Elecbrands Scam on Craigslist

Elecbrands Scam

Found something good on craigslist, but seems a little too cheap to be for real? We’re sure it is. Elecbrands is a fairly new mass-craigslist spammer. You’ve probably run into them if you’ve ever tried to buy a cellphone online. They offer the newest phones at unrealistically low prices (usually in the area of $170 to $200 – for phones that are worth about $500)

Scams of this nature are usually obvious in that they have images of their site information within their craigslist post. They post the image instead of actually writing in their links because craigslist will automatically stop or delete your post if you make reference to a scam website (such as elecbrands.com) These scammers are getting around being deleted by placing the links to their sites in images (craigslist can’t scan the text in the images – not easily anyway) If anyone has any personal experience in dealing with Elecbrands (or similar sites) post some comments below and let us know how things went.

Here is one user’s response to their experience with elecbrands:

These places are scammers they just take your money and send you nothing. They say we can’t send your money back cause there is nothing wrong with items besides the fact they never ship them I bought something over 1 month ago and they keep telling me they have no info.

Other Craigslist Scams

These sites seem to have followed suit, offering ultra-low prices for products they claim are coming from China and other Eastern countries.

  • Firm-Deals.com
  • Choicedealing.com
  • Shiningdeal.com
  • fairlyshop.com

Fairlyshop.com seems to be getting just as large as elecbrands on craigslist. Fairlyshop is the same thing, just a scam with no product ever shipped. Be careful!