BlackBerry to iPhone Instant Messaging | Kik Chat

The new way to chat between iPhone and Blackberry is Kik Chat. iPhone and Blackberry Messenger users can finally find some common ground with Kik Chat. Kik lets you chat blackberry to blackberry, iPhone to iPhone (basically iPhone BBM) and most importantly, Blackberry to iPhone all over your phone’s data plan. Flawless instant messaging complete with Read reports (you get to see when the other person has read the message you sent – a feature all BBM users can’t do without) Anyone used to using BBM should check out the Unavailable feature in Kik. You can read all your messages without the sender seeing that you have read them, BUT in order to send a message, you will have to return to available mode.

Unlimited Free SMS on BlackBerry

Kik chat settings

Right now you can get unlimited free SMS on BlackBerry though Kik chat!

Just open up Kik,
Go to settings
Click “SMS Credits (xxx left)”

You will instantly be topped back up to 150 SMS credits. Next time you are running low, just click the button again – unlimited SMS on blackberry! We’re not sure how long this deal is going to last, but you might as well make the most of it for now.

Kik Chat Details:

INSTANT: Just start texting any mobile phone number in your phone’s address book and we automatically get it through. You can forget about requesting or following your friends, or trying to figure out who is and isn’t on Kik. Woohoo!
UNLIMITED FREE KIK-TO-KIK: Get unlimited, free texting to all Kik users! So send your friends a free Kik message telling them to join.

TWO WAY KIK-TO-NON-KIK: Stay connected to non-Kik users with 50 free outgoing SMS messages a month (unlimited free incoming). Additional outgoing messages are less than a cent. But hey, why not save the $0.009 by getting your friends to download Kik?
REAL NUMBERS = REAL RELIABILITY: Thanks to special arrangements with US and Canadian carriers, we send your Kik-to-Non-Kik messages through real mobile phone numbers. That guarantees fast delivery of every Kik-to-Non-Kik text. Nice! Most other services still rely on email to SMS gateways, which means your texts can take up to 8 hours to deliver. Sooo 2009.

BLACKBERRY AND IPHONE PEACEMAKER: We took the time to develop an awesome app for both BlackBerry AND iPhone. Now you can easily and reliably text your iPhone and BlackBerry friends for free.
NO LONG DISTANCE SMS CHARGES: Your friends who haven’t yet joined Kik can reply without paying long distance SMS charges. How so? We automatically assign you a local texting phone number in each country we support (currently US and Canada).
FUNCTIONAL STATUS: Have time to read a message, but not respond? Don’t worry, we won’t rat you out. BBM users know why you’ll love this feature. 🙂

Try our new KIK online application.
You can access KIK from the web here

Beyond Chat
Kik Chat is cool, yes. But there’s much more to come. Kik is all about sharing and connecting – starting today with your thoughts, and soon music, pictures and video. Chat is the foundation for the unfolding Kik community.
Speaking of music… we’re on target for a Q2 launch of our mobile streaming service in the US and Canada. As we speak, we’re fine-tuning the service and finalizing licensing. This will be a truly unique on-demand model that takes music sharing to a paid service. Exactly as promised.
We’re also well underway with design and planning for video and picture sharing. And, of course, we’ve started building out the website, starting with chat (