Tim right? He totally WANTED me to show you this! Come check it out, you won’t regret it!”. Most of your friends and family will ignore him – but some won’t – and you’ll be blamed for their lack of success when the ‘system’ doesn’t pan out. In reality – the ‘system’ is not designed to pan out – it’s designed to make a handful of people wealthy.

Anyone with REAL business experience knows the importance of a sales pipe-line and generating leads. Leads are generated through advertising your product or service – not through harassing your relatives and directing them, single-file, to your up-line. YOU instead need to position yourself as the expert. There is nothing the ‘top dogs’ know that you don’t. The only difference is how long they’ve been in the business and how many people they have out there still subscribing to the same, unsuccessful, system.

Duplication – you’ve all heard of it in one form or another. McDonald’s will serve you the same Big Mac anywhere in the world. Yes that’s an example of duplication – but it’s a duplication of a process, not an individual. McDonald’s follows the same steps and recipe to make your burger – and the reason is always the same – you’re hungry. Everyone on the planet is different however, so you can’t apply duplication to people. You can however duplicate processes. Find out what works for YOUR business – not your up-line. Articulate those steps until you can clearly see the process involved. Once that’s clear – you’re ready to TEACH other people your process and profit from it as a result. You’re now the expert and they defer to you because you’re the creator of the process. Edifying yourself and building your own brand are two key principles of success in any business.

The Best Keyboard for Android as of September 2011

We’ve played with the following five touch screen keyboards and made a decision as to which is the best for the every day texter. This ranking is based solely on the speed and accuracy we were able to achieve using each of the four keyboards. The keyboards are sorted starting with the one we found to be the best. All keyboards were tested on the Nexus One. The most frustrating part of the Android keyboard .. despite using it for the last 6 months, I pick up an iPhone and can still bang things out faster and more accurately than on any of the Android keyboards we’ve tried – and I’ve owned an iPhone..

The Verdict: The fasted and most accurate in landscape mode is Smart Keyboard Pro. If you really want to keep things portrait, then put in the time to get good at Swype – it will give you the best results

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  1. Smart Keyboard Pro
    If you like typing in landscape, this is definitely the most accurate keyboard around. It’s as close as Android gets to iPhone accuracy (and it’s DAMN close!) This keyboard is great in portrait too, better than the other non-swype keyboards. You have to pay for this app – we recommend you give it a try.
  2. Swype Keyboard
    If you are willing to put in the time, Swype is worth it. It seems to have better accuracy than most the others – you do REALLY have to be good at drawing that line right though the key you want though (so no looking up at the top half of the screen when you are trying to type..) It’s a little hard to get used to, but as we all saw in that  commercial (that one where they break the Guinness World Record) – it does seem to be the fastest way to type on a cell phone.  We would never use Swype in landscape mode… it just isn’t very good that way. For now it is pretty tough to get your hands on a copy of this software for most Android phones, but do a little googling,checkout XDA and I’m sure you will find it.  Swype is only being released on samsung phones, but our guide: download sywpe for android will help you put it onto all other android devices – it’s titled for the N1, but it works on most devices. We even got swype running on an Xperia X10 with Android 1.6 (although it force closed very frequently)
  3. SwiftKey Keyboard
    This keyboard is great for short text messages where it can predict what you want to say really well. It’s not as great for writing long emails. Make sure that while (or after) you install it, you let it learn from a good base of your own text messages (our installation learned from about 1000 messages.) The keyboard predicts what you are going to say before you even start to type – in some cases you can put an entire text message together without atually typing a letter on the keyboard – you just select form the 3 most likely words that it decides for you and places across the top bar of the keyboard. In all ways this keyboard is superior to the regular android keyboard and there is no way that anyone should not install it.  Check it out here:
  4. HTC_IME Keyboard
    This keyboard is awesome! Fully customizable and very easy to type on. It seems to have the best user experience. The three reasons we ranked SwiftKey above HTC_IME are: swiftkey has the ability to learn from your pre-existing text messages, HTC_IME only works on HTC phones and HTC _IME has no option to predict a word before you even start typing it (one of the coolest parts of swiftkey.) In almost all other ways, the HTC_IME keyboard seems superior – and it learns over time, every time you type a new word it will add it to the dictionary. The keyboard is incredibly customizable with settings for every feature you could ever want (or so it seems.) Check it out here: you wont be disappointed. We are eagerly awaiting the next release of this awesome keyboard – we have a feeling it will push it to the top of our list.
  5. Better Keyboard
    You can buy Better Keyboard in the Android Market for $2.99. It’s more accurate than the stock
    android keyboard, and there are a million themes/skins you can get for it. It’s a good keyboard, and some people say it’s as accurate as iPhone (we didn’t find this to be the case)
  6. The Standard Android Keyboard
    The standard keyboard comes in last. With all these fancy new time saving keyboards out there, the default just doesn’t hold up.

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best android keyboard

How to get USB Drive Working on Virtual Box Ubuntu Windows XP

This guide explains how you can access your USB flash drive from within Windows XP when you running within Sun Oracle VirtualBox on Ubuntu. By default it just seems that the virtual machine is unable to access any drives connected to the computer – but with an easy shared folder work around we are able to geat read and write access to the drive. This has only been tested on windows XP but we are fairly certain it would work just fine on windows 7 or vista. Additionally – this method will work with more than just flash drives, a hard drive, optical Disc Drive, cell phone or MP3 player will work as well.

  1. Connect your USB drive and make sure you can access it from within Ubuntu.
  2. Go to your virtual box instance of Windows and from the virtual box menu (that bar at the bottom of the screen if you happen to be in full screen mode) select Devices -> Shared Folders.
  3. Click the little add button (with the green plus sign)
  4. Select the drop down menu next to Folder Path and choose Other
  5. Select your USB drive from the list of folders/drives on the left and click Open
  6. Check off Make Permanent (and do not check off Read-Only)
  7. Click OK

Alright so now the USB drive can be accessed from within windows. In order to get to the files simply follow the following few steps:

  1. Click the windows Start Button.
  2. Select Run
  3. Type in: //vboxsrv
  4. Press enter

You will now see a list of all folders/drives that are shared between windows and linux. For now you probably only have the one (which coresponds to your USB drive.) Open it up and you will have full access to the contents of your drive.

Android BBM Kik Chat

We now effectively have BBM on Android. Not only that – but thanks to Kik Chat we can now chat with BBM like features between BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.iPod/iPad!

This sweet little app can be found in the Android Market as of last Friday. iPhone and blackberry users can pick it up on the App Store and App World.
Both the android iPhone versions are flawless!

They’ve now added features to send kik picture messages to your contacts.

With Kik ( you can see when another user has read your message – a feature that has become essential to any Blackberry messenger user. The beauty is, you have this feature no matter what platform you or the other party are running.

To anyone still using gchat, msn, or some all in one messenger to talk to their friends between mobile devices: you can finally give it up!

Install Android 2.2 on AT&T Rogers Nexus One

Note! Since the original position of the this guide, Android 2.2 has been formally released from Google. It is recommended that you just allow your device to update itself. Check for updates by going to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates.

To root your N1 and get the latest and greatest rom, go to the Cyanogenmod site!

This guide explains how to install the latest version of the android OS (2.2 Froyo) on Rogers/AT&T version of the nexus one. There have been a ton of guides on how this works with the T-Mobile version, but very few for this one. Following the advice of this guide is to be done at your own risk, and we take no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result.

First of all, you need to get your device to this firmware: ERE27, in order to do this you first have to flash your device to ERD79 and then update to ERE27. Once you have updated to ERE27, you can install the official 2.2 update. Here are the steps all broken down:

You should just follow the instructions on the on

  1. Download the ERD79 stock ROM (boot, system and recovery partitions section)
  2. Download ERE27 from the same site
  3. Download the Fastboot flashing utility
  4. Download the Android 2.2 update file – there are 2 links to the file in the first post on this site (first link is broken)
  5. Flash the ERD79 using fastboot with the following command format: fastboot flash system system.img (google fastbook tutorial to find out a little more about how this tool works)
  6. Update to ERE27 (using standard update method – see below)
  7. Update to android 2.2 (using the standard update method – see below)

Standard Update Method

1. Rename the update file to
2. Note that if you’re using Windows and don’t have “show file extensions” turned on in the file explorer you won’t see a .zip. Just rename it to “update” (no quotes, of course) because it’s already a zipped file.
3. Copy the file onto the root of your microSD card (that means not in any folders)
4. With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.
5. You’ll be booted into a white screen with three Android robots on skateboards. Select “Bootloader.”
6. On the next screen, select “Recovery.”
7. Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
8. Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. It could take a couple of tries.
9. Now (using the trackball this time) choose “Apply” and let things run their course.

Data Not Working on Rogers Nexus One | Quick Fix

If you’ve recently ordered a nexus one from the google store and tried to use it on Rogers, you’ll find that the data (3G or EDGE) is not working. The quick and simple fix is to add the APN Settings.

To do this, simply go to:

  • Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names
  • Hit the Menu Key and select New APN
  • Enter the settings as follows:
    Name: Rogers
    Username: wapuser1
    Password: wap
    MCC: 302 (Default Value)
    MNC: 72 (Default Value)
  • Leave everything else blank
  • Hit Menu and Save
  • Activate the new APN by clicking in the little circle next to its name
  • You should see a little 3G pop up in the status bar withing a few seconds
  • POP Your Battery Out and Put it Back In although you might see the 3G in the corner, it doesn’t work properly until you do a battery pull
  • It is likely that your MMS will not be working either. In order to fix that, simple add a second APN as follows:
    Name: Rogers MMS
    Username: media
    Password: mda01
    MMSC :
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 302
    MNC: 72
    APN Type: mms
  • Leave all other settings blank
  • Hit Menu and save
  • If you did this properly, you will see it in the list with the APN you created earlier. You should not see a little circle next to the Rogers MMS APN (this is because as an MMS APN it does not need to be set to active – its used in the background for MMS only) If you do happen to see the circle next to it, you probably forgot the last step in the above settings: APN Type: mms

That’s it! Your 3G Data should now be working on your Rogers Nexus One

iPhone 4G Release Date

We can expect the iPhone 4G Release Date to be Late June 2010.

We feel that there are now a sufficient number of speculations, combined with leaked information and the discovery of one iPhone 4G to accurately predict a release date.

Canadian Release of the iPhone 4G

Updated information for Canadian Release

We expect the Canadian release of the 4G to be shortly after – likely arriving in mid July. The Canada release date was predicted based on the Apple’s past strategy for the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and the iPad. Mid July is a little bit ambitious considering the lack of a 4G carrier in Canada. We expect that the 4G will come to Canada before the availability of 4G network connectivity. With the upcoming release of the HTC Evo 4G on Verizon, we wonder if the CDMA version iPhone 4G will actually be released before the GSM version (this would be the first time Apple has released handsets in this order.) On a side not, with Bell and Telus recently adopting the GSM model, we feel that it is unlikely they will even bother to invest in 4G CDMA infrastructure (let us know your thoughts on this topic). In any event, expect the 4G to hit Canada before August 2010.

iPhone 4G Images


iPhone 4G Features

  • Front-Facing secondary video camera for video calling and Skype
  • Camera Flash
  • High Resolution Screen: 960×640
  • High Definition Video Capture (720p)
  • Secondary microphone for noise cancellation
  • Common Mailbox: 1 view for all email accounts, SMS and third party messenger apps

Setup A Review Website | How To

This guide explains what seems like the easiest way to setup a review website. This would be the sort of site where people review products and services that you have listed on your site. We are going describe a way that is flexible enough that the user can setup any of the three common types of review sites:

  1. User Review Site – This is the type of site where users can review and rate a set of items (maybe other websites, books, movies, etc) that the webmaster has put on the site. Users do not add new items, they simply review and rate items put on the site by the owner.
  2. User Review and User Content Site – This type of site allows user to add new items to the list of items being reviewed and rated.
  3. Webmaster Review Site – This is the type of site where the webmaster just lists a few items of their choosing and rates/reviews them based on their opinions (with no input from the user.) This type of site is typically used by affiliate marketers (who are often just trying to drive traffic to the sites of products on which they make a commission…)

So we started this by checking into the Content Management Systems available for building a review based website. They’re really weren’t any. Most useful CMS’s just offer a way for the user to create a review based site by adding plugins to a site that is initially generic.

After deciding that we’d need to use a Review Plugin, we checked out the plugins for the most popular CMS’s. You can build a review site that utilizes a review plugin using: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and several others.

For now, we recommend giving WordPress a try with the GD Star Rating plugin. We’re going to create a site like this over the next couple of days – we’ll let you know how it goes and if we decide to change our approach.