ACN is Not a Scam | How We Can Help

This guest-post came to us as a response to our first post on ACN. If you would like to put together a whole post instead of just commenting below, please send us your post to [email protected]. We are open to any and all points of view.

I would like to begin this post by first refuting some of the statements made in the first ACN post on this site and some that have been made in the comments. Then I would like to shed more light on some of the reasons why ACN is viewed as a scam and how we might go about fixing this.

I have been with ACN for the past four years and am currently in the position of Team Coordinator. I still have my day job, but the extra income from ACN has provided me and my down-line with greatly expanded lifestyle and a far more secure retirement plan.

If you want to make ACN work for you, you should treat it like a real business, that is really all it comes down to.

Refuting the Comments and Content of the Previous Post

Firstly, a pyramid scheme requires that all the income be generated from people putting money into a pot and having it float to the surface. In ACN there is legitimately a ton of money made from the actual sale of services. Take the video phone for example. This is nothing more than an IP phone with a webcam attached and some basic software that can detect when it is connected to another video phone. If you do a little googling you will find that you can get a Forwarding (or virtual) phone number for about $8 a month. I would assume that ACN can get them even cheaper by buying in bulk. Even if it is primarily the reps who use ACN video phones, there is a phenomenal amount of revenue being generated here that absolutely finds it’s way back into the pockets of the reps who have sold this service.

The recruiting process does not have to be a “strange” as it is made to sound in the last post. In my experience it only becomes this way when people are recruited who really don’t belong in ACN. When I show friends the business I make sure that they honestly want to have a look at a network marketing business. In the beginning I tried to use the method of not telling anyone what the business was until they could hear it from my up-line, but I can honestly say this did not result in a single successful enrollment. If you are going to sign people up under you, you really have to be able to show them the reasons for yourself – If you are not willing or ready to do this, then spend some time getting to this point. If you resort to keeping secrets and having your up-line present a network marketing opportunity that most of your audience was hoping not to hear.. you will often be met with resentment. How can you blame them? If you want to enter into a business partnership with someone you need to start with a basis of honesty and integrity, not secrecy and off-loaded responsibility. Like I said above, if you want to be successful in ACN, then treat it like a real business, nothing else. (Please Note: I am not saying that it is impossible to make money by just sitting back and having your up-line present the opportunity – I’m just saying that it is not the best way, and that it is one of the primary reasons why so many people see this and other network marketing companies as scams.) In the beginning it can be quite difficult to present the opportunity on your own, but I strongly believe that by presenting to your friends on your own, anything you lack in experience you will more than make up for in sincerity. Explain the business yourself and show your reps your personal reasons for doing the business. This means you will probably not be able to start recruiting on your second day in the business. Who Cares? This isn’t a get rich sprint. Put in the time, do it right and you will be rewarded accordingly.

Many of the comments on the previous post state that because reps are unwilling to show their prospects their checks, that we must be lying when we say we make good money. Where I live it is against to law to show prospects your checks. Simple as that! I’m not sure this is the best law… It seems these days that showing others that I truly do make good money could stop a lot of the negative feelings toward ACN. So many people seem to feel that it is impossible to make money in ACN, I assure you this is not the case – it’s just a lot easier to take someone seriously when they say “I hate ACN, I made no money” than when they say “I love ACN, I make lots of money… I just can’t tell or show you exactly how much…” I think we all need to explain this law to reps up front and stop the rumor that because we don’t show off our checks, we must not make any money.

Why ACN Is Seen by so Many as a Scam

There are a few reasons why many people think ACN is a scam. It is my hope that we can start to shift this opinion by adopting a few new philosophies and changing our mindset. To all my fellow reps who include the portion of the pitch on Mindset – please read the below statements and see if you incorporate them into your presentations. I have started to make some changes to my powerpoint and hope to post it here for you within the next few weeks.

Donald Trump: The fact that we have Donald trump endorsing us does feel pretty satisfyinh. But for new recruits it has been my overwhelming experience that they are not sold by this. I will admit that when the first ACN DVD featuring Trump came out I was flying. I tried to sell everyone and anyone using the statement that if a billionaire like Donald Trump was supporting our business, then how could anyone say it wasn’t a great opportunity. My team and I got carried away saying that if people didn’t see the light after trump’s message, then these people weren’t worth recruiting anyway. I have since realized that this is a very immature attitude. I have now recruited many very successful reps who were boarder-line disgusted by the Trump endorsement. At the end of the day, trump was paid to advertise our business – simple as that. The type of people who will be convinced by that are not serious business people. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money by recruiting this type of person, but largely speaking they will not do well and they will quickly come to resent the business and spread negative rumors about it. Look at the comments in the previous post – I think it’s safe to say that the number of people who resent this business is becoming a legitimate problem, we should seriously consider changing our recruiting techniques in order to curb this opinion. One way of doing this is by acknowledging Trump is  our paid endorser. We can have fun with our teams and enjoy the exceptional training that Trump has given us, but telling prospects that they should sign up because trump endorses ACN has brought far more hostility to me than it has success.

The over-emotionalizing of the training sessions. In my city we have had Saturday morning sessions for the past 4 years. I have watched them go from about 30 people a week to 300 people a week. In the beginning these sessions really focused on how to succeed at the business. We spent time talking about how to find a good team and how to build a strategy to move up through the ranks. Nowadays they focus almost entirely on appealing to people’s emotions in order to get them to sign up. RVPs in my city tell story after story about how ACN lifted them from abject poverty into a world of riches. For many this is actually the exact truth, and I do not hold it against them that they enjoying telling their personal experiences. From a profitability perspective it is almost impossible to refute this tactic. We have never had so many new people signing up as we do today. I have watched some of my own prospects see these emotional demonstrations and be stirred enough to sign up later that day. The reason I am suggesting we get off the emotional kick for a while is that it is giving us a reputation that is seriously affecting the way non-reps view our business. The emotional sell largely does not convince the type of people who are going to prosper in this business. This isn’t because they aren’t capable of succeeding; it is simply because they signed up without considering the full requirements for being successful in the business. They see the emotional spectacle and are swept away into signing the forms. When they snap out of it and realize what it takes to make money, they feel like they were ripped off and lied to about the business (invariably it is too late for them to get their money back…) Selling ACN on an emotional basis breeds resentment among those who sign up for purely emotion-driven reasons. If we want to stop all the “scam slander” that we are dealing with these days, I think it’s important to be honest about what it takes to be successful. This is a business, it should not be sold by telling stories and promising riches. Let’s get back to the facts – this is a highly profitable opportunity if you are willing to work! Let’s show our prospects what it takes, and teach our recruits how to execute.

That’s it for now – I plan to do a follow up post in the coming weeks. Please leave your feedback in the comments section below and I will try to respond or incorporate your advice into my next post. Let’s put in some effort and get this “Scam” title off of our perfectly legitimate and highly profitable businesses!




As always, makes no guarantee as to the authenticity of the facts, arguments, comments or statements presented in the articles/posts on the site. We have a collection of over 20 writers (plus many guest authors) and keeping track of exactly who writes what is not done. That said, the articles and posts of this website are taken largely from personal experience and are more often then not very trustworthy sources of information – whether you choose to trust them or not is entirely up to your own judgment.

  • JeffT

    Great Post Curtis!
    My friends and I signed up for ACN a few months ago and are starting to recognize a lot of the things you mention. We probably signed up for emotional reasons. not rags to riches stories but definitely enticed by the idea of getting totally loaded in acn. after sitting through 14 saturdays in a row at the 'rah rah ralleys' It makes me very happy to hear that an experienced and successful rep is thinking about changing the way these meetings are run. I'm also tired of hearing that I got sucked into a scam…

  • Tafy

    Great thing…since when there is a law to not show the checks…..:-)……can you post the link and which state you belong to….and also put in your acnrep website….how many hours you worked for it each day and how much of your own money, gas, resources, you put it….before you call it no scam, also tell why you have sex offenders, rapists selling ACN, it shows ACN is desperate to get money where ever they can get….even if it sending these disgusts in people homes as ACN salesman.

  • Larry

    ACN is a scam who you are lying, at least it is good you are half awake or just trying to act good cop bad cop shit.

  • Donny6689

    You have criminals and sex offenders in your rank and file, who you are kidding to……so you admit ACN reps were lying about Donald Trump, when he is paid by ACN to tell lies about ACN…

  • Mike Christi

    Beware of Tracey taft, a ACN sales lady, she is a con artist and will play games with you to sell ACN……..and on top of it, she has a sex offender brother Randy taft at her disposal and she finds a lay for him….all the time…along for herself….you can invest 500 just in her…if you know what you want from her …

  • anon

    currently, i have 2 friends that are really wrapped up in this and ive told them i dont want to join. i havent been to a single one of their 'seminars' that they like to hold in their 2 bed room apartment while smoking weed that one of them sells on the side. they say they are going to take over cities and they always show me pictures of “representatives” on facebook posing infront of expensive luxurious cars.

    • Nigelryder

      they have all sort of characters in their group, one such is a rapist convicted sex offender Randy Taft and then his sister Tracey Taft, who sleeps with every guy in the town…..

      • Paul C

        If an ACN rep is behaving in an unethical manner in the way they conduct business, you have the ability to report them to ACN. ACN is not tolerant of people who are not willing to behave ethically. ACN reps do not work for the company per se – they are independent business owners, but ACN has the right to terminate their position if they don’t follow the rules.

  • Teka

    This ACN is a bad company, no business with them….they just fool people.

  • John

    Who so ever this curtis is, do not believe him, they talk and talk and shout, do good nothing, will make you buy lot of thing from ACN and your 499, gobble up all the money with their point system.

    If you have a real job, just do it peacefully, you are much and far better at walmart or mcdonald, their return rate is penny an hour, their residual income propaganda is total scam, they cannot stand the mathematics…

    • Edwin

      Granted having a job that pays you is nice, but how does walmart work? Do they not earn from their sales? Now you may argue over the fact that is is a one time sale, and has nothing to do with residual…

      But wait a minute, what is over at the electronics counter? Are those cell phones? Yes, walmart is earning residual from cell phone contracts. They are partnered with multiple carriers, including a prepaid service along with contract based carriers. You are just working for them and earning pennies on the dollar. I know, I worked the electronics sales floor in walmart. I did phone contracts, I sold tvs and computers. I Knew what I was doing in that department as I fix computers and design home theaters on the side. I was the “go-to” guy in the electronics for all customer questions. Though I never felt a need for them, I sold many protection plans to customers as well. But did walmart care? Did they give me a raise? Did they pay me residual on all the contracts I acquired for them? Nope. Management changed, and I was part of the half of the store that was laid off.

      I started my own businesses. I run computer support. I created an online system with a dedicated staff that manages our clients on a national level. We also service locally, both business and residential.

      I also run a car group, and help fund our events, and do vehicle modifications as a side business.

      And guess what, I do ACN as well. I don’t care what you think of me. I’m happy where I am. My ACn business is growing fast.

      ACN may be considered pyramid on some peoples eyes. But guess what? You don’t have to get other people to join! While having business partners to acquire more customers is the smartest and fastest way of increasing your income, it’s not required. 

      You can treat ACN as a standard business. Just think about it, its all customer based. No customers, no money. Simple business. You get an income from your customers. So? Go out and get all the customers you want and forget about growing your team. Granted, you will not get the growth others have discovered, but you will still earn an income. When you think about it this way, it’s just like owning your own kiosk at the mall for cell phones (without the $50,000 in rent, thousands in franchise fees, investment for having to keep stock, etc.).

      But that’s the whole point of MLM. You can do the business how you want to. You will need to get customers. If you can’t do that, then why do you think about business? If business is not for you, get a job like 95% of the world’s population. To get customers, you either do the work yourself, or split the workload through business partners. That is why you have a job at your time for money workplace. The owners are not going to come in to do the work when they can just pay you pennies on the dollar to do the work for them. That’s the real scam, you are working the business for your boss at your hourly paid job.

      Life is what you make it. If you buy into others beliefs you buy into their lifestyle. So, do you want to listen to the guy who works minimum wage living paycheck to paycheck about how to handle your finances, or would you listen to the successful business owners (from cell phone stores, car dealerships, and others) who have sold their businesses to do ACN full time?

      • Crl_dejesus

        I recently joined ACN. I am very excited about this opportunity and feel really blessed to be a part of ACN.

        The real scam are all the businesses who are stealing, playing games with peoples lives. I work for a non-profit company. No one would believe the way employees are treated at this company. It’s sad, I was supposed to get a raise this year but my hours were cut, so that’s not going to happen. I will get a raise by working hard with ACN. With hard work I will be successful. While you all are watching TV and getting fat, I’m working at my business. By the way, I’ll be making money on your watching TV.

        • Engineer

          The higher the horse the harder the fall…

  • Andrew

    This sex offender sister Tracey taft is also not behind either, check her at traceytaft dot acnrep dot com

    She is very deep into several several thousands of debt,
    She is always a pure 100% parasite, expert in playing games,
    and living on charity and alms,
    that's the way her whole family grew up, on charity and WELFARE.

    Where she works at wcsqr dot com, she claims that her boss Alan and Evelyn Smith are swingers.

    Many men on her facebook are her 'friends with benefits' and then a long list, and
    whichever party she goes, she ends up in bed at their houses or hotel.

    With her screwed credit history, she managed to get into “Events and Adventures” club,
    which she claims is a hookup place. Apparently she could not trap a man
    over there, they could see through her shameless skin.

    She has no place to live on her own, live in a weird arrangement with her friend Mary Ostroot
    boyfriend Nigel Ryder. Her own family had kicked her out of their homes.

  • nopumpin or dumping

    Well written Curtis!

    • Fukk

      Curtis is a liar and cold be very surely a convict, convicted of rape, drugs, felony or something…..

      • Jay.

        so can you…..

      • Emtb27

        anybody on the internet could  be anything if you havent noticed. so, maybe thats why everyone who has negative thoughts about acn should really find out about it. oh it didnt work for my friend, my neighbor, my so and so. its ok for all you non believers out there. we will still  need people to serve us food at a restaurant, wash our cars, etc. this business isnt for everyone. but for those of us it is for, congrats to us

    • Divadarya

      I have no doubt that motivated people with natural sales ability can make money doing multi-level marketing, but they need lots of fish to get there. I had a friend who called me back five times pressuring me into joining Amway (“products you use every day”) until I decided he was no longer my friend.
      Everyone has a complaint about their cable or telecom company, but I don’t know anyone who would jump into a new cable service without some idea of the servicing infrastructure.
      It also may not help that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump.
      I have a pension and a health plan and it’s not thanks to being “in business for myself”. I’ve been on the receiving end of too many “exciting opportunities I can’t really explain to you over the phone” to get caught up in this stuff.

  • nopumpin or dumping

    Well written Curtis!

  • Fukk

    Curtis is a liar and cold be very surely a convict, convicted of rape, drugs, felony or something…..

  • Marinedaniellee

    Great post Curtis! It is obvious by the grammar and language in the previous comments, we don't want any one of them being in our company. As far of the character of two people in ACN that they know about? I know from personal experience that it's always the 10% that tarnishes a companies reputation. You'll find this true about every industry in the world. Keep your chin up Curtis, you'll obviously be successful with ACN and I look forward to seeing you in the Circle of Champions.


    • Emtb27

      very well put

  • I was a part of ACN for almost 5 years and it was a great company for every second of it and to those of you who have had bad tastes left in your mouth from it it is simply because the business either isn't the one meant for you or you didn't try to work the business
    and as for those of you talking about those people who were selling drugs while being affiliated with ACN I can speak for most of the top income earners in ACN when I say that is not what ACN is about nor has it ever been. It is a solid company and people can make a living from it but only if they are using the right system and not trying things there way!

    • Engineer

      Why would you leave after five years if you were doing so great? Didn’t you want the residual income???? Wasn’t the income enough to at least pay your $500 so you wouldn’t have to really do anything but bring in at least some money? Why would you walk away from a easy check?

    • jay

      why would you leave if you had a great time…. lies

  • Lee

    asked by a Business person just Today to come to a hotel get together,(had excuse already busy) not told a lot though only name mentioned was Greg Noonan, and D. T. at home my hobby is computers set up repairs etc. It didn't take long to find what I was looking for in the search files.I have seen these MLM schemes before, I remember with Amway, going to the Great Dexter Yeager meetings etc, all the hype.
    It sounds like the same body wearing different clothes. My point is I've worked hard all my life paid the house having twins now, and the Welfare system here is extraordinarily generous.
    Why would I risk all this for a measly acn license and also lose $500 bucks I'd be mad. To equal this you would need to have at least 50 loyal die hard friends. In a certain time especially in Australia it will reach saturation point. Sure some have mentioned China, ( I have connections there) Inlaws relatives etc, not that rich though,and the poor people there are already broke, and the rich who have their own scams going, will then kick your arse out of the door. My question is, do you think every ACN convert will become rich in this scheme? Its mathematically impossible. Therefore one of your good friends will become the loser and it could be big time.

  • Mortimerlouis

    Did it ever occur to you that if ACN reps were to implement the changes you propose in this post, that it would no longer be a profitable business opportunity? Could it not be that the high percentage of people who sign up on emotion are actually what make the business profitable? If all the reps where 100% sincere and made sure that all those who sign up did so considering all the risks and without being enticed by the promise of riches, would ACN still be profitable for the newcomers?

  • I was wondering about this comment about Donald Trump being paid. I was told he tore apart ACN with his lawyers and decided to buy ACN but the owners said no. They said he could not buy it but he could endorse it. I then thought perhaps he joined!

    • Mirese2011

      I believe that’s what happen

  • The 500 does not go to the bonuses as I know it. They help pay for the website and support we get from ACN.

  • Anonymous

    I was quite skeptical when I saw this business about 2 month ago, went through all these post and decided to join anyways for the opportunity to make money. The residual income made a lot of sense to me. 
    I don’t know where most of the facts from this site came from, but from what I’ve experienced so far, It was very different.

    I live in Canada and was with SHAW, my bills were around 160$ for Tv Internet and home phone. 
    Switched over to ACN-telus and is paying roughly 100$ for all 3 and my services, they actually all work and has more features. 

    Then they told me if I help some of my friends and family save money on their bills I would make up to 10% on each of their bills. I wasn’t a big fan of the recruiting aspect, but I didn’t bother on that part, I pretty much asked 10 friends for their bills, ended up only being able to save 6 of them money on their bills. They were saving money so they became my customer. And apparently because I got 5 referred services from customers, I never have to PAY for my home phone and internet again.  Also from my 6 friends, they gave me enough bills to get all the customer points i needed to collect the full 10%

    I never bothered talking to a single person about the business, but the person who introduced me, said that was okay, and just taught me the concept of residual income. I don’t have to pay for me home phone and internet anymore and I collect about 90$ residual income every month. 

    I don’t plan on doing anything else with this company and just keep doing my day job. I’m not saying that this will probably happen to everyone, but the person who introduced me, said for those who work, it can be achieved, so all i did was work. Went from paying 160 a month, to paying only 30$ a month for my BELL TV, and make 90$ residually. So all my services are free now and i make 60$+ a month for gas money. My experiences have been great with this company so far, I would recommend that if your willing just to focus on the customer gathering by helping friends and family to actually save money, this company will help you out a bit. 

    Just my 2-cents

    • april joy

      So you paid the $499 sign up fee? So with the extra $60 you make a month it will probably take you a couple of years to make back your initial investment… Do you think it’s worth it? I’m considering joining the company but like you I don’t want to get people to join I just want to have my friends and family save money on their bills and make the 10%
      Any advice would be great thanks

      • A

        Your math is off. It would be $540 over 9 months not even 1 year. If you ‘re getting 60$ profit plus free services every month, it would be totally worth it. The only way to find out is to try.

      • Francois-Pierre Galarneau

        Anybody who does this start a massive exponential compound effect. Not letting people be part of it and educating them is a mistake! Believe 5 years will go by. Realize most people aren’t good with money and they are the one bashing ACN.

  • Paul C

    Like any business you have to do your research. People that make excuses about why they can’t make any money at ACN would likely have trouble succeeding at any business. Try looking up ACN in the Better Business Bureau. You will see that they have an A rating. It’s been around since 1993 and is in 23 countries.

    You have to actually work to make money, surprise! If you don’t know what you’re doing then go to the trainings. Listen to the people who are making money, what they are doing. Be willing to be mentored.

    If you aren’t willing to talk to people; if you don’t see the value of the opportunity that you are offering them and how it can change their financial picture, and yours; if you aren’t willing to sacrifice and put off instant gratification, then ACN isn’t for you. Go back to your 9 to 5 job and let the real entrepeneurs make money!

    Where else can you get a global telecom and energy franchise for $499 with no employees, no overhead, a seamless international webstore, included customer service department, research and development, major corporate  partnerships, etc.?

    The biggest problem with the whiners is that they don’t stick with it. With all the positives in the opportunity, they focus on the negatives and self destruct. They spend time talking with other people who reinforce their negative outlook. Stop making excuses! Nothing in life is guaranteed. You have to go for it and make it happen.

    Look at the stats. A very high perctage (I believe about 90%) of people who stay with a legitimate MLM company for 10 years (and continue to work at it) are in the top earning bracket for that company. That doesn’t happen in the corporate world. Where are YOU going to be in 10 years if you don’t do anything different than what you are doing now? Think about it.

    • Engineer

      Do not fool yourself. You are not an entrepreneur. Nothing about ACN is a new idea or new method of doing business. You are just signing up to do business the way that they have set it up. The founders were the entrepreneurs. 

    • Emtb27

      Thank you paul for your eye opening words. You cant hold out a silver platter and expect anything to jump into it for you. You have to work hard to achieve anything. 

  • Robdave56

    if acn is so great how come no one calls u back or answer phone.prisoners get paid more then the acn scam.there so called meetings are suppose to bw trainings but all they do is promote the big event.more money to spend

  • Ausylandsantander

    hi I,m new at acn, only been in the business for 3 months, don´t have any downlines yet but because people in spain are a bit sceptikal with mlm, what pity they don´t know what they are missing out on

  • Engineer

    Here’s an idea, ask your ACN higher ups to give you the breakdown of ACN income in percentages. If the percentage of $500 licensing fees or whatever you want to call them is higher than the income from selling phone, TV, internet, whatever services, then it is a business model built on people signing up and failing. If not, it is a legitimately successful method of doing business with sound training, just not everyone gets it.

    PS. If they can’t provide you these numbers it is probably because they are going to give a negative light on the company. Any other company that sells a product can tell you what the breakdown of profit is.

  • Scottpanek

    I am about to get signed up and I legitimately think it’s gonna be great. I know people from a lot of different states and countries, and if I can show them a way to save money on the products they already use I am gonna atleast offer. I am attending college so I need money to pay for it. I think if they understand why I am doing it, and I how I am trying to help them, I don’t see why they would have such a problem with atleast looking at the services they provide, and to see if they can save money, which I believe they can.

    They also provide energy in certain states, and what I’m told by the year 2015 they will be providing your energy in your state if you are not already one of them. So that means you will save more money, and if you are a part of the acn business you will make more money as well. I know the work it’s going to take to make good money off of this business, especially when most people in the world live in a box, if they are not successfull in life they don’t like to see their friends succeed they will tell them it’s a big mistake, they will try to act like they know what they are talking about, so my attitude on that is critics are no differant than crickets, they will be loud when your not looking but when you look their way they are silent. I am expecting people to be judgmental to my face, but I will just explain to them how important it is to me, and I’m not asking for their money, I am just curious if I can help them save money. and If they are interested in taking a look at my business I would love to invite them to one of my home meetings, with one of my successfull mentors, who will explain what acn does, and how it doesn’t work for everybody, it is a business, you have to put in work. When you are the owner you have to take responsibilty and make sure it runs smoothely, you can never take a short cut, most people are smart they recognize a scam but I don’t feel this is a scam, I will try to put up a post  in a few months on how my experiance is going, but I don’t plan on not working once I am involved, I am going to treat it as though I am going to die if I don’t succeed! I am going to take it as though I paid one million dollars to get in, not five hundred, I think that is why people fail, because it is a lot of money to most people, but they don’t realize the work it takes to succeed.

  • JRBSeattle

    There is no law anywhere that prohibits you from showing anyone you want your paycheck. Companies sometimes try to inhibit this behavior through policies, but there is certainly no LAW that inhibits free speech in this manner. This guy is full of it….

  • Francois-Pierre Galarneau

    In my opinion, people think it’s easy because the process looks simple. However you are the limiting factor and therefore you decide if wheter or not you will achieve anything in ACN. Don’t be mad for not having results of the work you didn’t do. Don’t apply linear thinking because start is not ptoductive for the hours you put and bonuses aren’t guaranteed.