Elecbrands Scam on Craigslist

Elecbrands Scam

Found something good on craigslist, but seems a little too cheap to be for real? We’re sure it is. Elecbrands is a fairly new mass-craigslist spammer. You’ve probably run into them if you’ve ever tried to buy a cellphone online. They offer the newest phones at unrealistically low prices (usually in the area of $170 to $200 – for phones that are worth about $500)

Scams of this nature are usually obvious in that they have images of their site information within their craigslist post. They post the image instead of actually writing in their links because craigslist will automatically stop or delete your post if you make reference to a scam website (such as elecbrands.com) These scammers are getting around being deleted by placing the links to their sites in images (craigslist can’t scan the text in the images – not easily anyway) If anyone has any personal experience in dealing with Elecbrands (or similar sites) post some comments below and let us know how things went.

Here is one user’s response to their experience with elecbrands:

These places are scammers they just take your money and send you nothing. They say we can’t send your money back cause there is nothing wrong with items besides the fact they never ship them I bought something over 1 month ago and they keep telling me they have no info.

Other Craigslist Scams

These sites seem to have followed suit, offering ultra-low prices for products they claim are coming from China and other Eastern countries.

  • Firm-Deals.com
  • Choicedealing.com
  • Shiningdeal.com
  • fairlyshop.com

Fairlyshop.com seems to be getting just as large as elecbrands on craigslist. Fairlyshop is the same thing, just a scam with no product ever shipped. Be careful!

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  • s.

    I sincerely wish i had done my reserach prior to making the regrettable mistake of actually purchasing a product from choicedealing.com. I purchased a cell phone and they keep sending me in circles and are not willing to provide a tracking number- obviously there will be no tracking number since its a scam.

    Can you please offer any advice on how to retrieve my money back? I don't know who to contact.I made the stupidest mistake of doing a wire-transfer.

    • alicia

      i had the same exact thing happen to me. as a matter of fact when i made my $340 payment they told me to wait 5 days for my tracking number then 5 days later they told me my items where broken, then they told me they had a anniversary and the place will be close to wait another 5 days and finally after that they told me i needed to pay $160 for a tariff tax. this is very disapointing. i got scammed and i will not send them any more money. i made the stupidest mistake of my life! i want my money back!

    • remon

      Same here I made a purchased at choicedealing and I paid 525usd including shipping, well then after that was thursday and I ask the name lucy the next day where is my tracking# she said they will shipped it saturday day 3pm china time so it will give them more time to pickup your money @ western union or money gram before you start freakin out, Untill now they never give my tracking so now I know I just got scammed.

    • Kuanfu

      Contact your bank. They can do wire reverse.


    I paid for a PC in January 2010 when asked about it's whereabouts was told it had been broken at the airport, it is now April and so far it is supposed to have been broken 3 times they then said I would get a refund in 15 days still waiting their favourite words are 15 days. I have learned the hard way but I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole keep away con artists.

  • wesman1023

    thank guys for coming forth i almost did this until i saw your comments.

  • ORodriguez

    I purchanse a laptop and Ipod touch and of course after i wire the money it was an excuse after excuse. they even send a letter from customs stating that the items i purchase were to low in price that i nedded to sent a 50% increase on the purchase or it would into auction thats when i said is a scam..i should have know better cause i worked on import n export

  • OMG!!

    I also almost made the same mistake… their site is down not and I notice after i question their hotmail email instead of having a “choicedealing.com” acct….I glad something inside of me told me to do my research….

  • Eyleen

    I too purchased a playstation 3 from elecbrands. I purchased it on March 27, 2010 for a gift and come today I still have not received a thing. I e-mail them every single day to send me my money back. All they do is keep giving me excuses after excuses. They are rip offs. I hope they can catch the persons doing this. It is more than one. Anyway, don't fall into this rat hole. Hopefully they will get caught.


  • Ltricia20

    is their anyway i can get my money back, even though i have all my receipt from the western union that i have made?

  • Ltricia20

    if any one have any ideals please help me?