Workouts and Live Fit Tips

First and foremost, this article is meant for people who are looking for a place to start and seeking out pointers. For people who are looking for a routine, stop reading now, I am only providing some do’s and don’ts based on my personal experience. What works for me, may not necessarily work for you.

Before you start, you should determine what body type you are, there are basically three main body types, ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. The ectomorphs are the hard gainers, small frames, small shoulders and petit muscles (I would consider myself to be in this category when I first started). The mesomorphs are the lucky guys, these are the easy gainers, the hard bodied and naturally athletic people we all strive to become (in the most modest way possible, I would consider myself one of these now). And finally, the endomorphs; these are the bigger guys, big boned, round and soft muscled.
This article is aimed towards the smaller scrawnier guys who are looking to put more muscle and definition onto their frames and get some strength along the way. If you are looking for tips on losing weight, this may not be the article for you. . .however you can still get some pointers on where to start, so it wouldn’t hurt to read.

● Eat properly.
There is a reason why every live fit article you will ever read says the same, its true.
I curbed junk food and excessive drinking when I decided to work out. I know it sounds hard but it becomes habitual once you get into a routine of it, then it becomes second nature for you to avoid bad food.  Since carbs are you bodies main energy source, you should eat these in the morning, lots of fruits and vegetables so you burn these throughout the day and stick to meat in the evening, this will give you the protein your body needs to build and repair muscle.
I avoid the typical 3 meals a day, I eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day (on average about 5 or 6). The reason for this is because your metabolism works like a furnace, the more you keep fueling it (with small meals and snacks) the more it burns (fat) and provides energy for you. Also, this is a minor detail that many people miss but CHEW YOUR FOOD! The smaller your food is, the more surface area there is for enzymes to catalyze their breakdown.
● Invest money into it (sort of)
This is kind of misleading but let me explain. You don’t need fancy supplements or pills to get in shape. If you show me a person who takes two pills a day vs. a person who runs two blocks a day I will bet you the latter is more in shape everytime. What I mean by investing money is that I personally found that when I bought supplements such as multi-vitamins and protein I was more motivated to workout simply because I put money towards it and didn’t want it to go to waste.
● Get into a routine and get a partner!
Honestly once you’re into a routine you find yourself out of place when you miss a day of working out. Start early in the day as possible so you get it out of the way and always go on Mondays, this will start you off on the right foot for the rest of the week. Also, workout with a partner if you can, one who is the same strength and fitness level as you preferably and you will motivate and push eachother. Plus it is invaluable to have a spotter on a bench press.
● Do body weight excersices and do a high intensity run to start your workout.
When I first started working out, I could not do a single pull-up or a single dip and this was extremely discouraging but you just need to be persistent and you’ll get yourself above the bar in no time. Your body has this amazing ability to adapt and become stronger as long as you put enough stress on it. Now pull-ups and dips are no problem and I use weights to increase the resistance. I recommend body weight exercises because  they don’t target specific muscles but rather groups of muscles together (I always found that the gymnasts were the most defined people in the Olympics) . Also, do a short but intense run to warm up to get your whole body started, don’t get yourself too tired or you’ll be dead  for the workout.

● Don’t workout in groups
Avoid this at all costs, I found that when I did this, there was a lot of just fooling around and talking as opposed to working out. If you can get a group of people that are determined and focused then it wouldn’t be so bad, as long as you can avoid taking long breaks in between in set.
●Avoid machines if you can
This is essential if you want to build muscle. Sure, you can lift more on a machine, but you’re restricted in your movements and you don’t use your stabilizers as much. Also, I’ve been told by a personal trainer that you’re prone to serious injuries using the leg extension machine and squatting on a smith machine. Why go through all the trouble with for fewer gains? Just stick to free weights.
●Don’t Give Up!
Sure when you first start, you can’t lift as much as the regulars at the gym, but everyone had to start at some point. You just need to get over that fear, and trust me, nothing will motivate you more than seeing some gains when you look in the mirror.
●Don’t slack off
I can’t tell you how often I go to the gym and see people just slacking off and not working hard. If you’re at the gym to workout then stay focused and give it everything you’ve got, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.
●Don’t stick to a routine
This is important because once you stick to a routine your body adapts and then it plateaus and you don’t get any gains. Change up your exercises often and don’t stick to what you’re comfortable doing, get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

All in all, this is just my advice and you swallow it how you want, what works for me won’t necessarily work for everyone else. In case you’re wondering yes that is me in the picture, I wish I could show you a before picture but trust me, I was tiny. I’m not big but its an improvement!

Writer: Louis Le

New Samsung Display | Flexible Screen

Samsung is currently working on the development of a flexible AMOLED (active-matrix organic LED) that would take the technology of smart phones to the next level. How flexible? Watch the video below and begin dreaming about a phone that you can roll up and put in your pocket!

no prescrition brand name xenical

The application on smartphones is of the largest interest, but television displays are also a future development idea. These displays produce a higher refresh rate than their OLED counterpart, while consuming less power for equal display quality. Can’t wait till this hits the market! Any other applications that people would like to see these used for?

Apple Security | Vulnerabilities?

Recently, although historically reputable as the impenetrable operating system, Apple has been getting hit hard with security vulnerabilities, and in the first half of 2010, topped the list over Oracle and Microsoft. This page outlines the complete details of Apple topping the charts.

Feel free to leave comments and opinions!

Megapixel Marketing Scam

Don’t be fooled by claims that cameras with more megapixels are better, it’s not true. This is just a gimmick used to convince people that newer camera models with more megapixels are better than older ones.  Picture quality and picture resolution are two different things that camera manufacturers and salesmen often exploit to capitalize profits.

The camera industry has relied on the megapixel as a measure of quality;  that more is better. Sure, this would be important if you were to blow up the image, but the image quality itself is determined by the lens and the skill of the photographer. With a better lens, more light can be focused onto the sensor which gives sharper and more saturated images. And of course, if you know how to manipulate light with a camera then your photos will turn out better than someone with the most expensive DSLR  who doesn’t know how ISO, shutter speed and aperture correlate.

Here’s another way of looking at it;

“A megapixel is one million tiny colored dots in a photo. It seems logical that more megapixels would mean a sharper photo. In truth, though, it could just mean a terrible photo made of more dots.” –David Pogue.  For those of you who don’t know who David Pogue is, he’s a technology columnist for the New York Times but he’s better known for hosting the show, “It’s All Geek To Me” . He ran a test in which he took a series of identical photographs with a 5MP, 8MP and 13MP camera. He then posted the 3 pictures on a wall in Union Square Manhattan and for 45 minutes where dozens of people were asked to rank picture quality with respect to megapixels. Only one person managed to do so correctly.

So, if you’re going to get scammed by pharmaceutical companies claiming they have an effective weight loss pill, or if you’re going to get tricked by cosmetic companies who promote anti-aging creams, do not; after reading this article be fooled by the Megapixel Marketing Scam.

Article: Louis Le

Easy Stereo Guide | Car Head Unit Installation

So you bought your first car and now you’ve been considering getting a new stereo deck with flashing lights and all the bells and whistle. Expensive? Maybe.  But if you read this guide you can learn how to do it, save money while doing it, and get that sweet stereo you want!

Firstly, car head units come in the standard size called “DIN”. This size is meant to fit all dash spaces, and if you are removing a larger head/stereo unit you can purchase a head unit dash kit that will fit over your new head unit, while hiding all the gaps that would now be exposed. Dash kits can run anywhere from $6 to $40, but be careful! I suggest to BUY ONLINE because most kits include parts for dozens of other makes and models which you will never use at all!

Now, the head unit. We suggest although it matters what your stereo sounds like, buying online will get you the best bang for your buck! Two of the FSB staff here learned this guide from experience and purchased $70 head units! They included front AUX IN for any input, CD player, BLUETOOTH A2DP Streaming and CALL features, a FRONT SIDE USB as well as  more presets than you could ever handle. Any brick and mortar store will cost you at least $100 and doesn’t come close to all of those features. Great buy! (comment if interested in head unit store!)

Next we suggest (before you buy anything) find an online guide for your make and specific model that explains step-by-step ho to remove the head unit. A simple google search of make model head unit removal” should do the trick. Some cars are trickier than others (mainly Japanese makes) so figure this out!

Once you have removed the head unit, find a wiring diagram online that corresponds to your car. FSB highly recommends

Unlike other wiring diagrams, they guide by the pins that are connected rather than the wire colour. I found that some head units have different wire colours than are widely described online, but knowing which pin is which saves the hassle and uncertainty.

Once you have a good wiring diagram, DIN dash kit, and head unit picked out, get it all together and install! New head unit will include a connector that you splice to your existing wires then connect to the unit, put it all together, and voila! Make sure you disconnect the battery before any installation or removal of pre-existing head unit.

Goal Systems | The Summit Energy Scam

Summit energy has long been slandered on the web for being a total scam of an energy company (i.e. It seems they are now going under the name of Goal Systems in some job postings. The person who answered the phone gave us the address which we instantly googled to find out that it was actually the address of Summit Energy.

The posting that some friends of ours were responding to looked something like this:


Date: 2010-07-06, 9:02AM

We are currently seeking well groomed individuals for a Hot water tank inspector position.
Full Training Provided
Competitive WAGES
If you are looking for an alternate to back breaking labour, and opportunity for rapid advancement in the management world, please contact our HR dept. for immediate consideration.
No vehicle required

PLEASE NOTE this is a FT only position, thanks in advance for your interest

  • Location: GTA
  • Compensation: avg $800+/week
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls about this job are ok.

Original URL:

Anyone else have any experience with this company?

Guelph Bars | Top 10 Bars in Guelph

Wooo partaaay! But where are you going to go tonight? Here is the list of the top 10 bars in Guelph as of September 2011 (in no particular order) that you may love, or maybe you haven’t even been to yet!

1. Frank & Steins / Apartment 58 Franks is a classic bar whether for dinner, drinks, the hockey game,  Franks is a great atmosphere and has cheap drink nights and wing deals weekly. Have had some sweet live bands in there that get everyone dancing. Apartment 58 is the club upstairs that usually has anything from top 40 to house to hip-hop and currently has promotions handled by Fresh Media – who always make the party crazy!

2.NV Lounge A bar that most people overlook, depending on what night you go you can have a great time. Fridays are usually the day to go, but with their huge drink menu any nights a great night.

3. Van Goghs Ear Also one of the classic Guelph bars, Van Gough’s (Ear) has three floors that will accommodate any music tastes. First floor will have anything from live bands to top 40 music with a stage to dance on, while upstairs has huge parties hosted by the guys at Guelph Nightlife for their third floor “Loft”.

4. Vinyl /Jimmy Jazz A great place that may have a minor cover, but hey..$2 drinks! Awesome music, dancing, booths, stage, and the place to hit up on a Wednesday, Thursday, or whatever night you feel like hitting the bars! Jimmy Jazz is right next door with a great place to chill out and yes, a patio!

5. Albion Hotel On the edge of the downtown area, Albion Hotel has great food and a bar scene that is distinct. Upstairs there is a dance floor but nightly music choices are very different.

6. Trappers Alley / Tabu / Palace One address, three very different scenes. Main floor is the famous Trappers with their dollar beers and atmosphere that can result in a sloppy night for first year students. Upstairs, Palace offers a very open club scene that plays top 40 and hip hop for the most part with a balcony, huge dance floor, and dancing cages. Downstairs, a newly established nightclub Tabu is now fully up and running thanks to the LateNites crew. They have wild house music that hits you hard and the best laser light show in Guelph.

7. Doogies/ Pablo’s Very friendly bars that are joined at the hip, go to either one and you will hear live music from the Doogie’s stage whether you want to hear some Tom Petty or Oasis. Pool tables, foosball and an extremely chill crowd, but a party if you’re looking for it.

8.  McCabe’s Right at the corner where everything is happening, this is the place to go to with a big group, grab some wings and pints and have a great time. Has a big screen to watch the game, live bands, and an overlooking open second floor bar.

9. Bobby O’briens / Opus Lounge Bobby O’briens was the place to watch the Vancouver games this year and it isn’t any surprise with their great food specials, variety of beers on tap, and flat screen televisions as well as a big screen on the back wall. Opus, also put on by the LateNites crew is a classy club upstairs with leather couches and a bangin’ dance floor.

10. Brass Taps The official University campus bar, has pool tables, great bar grub, and a variety of entertainment from live bands todance music.

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Downtown Guelph Food | Top 10 After Bar Eateries in Guelph

Planning on going out tonight? Here is a quick guide for places to go once you stumble out of the bar/club off MacDonell and want food fast! (Maps included)

1. Salsateria – If you are in to quesadilla’s, nachos, or burritos this is the number 1 after bar food. Great price point (like you’ll really care at that point) and the food is amazing. They have a locally famous in house salsa that is more delicious than you can imagine. Unlike some post-bar food, just as gratifying during the day.

2. Pierre’s Poutine – Best poutine in downtown Guelph, end of story. Has only been there a few years now but their poutine with Montreal smoked meat, wow. Little more expensive, but a must try.

3. Mega Pizza – Conveniently right on MacDonell grabbing a slice after the bar is really cheap, fast and amazing pizza. Also another food that you don’t need to be slightly intoxicated to enjoy. Just great pizza!

4. MacDonell Village – Have ended up here many of times, no matter how you pronounce “gyro” you will get 2/$6 and be very satisfied. Also offer other foods such as fries and poutine that are cheaper than Pierre’s, but quality is the price you pay.

5. Sun-Sun or  Wong’s Garden – May as well be the same restaurant but a traditional “drunk food” for Guelph, you can get 3, 4 or 5 item dishes (Styrofoam boxes) of vegetable rolls or chicken wings or anything else you’d expect from a late night asian restaurant. Personally don’t recommend making a point of eating there during the day, but late at night sure hits the spot.

This is just a guide to late night bar food in Guelph. Other food spots include Subway, hot dog stands, Frank & Steins, or Pita Pit. To have your restaurant included in this list of late night food downtown, leave your contact information below.

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