The Best Strategy for Chat Roulette | Chatroulette Game Plan

This article explains the best strategy to run game on chat roulette. As we all know, the goal of chat roulette is to find a girl and get her to NOT click Next within the first 2 seconds. Here are the 3 stages to the perfect chatroulette wooing.

  1. The Hook: First of all, you need to get the viewer somewhat hooked. We recommend having a girl within the frame of your webcam. If you don’t have a girl handy, we recommend going to a library, a starbucks,  or another public location where wireless internet is available. Sit down next to a female, and make sure she is centered in your video feed. It works best if you are as far out of the frame as possible (without looking like a total creep.) We’re not exactly sure why this works, but having a girl in the frame ensures that the average length of your chatroulette chat will be at least 12 times longer.
    Alternatively, you can get the person on the other side of the chat (the stranger) hooked just by NOT being a freak. If you’ve ever tried chatroulette, you’ll notice that 94% of chatters are guys, 60% are freaks, and 17% are naked losers jerking off in front of their webcams. (on a side note… what do you think these guys are trying to do? Most of them are in bed, so it’s pretty safe to assume that chatroulette has become their new alternative to a free porn site… but finding a girl willing to watch them masturbate is about a 1 in 10 million chance (and since there are only 27,000 chat roulette users at any given time… they will definitely never find anyone..)
    Lastly you might get someone hooked by wearing a cute or unusual hat, or holding up a funny sign.
  2. The Transition: Once you have your “stranger” hooked, the next step is to make them believe that you are interested (but not overly interested – remember the freak ratio…) in them. For this step we recommend finding something interesting about what you see in their video feed, and making a polite comment about it. For example, if you see a musical instrument in the frame, encourage the stranger to play something for you.
    If you do not see a musical instrument, you could comment on an article of clothing. It will be so refreshing for the stranger to hear a clothing-related comment that doesn’t include the phrase “take it off” that they will be inspired to reamain in the chat for (on average) another 1.4 minutes (pretty huge in the world of chatroulette.)
    Another favorite stranger-hooking-method is to introduce a pet to the conversation (preferably a cute puppy, but honestly,  any run of the mill sewer rat will do.) Studies have shown that pet introduction increases the length of a chatroulette chat by about 1.8 minutes.
    The last method of hooking a chatroulette stranger (and we mean THE VERY LAST RESORT) is to claim that you have a terminal illness that is likely to kill you in the next 5-12 minutes. Conversation seems to flow naturally from a statement like this. If things go well, and you eventually have to tell the truth, we recommend telling them you were in love and did not know what to do, or just hitting the next button.
    REMEMBER: Never resort to indecent exposure. Based on the stats: if someone were looking for a dude jerking off, they would have found it on their 4th chat..
  3. The Close: Now that you’ve established a relationship with the stranger, feel free to whip-er-out, knowing with confidence that this stranger ain’t goin nowhere. Not actually.. but give yourself a little pat on the back for being better than 98% of the chatroulette clientele and click the good ol’ next button.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can always broadcast some obnoxious picture/video to your webcam using our guide: Broadcast Video on Chat Roulette | Play Video on Chatroulette with Mac