Tether with your Rogers Wireless 500 MB Plan and Nexus One

So Rogers thought they locked their users out of tethering for those who are paying for less than a gig. Well if you happen to be someone who has a Google Nexus One on a Rogers Wireless 500MB data plan – you can now tether to your heart’s content – or at least until you burn through your 500 megs and can’t stand to pay the expensive overage costs.

Simply upgrade to Android 2.2 (froyo) and enable your portable wireless hotspot from within settings. Just connect to it from your laptop and have access to your full 500 megs on your computer.

  • Ray

    That's what I thought… when I read that announcement, it didn't make any sense that they wouldn't support tethering, but the N1 natively supports it. Did a quick google search, and this was the first blog I found.

    Thanks for the clarification!

  • LostAndroid

    Does Rogers charge you extra if they see that you're tethering with a 500mb package? I heard that you can only tether if you have a 1gb package.