COD Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Info

This information has not been explicitly confirmed by Activision, Infinity Ward or Sledge Hammer but they have been sighted at E3 and/or compiled from rumor websites. We’ll update it as more information becomes available. List is current as of : June 22nd 2011.


  • EMP Grenade Similar to Modern Warfare 2
  • Littlebird Remote control chopper
  • Precision Airstrike Same as in Modern Warfare 2
  • Remote Turret Like sentry gun
  • Directional UAV Pick an area for the UAV plane to scan
  • Remote Mortar Remote camera to do a “zoomed-in” airstrike
  • Air-Drop Trap Sends in a booby trapped supply package as the enemy
  • Escorted Air-Drop Airdrop that has gunship backup to secure its pickup
  • Specialist Strike Package No information yet


  • Blind Eye Makes you immune to computer controlled killstreaks (ie. remote turret). The pro version of the perk gets your launchers to lock on faster.
  • Assassin Makes you immune to location sensors like UAV and heartbeat sensors. Pro version extends the immunity to EMPs, counter UAVs and the reticule name.
  • Point Guard Every two assists count towards a point on your killstreaks.
  • Recon Gives you a special kind of radar to spot enemies as well as being able to hold your breath longer looking down scope.
  • Health Regeneration More or less what it sounds like, regenerate health quickly.
  • Stun Protection Protects you, to some extent, from stun grenade white outs.


  • Alpha
  • Alps
  • Bootleg
  • Bravo
  • Brooklyn
  • Carbon
  • Coast
  • Dome
  • Exchange
  • Hardhat
  • Interchange
  • Lambeth
  • Meteora
  • Mogadishu
  • Paris
  • Plaza 2
  • Radar
  • Seatown
  • Underground
  • Village

Playstation Network Status Update | PSN Back Up in Canada

The Playstation Network is finally starting to come back up. Playstation will be “phasing in” the online gaming and store functionality over the next few days based on geographic region. Right now you can download the new software update regardless of where you live.

Updated as of May 15 3:04am EST: The Playstation network is restored in Ontario and all of Canada! Confirmed in Waterloo, Toronto and Victoria.

The shaded areas  have the service restored so far in the US:

Playstation Network Outage Update | PSN Up in the Next Few Days

Contrary to the Bloomberg estimate of the May the 31st, it looks like the company is on target to have the Playstation network back up and running by the end of the week. Mr. Seybold, Sr director of Corporate Media, posted today on Sony’s American Playstation blog that he could not give an exact date as to when  the network service would be restored. He did say that it would take “at least a few more days” leading us to believe that it will be up within the week.

The playstation network has been down since April 21st with a distributed denial of service attack. There have been a couple guesses to who is responsible for this, there were threats issued by Anonymous after Sony sued George Hotz, (aka geohot). Anonymous has now denied all responsibility for the attacks.

Diablo 3 Beta Release Announced

During Activision’s Q1 investor conference call earlier today, Mike Morhaime, the co-founder of Blizzard, announced that a Diablo 3 external beta would be released in the third quarter of 2011. So, if everything goes to plan, we could be playing Diablo 3 as early as July of this year!

There were almost no details revealed about the external beta itself. Considering Blizzard’s past beta releases (most notably Starcraft 2) and the large amount of online functionality Diablo 3 is said to deliver, they’re going to need plenty of testers.