Terminal Not Showing in Kate Ubuntu | Quick Fix

When you click the Terminal button in Kate, but a terminal does not show up, it’s simply because Kate requires the Konsole terminal and you don’t have it installed yet.

To install it just do a: sudo apt-get install konsole

Everything should work now – you don’t even have to restart Kate.

How to get USB Drive Working on Virtual Box Ubuntu Windows XP

This guide explains how you can access your USB flash drive from within Windows XP when you running within Sun Oracle VirtualBox on Ubuntu. By default it just seems that the virtual machine is unable to access any drives connected to the computer – but with an easy shared folder work around we are able to geat read and write access to the drive. This has only been tested on windows XP but we are fairly certain it would work just fine on windows 7 or vista. Additionally – this method will work with more than just flash drives, a hard drive, optical Disc Drive, cell phone or MP3 player will work as well.

  1. Connect your USB drive and make sure you can access it from within Ubuntu.
  2. Go to your virtual box instance of Windows and from the virtual box menu (that bar at the bottom of the screen if you happen to be in full screen mode) select Devices -> Shared Folders.
  3. Click the little add button (with the green plus sign)
  4. Select the drop down menu next to Folder Path and choose Other
  5. Select your USB drive from the list of folders/drives on the left and click Open
  6. Check off Make Permanent (and do not check off Read-Only)
  7. Click OK

Alright so now the USB drive can be accessed from within windows. In order to get to the files simply follow the following few steps:

  1. Click the windows Start Button.
  2. Select Run
  3. Type in: //vboxsrv
  4. Press enter

You will now see a list of all folders/drives that are shared between windows and linux. For now you probably only have the one (which coresponds to your USB drive.) Open it up and you will have full access to the contents of your drive.

How to Add a UNIX User to a Group

If we take the user julian, and we want to add the user to a prexisting supplemental group, apache, then you can use the following command:

usermod -a -G apache julian

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If you would like to change the primary group of user julian to the group prexisting group, apache, you can use the following command:

usermod -g apache julian

Check Your Mail Server Security

This guide will teach you how to make sure that your SMTP mail server is not a relay server.

An open relay server allows people to use your mail server to deliver spam.

If you have an email server on Ubuntu or other Debian based operating system and you are setting it up using postfix and courier then by default they are not going to be open relay servers. There is a very simple way of testing. The mail-abuse.org offers an automated test suite. The way you run this is by logging into your server, this can be done through ssh.

From your mail server run:

telnet relay-test.mail-abuse.org

This will attempt to connect back to your machine and run a series of mail relaying tests against it.

Upon completion you should recieve the following message:

System appeared to reject relay attempts

If you are inadvertently running as a relay consult your mail server documentation for tips on how to prevent it.

Install Perl Module Linux | Ubuntu

This guide explains how to install perl modules using CPAN in Linux

  1. Type: perl -MCPAN -e shell;
    • This will take you into the perl cpan shell – if you are promted to answer some questions, just answer them (typically with the default answer – just press enter)
  2. Type: install MODULENAME
    • i.e. Type: install IO::Socket
    • Answer all the questions, generally just use the default (press enter)
    • if something fails and it appears that it should not have, you can try: force install MODULENAME