Symbian Anna Review | Should I Upgrade my N8?

For those who have purchased a Nokia N8 and are wondering if it is worth it to upgrade this is a complete review of Symbian Anna. We are going to go over the top three upgrades.

The first issue is the issue that the N8 has is that there is no portrait key board. Symbian Anna has a great portrait keyboard it has the same tactility of the regular keyboard. Another upgrade to the keyboard is there is the ability to have non full screen mode. This becomes very useful when trying to remember the context of a text message you are sending.


The second upgrade is the Web Browser. The new Symbian Anna web browser is a lot faster and easily search on google and bing.
This is a huge upgrade, because web pages that used to get mutilated by the old browser are now displayed as they should. Also there were big enhancements to speed up Javascript. This means that interactive pages will now be a lot more responsive.


The New Camera Interface is very user friendly and takes the Nokia N8 camera to the next level. Along with the upgraded UI, the main feature added is Continuous Auto-Focus (CAF) while recording videos. This will greatly increase the recording quality of videos.

Overall I would recommend the upgrade for all N8 users. Try it out!

Kik Groups are Here! Try It Out!

We were thinking it would be fun to have an ad-hoc kik groups going on. If you wanna meet new people through kik then post your username in the comments and let other’s ad you into a group.

If you do not have the latest version you can download it from the apple app store, or the android market as of today!

How to Add a UNIX User to a Group

If we take the user julian, and we want to add the user to a prexisting supplemental group, apache, then you can use the following command:

usermod -a -G apache julian

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If you would like to change the primary group of user julian to the group prexisting group, apache, you can use the following command:

usermod -g apache julian

Check Your Mail Server Security

This guide will teach you how to make sure that your SMTP mail server is not a relay server.

An open relay server allows people to use your mail server to deliver spam.

If you have an email server on Ubuntu or other Debian based operating system and you are setting it up using postfix and courier then by default they are not going to be open relay servers. There is a very simple way of testing. The offers an automated test suite. The way you run this is by logging into your server, this can be done through ssh.

From your mail server run:


This will attempt to connect back to your machine and run a series of mail relaying tests against it.

Upon completion you should recieve the following message:

System appeared to reject relay attempts

If you are inadvertently running as a relay consult your mail server documentation for tips on how to prevent it.