Search Engine Guide | Using Internet Searches

Yeah, yeah google is the ultimate search engine that finds everything you need in one click, but have you explored other options that may actually find your answer faster?

1. – Take any sort of mathematical statement, or question, or even trends between two items such as stocks, seal population growth versus chickens, or anything in between, Wolfram Alpha is a great tool that can find answers fast! Need to find out if the CN Tower is taller than the Empire State Building? It will tell you Yes and by how much. Need to find a derivative? Plug in the equation and you’ve got it. It is the search engine for straight answers and everything else you need to know about it. – including the time the sun rose on your birthday. Check it out!

2. Google Image Search – Okay, so this is part of Google, but do you know of all the sub-searches available for images? Say you want to find a picture of an apple, but may be you want a blue apple for some strange reason. Choose search options, colour, and boom! Blue apple.

– Image search also has various other search specific fields such as a clipart versus a photo for that slideshow you’ve been working on or even a facial recognition search.

3. – Skreemr is possibly the largest audio search engine offering over 6 million links to DRM free music. Skreemr allows you to listen to music right away in podcast style making it much easier than going out and buying music, downloading off P2P networks, or trying to find official youtube videos without getting Rick Roll’d.