How to get USB Drive Working on Virtual Box Ubuntu Windows XP

This guide explains how you can access your USB flash drive from within Windows XP when you running within Sun Oracle VirtualBox on Ubuntu. By default it just seems that the virtual machine is unable to access any drives connected to the computer – but with an easy shared folder work around we are able to geat read and write access to the drive. This has only been tested on windows XP but we are fairly certain it would work just fine on windows 7 or vista. Additionally – this method will work with more than just flash drives, a hard drive, optical Disc Drive, cell phone or MP3 player will work as well.

  1. Connect your USB drive and make sure you can access it from within Ubuntu.
  2. Go to your virtual box instance of Windows and from the virtual box menu (that bar at the bottom of the screen if you happen to be in full screen mode) select Devices -> Shared Folders.
  3. Click the little add button (with the green plus sign)
  4. Select the drop down menu next to Folder Path and choose Other
  5. Select your USB drive from the list of folders/drives on the left and click Open
  6. Check off Make Permanent (and do not check off Read-Only)
  7. Click OK

Alright so now the USB drive can be accessed from within windows. In order to get to the files simply follow the following few steps:

  1. Click the windows Start Button.
  2. Select Run
  3. Type in: //vboxsrv
  4. Press enter

You will now see a list of all folders/drives that are shared between windows and linux. For now you probably only have the one (which coresponds to your USB drive.) Open it up and you will have full access to the contents of your drive.

FLAC Audio Files To MP3 for iTunes on Mac

Although Flac gives you a far superior sound quality, the files are large and impossible to transfer to most big market mp3 players. In order to get these cumbersome files into itunes on your mac we need to get a piece of open source software called Max which you can get here .
Decompress and open the application.
First we need to pick the format that we would like our flac files to be converted into. Along the top select Max>Preferences or simply press command+, to open preferences. In preferences select format, this is where we select what we would like to convert our .flac files into. Click on the MP3 option in the “Available output formats” list and then press the plus button to the left above the list as shown here:

Max Prefs

Max will drop down a set of quality options, I advise selecting best to retain as much audio quality as we can when we convert to MP3. Set the Encode Quality to best and select “OK” to continue. Now that we’re back to the Formats menu, click the check box to the left of MP3 in the “Configured output formats” and close the window.

From the File menu, select “Convert Files…” or press command+shift+O. This will bring up the file conversion screen. Find the files that you want to convert on your hardrive and select Open. You can change the meta data of the music; the album, artist, genre, ect that will show up in itunes along with the song, by clicking “Metadata.”

Convert Screen

Select the convert button in the top left corner of that screen to start converting your FLAC files into MP3. Max will automatically add the files to your iTunes library to be put on your ipod.

WordPress on BlackBerry | Edit WordPress from Blackberry

This guide explains how to edit your WordPress site from your Blakberry smartphone.


  • First of all, you have to enable XML-RPC on your WordPress site
    • To do this, go into your backend and select Settings -> Writing
    • Make sure that XML-RPC is checked off under the Remote Publishing heading and save the settings as below:


  • Now you have to install WordPress 1.0 on your BlackBerry
    • Open up App World on your BlackBerry
    • Search WordPress
    • Download and Install WorPress 1.0
      The first time you fun the app you will be will have to set the permissions of the app and grant it trusted status


  • Now Simply add your blog using your URL


  • Fill in your Username andPpassword
  • You can select to have WordPress on BlackBerry automatically resize your images so that you can transfer them more quickly – and avoid using up your monthly data.


  • Once you’ve logged in it’s very straightforward to add/edit/delete posts pages and comments


Screenshots on Mac OS X

For anyone used to taking screenshots on their PC, this explains how to do it all on your Mac.

Mac Screenshot Commands
Action Key Combination
Capture entire screen and save as a file Command+Shift+3
Capture entire screen and copy to the clipboard Command+Control+Shift+3
Capture dragged area and save as a file Command+Shift+4
Capture dragged area and copy to the clipboard Command+Control+Shift+4
Capture a window, menu, desktop icon, or the menu bar and save as a file Command+Shift+4 then Space bar
Capture a window, menu, desktop icon, or the menu bar and copy to the clipboard Command+Control+Shift+4 then Space bar

Speech to Text on a Mac Laptop Using the Internal Mic

MacSpeech Dictate 1.5
First, get Macspeech Dictate. It’s available for sale at, and you can save 10% on MacSpeech Dictate with Microphone by using coupon MACSPEECH during checkout. Once its loaded up it will ask you to create a profile by selecting a microphone. The stock Dictate application will not let you select your internal mic to be used as an audio input source. To get around this, we have to download two applications, the latest version of Soundflower from and LineIn from

Install Soundflower and launch both applications along with Macspeech Dictate. If we go back to Dictate we can select “Soundflower 16ch” as depicted below.

Dictate Settings

Now go to LineIn and route the internal mic to Sounflower we select “Default System Input” and Output ” Soundflower (16ch)” then click “Pass Thru”.

LineIn Settings

Keep all these applications open and go back to Dictate and create your profile. Follow the rest of the steps in Dictate and this should allow you turn speech to text using your Mac Laptop’s internal Mic.