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First of all, when we refer to the ACN Scam we are not trying to say that what ACN does is illegal in any way. ACN the corporation is not a scam. When we refer to ‘The ACN Scam’ we are referring to the practices of certain independent representatives. In our opinion (based on limited experience) it seems that many ACN members have been “scammed” into believing that making money in ACN is more realistic than it actually is. 

This article has nothing but good things to say about ACN the corporation. They provide great services at a great price and have utilized a unique means of sales and advertising. The article seeks only to discuss the strategies and activities of some of the reps within ACN (which often times are likely not in accordance with what ACN the corporation encourages or condones.)

The Basics of the ACN Scam

The scam works by convincing people that they have are going to make a lot of money in the telecom industry by selling a few video phones, satellite TV subscriptions, cell phones, landlines, etc and encouraging a few of their friends to do the same. It’s a simple concept and in theory is quite easy. Anyone can sell 3 services and we would argue that anyone could also find a friend to do the same. The issue, in our opinion, comes when you actually try to do it. There is very limited data on the success rates of ACN Independent Representatives. Most people are told from the start that less than one in 100 are successful in the business. Additionally, a recent study (see references) has shown that approximately 0.5%  (less than 1 in 200) even make their initial $500 investment back.  The problem: certain representatives are so good at convincing you, that everyone believes they will be the 1 out of 200 who actually makes money! Why?

The Giveaways that Suggest ACN is a Scam

Here are a few things that should suggest why ACN is not worth your time or your reputation:

  • All the money is in the sign-up fees! We know they claim that the sign-up fee goes to registering your personal business, getting you a license with the FCC/CRTC etc… You can’t blame them for charging some sort of fee – there is obviously some setup work required and if people could join and quit with no penalty, then they would do it constantly and cost the company a fortune. Our guess is that the set-up process for an individual rep probably costs the company around $20 (based on the assumption that all they really have to do is add you to a database and send you a glossy package). So why charge $500? We suspect the obvious, to pay the bonuses! ACN sells it as “the bonuses will start you off, and the residual income will sustain you later in your career.” This seems impossible – we challenge anyone considering the ACN opportunity to ask their recruiter if the bonuses make up the majority of their income. We suspect this is generally the case, but would recommend you check for yourself – the exception to this rule would be when the individual has not yet earned a bonus – in which case their minimal income would be a product of service commissions. It seems to us that the bulk of  the payouts are in the sign-up fees. If this is true, this meets the definition of a pyramid scheme, we know they convince you that their products make the business legitimate, indeed some income must come from phone/TV bills, but is that enough? A scam is a scam and just because the company pays out some money in actual service-bill revenue does not make it legitimate in our opinion.
    From the ACN Integrity Site:
  • “As distinguished from the legitimate multilevel business opportunity advanced by ACN there are some companies who continue to engage in illegal pyramid sales. Simply defined, an illegal pyramid sales program occurs when persons are induced to purchase the right to sell a product by representations that they could regain their purchase price and also earn profits by subsequently selling the same right to sell to others. This certainly does not occur with the ACN Opportunity.”
  • Are they kidding? Maybe a typo? by this definition ACN seems to us to clearly be a Pyramid Scheme
  • The “Recruiting Process” is long, hard and strange. Sure a few people sign up on the spot, but the vast majority are fall under the “Some Wait” category. Once you are in, often times you become so wrapped up in things that you find it hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t sign up – but think about it: If the opportunity were as good as you have convinced yourself it is, then most of your friends would sign up on the spot. This big disconnect between what you think of the opportunity and what the majority of the people you show it to think of it should make you nervous. We recommend everyone understand the concept of position marketing described here: Position Marketing
  • If the statistics showed that most people make a lot of money in ACN, then the above point should not make you nervous – if it really was a good opportunity, then it wouldn’t matter if people took a little convincing before they saw the light. But the limited facts seem to suggest that almost nobody makes money in ACN. The average (mean) income of an ACN representative less than $2 a month (see references). The odds are HEAVILY in favor of you having to admit to all your friends that you were wrong in trying to convince them to join ACN.
  • ACN has an entire website (ACN Integrity) devoted to proving that they are not a fraudulent company. The fact that this website even exists means the vast majority of people will probably assume that ACN is a scam. As I’m sure you’ve realized already, most people do assume it is a scam (at first glance.) This means that nearly everyone you attempt to recruit and almost every customer you seek to acquire is going to (at least initially) think that you are involved in an illegitimate business. This is not something you want to be associated with – not when the odds of you losing money are 100 times greater than the odds of you paying off your initial investment. Sure, maybe you can deal with people thinking you’re part of a scam, because deep down you ‘know’ you are going to get rich and ‘show them’. That seems to be what everyone thinks.. and yet so many are proven wrong.
  • Obviously ACN is not illegal, or they would not exist! The strange part comes when they fall back on this proof of legality as an argument for why it is a good business. Why should the fact that it’s legal mean that it’s a good way for you to make money? Occasionally they seem to use the fact that it’s “almost illegal” as a way to convince you that there must be money in the business. They use quotes like “Direct TV is in on the Scam, Bell Canada is in on the Scam, in fact, you’re the only one who isn’t in on the Scam!” Does the fact that ACN might seem like a scam make it more likely you will get rich?
  • To all those sold on the tax argument. No doubt your upline has told you that once you sign up for ACN everything will become a tax “write-off”. If all you’re in it for is the tax breaks, why don’t you register a business of your own for a tenth of the cost? Just because you’ll get a few tax deductions doesn’t mean you should spend $500. Legally you can only deduct expenses that were incurred as a result of the business. Therefore, the only way you are going to save money is by spending a lot more. The fact that tax deductions become available once you join ACN will only save you money if you plan to file a false tax return and deduct expenses that you already had prior to joining – not a good idea!
  • Look at what you give up! Can anyone name an industry that requires you to be hated by so many people (see comments below) and still has such a low success rate? Success shouldn’t (and usually doesn’t) require you to hurt your personal relationships.

The Perceived Premise of ACN: Push the Favor – Trade your Dignity for Income

Even panhandlers can make a little money by begging on the streets to a bunch of random people who they have never met. If you were to elaborate on this concept and take a group of beggers who were more socially acceptable than bums, then have them beg to people they actually knew – not just for money, but for “a Favor” – you’re sure to see better results than the bums on the street. Even bums have documented success stories in which they have earned over $100,000 per year, yet none of us are running out to join that profession. As it turns out, the average (mean) panhandler makes over 400 times the annual salary of the ACN independent representative. Doesn’t this seem a little strange?

Honestly, ACN is a beautiful idea: It seems to us they have taken the collective ability of 1 million people to beg and pester their friends/family for a favor, and turned it into an enormous business. We admit, the begging power of this many independent representatives is huge – and hugely profitable. The issue is that none of the beggers make enough money – all of the cash floats to the top. It would appear the vast majority of independent reps have traded a portion of their dignity just to make their upline some money.

The Saddest Part of the ACN Scam

There are 2 parts to this: Firstly, the majority of reps don’t make money, and secondly, if you work hard enough at ACN you will indeed make money. This tricky situation allows ACN reps/recruiters to use terribly effective tactics to encourage their reps to keep on recruiting in order to make money. For example – say John tells Bob that all he has to do to be successful  is keep on showing the business to more people and eventually he will be rich – the harder he works the more money he will make. Bob takes this recommendation to heart since he has been told the same thing most of his life – more work (hard or smart) equals more money. Bob shows the business to 300 people over the course of the year, 60 of them sign up, and 2 of them actually make their initial investment back. By this time Bob has earned a decent chunk of cash for himself along with some solid residual income. John was right – hard work actually paid off in ACN! Screw the haters, this is a legitimate business 🙂  … but what about the 58 people who signed up and lost money? Is hard work still a reasonable justification for profits when you have caused 58 people to part with their money by promising them great returns and delivering them nothing? Oh wait – but it’s alright because you gave everyone fair warning that making money in this business means hard work and they new from the get-go what the odds were of making money. Ya.. maybe you did explain this, but 5 minutes after that talk you halled them off to a rah rah pep rally and subjected them to 3 hours of watching people who claim to be rich walk accross stage spouting how great ACN is. Don’t these 2 actions (telling recruits that ACN is nearly impossible, then flashing riches and success stories in front of them..) seem a little contradictory? In any event, it would appear that anyone who actually  “Made it” in ACN (through all that “hard work” promoted by the brain washed reps) only got there by screwing a sizable number of people out of their signup fee. ACN might make you rich if you work hard enough – but based on the data, it’s going to require that you make a lot of other people poor.

Jim Rohn probably said it best: Service to Many Leads to Greatness. We want to achieve greatness at the service to many – ACN seems to seek greatness at the expense of many.

Our Recommendation

If you’re about to spend $500 on ACN, at least think about your other alternatives and keep the statistics in mind. You can say with 99% confidence that you are more likely to make money putting the $500 into a savings account. But ACN, like all business ventures, is a risk – and the only way you make it big is by taking risks. We argue that there are better risks you can take. Think for a moment why you would say yes to ACN – probably not because of the odds, but because you know that you have all these people in your upline who are doing it already and are willing to help you. This is a highly emotional reason for starting a business, and you should probably put a little more emphasis on the facts.

Ask For Proof! Get some proof from your upline (at a level close to you, not proof from the top) that they are actually making money. A lot of independent reps pretend that ACN is making them rich, when really they are just as broke as everyone else. Be careful – find some proof that the people whose footsteps you’re about to follow in are actually doing what they claim to be. Too much of your time, money, and reputation are about to be put on the line for you to just take their word for it. Good Luck!


Leave us some comments below. We are open to and uncritical of what anybody has to say. Do you think what we have said is right? Do you have a contradiction to our arguments that shows ACN really is a good way to make money?


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As always makes no guarantee as to the authenticity of the facts, arguments, comments or statements presented in the articles/posts on the site. We have a collection of over 20 writers (plus many guest authors) and keeping track of exactly who writes what is not done. That said, the articles and posts of this website are taken largely from personal experience and are more often then not very trustworthy sources of information – whether you choose to trust them or not is entirely up to your own judgment.

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  • Tom


    On the ACN promotional DVDs (for the US and Canada anyways) they state the the average ACTIVE ACN representative made over $500 per year. Does anyone have any information on this? Why do they specify active, what are the criteria for being active?

    thanks, Tom

    • Aztecacasino

      $500 per year?! I make more than that a month with my own company! And it's NOT an MLM! It's a REAL business!

      • Anstey06

        lol… if you follow the system you are provided with, You will earn your $499 + back in the first week.. this is a joke statement, a “real” business? so you have overhead, employees, inventory.. cudos to you.. although these things are not needed to operate a “real” business.

  • active ans

    Active: “Made Some Money and Acquired at least 1 New Customer”

  • Mark

    I find this article completely irresponsible and littered with ignorance and bad research. You want to know why ACN has an a website on their integrity? First of all, they are a billion dollar worldwide telecommunications company and they should have a site on their practices. Secondly and sadly, not to mention all of the absolute careless and uneducated blogs and articles about network marketing. Warren Buffet, one of the planets wealthiest and certainly most conservative investors, purchased several multi-level marketing companies back in 2002. Like in any small business we all take risks and it requires complete commitment, work ethic and hard work. The $499 investment for an opportunity geared to the entrepreneurial minded folk, ACN is about as solid as it gets. Full disclosure here, I have doing ACN for a couple of months and have only been encouraged and helped to create a successful part-time spare-time business. I've not seen most of what this blog is stating. I am very excited about what it has to offer. I'm hooked and even more excited to share this and help other people become successful. This company has an A+ rating with the BBB and is full of integrity.

    • Mike

      Mark, you're an idiot. March on smartly and take your place at the bottom of the pyramid.

      • buggymuffin

        He's an idiot because you don't agree with him? What do you care if he likes ACN?

    • nyamouth

      Why doesn't AT&T have a site about their integrity like that? They are a worldwide telecommunications company!

      • no

        That's because they have PROVEN integrity for over 100 years you moron.

    • Frasersecret

      Warren Buffet didn't pay $500 to become a rep. He bought the whole company because he knows they make money, even though the individual reps don't.

    • no

      Mark keep drinking the koolaid. I checked the BBB on ACN. The only reason they have an A+ rating is because they have so far resolved much of the complaints from customers. And they themselves are not a telecommunications company as they lead you to believe. They resell services from real telecom companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint etc.

  • Hi there Mark, I think we might have been a little harsh with this article. Really all we would like to draw attention to is the fact that people are not presented with the proper statistics when they are joining ACN. I think if we surveyed some ACN reps 1 to 2 years after signing up, the majority would say that things didn't turn out as well as they had expected. It may have been naive for them to expect success without significant work, but none the less, the majority would feel as if they had been slighted or tricked.

    The system is such that you can earn a lot of money just by having people sign up below you and get their five points. Of course long term residual income will come only by assisting and encouraging your team, but that can be tough when they are unmotivated (which, as I'm sure you have seen, often becomes the case.) Perhaps a change to the income structure might be beneficial to those closer to the bottom.

    It is also unfortunate that the only income stats published by the company refer only to members who have made money and acquired 1 new customer in a given year. These are good stats to go by for members who are currently active, but they could be improved for people contemplating joining. The big issue we find with the business is that not enough new reps make money. A stat that leaves out all reps who fall into the 'non-money-making' category is simply not effective (for the purpose at hand.)

    Maybe we are incorrect in thinking that this type of stat would really help limit the number of people who feel ripped-off as a result of joining ACN. In any event, we feel that something should be done to help ensure that peoples' expectations and their actual results are more in-line with one another.

    Please keep us posted on how things go for you in the business. All the best!

    • Portland,OR ACN Rep

      This is an interesting response since the original article came off harsh and created the feedback that is listed above. I have been in ACN for almost 6 months and haven't received a dime! HOWEVER, two weeks after signing up my mother passed away and I was unable to continue the business I didn't get the bonus which would have been ($1400) back had I got 2 reps to join and added on at least 8 customers. To me this was a feasible short-term goal and an easy way to get my investment back. But for me that didn't happen and almost 5 and a half months later. I'm just getting back in the business and starting over. It doesn't take a rocket science to see that those at the top will continue to get richer due to people at the bottom. This sounds like my last employer who worked less and got paid more, while I worked my butt off for pennies (basically) but for me I enjoyed the work I was doing. And this is how I feel about ACN, if you don't enjoy what you are doing you should not be doing ACN there are risk in every business, upline, downline, etc. And if you can't at the end of the day say “If I make it to the top, Great!, If not at least I enjoy what I do.” You are missing the point to life's happiness. It's not only about the money! but my peace of mind and unlike the comments I've been reading I don't believe I'm scamming poor people, because I'm at the bottom asking other people at the bottom if I can help save them some money? Or asking those who can afford the $500 if they would want to do this business with me? You can call me naive, I call myself FREE, of the opinions and judgments of others and enjoying building my ACN business. Also, my upline sponsor continued to encourage me to get the business going she was honest on how it would help her and honest on how it would help me. This was after my 30 day window of success. I'm just glad I can see both good and bad of ACN and I look forward in witnessing what I'll be able to do in this business by the hard work I plan to put into it. I can only be responsible for me and my actions before I say this didn't work, but believe me it will be after giving 100%.

      -Portland, Oregon ACN Rep

    • zee

      Your comments/article are Irresponsible, Careless. You have the audacity to ask Mark to 'keep you posted….' and 'All the best!' After reading all this mud slinging, insults, foul language, garbage, etc. from almost ALL of you on both sides….with the exception a few, I want to say this…

      to ACN Reps: go to training, learn from the experts in the fields of business, marketing, professional development, personal management DON'T BE DESPERATE and RECRUIT just anyone into your business. You need to turn people away if they can't commit to the rigors of Network Marketing and Personal Growth and if you can't commit to being a true blue business mentor – lower the averages of amatuers, wanna be's, and posers – higher the average of successful professionals in this field of free enterprise.

      to all Others: Really??? Why don't you ALL post your success stories in life so the rest of us can learn from you. Better yet why don't you mentor, lead and show us all how you did it so we can have what you have, drive what you drive, live where you live, and do what you do. By the way, please be sure to site all references to back up YOUR findings, research, and due dilligence on ACN, just for the record.

  • naccy

    Money trick, People. Get a real job, and open up your own business with your own name. Not ACN I hope.

    • iceonfire

      Yeah Peps… open your own business and make sure you are NOT spending more than $499.00. Let me see Advertising alone will probably cost at least 10,000/year, and how about the workers comp.,Insurance, licenses, your office building? ha! ha! Dont be ignorant !

  • BP

    I enroll 15 to 20 new representatives into my ACN business per month.
    Out of those, only 2-3 (roughly 10%) actually do what it takes to make it in this business. The numbers do not lie, when you get your own planet you can change it around if you like.
    The rest, I make sure they get their investment back (ACN has a 10-day cancellation policy) if they sit on their asses within the first 9 days.
    They do have to send in a letter though. In the letter, I ask them to include this:
    'ACN works, I just didn't work ACN.'
    Funny how people think they can do more research and be more credible than Donald Trump and his team of attorneys.
    The 'public' internet is the bathroom wall ladies and gents. Before you say no, make sure you know what you're saying no to.

    Stay mediocre.

    • Terrysayre

      How sad…this is another organization that prays on the elderly. This is at least the fourth get rich sceam my 75 year old father has gotten himself into.

      • CR

        Then you should call ACN customer support and ask what can you do to help your 75 year old father get his money back. Also did you even support your Dad in this at all? Before you call something a scam, you should look into the company and ask what you can do to help. I think its great that you father has the insight and wisdom to still try at his age. You'd think that by now he would be so jaded such as you. I hope you look at him and see how hope still lives in him and you get some of that and learn from him and move forward.

    • Vanessa

      Another Scumbag… Did you actually just reference Donald Trump as if he was someone who adds credibility to your organization? He's just a paid puppet who is selling his name to the highest bidder. He would back up the Taliban if they paid him enough.

      The bottom line is people like you are liars who are attracting a vulnerable consumer into buying your bullshit dream of becoming a superstar.

      Let me ask you this. If ACN is truly a credible organization then why is more emphasis put on gaining new recruits than actually selling the “state of the art” (what a joke) telecom products it's originally supposed to? You're a fucking jackass buddy… go to hell.


      • Epoch

        Well said Vanessa. This “company” just smells of a pyramid scheme that entices dimwits like the one a little further up into sending them $500 in return for “their own business”. What a joke. At best you're nothing more than a salesman, but more than likely you're just a sucker contributing to fraudulent scheme masquerading as a legitimate company.

        BP's is either one of the soul-less suits behind this scheme or someone who's just come from one of those seminars (I hate that word btw) designed to pump up the morale of the idiots who thought they bought a business for $500 and make them think everyone who didn't get suckered into it or got out is just a loser who didn't try hard enough.

        The only people who are definitely making any money off of this are the handful at the very top. I'm sure they're rolling around in exotic cars somewhere south California wearing stupid big sunglasses and laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Troysupdates

        Vanessa, how is he a jackass? and Epoch below, some ACN reps are dimwits? I personally know 4 doctors that are in this, I have a Bach in Computer Science (don't even get me started on that business, my friends still in that industry make less than cops and have no OT).

        There are 3 types of people:

        1. Will watch it happen…
        2. Will MAKE it happen…
        3. Will say…What happened?

        I'm deeply sorry if you got involved in this business and it didn't work for you. Like I said, I teach RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for each partner you SPONSOR into this businss and the worst case scenario is that you make back your investment and have a $20-30 residual check every month.

        I know I spout a lot of rhetoric, but seriously, no one is trolling on you and if you notice, most of us who are in the Pro column are very professional about it, while you spout obscenities.
        That makes sense, way to get your point across.

        Finally, you may or may not be religous, but another ACN partner (not one of mine, didn't know they were in the business until this happened), donated $5000 to our church to help out needy unemployed families. Unfortunately, I don't have those resources…yet.

        • FrankLamps

          4 Doctors? Get out of town! A doctor must be bright in all walks of life? I know 5 doctors in Toronto that just got busted for pedophelia. your point is what?

          • buggymuffin

            If the doctor is making money at ACN, he can't be that stupid.

          • Cat

            I'm frankly shocked at the number of people discussing this topic who loop back to pedophilia.

            When discussing the reputability of a business you should critically analyse the prjected business model, the outlay and potential income, the support involved in or provided by the business, and back the findings up with fact and not biased oppinions.

            The relevence of sex offenses or racism or the assult on religious bodies elludes me.
            As too does the unintelligable profanities utilised by those incabable of elloquently expressing their thoughts.

            Also of what significance of highlighting a persons profession? and linking it to a story of a known criminal who was once in the same proffession?.. You could choose any employment, career, proffession, where there have been vulgar human beings who have commited terrible offenses, this is evident in all aspects of human culture. This does not mean that all people engaged in that proffession are crooks.
            One police officer who breaks the law does not make all police officers unsafe nor one violent caucasian make all caucasians a “violent race”

            Now this is all common place knowledge and my purpose for stating the obvious is because reading this discussion (though my oppinion is irrelevant) i have merely find it an interesting observation of human behaviour that so many have resulted childishly to simple name calling swearing and raising completely unrelated themes that have no basis or relevence to the topic being examined. Not that i really expected an objective inteligent discussion on a topic that so many seem to find so emotive and stimulating.

            By all means to both parties engaging in this forum, enjoy the debate and perhaps consider that differing beliefs and oppinions don't need to be taken as personal affronts to your own beliefs. And thus perhaps a level of detatchment could be of benefit especial by those most distressed by what is being shared.

            To all take care and may you find resolution within yourself and be content with whatever decision you have made for yourself and perhaps even respect the decision of others for their journey is their own and either path shall lead to a destination 🙂

    • dontkidyourself

      I'm gonna call you out right now and say your lying about every figure you just posted. By the way, you sound like a puppet. You are the epitome of an ACN rep, you cant think for yourself so you speak through some other higher up idiot. “Writing on the bathroom walls” “Donald Trump and his team of attorneys”. Keep living a lie, I hope you feel good about yourself…

    • guest

      so you are making ACN aprox. 8k per month, do you know where that goes ? In a real company or sales dept , 30% – 50% is normal without any salary . Do they kick you back 4k per month? If so that's a good deal , if not , someone is eating prime rib and someone is eating flank steak .

      • buggymuffin

        30-50%? In some industries that might be true, but not all. I personally know of sales reps in perfectly reputable companies that sell million dollar products. I guarantee you that they are not making 500k in commissions.

  • 60 days in and going strong…

    How sad is this? Some people are quittters in life and will find any excuse to validate that they quit. It's not ACN, Its you! ACN is not part of the Easy Button. It takes work just like anything else. I just went to the National Convention in Ohio a few weeks ago. The co-founders are so real and honest. They have integrity coming out of their pores! I am honored to be part of a family team that all we all have a future in common. What are you doing for a plan B in life? We should all be thinking about this now with todays news. If one could buy a business for $500 and get a bonus that would give you your money back like I did within 30 days? Grab your wrist and check for a pulse! ACN is the real deal. Don't let people steal your dreams! Go big and reach for the stars!

    • Vanessa

      Dude, is your shit pushed so far up your fucking ass it's coming out of your mouth? People like you are scum… preying on other people's dreams of becoming successful. You should be shot in the head.

      • Vanessa's BF

        This Slut is so pissed!!! lol why dont you spread those cheddar legs so more you walking std!!

    • FrankLamps

      these things are all shit. get a real job. stop sending me philosophies on life happiness and mental positivity so only to try and sucker me in to making you profit. sad, and a weak fallback for other failed opportunities. you'll agree like all my friends who tried this shit did in, oh, i'd say a year, when you realize you've gone nowhere…

      • CR

        Wow. I see how “education” educated you. What university do you teach at so I can make sure my kids don't go there. Its sad that anybody as negative as you are can go out there get a ” masters degree” to wave around and teach kids to be robots and become mindless corporate workers.
        And its sad to see that your education didn't teach you to be a profesional teacher and learn not to use profanity when trying to express yourself.. You are giving real teachers a bad name..

        • FrankLamps

          at least I can spell. Education gave me that much. I teach at U of T. And, truly, I'm not negative: I'm sick of idiots trying to convince me that their so-called positivistic 'prophecies' are not in vain and have nothing to do with suckering me into some bullshit pyramid scam. Talk about robots. And for the record I teach psychology so I have no business nor desire training people to become 'mindless' corporate workers. Get your facts straight you clown. I am standing up for potential suckers everywhere- I'm going to go with the notion that it's actually quite contrary to your idea of giving teachers a bad name. One thing I do teach is to stay away from junk programs like ACN. Have a nice day cowboy.

          • Guest

            It is sad that you do not have God in your life. It must be very lonely. If you did you would not be so negative and hateful.

          • Bfl13

            you're such a pussy TJ

          • run

            GOD? What does god have to do with ACN

          • buggymuffin

            You may spell the words correctly, but go back and read your post. Punctuation and grammar go along way in getting your point across.

          • yellowfever

            a long

      • selfmade

        After reading your comments, I've come to realize you have had some experiences in your life in which you failed yourself. If 60 days person is doing well in a business where she is helping people save money on bills they pay anyway, why are you so negative about that???

        Everything we do for a living is marketing a product, service, or ourself. ACN offers services we pay for anyways. Your on your internet right now, and someone is making money off you, dipshit. It's probably 60 days in. So you talk about “sucker me into making you profit”, someone already is, but would you rather have a huge company make money off you? Or would you rather have your friend or family member? But I can tell you something, it's not you making money on your bills. It's not like ACN is selling or marketing magical energy drinks that make you smarter. But if they did you should order a case.

        My wife has a masters and I dropped out after 2yrs. I make twice as much money without a degree. Statistics show that over 90% of millionaires in the US haven't completed 2yrs of college. More people drop out of college than drop out of ACN. The difference is college drop outs don't blame the college. We are always quick to blame someone else other than ourselves for failure. Stop looking at your failed experiences and let others follow their dreams and desires.

        • FrankLamps

          Dipshit….brrrr. I'd rather do something I love as opposed to relying on 'helping' people help me. Here we go with the millionaire stats again. You know, the whole point has been missed, but that's predictable. If you think money is the key to happiness good luck to you. Save your stats; I couldn't care less what ratio of millionaires have degreees. Go to sleep with your stats and feel good about your ACN experience- I bet it's always been your dream.

          • buggymuffin

            Do you teach behavioral therapy? Because you need to learn how to calm down. Believe it or not, people do make money at this. And the only ones who are suckers are those who don't honestly evaluate a business opportunity & whether or not it is a good fit for them. And that is true for ANY business opportunity, MLM or not.

        • Tom

          You are mistaken John if you think 90% of millionaires having less than 2 years of college somehow means its a good idea to not go to college. If you want to throw out statistics :

          -There are over 3 billion people in the United States, only 4.7 million are millionaires. Your chances of becoming a millionaire are incredibly small and you are more than likely never going to become a millionaire, especially by selling ACN products and services, only those at the tip-top (i.e. the original creators of this program) are millionaires due to residuals. You are more than likely, statistically, to be an ordinary average American citizen, so lets look at the wages you will earn.

          – Let's look at the median yearly income of the average America (taken by the U.S. Department of Labor) :
          No college : $30,400
          Bachelors : $52,200
          Masters : $62,300
          PhD or equivalent degrees : $89,400 – $109,600

          In this case, if ACN fails or goes under (which is possible, don't buy the hype that this is some guaranteed lifetime job, the technology will be outdated within 10 years, guaranteed), you are looking at your wife earning more than $30,000 than you, PER YEAR!

          It is never a bad decision to earn a college degree of some sort as it drastically increases your pay grade. Don't fail yourself by refusing to become educated.

          • I Don't Pump or Dump

            Just one comment to Tom: 308 million people in the U.S., just came from the Census they took. Safe bet that if I did a bit of research, I'd find out that your facts were pulled from a box of Fruit Loops.

        • yellowfever

          way to be resilient and never give up, your just like my syphilis.

      • TRACI

        You and your friends are obviously people who want it handed to them. News Flash……………..I'm sure your still paying on your Master Degree and you will be for a VERY LONG TIME! Good Luck with that, Mr. Teacher. I wouldn't want your negative Nelli attitude teaching people I love and care about! Maybe you should have gone to Yale or Harvard where they teach MLM! Maybe you would have learned something!

        • FrankLamps

          Thanks for the reply traci. Truth is, I was funded by the government for 22K a year over 4 years. In fact, I have residual in the bank at the moment. Once again, with you clones it's all about money and false information. I'll tell you what I told CR- get your facts straight before making idiotic assumptions. 🙂

          • Cris

            and there u go again the government funded successful teacher???? are u in welfare too??? opps dont answer we know you are… hahaha!

          • FrankLamps

            what? yes, didn't you hear? teachers are on welfare in Ontario. Dumbass.

          • zee

            “get your facts straight before making idiotic assumptions. :)”

            LOL, maybe u should take your own advice.

          • FrankLamps

            Like what 'zee'? I have my personal experiences with ACN reps to go by. Those are realities, my friend, not assumptions at all. Labelling anyone against ACN and other scams as 'bad apples', lazy, or inefficient is, of course, to assume. So to you as well, learn what words actually mean before firing them off in conversation.

          • buggymuffin

            And labeling everyone who is for ACN as stupid is to assume. And we all know what happens when you assume things . . .

          • buggymuffin

            Like you do?

        • FrankLamps

          And what do I want handed to me? 7 years of University, 4 of which I paid for every September working 2 jobs? Tell me what I want handed to me again.

        • FrankLamps

          btw,. did you go to yale or harvard? I will wager thats a no. I doubt anyone goes to harvard to study to work for ACN. get a fuckin grip lady. Those you love and care about? How long will they reciprocate once youre through scamming them?

        • ETL and OUT

          You think they are teaching us about MLM so that we can go sign up for it? You've been listening to the BS of your upline too much.. hahaha, at our business school (Cornell) they did mention MLM in two courses, but not because they were training us to go sign up for it.. they basically just wanted to teach us how MLM works – they actually spent more time on the scam filled history of the industry than they did talking about it as a viable business model.

          Next time an RVP gets on stage and brings up the fact that they teach MLM at Harvard, tell him to sit down and stop conning people into a sketchy business by lying about what they are teaching at University…

      • Guerrerorose

        Wow Frank, you sound like your one miserable and unhappy person.

        • FrankLamps

          very wrong my friend. I love my job and my life. I only came on here to discover what I suspected already: that this ACN thing is pure bullshit. My aim was to get the point across to people like you that I am not interested in this stupid endeavor. You can't even go to a coffee shop anymore without ACN and Primerica vultures circling around. once again, my life is quite fulfilling; in fact, it would be slightly more so if drones like ACN reps got on with it and left the populace alone.

          • Deocil

            Kudos Frank. Hello all. I took a pay cut last year to represent people in a Trade Union after several years of University and a lucrative job. Money is not everything. At some point you have to look at what you have done in life and think “would my children be proud of HOW I earned my living?”

            Hard work is the only real way to be successful in life. People who scam see only the dollars, not the pride of having advanced society and our families and our world through real accomplishment. I have friends trying to sign my wife and I up with ACN and we keep saying no, only to have them try to sign us to a five year contract for our services that we already buy. I still fail to see how a middleman can save me money on something that I already pay for, by locking me in for five years, so they make money on what … my signature? Then do nothing for the money? How can anyone be proud of that?

            For all those who plug ACN, please, do what you like, but don't try to sell me something that can't be backed by stats, and then on the other hand call people schmucks for believing in “traditional” earnings. Those traditional earnings produced nearly all the wealth that ACN distributes (mainly upward) Don't forget what you are selling are services that people have already worked hard to deliver, from companies who actually do the work, who maintain the networks and create the products. If you are buying into something like ACN you are working within their framework and by their rules, rather than getting your degree, or certifications for skills, or hell … not getting your degree, and working somewhere building or doing something. At ACN you are a leach on an existing system, a parasite, and at some point it will come to an end, and the only people who really profit are those who disappear when the Feds get involved with charges.

            ACN'ers talk about a Plan B. I have a plan B. So do my 12,000 union brothers and sisters. It is called a Pension plan, which is protected by law and has over $5 an hour plugging into it for every hour I work. It is invested, and gives an additional 8-15% a year. If you want to retire early, comfortably, and with your honor in tact, do something useful. Build things. Transport people. Get obscure skills and find out who will pay for them. Give value back to this world.

            Reality is: ACN promises money for nothing. Maybe even chicks for free, given the video I saw, but it does not ever replace a job. People now are so caught up in not actually WORKING that they believe hype about residual income. What do I believe? I believe I will work another five years, build my next home in the country, and retire on the $100K plus I made by buying, fixing up, and selling homes, which I started five years ago. I put in a whole lot of elbow grease, alienated nobody in the process, and added real value to things that were beneficial to someone else's life.

            Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to hoodwink someone else into fishing and giving over the fish, and he will eat for as long as the fisherman is an idiot.

            Traci: Harvard and Yale don't teach people about any MLM as an endorsement, but about how they work, much as the UofT school of business teaches about traditional business models, MLMs, and many other money making schemes.

            “More people drop out of college than out of ACN?” Stats please? Wouldn't it be better to compare how many people have happy productive lives making money traditionally vs. those who actually make a living at ACN without compromising their integrity? Or maybe it would be better to show that the average ACN person makes less than $2 a month residually.

          • buggymuffin

            Very eloquent, but I would like to make a few points..
            First, would that 5 year contract have saved you any money? I agree with your statement that your children should be proud of you earn your money, and as ACN rep, I would never offer a service to anyone, contract or not, that did not benefit them in some way. Believe it or not some of us are not in this business to hoodwink our friends and family, but to earn some money while helping our friends and family. And we work honestly and ethically, which may or may not be the case for your friend.
            ACN does not offer money for nothing. The offer the opportunity to make money IF you are willing and able to work for it. Like any business, it requires hard work and drive to be successful. This business is not for anyone, and the truly successful reps may show the opportunity to everyone they know, but they only sign up the ones who appear to be excited and driven. While there will still be some who will not succeed, trying to recruit the right people is key to long term success. Rep who go out and try to recruit everyone they meet will not be as successful in the long run because their recruits will not succeed, and no matter which part of the compensation plan you look at, no money is made until customers are signed up for services.
            If you still fail to see how a middleman can save you money, ask yourself this: Why do stores and independent reps sell cell phones for wireless carriers? They don't do it for free and they don't charge any more that the carriers. Why would the carrier pay someone else to sell their cell phones when they make more money by selling the phones themselves? The answer is easy, marketing costs. When a big box store like Best Buy sells a cell phone for AT&T, they pay for all of the advertising. The money AT&T saves in marketing allows them to pay the third party vendors. ACN does the same thing with most of the services they offer (the video phone is their own). They contract with the provider to market their products for a cut of the proceeds, part of which are passed on to the reps. With cell phones it tends to be a cheaper handset purchase price, with other services it is a discount on the monthly charges. As ACN has a 90% customer retention rate, as opposed to the less than 50% retention average the provider maintains on its own, it is a beneficial relationship.
            As to what the successful people would do if ACN closed it's doors and the revenue went away, if they are smart, they have invested some of that money along the way in an IRA or other long term investment for their future. Not everyone gets a cushy pension from their employer or union. I am glad you do, but some of us are not so lucky. I am glad you found a “plan B” that works for you.
            MLM & direct selling has been a successful business model for decades. Just look at Amway, Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc. All of these companies reward you for recruiting others who will sell their products. The difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme is that MLM does not reward you until you build a customer base, whereas a pyramid scheme rewards you when you sign someone new up.

          • buggymuffin

            None of us care whether YOU are interested. Why do you care if others are?

    • FrankLamps

      and to reply to 'some people are quitters in life and will find any excuse to validate that they quit'…i did quit this horseshit and went to get a masters degree, now teach at a university and don't have to worry about scamming other people into thinking the 1. wealth comes from becoming a false messiah and 2. that anyone can do it if they 'persevere'. I have no regrets. Paychecks are constant and stable. Life is more interesting when you do what you want to do, and don't pretend that saving people save 20% on effin phone bills is the be all and end all of a happy, productive life.

    • HavLaw07

      The short and simple of it is this:

      1) ACN is a pyramid scheme, which in turn is a scam or ripoff
      2) They promote recruiting others instead of their products or services
      3) Of all you people (suckers) involved, less than 1% will make their money back
      4) Donald Trump is an idiot (granted, a rich one)
      5) You will lose friends, family, and possibly your dog will hate you
      6) ACN spends big $$ on their PR to try and maintain a legitimate cover

      Here's some free advice. Take the $500 and invest it into a mutual fund, enough said.

    • TJ

      AMEN! I am the worst person for selling; however, while I am working hard to get my business customers established, and the money to start coming in, I am rewarded with the knowledge that the customers I do have are saving money BECAUSE of me and ACN. The rewards are endless. Remember this, “God helps those who help themselves!” In my case, helping others save money on the bills they pay every month anyway, is my reward. The bonus will come later when my business builds. Hard? You bet! But the rewards are endless.
      God Bless!

      • TCfor6

        haha, you are awesome. I wish more of the reps in my downline bought in as hard as you! You have really let us brain wash you nicely 😉 You're a little bit too eager, careful not to be one of those crazy advocates who gives our gig a bad name.
        And no need make things over-religious, is this a business or a cult?
        Keep up the motivation!

    • yellowfever

      i use plan b so that if i get carried away my girl wont get pregnant, are you saying acns miracle company can stop pregnancy, hell ya im in this company sounds absolutly perfect for a college kid like me.

  • epoch

    So how many of the people slamming this article here have actually made any significant financial gains from ACN? From reading their responses I'm getting the impression that they haven't.

    Anyone who actually made money would not be making posts that rain hail and lightning on an article that dares attack their chosen method of business but would instead offer to demonstrated why the article was incorrect and could back up their statements with information. (And since people who actually know how to make a lot of money rarely ever disclose how exactly that is done, that's not going to happen)

    All we've gotten thus far from Mark and company was emotionally charged drivel.

    • TheTelecomSecret

      Absolutely right Epoch,
      Some successful people do share information on how they became successful. Unfortunately the vast majority of it is watered down principles such as “hard work”. Not exactly the tips new reps are looking for.
      It is no coincedence that most MLM companies stress the importance of working on 'yourself' first – then your business. This is because most people don't have the required skills to be successful in direct selling. Some of the prerequisites are: Sales, marketing, advertising (yes, that's a different skill than marketing) , personal appearance/attire (dress for success), and so on. I teach these tennants and more to all of my new reps. This article does an excellent job of highlighting the typical “rah rah” song and dance that most MLM companies utilitize to distract from the huge commitment that is actually required to make any tangible returns.
      It is also no accident that the 'up-line' people you meet typically lose interest in you as a 'rep' once your probation period is over. That's because they can't earn any more 'fast-start' commissions from you. Instead of building your residual wealth, they go on to the next guy that's going to earn them a $200 bonus that month.

      • A V Nolden

        To get a return on any monies we put forward takes a certain amount of time. I have not heard the term “business plan” in any of the blogs today. For any one going into ACN, I hope that they put together a Business Plan before starting and for those people who have not heard of the phrase, stop now and go back and take a business course. No business is get rich quick thing.

      • TD

        Scenario I teach my Partners…

        If you get one partner per month, is that HARD WORK?

        If you get 2 Customer Services/month is that HARD WORK?

        If you were to follow those two examples as above, AND TEACH each of the partners you get to do the EXACT same thing by the end of your first year your residual would be above $400/mo and you'd have bonuses of around $2k/mo, and if everyone is on the same page, it would NEVER GO DOWN. Don't get me wrong, there are quitters in every bunch, which is one reason I try not to talk about GIANT residuals and bonuses.

  • Kevin Crux

    I run a successful confectionery company and have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Not everyone is cut out for the long hours it takes to start a business from scratch. The first 3 years is tough, and usually require 10 – 12 hour days, 6 days a week. My original investment in my confectionery company was $300k, and there was a significant risk involved. When my wife brought up the ACN concept I was initially sceptacle of the entire idea. I'd never wanted to get involved with a MLM type company, and was always put off by AMWAY, AVON, etc. My wife probably puts in a maximum of 12 hours per week, and myself about 6 hours. It took my wife 6 months to start earning a little over $100.00 per month on residue income, and it has increased steadily since. My point here is that starting your own business is not for everyone, and if we worked at ACN 60 – 70 hours per week, like my other start ups, then our income would be even greater. The financial risk of starting a traditional company is much, much greater than $500.00, and is usually what stops people from living out their dream. I bet the majority of people that have failed with ACN would admit to “not really working that hard at it”. As a sales person you have to get used to hearing the word “No thanks” and move on.
    Kevin Crux
    Toronto, Ontario

    • CR

      Kevin Thank you for putting this into perspective. Bottom line is if $500 is going to keep food off your table and eliminate the roof over your head, you should not take the “risk” and invest that money into a biz that has all its tools and marketing material, training, customer support (for just your customers who purchase services through you) included in that one time investment. Also be aware that you only pay an additional $29.99 a month if you want the website. That's it. You don't need the website since ACN has one. Just make sure your customer has your ID number so you can get the credit for the sale.
      On another note…Where are you going to find a biz where the product is cheaper through you than through the retailer? Granted it may only be $5 per month for the 1st 12 months of service cheaper with some of the services but with the economy today that is a big savings for some customers. And its Big Name Brand services they are using anyway so why not redirect it to someone who is starting up and who is looking for the American Dream. That is what this country was built on.. Indiviual entruepranuers (See even someone who can't spell can still work hard and be So yes think about what that $500 really means to you and what it can do for you right now or for your future…

  • man_incognito

    people need to look at this critically and keep their naiveté in check. the videophone is not a good product. why would anyone buy one unless everyone else they know and call already had one too? also, why would anyone need videophone when webcams are cheap and skype is free???

    furthermore, all it initially boils down to for a 'rep' is that they paid 500 and their job is to get other people to pay 500 dollars.

    the scam is incredibly intricate, but makes perfect sense once you realize that all most people are trying to do is to get others to pay 500 dollars, then once they pay 500 they are offered to “be their own customers” and their telecom. bills are taken over by ACN at a reduced rate, so your phone bill becomes an ACN bill. it may be less than what you are paying with, say, at&t, but you're STILL PAYING ACN EACH MONTH! they pay your phone bill, but that's just overhead cost to the company because they pay the at&t bill all at once for each of the “reps” at a MUCH lower price than each individual would have paid. therefore, they make a profit because the cost of paying each person's bill is much lower than the money that each “rep” is paying THEM (acn) each month.

    any company can make a website on which they sell phones and services at a reduced rate because they buy in bulk at a reduced price per phone and give a markup that's less than, say at&t's would be. But the website and selling phones is just a front that really means nothing to the company except a moderate profit which is dwarfed by the money they make from people paying 500 dollars and THEN selling themselves the reduced service for the monthly bill and signing it over to acn who will pay it for cheaper than they are charging said “rep.”

    to surmise, it seems that it is the 'reps' themselves who are being swindled into paying first 500 dollars to ACN, then paying MORE money each month to the company under the guise of a telecom. bill. ACN is not scamming anyone except for their own 'reps.'

    maybe some people make money form this… more power to them i suppose. i just hope they can continue with the delusion and don't realize they have jeopardized their personal reputation and their ethical standing.

    people just need to THINK CRITICALLY about the information, im just some guy who went through one presentation and was able to see through the scam thoroughly enough, and these are but a few of the bright red flags which reveal the holes in the company. these are just what i thought of it all and if im wrong, please demonstrate exactly how by presenting real information.

    • Tanyc1

      I was presented material and an ivitation to attend an ACN meeting and saw the exact same thing as you did. Please people use your common sense and judgment and simply do the math the numbers dont lie. Stay clear if you dont know what your getting into. Takes money time and sales ability to qualify and make any money at all.

      • Jcas

        “Takes money time and sales ability to qualify and make any money at all.”

        Doesn't any self owned job take money and time to be successful in?

      • Nparro

        Interesting…takes time and money to make money eh? I'm pretty sure the same could be said of starting up any business. Its not a pay $500 dollars and you'll be rich tomorrow business, they tell you it will require some of your time to “work at it to make money at it. correct me if iI'm wrong but you trade your time for money every day you go to work. And everyone has the so called sales abilty your talking about, its called word of mouth advertising “hey go check out this movie”, “go eat at this restaraunt”. Whats the difference in saying I might be able to save you some money on your hydro bill or your phone bill? The reason not many people make much money if any doing these types of businesses is because lazy people get in and hope for instant rewards which in turn affects the averages negatively, thusly resulting in  the “only 1 in 100 make any money at it” statement. And in regards to a pyramid what do you all think you work for if you don't own your own business? Uh the guy at the top makes all the money and I get screwed, sounds like any labourer working for a boss. Let me guess what about the $500 dollars you have to pay to join? right? Sorry but do they just hand out McDonalds for free these days? This company has lawyers, buildings, support staff that all has to be paid for, so to make an initial investment for that infrastructure to all be at your disposal its a substantilally small investment.

    • Broof73

      wow…i think incognito just said it the way it really is.

    • L Sure

      You only went to ONE presentation and you were able to see it through??? Such cognitive abilities you have…

    • buggymuffin

      “telecom. bills are taken over by ACN at a reduced rate, so your phone bill becomes an ACN bill. it may be less than what you are paying with, say, at&t, but you're STILL PAYING ACN EACH MONTH! they pay your phone bill, but that's just overhead cost to the company because they pay the at&t bill all at once for each of the “reps” at a MUCH lower price than each individual would have paid. therefore, they make a profit because the cost of paying each person's bill is much lower than the money that each “rep” is paying THEM (acn) each month.”
      Yeah, that's such a scam, you save money on your landline because your provider buys the service in bulk. And you make a small residual in the process. You are aware that they sell other service and have many customers who are not reps who are perfectly happy with their lower phone bills aren't you.

  • Arcrius

    Pick up the phone, tell people to come to a presentation, get them signed up, and then make money. I'm sorry if this seems like a hard way to make money. Would you listen to a multimillionaire or this guy who posted this article to tell you how to make money?

  • michele4065

    Let a now-ex talk me into joining ACN. Lots of pressure to make contacts. If they think you know someone who has a big pool of family/friends to draw from, they're your best friends. As soon as your momentum slows down, or the someone you know doesn't quite work out, they drop you like a hot rock. That's all fine, even expected, I supposed. The issue I have is that while I was a rep, I/we bought 2 video phones. Shortly after deciding I'd had enough (and the breakup w/the ex), I called to cancel the subscription for the phones, knowing I'd be paying early termination fees for both. It's nearly impossible to get to talk to somebody for a cancellation, and they apparently don't know how to do it, because all this time later and I'm still getting billed for them. Not a chance in hell I'm going to pay them when they're the ones who didn't follow through on their part. It's just crazy. For those of you who think it's going to work…..good luck. I've know some people with amazing sales skills, and they didn't make it. Their products are good, their practice……not so much.

    • notAquitter

      In every Direct selling Company there are only two kinds of people THE Quitters and The WINNERS ! Sorry you didnt make it to the top… When you involve yourself to this kind of business you should know that its not gonna be easy… and not fast money you have to look at this as a 3 to 5 years commitment people that stay and produce sales are the ones that make it to the top! Quitters are just simply lets say this business are not for them…

      • Rob

        You can be successful in anything that you put your mind to; however, there is a moral priciple in play. Why should the money made from this business be PRIMARILY from RECRUITING? It should be focusing on the product. But you rarely hear about this in the presentations. $500 was a good life experience for me. Never will happen again.


        LIFE LESSON #2: Do what you REALLY want to do! If you don't want to do it, or are even a bit skeptical! DON'T DO IT!

        LIFE LESSON #3: Do what makes you happy. Don't be Conned just because someone is “more of an expert” or “has more money”! This means nothing. If you don't KNOW what you want to do! Someone else will give you an agenda with your life!

        • notAquitter

          Rob, You are very right.. we can be successful in anything we want to do….the desire to succeed is very important… investigate before u invest your time, energy and money make sure this is really what u wanted to do… so that when u decided to quit u wont be telling everybody that this business didnt work for you and so its a SCAM…good luck!

          • Wakeup

            Rob nailed it on the head. If the point of the company was to sell the product or service, then the vast majority of the focus of seminars would be on just the products and services.

            So is it? All you ACNers tell us, what do they teach you in the seminars?

            If the focus is on “changing your life”, or “how to be the person you want to be” or other such motivational crap… then it's a scam. A company that is focused on their product/services will carefully interview and recruit people who are good salespersons, not cast a wide net with motivational catch phrases, tag lines, and other gimmickry in hoping they'll get 1% to actually sell their product.

            Last and certainly not least, I've never had to pay $500 to go to a job interview. My first job out of college my company flew ME across the country and set me up in a nice hotel with a rental car for a CHANCE to talk with me.

            I Googled ACN because one of my wife's family friends' son is in it, and it's kind of sad. The poor sap has custom vanity plates that read “SVPTOBE” (that's Senior Vice Pres To Be), and posts numbskull stuff on his facebook like “Status: Not working very hard and making a lot of money” when his own family admits he isn't making a dime.

            He drank the kool-aid… whoever said it was a cult was right.

          • Nicholas24

            Your last paragraph is a PERFECT example of an ACN rep. A now ex-friend of mine posts things all the time, for instance, “starting my own telecom business was the best decision of my life! I never thought making money could be this easy!” When in fact I know her and her husband are broke, neck deep in debt, and were forced to move into their parents house with their 6 year old son. Sounds like it was a good decision, huh?

      • Alltalkcable

        Look not a quitter you are absolutely right but the problem is ACn wants all of their representatives to recruit everyone and anyone. There should be some sort of guideline and recruiting structure that clearly warns those that the opportunity has sales and different types of requirements in order to become successful.
        Most jobs clearly state the requirements and skills needed for success. How come most MlMs including ACN fail to be selective during their recruiting process? These company portray their mission as if its simple and attainable for everyone.
        I will tell you why, FOR MONEY! MONEY AND MORE MONEY. More money for the founders and the up lines that will profit most. In actuality these people would take the money off of our grandparents, children, anyone who would sign and pay the $499 to join and why? Well its to feed their greed and fulfill their number one objective—-PROFIT AT ALL COST!!!
        We can all make it, work hard, smart and diligent. Be proud of what you do, because what you do, is who you are and who you are is remarkable, God Bless1

  • Boyandy12

    Thank you for the insight I gained into this company. You can bet your last dollar I will not be spending my $500 on this sham.
    E. Hector, Canada

  • Tony A

    After several days of research and actually calling several ACN representatives randomly, I could find no one that can prove to me by either check stubs or tax returns that they are actually making substantial income the company claims you can make, none the less much money at all. I was told repeatedly that, “my up line is making six figures” but yet again no proof was provided outside of a conversation from a Team coordinator but again with out any proof this claim could not be substantiated.

    Like most MLM and network marketing models the upper echelon of any company are those individuals who have help start and create the business in turn whom will profit best. This takes high dollar investment, commitment, time, the ability to motivate and the staying power to have major cash reserves to live off of while your down lines grow and your recruitment multiplies.

    Unfortunately, for the average Joe, most peoples warm market (the emphasis in their marketing model) cannot provide the recruitment and point demands(ACN's qualifying system) to earn the cash bonus's that can actually be worthwhile. Again remember to reach these hard to attain positions requires a sales background, top notch organizational skills, the ability to motivate and maintain a sales force and again most importantly cash reserves to sustain oneself while your business grows.

    I stress this because of my experience and past involvement in several MLM's over the course of my sales career. ACN's payout is that of a typical pyramid model yet slightly reversed due to the stress of supporting your down-lines and being less competitive with those in your legs however, I find the cash bounty's for acquisitions and overrides to be poor and not worthwhile even attempting.

    Lastly, due to the initial investment(currently $499) and hidden fees(marketing tools, website, trainings, product services, etc..) to pay monthly most required by their representatives, will find themselves upside down for quite sometime if not ever. Do the math! simply sit down take a few minutes and calculate their payout plan leaving out the hype, hoopla and could, would, chances and bonus's they promise if you reach certain levels, keeping in mind most people will not be able to achieve.
    Coming from a business background and successful sales career I have always found it difficult to break out of the lower-mid tiers of any MLM. I’m not saying this couldn’t be the right thing for certain individuals but for me to drag in those less capable then myself and strain my relationships with friends and family when I know they are most likely doomed to failure is not something I am ready to part take in.
    And one more last thing, every MLM has a main focused product to mask the pyramid and concentrate their company’s sales around. This happens to be their local and long distance service matched with a video phone which requires DSL or broadband internet service to operate (another bill). Hello people! if you have high speed internet you can use Skype, yahoo video messenger, Google video chat, Google talk, Fring, etc. for FREE, yes for Free! So simply have a laptop with a web-cam or simply buy one for your computer for twenty to thirty bucks and voila there is your free video phone WITHOUT any monthly fees and bull!
    Yours Truly,

    • EntrepreneurGirl

      Tony, I agree with you that your average Joe isn't going to find success in this type of business model. I think where MLMs go wrong is in pushing the golden $ signs and don't put enough emphasis on the work needed to build, train and motivate a sales team to keep the momentum going. Very few people possess this talent, which is why so few actually get paid at the end of the week. This type of business isn't for the poorly skilled wannabes of the world. And there's no business you could buy for $500 and have the potential you have with MLMs. I know because I invested $30k in franchise fees and nearly a $200k business loan to get a business going and I busted my hump to make it one of the top 10 stores in the country (which it is). Hiring, firing, training, inventory, accounting/payroll, customer satisfaction, marketing, business development…it's insane the amount of time involved and then I pay the host 50% royalties and don't even get me started on the taxes.

      And people are crying about a measly $500! If you don't have it to invest – then stick with your day job. If you're a pony then don't fool yourself into thinking your a racehorse.

      • Epoch

        Speak for yourself pony. Have you actually joined this MLM scheme and made any substantial earnings? No? Then kindly shut that hole in your mouth please, thank you.

        Potential for earnings is irrelevant to the matter; I could potentially make a few hundred thousand dollars robbing a bank, or starting an illegal pyramid schem-, err, “MLM” gig. Doesn't mean that it's not a shady (and potentially illegal) thing to do. Sorry for being just a pony and not wanting to take part in a scheme where most people will never earn anything substantial because those who do earn anything are at the top sucking money from the base at the bottom who were dumb (for lack of a better word) enough to think they can be one of the few elite individuals at the top of the pyramid.

        I question you're ability to handle finances if you think $500 is a “measly” sum of money. I have well beyond $500 in savings, but I'm not going to blow even $100 of it on something I know is designed to fail most individuals. I wouldn't carelessly waste $500 if I made a seven figure income, because that's just how I am.

        If you actually knew anything about managing money–and you should if you supposedly got a franchise off to a start (which to be honest isn't all that impressive compared with getting a completely new business idea going)–you'd know that you can't be careless with even $10 because each “measly” sum of money you're careless with quickly adds up. $500? I wouldn't give these guys $5.

        • John

          I agree with EntreprenuerGirl!!! I myself have invested hundreds of thousands on traditional business. If you have no motivation to remove yourself from your hole, then you'll have no motivation to succeed in life.

          You speak about the “individuals at the top of the pyramid” “sucking money from the base at the bottom”. Did you vote those “individuals” to the top, or did they earn it by hard work and successful business pratices? Have you ever asked how those “indivuduals” got to where they are today, I think not so “shut that hole in your mouth”!!!

          I've had the pleasure of meeting many successful ACN reps. Some are multi-millionaires already from past business's. I've learned that if anyone wants to be successful then you should rub elbows with successful people. If you want to be broke then hang around broke people because they know how do shatter dreams and find the negatives aspects of every opportunity. Not every opportunity fits our personality, but staying open minded and giving some opportunities a chance will find success eventually.

          I've tried several MLM opportunities and can't say anything negative about any of them. They were not the right fit for me. I would not and could not sell, lotions, potions, and magic candy bars/energy drinks. Not right for me and many other people. ACN is not for everyone! I've done my research from “credible” sites. I can honestly say that it is an amazing opportunity because they utilize bills that we pay anyways and re-direct them through ACN. Which means you can make a residual income by helping your friends and family save money on services they are going to pay anyways and you make a commission from it. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Find me another opportunity where I can do the work 1 time and get paid on it for as long as the customer keeps paying that bill like internet, phone, wireless, home security, power & gas, local and long distance, WiMax….. WOW!!!

          So Ponyboy Epoch, don't spend your money on ACN because your a failure in life already. It takes money to make money. If your waiting for your ass to shit out money then good luck to you. Just don't say ACN is “designed to fail most individuals”. They fail themselves, put in hard work and success will follow.

          • Bill

            You're a real professional.

          • Nicholas24

            I hope you know that the top earners in ACN were PAID to come into the company. Not one of those SVP's started from the bottom. Believe their lies all you want but just remember one thing. YOU my friend are the fool.

            And you have invested “hundreds of thousands” on traditional business? If you couldn't turn that into a successful business then you deserve to take your place with the middle class dream world that is ACN.

          • buggymuffin

            That may be true of those who started with the company 18 years ago. They were a start up and needed sales reps. But it is absolutely not true today. There are plenty of SVP's today that started at the bottom. It is network marketing, which means you need to talk to people you know to sell things. If you are not at least willing to present the products and the opportunity to those you know, how do you expect to make any money. That doesn't mean you need to cram it down their throats, but you have to at lease be willing to take that first step. It is not door to door sales like Kirby.

          • FrankLamps

            Hey tough guy, if you're doing so well, why the fuck are you wasting yours and everyone elses time reading an article that slams and disowns your business type? I would have thought the successful ones, not the naively optimistic noob, would be off without time to write a novel on this page. But maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe I'm just sarcastic.

          • Spanky2007

            John, sounds like your protecting your cashcow. I”ll bet you”re sittin on top of that pyramid arent you. The State of Montana , Securities Case #sec-2010-12, Cease & Desist order issued by the Commissioner declared ACN a PYRAMID SCEME trumps your BS. The 1800 people in Montana im sure would like to meet you.

          • Buddy

            Full of shit. Typical scripted lines you learned at last weeks ACN millionaires club meeting. Listen people, IF YOU GIVE ANY OF THESE BRAINWASHED ASSHOLES $500 YOU WILL LOSE IT! YOU WILL ALSO LOSE YOUR FRIENDS AND PISS OFF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS IF YOU PESTER AND LIE TO THEM TO JOIN THIS SCAM! Hey John, how are we a failure in life already??? You are a brainwashed ACN ‘clone’ and nothing more

        • Bill

          You could've made your point without being rude. I discount everything you said as a result of your lack of professionalism.

      • Sailing4moore

        Very well put. I am not in ACN but if I were I hope I would be WORKING with someone like you. I like the way you Think. I have also been down the same path as you when it comes to franchise's.

        • Gizmo280

          hahaha then good luck making money if you will be choosing someone broke negative and who has no dreams and goals but has the time to sit on the internet and wrote a whole spcheeel about how ACN is a scam…LOSERS

          • truth speaker

            Please learn our language before you post on here again. And give up the name calling and the racist bullshit. Go back to work stealing from your friends and family memebers.

      • Buddy


      • Buddy

        What a shitty post Girl. You think people cry over a “measly $500?” Ha! That is all ACN cares about is scamming every sucker out there possible out of their $500! And when you say that “very few people possess this talent” correct me if I am wrong but your downline has to possess this talent as well in order to achieve a higher “residual” don’t they? For this very reason it is obvious that achieving a decent residual with ACN is impossible. This post is 2 years old and Ill bet you have quit ACN a long time ago. Hope you read this post.

      • Buddy


    • TD

      I love it when people talk about things they haven't used. Like Skype…what a garbage service. Horrible quality, and lag time, and you have to set it up. I do agree that it is free.
      HelloWorld cost a lot more for exactly the same thing…

      By the way Skype doesn't work everywhere. I have a client who travels to Dubai 6 weeks in Dubai, 6 weeks in US. He used Skype (or tried to), and asked me if he could borrow a Video phone to use the next time he went. He loved it, and was in. I don't sell or offer a service unless I feel that people are going to use it and understand it. Also, note that Apple Facetime is better than Skype, the only problem is that there aren't any more unlimited data plans for Iphones.

      By the way the FCC estimates that there are currently 8M videophones in use and by 2013 there will be 80M in use.

      Also, recently a customer got a new cell phone Palm Pixi was $299 with $200 rebate on the provider's online store. On my ACN website it was $49. That saved her $50, and she doesn't have to wait for the rebate check.

      I routinely save (Low End) Dish Network customers $5/mo.

      An ADT guy came to my friends door (he has ADT with ACN already) and quoted him a price $20 higher than the ACN equivalent service.

      I could go on and on, and I'm fairly new in the business. I can tell you this though, I'm making above $100/mo on residual and my partner bonuses vary from $500, and my best monthly bonus was $1500. Again, I'm fairly new in the business.

      • Alltalkcable

        Look Troy and the other ACN rookies, Skype i believe was used as an example, though you are failing to mention yahoo and Google's Talk or Gmails video phone that are free, yes free. Its not Skype thats horrible it was probably your internet service provider and yes ACNs video phone would work just as lousy with a poor connection being the specs required to operate it sufficiently are the same for most video phone applications.
        As far as saving people money, well that may be possible but saving are everywhere if shopped for properly.
        Now as far as earning a solid living off of those residuals vs the hype and baloney they push at these ACN opportunity meetings are two entirely different things.
        You talk about your earnings and I'm sure you can possibly prove it but honestly do you're numbers. You are talking gross, not net. I wonder what your over head is in pertaining to time, monthly fees from ACN, etc etc. Compared to what you initially invested plus the hours and money in order to facilitate sales, etc. You are long ways of truly breaking even, if at all. Your said net from what you state above is most likely less than minimum wage when broken down and I can tell you, i am being generous.
        Enjoy your mild success, if I should call it that but in comparison to the thousands upon thousands of poor souls who havent made a dime in it well you all keep chasing the hype. As you and your other colleagues mention, “you must have hope and dreams”, and yes I think we all have Hopes and dreams to win the lottery or make it big someday but with any sense we'll stick to providing for our families and not in debiting others to get most likely no where off the gullible and helpless and sleep good at night knowing tomorrow well work harder towards a brighter future. Be smart people and be safe, God Bless!

        • TRACI

          You are obviously one of those that think it is suppose to be a get rich quick business and sit back and wait for the check to come in! Get off your ass and work hard for it and it will come! Thanks but no thanks for your negative input and keep hanging out with your Just Over Broke friends. It's okay that you don't have what it takes, we don't want you in our business anyway. God Bless

          • FrankLamps

            and you are quick to assume things. personally, I think you sound like a moron. Perhaps this guy is doing exactly what you suggest already: namely, getting off his ass and doing honest work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your whole goal to loaf on scamming people into depositing money, collecting residuals from those below you, alienating your friends, embarrassing your family, and going to bed pretending you're not a lazy, dirty thief? Who needs to be getting off their ass here again?

          • Greg

            Very Wrong !!!! I am not in the ACN business but I know the in and out activities of this company. I have my friends and family doing the business and I supported them for what they are doing… they dont scam people nor steal money from you… I did not join the business simply because Its not for me and my family and friends respect that. I introduce them to my clients and all are happy. My clients got a great savings while my parents get the points and residual income… I guess some people just dont have a good people relationship even to thier own family and friends. Just be openminded…

          • Guest

            FrakLamps might have come on a little strong (although he does accurately describe a good chunk of ACN reps. But Greg, although you might not think your friends and family are scamming others (and I bet they dont think so either) You have to understand that as a rep there is virtually no way to be profitable without having people below you lose money – that's just the way it works. Sure it is possible to make some income from just selling services alone, but look – there is no rep in the black who hasn't had to – knowingly or otherwise – screw a few poeple below them out of their initial investment.

        • Guerrerorose

          I would think the difference with this opportunity is the fact that you can actually enjoy what your doing. I don't know about you, but I would guess most people don't enjoy their jobs since statistically most heart attacks occur at the beginning of the work week.

          • FrankLamps

            hahahaha. are you being serious?

        • Jdkehne


      • Suqar_rush

        Skype is wicked.

      • RK

        you're a loser. and a liar

        • ACNRep

          Since you don't know TD and are not successful in ACN- you may want to hold your personal attacks.

      • Garbage

        I am fairly new to my business too. Three months ago, I started a hosting company and I am now earning over $1500 a month. ACN is not a scam, but good luck making any real money with it.

    • Alltalkcable

      Well said Tony, great advice. If you are looking into the ACN company read this. God Bless.

    • Guerrerorose

      Used Skype and not as great as the videophone! Plus, with more than 80% of people who still have a home phone, why not get two services for the price of one. Not to mention the savings most people get in the long run swithing from what they have now to the videophone. Just my opinion, but I'd rather listen to a billionaire who recommends this business.

      • Nicholas24

        I'm sure that billionaire loves collecting his endorsement checks paid by YOU, sir! By the way, I already get 4 services for the price of one; google, skype, yahoo, and iChat. Oh wait, those are FREE.

      • run away from ACN

        Are you kidding? Savings?? Don't forget, the video phone needs a broadband connection. You don't just plug it into a standard phone line. So you have to PAY for broadband if you don't already have it. And if you are going to pay for broadand why not use skype etc. instead of paying $200 for this outdated video phone. Besides, ACN pays the Donald to hype it's crap and we all know Mr Trump likes money no matter how he gets it.

      • RVP by Jan

        The fact that you think Donald Trump's endorsement confirms ACN as a quality investment is sad and embarrassing. As a fellow ACN rep and recruiter I think it's important to recognize that you have to see this a business and judge it's profitability accordingly. Donald trump was paid to advertise this.. Be smarter than that. ACN is a good business because it puts money in my and my reps pockets, not because the guys at the top of ACN paid off a billionaire to read a script into a camera…

  • notAquitter

    So SAD! all this people whinning about the $500.00 investment? If you look at the value not the cost and you work your ass out there $500.00 is nothing… ACN is not for everybody and perhaps not for lazy whinny people like most of you here… If you are content of what you have good but dont tell others ACN didnt work.. its you that didnt work! I know for some people welfare is better than work on a job.. My question is do you have an MBA or Massive Bank Account working on a job ? At least alot of people in this organization have a success story.. How about this whinnys here whats your success story? Are you in The SUCCESS from home magazine yet? So funny…

    • EntrepreneurGirl

      I completely agree with you, notAquitter. I'm sure that most of the whiners here are weak at business development. They need to stay put with their glass ceiling corporate American jobs that they'll be working until they either die of old age or milk our government assistance program dry and whine about that too.

      The ONLY people who should work MLMs are those who are true entrepreneurs. My husand and I own “real” businesses and have built a very healthy income. We recently joined 2 MLMs because we are exceptionally networked, have a terrific team of entrepreneurs around us and have done our homework on a process that works.

      If you're a lightweight with no contacts, no plan and want a get rich quick pill then you will fall to the wayside of such MLMs. Get out of our way. We are on a mission to add to our residual income and negative attitudes are the reason why you deserve to stay exactly where you are while the rest of us in the upper tax bracket cover the gap for those less capable.

      • Epoch

        The view from the top of the pyramid is pretty good isn't it? I hope you can sleep at night. I know I wouldn't be able to if I succeeded in rising to the top of a pyramid scheme.

        • Troysupdates

          To all the naysayers…I have been in ACN for 6 months. The problem that I see is that some MLMs will take anyone with a pulse and a check, and good luck ever hearing from the “upline” again. My upline taught me that to sponsor someone in this business is to have RESPONSIBILITY for them, and assisting them in making their money back as soon as possible, and hopefully more. Another thing about ACN, is that it's fine if you don't want to be a partner. But you are going to use the services whether you go through an ACN partner or not. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to go through an ACN partner.

          Lastly, I currently have recruited 5 people as my personal partners, and each of them has made at least their investment +$100 in their first 45 days. Many people are not TAUGHT EXACTLY what to do to get customers and partners. Each of those partners has at least two partners and one of my partners has 9. I no longer need anymore personal partners, it is just a matter of assisting my downline by coaching, teaching and showing the opportunity and getting customers. Lastly, my initial customers (neighbors) saw the opportunity the first week I was in it, and chose not to get involved. However, they did allow me to serve them and got Local/Long Distance, Dish Network, and one got a new cell phone. Two months ago, I had a BBQ, and I didn't even talk to them about ACN, they asked me how things were going, and I showed them my team on the backoffice. They both joined that day.

          By the way, I work ACN part time 5-10 hrs per week. Just from people paying their bills, I'm getting close to replicating my work income. Not to mention the extra money has come just in time, since my job has cut me by one shift a week. Also, my upline has also just retired 2 years early from the City Jail. I can't wait to walk into my bosses office to talk to him about my eye problem, “I just can't see my self working here anymore!”.


          • notAquitter

            Good Job Troysupdate! congrats… u are just few steps away to be on the top of the “pyramid” how does it feel? isnt it nice that all your hardwork are being recognize and being paid? more power to you…

          • no

            You say your partners got their investment back AND made $100 in 45 days………WOW sign me up. $100 profit in 45 days?? That's $2.22 a day. Holy shit they just got rich!! And your upline just retired 2 year early from the city jail? Why, is he on the inside of the cell now?

        • notAquitter

          They are on the top of the pyramid because they work not only harder but smarter…I'm pretty sure they sleep well not only at night but anytime they want to sleep and wake up when their done sleeping without hitting the snooze botton … ACN is not a get rich quick pill that when u take it tonight u will become a millionare in the morning… its hard work but ur working hard for your own business… Direct selling is not for everybody if ur lazy and you cant face ur fear of rejection ACN is not for you and dont even try to do it because ur just gonna be a shame to the company… Your just gonna be running around everywhere telling everybody that ACN didnt work for u… and hopefully u will meet somebody that will ask you how come it didnt work for u ? maybe because ur desire is not good enough to succeed with ACN… goodluck and have a happy life with ur day Job… Gosh I just cant imagine being at work for 8 hours a day weekly and still get paid less…

        • CR

          That's because you have the mentality of a taker and not a giver. If you ever truly understood the MLM concept of “helping” people succeed inorder for you to succeed, then you would be successful. So you are right in that this is not a biz for you since you don't have what it takes to help others but take from them especially their desire to have a better life.
          If you read this article that we are all commenting states that ACN the company is not illegal in their practices. Only the bad apples such as yourself can sign up and do nothing but complain how “this doesn't work” or “its too hard” and give ACN a bad name. So how's the view from where you sit? if its soo good then why are you here bad mouthing MLM's? Did you sign up for one and didn't try hard enough and that's why you are here on this blog?

          • FrankLamps

            And, if I may retort, if the view from where you sit is so pretty, why are you wasting your measly time responding to so-called 'bad-apples' on this thread?

          • zee

            here we go…”And, if I may retort, if the view from where you sit is so pretty, why are you wasting your measly time responding to so-called 'bad-apples' on this thread?” HA AHA HA….LOL

            Maybe you should take your own advice.

          • FrankLamps

            dude, im not in this fucking business. wow, your insults and attempts at dialogue just fail and fail further. learn to read first, then come back like a good kid and try your thoughts then.

        • Gs

          Please define the word 'pyramid' – Is it where are a lot of people on the bottom work their ass off and the one getting rich is the guy on top? If you have a job – just take a look at who's getting rich. Welcome to your pyramid.

    • Cee

      Success From Home means nothing. Any MLM company can be in that magazine. I've been in other MLMs and they also used the Success From Home magazine as to somehow show that it is a legitimate business. To all the ACN supports on this site, you all sound like I did when I thought I could become rich by being coachable and following the system. I busted my butt and realized that the people all around me were not making any money. They were just going along with the hype.

      I am a go-getter by nature and work really hard at anything I set my mind to. No one who knows me would describe me as lazy. I care about people and have common sense. There comes a time that you have to look at things realistically and know that there is something wrong with the system. I went to an ACN meeting that my brother invited me to. My brother offered me to take over his account (I know deep down he probably doesn't want me to lose my $500) and work the business. I told him I wasn't interested. I felt he is having regrets about joining.

      There are no guarantees in life, but there is one thing for sure when you join MLM, you will lose your family and friends. Please no one respond by saying that they were not friends to begin with…. I've been there an alienated a lot of friends because I believed in the product (but most MLM you are not there to sell products the money is in building the business, aka recruiting). There has got to be another way to make extra cash without recruiting your friends and family. My brother doesn't even know how to use a computer (so I'm sure he has not been into his back office) and the person who recruited him is much older and he couldn't explain anything to me…. I wish everyone well who joined. Do not want until you are bankrupt to get out. All MLM tell you that you have to be committed for two to five years…. long after you have invested too much time, money and energy. If you join ACN, don't want that long to get out if it is not working for you. AND remember that most people are skeptical of MLM and if they search the Internet and find sites like these they will not join even though you are told at the meeting to not believe what you hear on the Internet.

      Anyone thinking of joining ACN think twice. And pay attention to some of the warnings you are reading here.

  • Wesley Watts

    Wow, the begging part is what i dislike the most, asking family and friends for a favor is YUCK to me. One of my friends that is currenly in ACN is a complete begger and that's why she's in it, and this job fits her character.

    • CR

      Wow and you call yourself her friend when you just put her down? Uh who needs enemies when they got you for a friend.. Do her a favor and lose her number.. She definetly dosen't need your friendship.

      • Mike

        CR…..Give Wesley Watts a break. He just called it like he sees it. is that so wrong? he didn't use her name. The only thing that would make Wesley a chump is if he feels that way about her & never tells her to her face. If I have an opinion about my friend, I will state it openly & to there face. nothing wrong with that.

  • dontkidyourself

    “If ACN is a scam then Direct TV, ADT security, and T-Mobile are all in on it”

    Sure they are, why wouldn't they want thousands of reps selling their services at no cost to them. It only benefits them!

    “Donald trump and his team of attorneys endorse it, I guess they're in on the scam too!”

    Indeed he is, Donald trump also endorsed a company called Cash 4 Gold, which is, indeed a SCAM! He'll do anything to make a dollar, or a million for that matter.

    I have noticed after reviewing several ACN blogs that all reps sound the EXACT same. They sound like a bunch of puppets. I have not yet heard one ACN rep form their own opinion of the business, they're just repeating words and phrases they heard at the last seminar.

    A bit of advice… Avoid the ACN Cult at all costs.

    One last thing, I really do get a laugh every time I hear reps call themselves entrepreneurs. HA!


    Oh my GOD! Are you people serious? The people for this scheme are for it because they need to convince people to get in so that they can make money. Of course you can make money with this, but only if you are very very lucky and at a high level. Pyramid schemes are very successful for the people at the top… ie. Maddof.
    This is absolute bullshit, it's a pyramid scheme and the people at the bottom are the ones who get screwed. You can't say anything against this! Whatever people tell you of their success is complete crap, like the article says, ask for proof! It's in their best interest to make it seem like they are making a lot of money! So whatever comes out of their mouth is obviously bullshit! The people defending ACN are just protecting the scam so they can make more money, and eventually when it falls or gets made illegal the many at the bottom will lose their money and all the time they spent hoping to become rich.
    If you buy into this nonsense then you are the same kind of person who buys all those ab workout machines from infomercials… you CAN'T get rich fast! Not unless you ALREADY have money or you have a very original idea that can be marketed that has for some reason not already been thought of before. Try inventing something and see how many patents are out there!!!
    Get an education, get a good job where you can move up and do what honest people do. COMMON!!!!!!

    • buggymuffin

      Who do you think makes the most money where you work? It isn't the worker bee, its the CEO. Every business is a pyramid. The people at the top make the most money. That is reality.
      The big difference between ACN and other business models is that in ACN if someone in your downline works harder that you and is more successful they can pass you on the compensation plan, while you still make some residual off of their customers.

      • ACN is a scam

        Muffin muncher, shut up for the love of God!

  • Speak4urself

    Ignorance on fire is way better than Intelligence on ice… research all you want just make sure you are not only seeing the negative part of it that most people do here… Any successfull business is scam if someone else is doing it and didnt work for them. Look at the positive side, research how many people are still in the business and making success… Success is determined by you and only only… Dont listen to what others telling you, Listen to yourself and ask yourself is this really for me? What if 5 years from now I am still in the position I am in right now which I dont like? What if 5 years from now I will make it to the top with all the effort and hard work I am putting into the business? Is $499.00 really matter if I can make $499,000? The decision is yours dont let the opportunity pass by.. GRAB IT!


    I= income
    C= Create

    Which one are You? We all know that money cant buy Happiness but for sure It will give us an option…

    • Anonymous

      Show us your paycheck, you loudmouth. $499,000? More like you're still trying to break even from the initial $499 “investment”.

    • FrankLamps

      this is just sad, especially your kindergarten-esque acronyms. your language is horrible, so I will assume you don't know what 'acronym' means.

  • Adrienne Lidicky

    I like network marketing…it works if you can talk to people honesty and we all work together.

    • YourMinutesUp

      There's a sucker born every minute.

      • Yvone

        Not to mention people sucking the government money. Huh! Ok ACN people work harder there are alot of people relying on you— on welfare.

        • Wakeup

          Yeah I know who's on welfare… about 95% of ACN reps!

          SUCK IT!

          • FrankLamps

            Yes my friend. I don't know why the common thought among these idiots is that teachers and other mid -class professionals are on welfare. maybe thats why they don't know what a career actually is.

          • Alma A

            Any proof to back up that figure?

      • Kid E

        And then there are losers born every 30 seconds. Which is better? Be a sucker and at least get a shot at, no matter how slim, to be successful in life. Or listen to a loser, and not get any chance at all?

  • BarrickGold

    Been with ACN for seven years. not worth your time. Worked my ass off, people will HATE YOU!! is it worth $30/mth NOO. Good thing i didnt put my eggs in one basket. Investments in precious metals made me well off. Wish i had that $500 to put there then.

    Really this is easily a pyramid scheme they show it to you at the “seminar”.
    you get hired, you hire two people, they hire two people …..
    draw it out … looks kinda like a pyramid no?

    • zee

      kind of like an org chart, huh? came on to be amused at people who “think” they know, and amused I was. peace out…. _V,,,

  • Infamousshadow06

    I recently found out through ACN from a close friend, I was invited to ” learn about a great business opportunity ” when I asked what it was about, I was told that no one was allowed to say anything and that if I was interested to ” come to a meeting ” so my fiance and I did.. We were invited to someone's house and once we arrived, I again.. asked what all this was about.. and was again told that they couldnt explain anything, that we would have to wait until the meeting started. So eventually everyone that attended this meeting was asked to gather in the living room of this persons house, we were given clipboards with sheets of paper that had information on it, and we were asked to watch a DVD.. in this DVD they explained how ACN was this huge great company and explained how you can make 3,000 dollars a week practically doing nothing. Donald Trump himself was on the DVD as well. After that.. there was an ” expert ” who got up and spoke for awhile, she talked about her 4 years of success and blah blah blah, and briefly ( and so slyly ) mentioned the 499 fee. ( if I hadnt been paying such close attention I would have missed it myself ) Now being a single mom with hardly any income, I was excited at first.. but after she was done speaking I went to her and said ” Hey.. this is great but I just dont have 500 dollars to put into this whole business thing ” she assured me that everything was fine and in turn said that I was able to attend the training for free as a guest of someone else, and I was also assured that if after the training, I brought 5 more people to a meeting and had them sign up with ACN, she would PAY ME 500 dollars. Sounded like a great chance to make money… until I did some research.. There's alot of hidden fees with this scam.. most you dont even know about until you sign up.. My cousin falls in the list of suckers that they've conned 500 bucks out of already and I'll give it to them.. their plot is on point. They know exactly what to say to people to seem like it's a huge success story.. Bottom line is.. It's one of the biggest internationa pyramid scheme MLM scams in the world. I even read something about it being banned in Australia!!!! If any of you out there read this… DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ACN NO MATTER HOW CONVINCING THEY SEEM!!!!!!! I was lucky to get out before I got in… and never again will I become interested in a ” work from home business opportunity “

    • urFriend

      Poor thing!

  • Steve

    ACN is a waste of time, i do agree with whoever made this website to warn others. I mean, seriously, why would you drop all of your hard earned money into a site that, i, have never heard of til a day or so ago. 500 dollars is alot of money now-a-days, and to be dropping it into an internet based job seems a little sketchy to me. I can understand the depth of people's minds when they discuss the amount of money that you are able to earn AFTER dropping half a grand on “job tools and expenses”… but SERIOUSLY, if you have 500 dollars and want to spend it…pay your bills or something. It just looks like a waste of time and money to me. Thanks for your time. Kaz

  • Sara

    I went to one recruitment meeting with a long time friend whom I know for over 20 years. I was very impressed by everything I heard but things didn't add up.
    I am glad I did my research and read your site. Everything you said here I heard at the meeting.
    I decided not to sign up and I am glad I didn't. My friend is very involved with attending meeting but has not discussed the subject of me joining again or mentions if she is making any money.
    This is not my cup of tea.
    Thank you for posting the information on this site. It is very informative. It helped me make the right decision for me.


    Just like any other Company that we have been associated with you always start at the bottom. If you go into a business realizing this, you won't set yourself up for failure or disappointment. At this point and time I have made my $499 back and made a profit of $101 in 29 days. Where else can you do this? So most of the people that complain about this business are people that want the money handed to them without working for it. Life is always a gamble and being self employed is obviously not for “everyone”, but if you never try you will never know!

    • Guest

      Hey Traci, How many unprofitable people are there under you? Honestly – let us know. Try to show us the math that would allow for a single ACN member to be profitable without at least one person losing money below them. Or screw the math – try to find us one example. This goes on forever, there really is no way for people to make money without the others losing it. So stop whining about the people who people complain! You need a few of these complainers so that you and a few others can stay profitable.

      • Jacky

        Yeah we want more complainers… keep it comin .. baby…

    • Kloria904

      “Where else can you do this?”

      I'm pretty sure I could make more than $101 in 29 days (a little less than $3.50 a day) selling kool aid to school kids as they get off the school bus at the end of my street! Lol!

      • Mark

        I could make $101 dollars just working 5 hours of overtime at my regular job.

        • Victorgomezesq

          you go ahead and work those 5 hours….I just had to do the work once and the money keeps rolling in.

          • Nicholas24

            work once? please elaborate. From what I understand there's both weekly and monthly seminars which you have to pay to attend, you also have to schlep around begging for business to your family. I went to a meeting with 3 people and the man presenting the meeting was a RVP that lived in Ohio! I'm pretty sure if he was making substantial income he wouldn't have flown to my now ex-friends apartment in San Diego to meet with 3 people. ACN is a joke and you are embarrassing your family and friends…

          • TJ

            I do not know where you go for meetings, but ours are free and we learn something new every week. The only meetings that cost anything are the BIG EVENTS, and the cost covers the amount it costs ACN to rent the facilities and such.

          • no rcn

            Free meetings? Who are you kidding? I was asked by a friend to attend one of these meetings. There was a sign at the table that read “Reps $10 Guests free”

          • Gaypornworld

            Folks, you see, Victorgomezesq does gay porn on the side. That's how he secures the residual income…

      • It's residual income and as traci business grows her check will get bigger.Traci will come back in a year and shock the hell out of you when she drives by your kool aid stand in her new car!

        • FrankLamps

          hahahaha. you people are full on brainwashed idiots. '…as she drives by in her NEW CAR! yeah!'…what is this, the price is right? money is not the key to a successful, holistic life. But I'm talking to brick walls here, aren't I?

          • Miltonrivas

            what do you mean? money is the road to all happiness

          • FrankLamps

            yes. and you're an idiot.

    • FrankLamps

      you can make $300 a day doing honest work. You can, in fact, do this in many areas of life, many of which I guarantee are more rewarding than what you think you're doing to 'help' others help you.

    • US

      Can you publish details of your earnings, was it full time or part time, how many hours you had put in, how much money you put down along with $499.

    • keepdreaming

      Ohh!! Yaa!! And where do you think all those clients you get and reps you get will goto when 2 years down the road ACN fires you for some technicalty like you didnt get a customer via your socail network. LOL!! bet you dint think of that one….

  • Bob

    The problem is most people's mindset towards anything is “Half-ass it and then when it gets too hard, quit.” What is the success rate for entrepreneurs/new business owners in general? I know a lot of failed business owners, and trust me, they lost tens of thousands of dollars (if not more), not just $500. The bottom line is that if you are good at networking and understand this is a long term business investment, then you stand a good chance at making money. If you allow broke, negative, dream crushers to tell you this is a scam just because their grandma's brother's uncle-in-law once did something like this and lost money, then of course you'll be one of the many quiters that loses money. If you eventually feel like its too much work or just not for you, then quit. You are only out less than a thousand bucks all in all, and you can write it off. But don't confuse the reason for your lack of success as being due to ACN being a scam.

    • Guest

      Oh Bob… There's no denying that enough hard work will make you money in ACN – the problem is the nature of the business – find me one successful (and sure.. hardworking) person in ACN who did it without scamming a least a few people (down the line.) The business can only work with the majority being scammed – you can tell yourself that these poor scammed people could have made it if only they'd put in some more work, but it doesn't matter! The only way they could have made it big is if they'd stuck it out long enough to have scammed enough people below them. So brag all you want about your hard work.. congratulations.. you put in enough effort to scam enough half-asser's that you made some money.

      • Broof73

        wow u said it right there brother

    • Beno

      There are people who are shamelessly rude in their communication, perhaps b/c they are faceless on the internet. These people honestly cannot be offering advice to others whether to get involved in ACN business or not. They dont know and do not have what it takes to be successful in business.From the research I conducted, ACN has a great business model. You get paid not only through the efforts of others (residual income) but also through your personal efforts. Can you imagine AT&T or Bell Canada offering you the opportunity to make up to 10% year after year on the monthly bill of customers that you personally acquire? That is one of the ways of making money in ACN. So you can forget about recruiting others, maybe you are not comfortable with the $500 registration amount, and still make cool dollars.
      ACN is for the FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS and those with STRONG WORK ETHICS. Not good for critics, excuse producers and the weak.

      • Ex-Rep

        Man, lots of these people are more than qualified to give advice on whether or not you should join – they have a far more objective point of view than the rah rah BS leaders trying to convince people to sign up – would-be reps need to see both sides of the coin.

        You didn't do enough research.. there are like 3 reps in the history of ACN who ever made it to earning 10% on their customers' bills – you need $10,000 in monthly billing, which although possible, simply does not happen. In fact, breaking even in ACN on customers alone does not happen. Back when I used to attend the stupid saturday events the top reps went through a month long period where they would get people to put their hands up based on how many points they had acquired. About 2 out of 250 would put their hands up when the leader got to 40 points. Odds are those 2 were lying.. Can you imagine?? the comp plan requires you to have 40 points to make the most of your downline income, but nobody does it.

      • Nicholas24

        The only thing ACN reps will have to be FEARLESS and COURAGEOUS about is putting ACN on their resume once they realize they've been scammed. By the way, attending mind-washing seminars DOES NOT make you an entrepreneur, nor does it make you “have what it takes to be successful in business”.

        • pepperjo

          My team coordinator was in the corporate medical sales, making a six figure income before he started ACN. When he started making $25,000+ a month with ACN, he fired his employer and is now able to spend all the time he wants with his wife and three children. He and his wife are so awesome, helpful, and honest, that I am very proud to have them teach me how to be successful in life as well as financially happy.

          • no

            Was he able to show you checks he got from ACN proving he was making this amount of money or did he just tell you this. Are you sure his employer didn't 'fire' him?

  • Lee1965

    Isn't this similar to a Ponzi scheme, where the principal ($499) from new investors is funneled to represent the “profit” to the older investors?

    I'd like to know exactly how ACN allegedly makes profit off selling discounted telecom services with major carriers. They claim it's done online, without the overhead of brick and mortar dealers. But I'm skeptical if it's that significant.

    • Ed

      Go to the training and learn ask the people that are successfull in the business… dont just read what they post here because they dont know what they are talking about… If you want to be successful you read something about success not reading this kind of articles… its okay to be skeptical but if youre looiking for negative information will you are in the right place. But if you want the positive side go and get yourself a copy of Success magazine or listen to Robert Kiyasaki's teachings he recommended ACN as one of the best Direct Selling Business.. If you want to follow the pack stay in this kind of crowd.. if you want to better yourself find something that you really like to do that would make sense to you… you dont need to be an ACN rep… If your passion is make-up sell Mary Kay or Avon.. if you like energy/vitamin drinks sell Monavie or whatever.. just find something you are passionate about and believe what your doing and you will recieve success… Good luck to you.

      • Nicholas24

        I suggest you ask a successful businessman outside of ACN if its a good idea. ACN reps will just lie to you because the longer you stay and pay, the more money THEY make. Robert Kiyasaki (who also runs his own scam) is a paid endorser just like Donald Trump. By the way, you ARE following the pack.

      • Croft Jw

        you understand you belong to a cult right?

      • no

        Tell me why ACR reps call these meetings “TRAINING”? I attended one of these sessions on a saturday morning for over 2 hours. It was nothing more than a pep rally. Ont once did they talk about products or services. They showed a DVD of one of their rallys in some convention hall with a laser show and cheerleaders etc. Training my ass………I wasted a whole morning at a brainwashing clinic.
        Then after this dumb ass DVD they call all these reps to the front so they can give them lapel pins for I guess reeling other poor suckers into believing they could make it rich. Each one gave the same canned speach…..something like 'I never could have done it without the help and guidance of ACN'…. I just wanted to puke. Then they hand out the application to become a rep. Joke……Folks you can do as you please but be careful………..they never tell you how much money they make. No traing at all….just recruitng..

    • Mike

      This is exactly what I asked! I wanna see the numbers….It doesn't add up at first glance. why is there so much on signing up people to do the business & not much on selling the product? Isn't selling the product is where the money would come from?

    • tom

      They have contracts with these service providers to sell their products, but dont advertise.. Thats where the money is saved.. The new rep fee goes towards bonuses which are available to all reps; also goes toward new contracts with new providers in the future.. They are basically a middle man for these big companys.. Im just a guy so take my word or dont but thats the break down.. thanks

      • 123

        This is the truth im going to help you guys all out. You dont have to believe this opinon or not. I know about ACN and do I believe they are scams and no one can make money from it? NO.So why wont i join ACN? Its just the fact that there are other home base business opportunites out there that are just as good and have lower start up cost. And I just think they have the wrong product/trend. People are already happy with there services. Thats why even when someone sign up with ACN the they dont even switch over to their ACN service. They dont want to spend money on a product they already have or dont really need. But ACN uplines encourage you switch your service to become your customer which would be smart but just more money to spend on products that you were not really expecting to waste money on. In all people who speak negative about these types of opportunites dont have what it takes to ever become a business owner and dont believe in them selves. You got to understand these types of businesses take time to grow and those who jump in these types of opportunites all excited and thinking they are going to start making 800,000 in 3 years and stuff need to just bring it down some and just let time prevail because you will have to work this business for years. Thats why people who join quite so quickly because they set there expectations to high. You are always going to have people speak negative on anyting you do. If you start a clothing store,club, restaurant, etc you really think its a better chance of you making money? Trust me it isn't you going to have to work just as hard and have the same chance of failing. At least you can make your profit back with the majority of network marketing businesses out there in a year with a traditional business it takes at least 5-8 years to break even.

  • zee

    free enterprise baby, …this article is very irresponsible and careless…obviously, better articles have been written about ACN in Forbes, Fortune, Inc, Sucess, Success From Home, Direct Selling News. I guess ATT, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel Nextel, T-Mobile, Dish, DirectTV, ADT, Donald Trump, Yale University, the above forementioned 3rd party publications, etc. etc. etc. I guess are all in on the so-called scam. JUST STICK TO YOUR J-O-B AND BE LEVERAGED BY SOMEONE ELSE, I will stick to free enterprise. BTW, would you ever ask the guy in the cubicle how much he gets paid???

    • Wakeup




      Thanks for the laugh!

    • FrankLamps

      you win for being the biggest tool on here! why don't you show us with veracity and proof what you've achieved so far? better yet, why not prove that you're someone important and not a drone who will be looking for work elsewhere in less than a year?

    • Guest

      I'm in a cubicle.. I make close to 80k a year….

  • zee

    CORPORATE ORG CHART – so called American Dream

    Vice Presidents
    Managers, Managers, Managers
    Supervisors, Supervisors, Supervisors

    • Frasersecret

      another talking point from the stupid Mr. Sales video. I've seen it. way to think for yourself.

  • New immigrant

    A few weeks back my neighbor invited me to go with him a meeting where I would see a business opportunity. I went along and, sure as nuts, ACN. For a while I was kind of convinced, but after arriving back home I did some reading on how it all works.
    The problem, for me, is that I am new to Canada – having arrived only six months back. I have still not found employment and my rent and expenses are funded purely from my life savings with which I arrived – in an account with only a diminishing balance.
    My network here is still pretty weak and building slowly in the direction of my job search. I am of little value to a network marketing organization and I have NO experience of marketing.
    For any ACN person to even consider inviting me to participate is nothing short of opportunistic. I see the action of my neighbor as a blatant attempt just to get his $500 back by any means. He is fully aware that I am not a good prospect and that the only money I have is in my savings account – with NO income and NO employment insurance coming in here. Still he is prepared to persuade me to part with a portion of my savings – with no regard for MY future at all.
    I have serious problems with the ethics that I have witnessed in the ACN circus here in Canada and I would advise them to avoid seeking out what they see as the “soft” targets.

    • Ex-Rep

      Agreed! It was definitely unethical for them to go after you – it was clearly for their gain and not yours.

      Unfortunately most ACN reps get brainwashed with the idea that “Every Dud can lead to a Stud” this helps them not feel guilty when trying to recruit people they know won't do well in the business. It's a mantra preached from the top that acts to help the lower people keep on recruiting even when the only prospects are people who would be terrible in the business. They draw from the examples (1 in a million) where a person who you'd expect to be terrible at the business actually does well, or when someone like that recruits someone successful.

    • ACN is a scam

      ACN will ONLY make you $500 poorer

  • Mike D.

    It just doesn't make sense to put so much focus on signing up new sales people…..I mean, sure….if you become a ACN sales person, you would most likely run your cell phone,Cable & stuff through them….but not every user of the product's ACN sells be doing the business also. For every chief there has to be a bunch of indians. when I look at the amount of sales people that my local verizon wireless store has vs. the amount of verizon customers that use that store for verizon to consider it profitable to have that store in my town…….it doesn't add up while looking at ACN? & yes, people are right, I'm sure you can be successfull at ACN if your'e good at talking to people & self motivated…..but allot of people don't have that personality type & won't be successfull at ACN. Isn't it wrong to feed them a pipe dream & get there $500 & tell them that they can do this when they will most likely fail? you can train people to do allot of things by just having good systems in place. but knowing how to talk to people, having the gift to sell & being self motivated isn't one of them. Your'e either born with it or not. Am I wrong here guys?

  • Guerrerorose

    I am an ACN representaive and have read your article. I do agree with some of what you have written. I have only been in this business for about 4 months now and have not made any money. The reason, because I have not been working the system they have in place. I have taken my time to learn and familiarize myself with all the products. This was done to help my downline so they won't have to take the time to learn everything like I did. I also made the mistake of choosing a leg that didn't want to work. This might be the disadvantage with this business. You might be a hard worker but if you have a business partner that doesn't want to work or expects to make money doing nothing then you'll have a problem. I have also come across other ACN representatives & they are not making money. The reason…they are too busy with their other jobs to put in the time. I don't believe this business is a get rich quick business & was never told this before I signed up. It's a business where the more time & effort you put into it, the more you will get paid. The problem is most people want to make money but are so exhausted from working their other job that they simply don't take the time needed to become successful. I have started to finally put more effort in this business & will be getting paid. That's really what this is all about, you work hard, you get paid! Except you get to be your own boss and set your own goals at your own pace. Try doing that at your job and you'd be fired.

    • guest1234

      After reading this blog, I wish everyone would be mature and respect each person point of view without insulting each other. It’s not helpful to people trying to get information to determine if they want to get into the ACN business or not.
      I went to a few ACN meetings; I felt no pressure to join. The people there simply gave me information and answered all my questions. I left without anyone asking me to join. They did ask me if I had any questions they can answer for me.
      I do agree that being an ACN rep is not for everyone. If someone is not good at selling and is not business savvy then it’s not something you should get into. I was told by ACN presenter today at a meeting that it take hard work to be successful in this business. Some people can be successful in a few months and others it will take them years. It does all depend on how much time and effort you put into it.
      After some long consideration, my friend and I joined today. We talked as a team and determine people that we want to sell services to and people that we want to team up with which could possibly be successful in ACN. I would never want to invite a friend to join that I know would not be successful in ACN. I wouldn’t want them to waste their money and my time if I know they won’t be successful.
      Honestly, $500 is not a lot of money to spend to start a business that I could possibly make profit from. (Now will I make any profit or not on the ACN business we will see but I am betting on myself.) I spent more than that on three years gym membership. I am sure I spent more than $500 in my life time on lottery tickets with very very very small chance of winning it big. You take the risk when you try a business.
      Anyway, if you are glad you didn’t join and save $500 then great for you. Spend the money on whatever makes you happy. And good luck to those that paid the $500 to be an ACN rep.

      • S C

        This is probably the only post on this forum that totally made perfect sense. Written with absolute respect to both sides of the argument. Is that too much to ask for those who are bashing ACN? Can you not air your opinions without resorting to profanity? Let's all the face the fact there will always be two sides of the coin – in this case, those who are positive and open minded and there are those who are negative. The positive and open minded will always see the glass as half full and of course, the negative will see it as half empty. It may sound like a cliche, but its a fact. For those who are reading the forum, decide for yourself, take the merits of each argument and then decide for yourself – but before you do, please consider your motivations. Discern with absolute care which one will lead and inspire you to be what you want to become in life.

      • Motorola_Xoom

        I am glad you bring this up-there is only reason ACN will fail with technology is rapidly changing every 6 months, example, iphone4 is coming out last year, amazing face time, question why would i need ACN phone? again, this iphone, ipad, android, and a lot of smart phones are coming out with a really good deal, that you almost don't need landline phone anymore, i m just sorry for people who are really motivated for selling their staff, ( again what r they selling technically?) …thanks!

  • Dawnsacn

    Me and my husband has owned a small business for over 25 years. We started the business

    with our money,we did not get a opportunity to receive that money back. We worked really

    hard and became pretty successful. I am saying hard work was what was expected from us to

    succeed, nothing was just handed to us a silver plate.

    I have joined ACN last week, I paid my 499.00 and the following monday I was told I will have

    a check for 600.00…not to bad for a couple of days. I got my investment back and made some

    money in a couple of days. I have now 6 people with me and another 6 will be added. I know that I have to do the work and I have to maintain my downline. I understand how the structure works and it is the easiest thing ever.

    For the customers I have change my phone bill from one carrier that I was paying 46.00 to another which I am now paying 22.00 so yes I made my money back, I saved on my utilities and I thing that shows that ACN does work. I will continue to help anyone in my downline and will not leave anyone hanging. Just like if they were my employees, which in this case they all have the opportunity to make some extra money that they did not have before and they can get their services at a cheaper rate. I am so sorry for anyone that felt like this was a get quick rich plan, you have to do the work just like any other company.

    I wish you all a very good day….oh, I will be copying my checks for my downline to see and I will be helping them to get theirs..


    • Frasersecret

      So, did you get that cheque for $600? how much are you making now? Let's see some bank deposits from ACN.

  • us

    I was researching about ACN, since my girlfriend was sucked in by his brother who is having difficulty getting job due to some valid reasons. She was given $499 waiver, but in 30 days she has to do something, so she got an additional cellphone, a videophone with service and the website costing $100 from the very start, not to mention, she was finishing her cellphone contract, so she got a new andriod phone with service renewal with ACN. So, she has now two cellphones and videophone, whereas one cellphone was more than enough for her, she has two more.

    Since she was in amway, i was not understanding why she is fearful of approaching people she knows of, after reading comments in this article, i understand.

    It appalled me and more than that, she was relaxing, doing nothing, and visiting around the cities with her leader brother for training, where it was a no brainer to read all this bullcrap.

    Since my iphone contract was 2 years up, i asked them to get me a iphone4 and att service service through their ACN, they took sweet month to find out they can't.

    His brother made a presentation for me, while i was visiting her and due for catching flight while discussing our personal matters, he jokingly made comment, that if I do not sign up for ACN i cannot see her sister.

    We were talking about moving in together, she already had a 15000 debt and on top of it, she was adding this $100 a month shitload, pissed my head off and i wss very upset, which ultimately led to our breakup.

    Even then, i sent a contact for videophone her way, they could not handle that.

    All in all, peaceful people, work your butt off 8 hrs elsewhere, work more parttime elsewhere, but keep your work shit away from family. Do not mix them up, its total shit.

    And smartheads, talking about Subway and McDonalds, dumbasses, they have clear cut demarcated line of business responsibilites and percentage sharing, and they don't thrive on selling subway franchies to family and friends. It is direct between Subway corporation and Subway franchisee. When buy a $10 sub from there, if they make $6 profit, $3 goes to company and $3 to the company, they do not have a pyramid layers and shitting formula's in the layers. I cannot imagine , how much their minds are fucked up, when they compare the company structures with MLM pyramids, really they are shitted up.

    After my research on this fucking business, i challenge this top earners and achievers to publish their earnings on their websites, and how much time, money they had put in to achieve that.

    People $500 is a big money, even though i earn in very top brackets, i was very skeptical to shell out $500 on some dumbasses words and dreams.

    Time i had to listen to this fuckers craps costed me 20-25 hrs of my time, which itself worth of $2500 of my time, not to mention the emotional wreckage it has done on me, I cannot imagine some dumbheads.

    I hope Congress gets some strict laws to these networking companies, working by extracting money through the personal relations.

    I had never done this shit, and will suggest anyone doing this shit, do not talk this shit to your family and friends, keep millions miles away from them. Since your are buying a franchise for $500, open a shop like a subway, sit there, advertise, and get the real customers, do not prey on your family and friends, they are not your fucking customers, on whom you are leeching to make profit or commissions. Go get a life, do some hard work elsewhere, and

    At subway and mcdonalds, you do not pressure your fucking family and friends to come and eat and pay, matter of fact, you do not even charge them, so why the fuck you are charging them $500 dollars and their phone services in your fucking ACN shit. What are you a christian, jew, muslim or satan. Bloodsuckers, rot in hell , with these companies and their founders, and suck thier blood, not your family and friends.

    • Specialktw

      KT, all I can say is that this company may be on the wrong track, but you obviously need some help yourself. It's like you're drunk or on something when you respond. Your language shows a lack of education and respect for others, and frankly, I wouldn't take advice from you on how to get across the street. You need to learn how to express yourself in a better way. I know nothing about ACN, but the way you talk, you'd think they were responsible for all the problems you have in your life. People have the right to make their own decsions. If they foul up, they foul up. Forgive them and move on. Life is too short for petty things of this sort.

  • John656girly

    ACN has been an awesome company! I am making over 700 a month with it as well as the rep above me just hit Team Coordinator within 8 months of being a part of the company! The only thing that will make ACN work with someone is if they have GOOD WORK ETHIC! Which so many people these days lack. I love ACN!

    • US

      can you show us the actual earning, checks, bank statements, how much time you and your Team coordinator had to put in this months. Let us know the details and figurres.

    • no

      $700 a month? That's $175 a day or lets just use a normal 5 day work week……..that works out to be $35 a day. You're a whiz kid. You should be able to buy your BMW in about 35 years.

      • no

        Ooops…I made a typo…………..that's $175 a week.

  • Oliverbonnie

    I am amazed that people write this information without authenticity of the facts.

    I totally agree with the right to freedom of speech, but noy thjis kind!!!!

    • US

      which facts Oliverbonnie you are talking, let me see the your facts and facts until your founders, how much promotion money ACN gives to Donald Trump and atheletes, publish the statistics to the penny and all of you will be rotting, when people see before they are being sucked in.

  • JohnHammersmithDDS

    I'd just be happy if ACN didn't turn the few reps I know into money hungry fanatics with hard to handle personalities.

    My wife lost a lot of closeness with a longtime friend because the ONLY THING the friend wanted to talk about was ACN. We had to take a long break from her because she was damaging the relationship; e.g. asking my wife if she wanted to have a girls night out that turned out to actually be a trick to get her into coming to a pitch meeting. My wife lost a lot of trust in her during that time. That's disgusting, and my wife was looking forward to a fun night on the town.

    We're happy for her if she's found a way to make money by herself (her husband is also a rep part-time) but the only thing she talks about is money and new cars. Things that bring temporary happiness. Mercedes, BMWs, and Bentlys are sure fine vehicles but getting so incredibly giddy about them, not because of their fine craftmanship but because it makes them appear cool, is so embarrassing to witness.

    Top this off with the friend mentioning recently about just how in debt her family is (that's a NEGATIVE net worth, folks) and is looking to start a debt reduction program.

    It's really hard to take someone serious about making money when the person trying to convince me is in over their head in debt, doesn't have a family budget, and spends money without regard. Telling us “look, I know you guys are working to get out of debt right now” [we are] “I think ACN could really help you. I made $5,000 last week!” is insulting.

    I don't know. Every real-life example I've seen of ACN reps has been a major letdown and like looking through a thinly veiled attempt at filling an empty hole of sadness with quick money and cars through “hard work”. My job already pays well. My wife is able to stay home with our children and we'll be out of debt in the next 18 months.

    Mind you, this is one person. What's unfortunate is the stark commonality of words, phrases, and attitudes of every rep that you come across on websites like this or on Facebook. Maybe my wife's friend is the only one in debt because of some bad mistakes but the sharp defensiveness and obsession with cars is creepy after a while.

    Sure, the quick response is “well, ACN isn't for everyone” and that's true. But for god-sakes, lose the douchebag attitdues, ACN.

    • Cursing=Ignorance

      The only thing I'll say that the obsession with cars is that the company gives you (at some levels) a $4k monthly auto bonus, pays for some high end leases.

  • gimmemeabreak

    I am going to make this short and simple because I could go on for pages about my dissappointment with ACN, even though I was only in it for 2 months. It is a bunch of bullshit. I not only advise you to never join ACN but to never buy their products. I wouldnt even ask my worst enemy to get involved. That is what I think of ACN. If I was the law I would shut them down this very moment. Peace out!!!

  • HavLaw07

    Please do your research before joining any MLM structured company, especially ACN.

    The vast majority of money you would make from them is from recruiting new reps. That alone should throw up pyramid scheme red flag. The discount on the services they offer are only temporary and will wind up being more expensive eventually ( the classic “bait and switch”)

    Your potential customers and recruitment are your friends and family; be prepared to lose that relationship. ACN needs people to fail in order for them to make money, that is part of their business model.

    More than 99% of you that attempt this will not make money. Your odds are better in Vegas.

    ACN spends a hefty sum every year to protect its reputation. They maintain an excellent rating with the BBB, they pepper blogs to defend themselves, pay dearly for a prominent celebrity (i.e. Donald Trump) to endorse them, overpay a former politician to back them up (Bob Stephan, former AG for Kentucky) legally. They have essentially done a brilliant PR job.

    So if you're still considering entering the world of an MLM company just ask the hard questions and make your recruiter backs it up with paperwork, check stubs, tax returns or just some proof that an entry level person like you has the potential to make some money.

    In my humble opinion of ACN I would say that they are misleading, distrustful, and very ambiguous. I've attended a meeting and not once did they go into their superior products or services. Their main product is a video phone that was once popular in the mid 90's for a brief time. The services they provide are bought from all the big carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Qwest, and so on. They make nothing but that outdated video phone. Clearly you see how they make their money.

    Now if you really want to give it a try, I beg you first to talk to a friend or family that is a business person, such as a banker or lawyer. Be honest, tell them everything and see what they have to say.

    So lets not be fools. Save your money. Invest in mutual funds.

    • Guest

      This is great

    • Prospectus

      You say invest in Mutual funds but did you know Financial advisors make 100% commission on Front load and tail ends and rentention, meaning if they just waited for business to walk in, they would go broke even though they spent ” over $1000″ to go through a course and exam for their licence. It doesn't gurantee anything..Only thing is you reap what you sow. Just like ACN, you have to go and get people in. That's it. You're not lifting heavy boxes, standing at a factory line, your using the gift of the gab. However, you need to remember you get what you put into it. Doesnt matter what you do, an effort is needed to e. Everyone wants that rich comfortable lifestyle but no one wants to work for it. Ask every successful person (doesnt matter what industry) , if they sat around and waited for success. What do you think they will say? I'm not with ACN but I'd like to use service and perhaps supplement my income. IF I make money, that's already a bonus

      • PrimeMover

        Of course they take a commission, I don't know any that work for free. Please don't compare investing your money in mutual funds and investing your money into ACN. That's just irresponsible of you.

        You really seem to be missing the point here. If ACN were in fact legit it would concentrate on selling services and their 1995style video phone. Instead it concentrates on recruiting suckers like you. It takes your $500 start up fee and give most of it to what will be your “upline”. Then you recruit suckers as well (family and friends or loiter around walmart electronic section waiting for more suckers). It's all about the start up fees. You get so little residual income from services you sell it cannot be worth it. Your time alone you invest will most likely never be compensated.

        Go to a financial adviser and sit down with him/her and ask them if they should invest in mutual funds or invest in ACN (or any MLM type business). 10 out of 10 will tell you to put money in mutual funds and not to waste your time with ACN.

        However, I really hope you waste your time with ACN. You seem have the personality for it. Just give your $500 to them. See if you get it back. If you do, show us proof. We all know this company is built on lying your ass off so we need proof.

        Remember, if ACN were a reputable company this blog would not exists. It's here for a reason.

        • guest

          But I got my $500 back in less than a month. I joined Oct. 3rd. and became an ETT on Oct. 16th. The check was dated Oct. 21st. All I knew is this – ACN is not for someone who waited for things to happen and too lazy to do the hard work. But I am willing to do what it takes to realize my dream.

          • Ingridquirke57

            Very true. I got my 400 (that is what it was when I joined) and have received 2800 since then. So I have been in for a little over 3 months. I love ACN. I am about to go to Sand Diego in a few weeks. I am pumped!

          • bigbaaby


          • Run away from ACN

            $400 a few months ago? Now I know you are lying. I was asked by a friend to come to one of their meetings back in March (9 months ago if you have trouble counting) and it was $500 to 'sign up' then. I hope you like spending your money on this stupid trip to San Diego to watch a light show and hear a bunch of BS. By the way, my friend will be at the same dog and pony show as you. Oh, and it's SAN DIEGO..not Sand Diego. Another bufoon educated by ACN.

          • jess

            SURE – You get back your $500.00 after you signed up maybe your sister or brother or your mom w/ch they paid $ 500.00 each. simple arithmetic, the company collected $2,000.00 from 4 of you and they gave you back your $500.00; the family spent $2,000.00 and 1 family member who is the very upline get back $500.00; pathetic, overall the family loss $1,500.00.

        • Sailing4moore

          I am still not in ACN but will look for someone to show it to me. Sounds like the way to go if your not for it. A financial adviser is a sure way to lose money and they are a dime a dozen. I have personaly had 3 of them that checked out fine but were a bust. They cost me Thousands of dollars. Your advise here is wrong also. Now that I handle all my investments myself I have been doing very well. Thanks but NO thanks primeover.

      • ~The Mage~


        Financial advisors do *not* make 100% commission on Front-End Load and Back-End Load and Retention. If they did, that would be called a Ponzi scheme, where they take your money and run. They don't. They earn trailer commissions, and there is an upfront commission on Back-End Load funds (which they only get because their trailer commissions are lower on Back-End Funds). Front-End load funds provide a commission to the advisor, but the front-end load is almost always negotiable. Since the advisor gets the full trailer commission on the funds, he is sometimes willing to make the Front-End load = zero.

        Go read your prospectus, Prospectus.

      • Your Mom

        A Mutual Funds Advisor does not charge me $500 so that I can go sell mutual funds to my friends. Not does he tell me that I will make money on those mutual funds and get money for recruiting more Fund Advisors. I do work for my lifestyle, and I work hard. I just don't want to sell my friends and family crappy phones or simply a line of crap.

        PS Mutual Fund advisors don't make 100% commisions. That would be impossible.

  • Hahaha

    While attending college I took a course that educated students on the various marketing tactics people use to lure brainless knitwits into schemes which is why I saw straight through ACN after the first meeting. Once the video was over all I could think of was “wow they used every dirty trick in the book to try to make me believe in this farce.” Just as I was about to repeat that sentiment to my two friends, they turned to face me excited about this new opportunity.

    Needless to say our difference in views separated us and we are no longer speaking. But more to the point, since that first meeting, my sister who immediately signed up has burned through her savings. $10 000 gone straight down the drain and is putting herself further in debt by flying out to the conferences with her new buddies.

    Is she getting a new experience? Sure.

    But that won't make her rich and won't help bring our parents any closer to retirement, a sentiment she professes fiercely every time someone asks her why she's working for ACN.

    Furthermore, she only serves to damage her school career and may end up bankrupt therefore losing an additional seven more years ontop of the two she's already wasted.

    The most astonishing thing is that regardless of all her loss, she still believes in it. She is convinced that because all her new friends own BMW's and various other cars, she'll eventually own another one too.

    FYI you could easily purchase a drug mull BMW off of TRADERS for $5000 and no one would be the wiser.

    Reality is that most of these people lack the financial no how, integrity and intelligence to see a charade when it's in front of them. All I can say is that people who are thinking about ACN should educate themselves first and foremost and ask themselves how much are they willing to lose, because I can guarantee that this promise of wealth will leave you not long penniless but friendless as well.

  • Facebookmail48

    ACN is a huge scam! We quit when we had put out about $1500, and glad we only lost THAT much!! Now I can't get them off my back, I even had to change my credit card # to get them to stop charging against it.

    They changed all their phone numbers so I couldn't even contact anyone in-person, then today when I finally got another phone number, the rep told me that they had NEVER changed their phone numbers! Oh, do I ever wish I had that e-mail they sent me saying they were changing their numbers!

    I have to let my account go into default to get the phone service canceled. I told them I'll be happy to go to small claims court if that's what it takes! My bank didn't hesitate when I wanted to change my credit card number, once they found out it was a MLM company, and I'm sure the judge won't hesitate to rule in my favor either!

  • Guest

    scam!!! frk waste of cashh

  • Guest

    I have been with ACN for 9 month. Work pretty hard – part time. Making some money (average 300 – 400 a month in bonuses).Steel running my own conventional business for last 15 years. Tired of it and of its instability. I think I deserve better than that. ACN is not for everybody – like any other business or job.(it is an MLM – probably the best of them – but still MLM) If you want to become succesfull in it – be ready to work hard for at least few years, become professional in it and DO NOT LISTEN WHAT OTHERS SAY. THIS IS A MUST !!! Only this way you can succeed in it.Good luck with your life. We deserve the best.

    • KT

      How many hours you devote to ACN, and how much of your own money you had put in for their services, can you give us nine month time and money you put, so we can get an idea what it takes to earn 3-400 a month, will this be a consistent income all the time, if you do not work any more, please enlighten us

      • Targetacn

        First I make $300-400 a month now – which I understand is not much. Will be concentrating now to increase the effectiveness of the business and a better duplication in my team. Building a network takes time. Overall with all the services I am using through ACN it cost me pretty much the same as I was paying before. To get a consistant income you have to rich a higher position but you never competely quit the buseness because you feel responsible for your team and their succes. After all MLM is a 100% teamwork.


        • KT

          seems like a true ACN cult person, let me ask again –
          1. how many hours you devote to ACN, and
          2. how much of your own money you had put in for their services, before and after joing ACN
          3. can you give us nine month time and money you put, so we can get an idea what it takes to earn 3-400 a month,
          4. will this be a consistent income all the time, if you do not work any more, you will always be getting 300-400$ a month

          • KT

            Also can you put all the details of your earnings on your acnrep website, and also ask your other acn soldiers to do the same, along with how much each day you had spent on it, and along with how much dollars worth of products and services you switched/purchased through ACN. Let us see totally transparent and become inspired.

          • KT

            Also can you put all the details of your earnings on your acnrep website, and also ask your other acn soldiers to do the same, along with how much TIME each day you had spent on it, and along with how much dollars worth of products and services you switched/purchased through ACN. Let us see totally transparent and become inspired.

        • PrimeMover

          You say you're making $3-400 a month off bonuses, which in turn come from signing up new recruits (suckers). You don't mention the residual income or commissions from services provided or products sold.

          To make $50,000 off residual income you will need to have a billing volume of $500,000; now say each of your customers bill is $150; that translates to roughly 3334 customers. Unless you have the resources of a major communication network, that's a far stretch for an individual. Don't be thinking ACN will provide the support you need, they don't have it.

          I hope you see the only way to make money with this company is to sign up new people and collect their bonuses. That's the simple truth. Just expect to lose friends and family.

          And back to those services….They are competitive for the first few months but eventually become more expensive.

          And as for your idiotic comment about “not listening to what others say”, that is exactly what you do before getting into another business. Do me a favor; go down and talk to your local banker and see what he/she has to say about MLM businesses and ANC. You're a #1 sucker buddy.

          • Ezavalkovsky

            Funny approach. In any conventional business you are either a boss and make money of somebodies labor or opposite provide labor for your boss. Your choice… The only thing people with your “kind of approach” have to do – is to live of welfare… SORRY

  • FrankLamps

    All the clowns that had made claims for ACN earlier must be broke and looking for better work. None seem to ever follow through on their promises to produce raw data backing their claims. As predicted…

    • KT

      These clowns do not know or see through,
      1. they are essentially ACN Customers, to the point of buying useless and senseless they do not need
      2. spending their own money and TIME (time is called money by wise people) and resources and network and family and friends and relationships everythin, to get more of their own, on the promise of meagre commissions, where as it should have been reverse, ACN getting meagre,

      How in the world ACN would not be getting better and fatter, when they have army of clowns working for them 24 by 7, for it, in the dreams of retirement money.
      At least, at regular jobs, people work 8 hrs.

      • FrankLamps

        yes, i have a few facebook friends im removing because here is a typical daily status: 'helped MR X save 190.00 on his long distance savings per year, and we haven't even TALKED about his internet yet! – Helping others, it never gets old'. I can smell this bullshit a light year away. The fact that all their catchy statuses are so alike tells me that these useless ACN meetings likely plug these suckers into 'looking virtuous' on fucking facebook, of all places. FAIL.

        • PrimeMover

          Any friend or family member for that matter that has started ANC is no longer a friend. As for the family member, he's off my christmas card list. The only thing they want to talk about is ACN and how well they are doing. It got to the point that I was avoiding them at all cost, screening their phone calls and at one point, not answering my door!

          Even my cousin (the said family member) would not come clean and show me any check stubs or hard evidence that he was in fact making the money he claimed. Any time I debated with him he would want me to come talk to his recruiter so all my questions could be answered. I told him NO, and show me the MONEY! That's all the proof I need. Needless to say he kept pestering me until I had to ask him to leave me alone. Now it's pretty awkward if I see him at a family function; he still talks loud enough so I can hear him bragging about his success.

          It must be in the ACN constitution not to show anyone any proof of money making, most likely because they aren't making anything.

          TO ALL YOU ACN EMPLOYEES….FUCK OFF AND LEAVE US ALONE…we have money to make in the real world

          • NILjustincase

            You are lucky, it's only your cousin so you can avoid him at all costs. I constantly have to listen about all of the ACN bull from my partner discussed in our home. Though I have told him over and over that I do no wish to hear about ACN, it doesn't seem to sink in. NO BRAIN-probably why he got himself involved with ACN in the first place. As you say, I here about all this big money that he is supposed to be making, but unfortunately have not seen a red cent. The only thing I have seen is the bills to keep this so-called business running. I'm hoping that one day in the very near future the “LIGHT” will come on and he will smarten up and give this crap up as a “lost cause”. It has ruined our so-called marriage and I am leaving him. ACN is for daydreamers hoping for the big hit. All they see is $$$$ signs when in reality it is a bigt fat ZERO.

      • jwc

        they could be plants from ACN, I suspect more than a few are.

  • TJ

    When you buy your business, it is explained where the money is used. There are no secrets. It pays for the 500 accounts payable/receivable personnel and business licenses, and now the ability to purchase electric and natural gas (green) and offer it at a discounted rate. Don't forget the lines they rent for their phones to offer consumers discounted rates. That is what our “buy-in-money” goes toward!

    It takes time to build an empire such as ours. We are brokers not scammers. We DO provide legitimate telecom services. The leading companies have come to ACN and asked us to bring them customers.

    They can say the exact same thing about JUS. But bring it! I know for a living fact that the products work. Just as sure as I know that the phone, and phone services I have personally signed up for work and save money. We are brokers for the leading telecommunication companies in the world. We provide wireless, phone line, digital phones (VoIP), satellite, and security at discounted prices for our customers.

    • Guest

      First of all, we need to take one of your arguments off the table. Any telecom provider would obviously be in favour of having a massive direct sales force push their products and services. The fact that they do this gives no boost to the viability of ACN as a sustainable business.

      ACN absolutely does NOT rent lines or any sort of infrastructure for any of their services – you clearly do not understand how things work. They simply resell the services of others – since they can commit to reselling a lot of them, they are sometimes given a slight discount on some of the services.

      Realistically, there is no shame in selling or reselling the telecom services offered by acn. They are top notch and occasionally they can be offered at a discount.

      The issue is with the recruiting. If you actually think your $500 does not go to paying bonuses then you are absolutely insane. As has been clearly demonstrated, the vast majority of reps never make their money money back. ACN as a company obviously is brining in a ton of cash from the sign-up fees – to think that they don't pay a lot of it out as bonuses is horrendously naive of you. It's just a business dude, cash flows in, cash flows out. If you want to delude yourself by thinking the profits from singup fees somehow don't get directed to bonus payouts go for it.. it might help you fight the guilt when people in your downline complain that you have wasted their time and money – but don't preach this shit to anyone else – it's a lie and it's part of the reason acn has a bad reputation.

    • FrankLamps

      you've convinced yourself of this much. but at least admit the campaigning is terribly lame and very annoying. Primerica all over again.

    • PrimeMover

      If you're such the broker then why do you and your beloved company spend most of your time recruiting others? Logic would suggest you would not want all that competition vying for your business. Wake up buddy, you're living in la la land.

      Could you please give us an honest answer here: what is your total billing volume to all your telecommunication customers?

    • KT

      Hey TJ, can you talk about you only, just so you know you do not own ACN, you are not even a shareholder, you are just their clown, they can kick you anytime you do the thing which they do not ask you to do or want you to do or do not bring the recruits or business to them.

      So let us know, day by day detail of your daily service you do to ACN and how many pennies you had earned.

      1. How many hours you had worked each day since your day 1, include your time watching or showing the ra ra drama's

      2. How much money/services you buy from ACN and before ACN how much you were paying

      3. Put how much of your own money, gas money, car wear and tear, office stationaries, meeting hosting costs, travel costs, etc each and every money you spent for ACN.

      4. How much you had earned so far.

  • Whydoesthisstillhurt

    I tried ACN.. was extremely difficult to convince people to try it out and now I know why. Never made it off the ground, and the “help” is nonsense. If you call your “mentor” with questions, be prepared to leave a lot of unreturned voicemails.

    • KT

      You are right, on this forum, or on their acnrep website, these clowns are not writing their details, hours worked, money spent, how much they are buying from acn itself, nope nothing.

      they are just busy in making in money, and shouting out of their lungs that they are making lot of money, where it is, how it is, they do not have time for that.

  • "Insider"

    I know I shouldn't be posting this but I am obliged to do so after reading some of your comments. I actually know one of the TOP guys at the ACN on a personal level. I can confirm that he does make income in the high 6 figures. I wont disclose his name for obvious reasons but lets just say he is one of the guys that runs the meetings on a regional and national levels. Anyways, he has built up quite a network in the multi thousands and is very successful. One night out on the town, we were having drinks and talking about our businesses (unrelated) and he admitted to me that this business is ALL ABOUT RECRUITING. It has absolutely nothing to do with excellent phone service or saving customer's money. Besides the people right below him, he said he could care less about any of the “ants under his chain of command” as long as they are recruiting to get that $500 sign up fee. (Now I know this would probably never have come out in a sober state of mind but sometimes the truth comes out when you've had a few). They teach a culture at ACN, not sales and not even recruiting. Once you “understand, know, and feel” the culture, the recruiting happens on its own. Those meetings they have (local, regional, national) have absolutely NOTHING to do with “business” but instead is used as a tool to boost morale and get people pumped up. For all the people who say they are making $, well good for you. It shows the business isn't a complete sham. However, for the amount of time you put in, the relationships you burn, and the pride you lose in talking about other people's success, i would say its not worth it. And to anyone who is thinking about joining, all I can say is “do your homework.” The people at the TOP know from the very beginning that most won't make $$$ in the business and thus the $500 “business set-up fee.”

  • Sec2x

    Yes, it is hard to sell ACN or even Amway or the like but the ones who enter into ACN are destined to failure. Why? Because of ACN? No!!!! They buy into ACN try for a while then sit on their butts and complain. What business can you get into without working at it. When they fail they cry and blame ACN instead of themselves. I feel anyone calling ACN a scam if a crybaby and a failure in society! You wany to talk about scams? How about the politician you elect and gets paid a lot of money, files fails income reports, etc. or a factory worker getting his pension stolen from the company as the CEO's get fat rich while you loose your job!! Fact is you can save a lot of money with ACN and make money depending how hard you want to work or sit on your butt and cry!!! Don't forget the thanks you get for saving money to someone who is on a limited budget and saving a hundred dollars is a lot to them. But then some people thinks its ok to buy from scab companies and foriegn garbage because the save a couple of pennies but ACN is a scam even though they save people or they don't make the big bucks for doing little work. You wonder why our country is sooo screwed up? Read some more of these false hoods and you'll figure it out!!!!

    • KT

      Why you don't show and tell us what you are doing and what you are promising which you tell and tell is upline is getting this and that, instead of giving a political lecture, so basically you all in ACN are like crooked politician and greedy CEO's and specializing in telling lies and lies only, why you are scared of talking and walking the facts. you know yourself dearly and then also lying shamelessly.

    • KT

      Hey sec2x, can you talk about you only, just so you know you do not own ACN, you are not even a shareholder, you are just their clown, they can kick you anytime you do the thing which they do not ask you to do or want you to do or do not bring the recruits or business to them.

      So let us know, day by day detail of your daily service you do to ACN and how many pennies you had earned.

      1. How many hours you had worked each day since your day 1, include your time watching or showing the ra ra drama's

      2. How much money/services you buy from ACN and before ACN how much you were paying

      3. Put how much of your own money, gas money, car wear and tear, office stationaries, meeting hosting costs, travel costs, etc each and every money you spent for ACN.

      4. How much you had earned so far.

    • PrimeMover

      ACN sucks and you know it. The business model…recruit recruit recruit…. That alone should tell you one thing…it's a scam, plain and simple. Unfortunately it's a legal scam.

      If you're trying to convince us that politicians are liars or CEO's are corrupt than you're a little late, we passed 6th grade. What kind of people do you think run ACN?

      I task you to do this; quit your real job at waffle house and go all in towards ACN. Come back in 6 months and tell us how much you're making with ACN. Then tell us how many friends you've lost, then tell us how many family members hate you now, then tell us we were right. Last but not least, try to get your night shift back at waffle house to recover your losses from the wonderful world of ACN.

      Best of luck buddy…

      • ACM is a scam

        They told me to bring two friends but not to give them much details on what the seminar was about, and they didnt want me to mention the name ACN to them. It was like everyone that worked there knew it was a scam and were teaching me the tricks of the trade. EVERYBODY STAY AWAY FROM ACN!!!

    • FrankLamps

      Your spelling and language are ghastly. How do you have ANY credibility here then?

      • Mr.X

        i have about 6 or 7 friends in ACN and my friends parents are in ACN and they all make $1000 / month and they've only been in it for about 8months… my friends parents actually got the $25000 bonus that they promised and i seen their checks, its legit. you just can't be lazy… and follow the system and it will work out,
        why would bell tv, telus mobilty, reliance home comfort (ontario hydro energy), all be involved?
        why would donald trump? NHL PLAYERS be part of this company?

        people that think it's a scam are honestly dumb as a fucking rock, if you haven't attended a meeting & actually tried , you can't say shit!

        of course people love pointing fingers when it doesn't work out, but maybe if you actually did some work it would? omg imagine that, imagine that you actually have to try & get customers & attend meetings.. like wow stupid clueless people piss me off

        • KT

          Hey X, why dont you put that on your acnrep website. let us also see.

          Bell tv. telus, they give commission to ACN, of which ACN give you a penny, while you do all the work for them at your own cost, infrastructure, time and cost of relations, you dumb.

          trump or NHL players advertise for all things, do you buy because they endorse it, they are paid celebrities.

        • KT

          tell these things

          . How many hours you had worked each day since your day 1, include your time watching or showing the ra ra drama's

          2. How much money/services you buy from ACN and before ACN how much you were paying

          3. Put how much of your own money, gas money, car wear and tear, office stationaries, meeting hosting costs, travel costs, etc each and every money you spent for ACN.

          4. How much you had earned so far.

        • Guest

          Hahaha – what an obvious load of BS from a sad rep depressed about how everyone hates his current interest and the fact that he makes no money..
          You think because Jeremy Roenick got roped into ACN is must be a good deal? please (seriously) go into a little more detail on why this affects the viability of the business in any way.
          I attended several meetings over the course of 2 years, worked with a team of 30 of us (12 in my downline) and just made it to ETL – I was in better shape than any of our 30 and made nowhere near enough to justify all the expenses and other non-sense that comes along with acn. I think you should stop pointing the fingers, give yourself 2 years and I can guarantee (with about 99% accuracy according to this article haha) you will be out of ACN and resenting it. Good luck 😉

          • Guest

            It's too bad that all of you are throwing Mr. X to the wolves. This business is all about getting out of it what you actually put into it, just like any other business. My wife started ACN a little over a month ago and will become an ETL in a matter of weeks. Her upline is an amazing group of people who are achieving success exponentially every month and have been able to quit their jobs, (an acronym for Just Over Broke.) You just have to have faith in what God will do for you and what you truly can achieve. ACN is a company designed for people who want to be self-employed or business owners, not employees. And every business owner or self-employed person knows that it takes faith, hard work and confidence to make that business succeed. You can't get something from nothing. Successful people are not the ones sitting in a cubicle depending upon their “job security.” The most secure place a person could be is in prison. I owned a successful business for 7 years and had to leave the venue where the business was run due to the “state of the economy.” Since that time, I had gotten back into the “9-5” rat race and was barely able to keep my head above water financially, struggling to feed my family while working 60 hours a week. I was working to provide the fruit for another man's dream while never being able to enjoy a meal with my family. I thank God for the opportunity that ACN is providing for me and my family as I am joining my wife in this exciting venture.

        • PrimeMover

          It's safe to say you're the stupid clueless one here buddy. You need to wake up and smell the shit that ACN is selling you. 8 months in and getting a check for $25K? It sounds like your friends parents are lying to you, perhaps to draw you in and make money off you. I'd be willing to bet my house that they didn't get that much money.

          I'm not saying you can't make money from ACN, but the way it's done is unethical and just down right wrong. It's almost impossible for the average person to make enough residual income from customers to survive. You'd make more working at McDonalds scrubbing the mcmuffin shit off the toilets. To make money you have to recruit new people and promise them the world. It's a scam, and you're an idiot for buying into it.

          One more thing, I would endorse shitty diapers if someone paid me money. Trump is an idiot, he will do anything for money. I bet you he doesnt have a shitty ACN video phone in his office.

          Please change your name to Mr. Douche, it sounds better on you.

        • FrankLamps

          you're just an idiot. i had something to say, but don't think you'd get it. carry on the bottom of your pyramid Mr. X. 1000 a month? hahahaha. yes, six figures at ACN in 8 months. suck a horse cock moron. And belltv, telus, trump, NHL players? they aren't the ones nagging the SHIT outta me about this shit scam all the time- their employees have lives and are making their money off suckers like your 6 or 7 idiot friends.

        • KT

          Let us know you name and friends parents name and contact details, and your website .some xxx dot acnrep dot com, i would like to join them after you and they show me all the details.

        • ACN is a scam

          “Like wow stupid clueless people piss me off”- you sound like a little school boy bitch. Quit lying, nobody is buying any of your shit…

          Everyone that works for ACN only knows how to say “well why would trump be involved?” like a bunch of sheep. The answer is simple, MONEY from morons like you.

    • Ehukill

      dude i tried to work with them but they did nothing to help. Also i set up my phone and was haiving trouble, so i called customer service and they did not help. No one seems to help or give a crap to help. i moved about 14 months ago and gave acn my new address about 4 to 5 times, well that's not enough because they still sent stuff to our old address and canceled our service early without telling us and are charging us for it? WHAT THE HECK!!! They are crap like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gg

      if it is so excellent, why the derision for those who choose to stay away from it, or slander it? is it because some may read this blog perhaps, and wise up and see, the only way to get people to join is by hoaxing them into thinking that they aren't going to get ripped off?

  • Lovemyself0101

    ACN is the worst and the biggest scam ever. They are a bunch of dorks who have never been good at anything in their life and scam people with no college degree to go out and beg people to buy video phones. Obviously, it is not legit if people can't tell you why your going somewhere until you get there and say “just trust me.” It is ridiculous. The recruiter tells you that they are goin to have a “millionaire” call you up to talk to you. Should I be impressed that some ACN loser is calling me so I can go work my ass off to give 13 people above me on the pyramid a cut? Lastly, the people I know that make real money and a lot of money usually dont go around telling youthat. Usually. Everyone I know from ACN ( and thank god its only a few losers) just continually runs their mouth about their money and how much they are making. Get a real job. Get some education. Get some dignity. And stop wasting peoples time by inviting them to room 214 at the Ramada Inn.

    • KT

      where is this ramada inn, next time when they invite let's ask them to come with their all the details, log of hours they worked and money they earned so far, so that we can derive their earning per hour.

      • Guest

        This would be amazing! It would be hilarious to see the response from those reps trying to recruit when we stand up and call them out on their BS. We could also save all the poor naive people just seeing the presentation for the first time. We should think about the organized crashing of ACN recruiting events.

    • Mishie

      What do you for a living since you have a college degree? Calling people dorks and losers and putting people down you must of learned in 101 BITCH CLASS in college. By the way did mommy and daddy pay for your college education or did you work hard for and are still paying off your loan for college? Do you have you own business? How much do you make for a living? Wait for a response!!!!

      • truth speaker

        Mishie, I thought it was rude to ask people how much money they make???????????

  • KT

    does anybody know, ACN do criminal and credit checks ?,

    if not ask them why.

    Next time, beware you are sitting next to them and exposing your children to sex offenders, felons, bandits and bankrupts.

  • Moeningkevin

    Kevin Moening is a person with no respect with potential clients. He meet my wife trying to sell her on becoming part of ACN and instead he pursued her to have an affair. My wife and I were having marriage problems and Kevin Moening took advantage of the situation and pursued to have an affair with my wife. He uses ACN to prey on women. who ever is thinking of using ACN or doing business with Kevin Moening beware…He is a disgusting person with no respect what so ever for other people. What ever you do dont do business with him…

  • Aidrie

    Your analysis is dead on target. MLM uplines always promote lifestyle rather than product and recruitment rather than sales.

  • Ehukill

    acn is CRAP CRAPCRAP!!!! I was stupid enough to join it! Their phone service sucks!!! Customer care, bull crap, more like customer nazis!!!!!!!!!! I will never support such a scam again. All they are interested in is your money and as soon as they get it, you get cut off!!!!! I will tell everyone I know to stay away from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    You guys are so smart, this was such a great article, I will definitely take the advice of some random person with hatred in his heart and no understanding of network marketing instead of taking the advice of people like Bill Clinton when he was president endorsing network marketing, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and a million more successful people about network marketing. Everyone here that is hating on ACN and network marketing has absolutely no factual information and education about the industry, its like you guys talking about becoming a doctor with the knowledge and education of an elementary student and expecting people to listen.


    I do agree with one fact, many people fail in network marketing, but that doesnt mean ANYTHING.



    • KT

      Agreed, tell first how you succeeded , how much time and money you put into it, post your details on your website, so that people know it.

      do not tell gullible people that it's a piece of cake and you make millions doing nothing and living in paradise, while you in game to milk money off from them, not other way round.

      It is why people are mad at, fooling and cheating them, give us the actual facts.

      When we will do the math, after people have been screwed and screwed they find that, working at walmart or mcdonald's was far from better, at least they do not have to be in debt to satisfy the few successful vultures.

      Post your details, if you like to talk straight, do not give all these crap from pulpit.

    • Ehukill

      dude i sell service into the us army, so i know sells and my product produces something good not faulty products and poor customer service. i give a crap about the people who join through me to serve this great country we call the USA, thats why people continue to join through me to this day. i offer great service, care for the people i put in and not just say it but live it. i got a bunch of words that's it, the service sucks!!!! i never received help from acn customer service when i called, nope no one helped! so for me they suck, suck and SUCK some more and they will have bad word of moth in my area. people are all ready talking out here that acn sucks butt!! i dont care what donald trump say, crap he can have a good business but can't keep a wife, so who cares what that what thet heck he has to say. i will let all know, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ACN CAUSE THEY REALLY DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU AFTER YOU JOIN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! again ACN SUCKS BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PrimeMover

      Besides Multilevel Marketing do you know what MLM also stands for?? Multilevel Moron, like you. Don't think for one second that Donald Trump made his fortune by network marketing. He made it in real estate. He is a paid endorser of ACN and it's pretty well known the Don will do anything for money.

      ACN is intentionally deceptive, plain and simple. Argue that all you want but just remember…you're wrong.

      If you truly believe that the majority of people are not meant for greatness then you must include yourself in there.

    • FrankLamps

      Bill Clinton is a dirty ex-Pres, guilty of a number of crimes against humanity. Donald Trump makes more money putting his name behind ACN (as if he needs ACN to rely on). Versus: those that know this is a pile of shit. Millions of successful people? Funny, I know of none through ACN that are. Where do you hide them? Great role models, by the way.

    • realist

      Wow, your caps lock definitely made you a lot more credible…. moron!

    • guest

      I LIKE HOW YOU USE BIG LETTERS TO MAKE YOUR POINT SO DRAMATIC AND CREDIBLE. I'm sure you are doing well with ACN you stupid moron. Quit lying to yourself and other.

      • Agnesbartusek

        Truth realy hurts…you must be the one that never succeeds at anything because you have never tried… “FEAR” is a horrible thing and calling people names certainly speaks volumes about you and your education!!!

        • Tafy

          That;s right ..truth really hurts Agnes, that is why you sit, work and do business with sex offenders.

          • Gizmo2800

            where is this sex offenders coming from?? You people are some serious criminals man, tafy how long have you've been in jail? BTW what do you do online all day besides writting nasty things about ACN, molest kids on from facebook??

        • Truth Speaker

          Agnes, they never told me I should not call people names when they handed me my masters degree in journalism. Maybe I should enroll in some night classes or a 'personal growth seminar' like Tom Mack suggested. Tom Mack, I was involved with ACN for a whopping 15 minutes before I got up and walked out of the presentation. You don't need much of an education to realize this is nothing more than a pyramind scheme.

          • Gizmo2800

            OH….JOURNALISM!! yaya…so you made nothing back yet from what you had spend on your masters? Where do you want to go with your journalism degree…sit on the street? A lot of my friends have masters degrees in jounalism, and they are at home living with their parents 🙂

          • Gizmo2800

            BTW I have a PHD and ummmm, I was really broke when I started ACN years ago…PHD didnt take me much further!

          • AmbitousWhiteGirl

            Gizmo, I came to the website with an open mind to read reviews on ACN. I have a friend who is trying to get me to sign up but could not answer basic questions about the business model when I asked. I am a business major and have the good fortune to know what questions to ask. A higher level ACN rep said she would get into trouble if she told me what the average compensation was. She also made several false claims including that Skype was not encrypted. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that her sales pitch was not well researched instead of assuming she was intentionally lying. After reading this forum and others I have come to realize that the majority of the pro-ACN reviews were from people like you who spew hate and make wild claims like having an advanced degree when clearly you barely grasp the english language. I suspect you are new to our country and brought that hate with you, but that is just my opinion and really isn't relevant just like most of what you write. Either present facts or at least articulate an opinion with intelligent arguments to back your claims. You are actually hurting ACN because when people come here to read reviews, you represent the organization and come off as a douche. No one wants to get into business with a douche.

          • truth speaker

            Yes Gizmo, everything she stated is correct. She made her point. Nice post!!!!

          • truth speaker

            I own a very successful software company that has some intrinsic value to society. We protect children from sexual predators like your buddy Randy Taft. Myself and my co-workers enjoy what we do and it is an honest business unike the path you have taken in life. Stealing from friends and family members. And there is no way you have a PHD. Your english is horrible. You do seem to know alot about living in your parents basement though.

      • tom mack

        truth speaker can you tell us how long you were involved with acn to be such an expert ??? one hour 1 day 1 month ??please enlighten us as to your source of knowledge ?? and obvious inexpertise ???

        tom mack acn rep

        • Tafy

          hey tom mack, why don't you post your details on your filthy acnrep dot com website, and also put their your criminal, credit and drug history.

          • Gizmo2800

            crimal how many kids have molested so far? Why dont you give us your information . which business are you involved in? I'd like to know, How much money are you making? do u in a mansion or a shit hole, do you drive a beemer and I mean 600 series and up or you drive a suped up honda civic? Why dont you give me ur informaiton? did you graduated high school? are you a bisexual or homo>??? fucking jackass. before you put my business down, think about it….how you treat is exactly how people treat you back i bet. You are one fucking miserable CUNTO

          • truth speaker

            This was one of your more educated posts Gizmo. do u in a mansion or a shit hole? What does that mean? Did you graduated high school? Again, what are you trying to say? And what is a CUNTO? And I think your obsession with asking everyone if they drive a suped up honda is really you projecting your own self-image. I have a BMW X5. So go ahead and tell us what year Honda Civic you are driving. It's nothing to be embarrassed about as long as you don't have one of those big over-sized mufflers and a tail fin. There I made my point HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Why do you end most of your posts with that anyway???

          • Cecee

            I went to an ACN meeting a few weeks ago and decided to do my research. I just stumbled on this site. Gizmo2800 you give the company a bad name – you are a poor representation. None of the people at the ACN meeting appeared as unprofessional as you unless it was all pretense. I sat through the training and there was no mention of any additional charges except the $500 and members signing up for services. I have done other MLMs before and I know there is always additional charges — that is why I went searching. I also know that you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet but I wanted to know what people thought of the ACN services. I am so glad I found this site.

            Gizmo2800, thank you for showing me what really lies below the hyped up meetings. If I was an ACN rep I would be ashamed of having someone like you on my team. This blog is not for you if it brings out such language. ACN would not be proud of the way you are trying to 'defend' them. Move on and try to find prospects and stop wasting your time on here if it brings out such a bad side of you. The blog is intended for people who may be considering ACN — Anyone who is already a member may not like what is posted here but there is no need to stoop as low as you did.

            They said in the meeting that ACN gives you time and freedom. Stop wasting all your time here — there's got to be someone in your downline you can assist. Also, try duplicating more of your upline… which does not include posting filth on this site.

            All the best to you!

        • Str8cash

          Suck my penis Tom Mack

      • Sailing4moore

        I am not in any MLM at present but after reading some of your coments I think it may be for me after all.. I know for sure what your doing, thinking and saying is not for me. In fact I will even look at ACN. I have been in business for 40 + years and would fire someone with your attitude.

        • Truth Speaker

          Sailing4moore, go ahead and drink the ACN kool-aid and quit wasting your time defending this scam by posting here. The statistics stated above do not lie. You will not make a dime. You will lose your $499 investment (if you really want to call it that) You will get charged $150 to attend the big national conference where all you will hear is how much money everyone is claiming to make. You will travel home disillusioned that you are not making the same numbers as they are because you are too low on the pyramid. You will piss off all of your friends and family members because ACN will convince you to get them all involved in this scam. You will end up friendless. Your family won't answer your calls or open your e-mails. So please stop defending them and join up and let us all know how things are 6 months from now. If you finally admit you were wrong maybe I'll be your friend. Ahh, probably not.

          • Gizmo2800


        • Gizmo2800

          Notice how people that are in ACN that are for ACN are not half as rude as some of these miserable people with nasty attitude. That should tell you a lot about our ACN business. I am just really at 'awe' that people are so mean…LOL I just found this site by fluke and I am laughing at the immaturity of some of these people who claim to be educated!! *surprised look*

          • truth speaker

            Wow! I'm reading this post and then looking at the one just below where you call me a MORONIC LOOOOOOSER!!!! Just doesn't make any sense to me. You are really saying that the ACN supporters on here are not rude? And you are laughing at the immaturity of the ACN haters on here. Your better look in a mirror my disillusioned friend. Oh crap, I didn't mean to call you my friend. I meant moron.

      • Dtw

        Truth Speaker…are you the one working on protecting school children? It looks like everyone with different opinion then yours is a “Moron” … I wouldn't want my kids around you and your “projects”…

        • Truth Speaker

          Read my post where I commend another ACN clone who truly believes she can go out and sell a bunch of accounts and make money without getting involved in the pyramid aspect of this scam. I say good luck to her if that is her true intention and I believe it is. And yes your opinion doesn't matter to me and yes I think you are a moron as well. Good luck with ACN sucker.

      • Gizmo2800

        hahaha I so agree with you….what I dont get why is this loser so upset and calling ACN a scam when you only spend $500…what do you have to loose $500?? Well really you havent spend $500 before on stupid shit before?? hahahahahahaha This is soooo enterntaining…ACN ROCKS> the BEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN THE WORLD…there I made my point LMFAO

        • truth speaker

          Dumb ass. It's 'lose $500' not 'loose $500'. It's 'have not spent $500' not 'havent spend $500'. And the word entertaining is not spelled enterntaining. Come on buddy this is 5th grade english at it's best. And your use of the cap lock makes your final statement so credible. There I made my point again. HAHAHAHAHA.

      • Gizmo2800

        YOU ARE A MORONIC LOOOOSER!!! hahahahah I made my point HAHAHAHAHA

        • truth speaker

          Yeah, you really made your point. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • So predictable it's funny

        Don't worry about it, the technical term for what he's doing is “splitting”. It's commonly found in people with Borderline Personality Disorder and cult members.

        • truth speaker

          Kind of like projecting his horrible self image on to others so he feels better about his miserable life in his parents basement and his souped up Honda?

    • tom sawyer

      yo are u serious? “I do agree with one fact, many people fail in network marketing, but that doesnt mean ANYTHING.” how stupid are you?! so if a new test is introduced in a county required to graduate and 89% of the students fail, dont u think its a bad idea to implement the test? your a moron.

    • The_Ex_Rep

      Robert Kiyosaki does not recommend network marketing on the basis of money making. Listen closely to why he recommends it – it's only for personal development. It's almost comical how far out of his way he goes to avoid saying that their is any monetary gain to be had form network marketing. I agree that ACN is a great course in personal development, the issue is they peddle it as a money making business and cause most people to get into it on this premise. The recruiters lie and the company scams people out of their dollars..
      If you think that Donald Trump's endorsement is a tribute to the legitimacy of ACN.. you are a brainwashed retard – good luck with that..

  • Gary_tetz

    hey i now this family that son in law is represtative and got them in to this mest how do i go abot telling them?

    • PrimeMover

      Google translate hates you….

  • Oci_pune_tuge

    im an acn representative and i pay the starting up fee for the people below me because if they fail i dont wont them to louse their money bacause of something that i sugested. and for the representatives that pull out theirs no loss they dont louse any money if anything they have an intresting oportunity to think outside of the box and make some extra money i pay for the seminars i pay for everything that my team needs to get started and if they do the work they have the opportunity to get out of dept or pay for their childs education, medical expenses so please do not say that acn representatives are money hungry clones,

    • KT

      Please post your name and your website, let all know you.

      If you are so confident about ACN, why ACN is not confident about itself. There will be several people looking to join it.

      Again, truth from a ACN fellow never, they are full of actors and liars.

      • Oci_pune_tuge

        why would i post my detals on a public blog i might be young but im not stupid for the record before i joined acn i did my own reserched asked my mentors everything that i though was not adding up i met with Jeremy Roenick and picked his brains about the company and untill everyone taled me what i needed to hear i did not join i than decided that if i was not gonna pay the start up fee when they were asking me to sighn up why should the representatives i recruit so in coclusion im happy have enough money to survive dont need fancy cars houses material stuff are not important to me the most revoding feeling about acn is that i can help people out and teach them what i have learnt if they dont wont to hear it than i have no problem with it i only recruit people that are 100% commited and dont even ask the ifs buts and maybes because everyone knows if you but and maybe abut an oportunity its gona pass you by

        • FU

          Very smart, dude. If you are so smart and confident, that you do not want more and more people to join under you, and not bold enough to stand up openly, go to jeremy roenick and beg for money to write for him. You guys have no spine and no shame in telling and spreading lies.

          Tell me your name here and i will join you , and so do many people , if you are paying $499 for them.

        • truth speaker

          Take some of that money you stole and buy a dictionary or learn where spell check is on your pc. I've seen 3rd graders with better english and spelling than yours.

    • PrimeMover

      Instead of paying for start up fees, why don't you pay for an English class for yourself? If you want to look or sound credible you need to use punctuation. Your credibility as a successful ACN rep is 0 in my book.

    • ABF

      If you're paying the start-up fees for your downline (newsflash: no one believes that for an instant), then you're the biggest sucker of them all.  It's mathematically impossible to make money by doing that.

      Reading through these comments is just depressing.  They certainly don't instill much confidence in the future of humanity.

  • PhuckACN!

    ACN…is the biggest waste of time if you do not want to have family friends and anything positive in your life.

    i have two friends that gpt involed into ACN because of two strippers. they took my friends home fucked them and then started to convince them that acn was a good idea. it was a giant waste of time and their money. ANYONE who decides to join is a fucking idiot…give me your $500 i will got to a casino and you have better odds on making money there. FACT… FUCK ACN!

    • L Kurt

      So now they have strippers also, after sex offenders and bankrupts, certainly donald trump is a greedy sucker, seems like this company is all about swindling money at all cost.

  • A_c_n

    Been in ACN for exactly a year, just turned 20 and loving it! making some great money looking at around $2500/month in cash, you just have to work had at and follow the system, anyone who says it's a scam who cares move onto someone who has the same desire as you. Also how people say it's a pyramid scam one of ACN's lawyer's wrote that act of what a scam is considered as and now he's our lawyer, pretty sure he wouldn't be out lawyer if we were a scam. Think about it.

    • L Kurt

      Are you talking about the money you are making for yourself or the money you are making for your CEO…….if for yourself, you can keep lying to yourself in the mirror, no one believes evils and liar foot soldiers of ACN.

    • no

      OK another math lesson here. He did say he just turned 20 so we have to excuse him for thinking $2500/month is great money. Kid what did your techer say to you in school……….DO THE MATH.
      Here, i'll help you. $2500/month divided by 4 weeks in the month…….follow me so far, equals $625/week. OK, now you take that $625/week and you divide that by 40 hours and it equals $15.65/hour. Really not that shabby but you said you have been a rep for a year now so tell us how many hours you spend a day/week/month to make this money? I'm pretty sure you put quite a bit of time into recriuting others. Oh he did say that $2500/month was cash……Hope he is setting some of that money aside for when the IRS comes calling………

      • RemekTek

        First decent post with some English plus some logic thrown in! Well done.

        Now my 2 cents' input: I just spent 2 hrs touring the ACN HQ in Australia. There were 150 paid employees, servicing 90,000 subscribers in Australia/New Zealand. They have 7,000 MLM reps and have been operating for 7 years. That is not some scamy fly-by-night shop, in my humble opinion!

        Will I join? No, because I can make more of a living from my existing job, and I am not really into MLM for all the well documented reasons. But I don't think it is a either illegal or a scam.

        So, I think all you people that keep re-posting here, you could make money if you spent half that effort in EARNING it! LOL.

        Have a great day, folks…

    • Cry4humanity83

      Ok scam does not mean it's illegal, or it can't be unethical, misleading, or doesn't involve lying to yourself and others to make ACN look like a dream come true. I was in ACN for a year and I never saw a dime. I'm so amazed you found people that had $800 lying around to invest in this crap. Where were you Beverley Hills, Hollywood, does your daddy own a company and you had him market “sucker” his employees? I find that you have to be full of defication that you have had so much luck especially with a recession in the mix. It's cool though I mean you've been completely brainwashed and you won't wake up until you sit and realize how much money your throwing in the toliet. It's so nice of you to give money to the top people of ACN and let them have all the vacations and enjoy your hard efforts. Oh and it's not only $500 that's just for the liscense. You forgot to mention $29.99 a month for the website. Then you also have to be qualified which means you have to have two services. If you buy 2 video phones at $250 or even one that's another $250 to $500 you had to pay for. Then the monthly bill to operate the service… your already at $800-$1000 and you havent even gotten any customers! You need to wake up bro and stop lying to yourself and your friends and family. As for your lawyer comment…..who said lawyers were ethical and don't lie. It's their job to bend, stretch and justify their version of the truth. “What is legal is not always ethical”

  • Jim Miller

    Can you believe this company called ACN, has sales people like Randy Taft, A CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER,
    read here his details at,
    courts of neces county texas site or corpus christi

    He and his hispanic family tries to phrase that he is an innocent man, in contempt of court.

    This family which had been fed on WELFARE, which some call as “WHITE TRASH”,
    and it is heard that their 20 year old mother from interior Guatemala married the 60 year old WHITE MAN
    to get a green card and life of luxury, but this man was also very smart, he produced several kids before
    he got her on this land.

    Forward these to all women and families with children, to be aware of who they are around,
    and check him at – randytaft dot acnrep dot com

    • L Kurt

      Very good ACN , what else your people do than rapists, kill women and children, steal, embezzlement, forgery.

    • rumau

      unbelievable , ACN is a hell company, no regards for women and children, they have rapists on their roll.

  • Deeply Concerned

    My good friend convinced me to “come over for some drink and to watch a cool presentation tonight” that she was “so excited about.” Letting my imagination run wild, I showed up at her house expecting a Passion party or at least an Avon event. What I got instead was a pathetically overdressed twenty-six year old man making a presentation which consisted of overused phrases such as “everytime your phone goes ring-ring mine goes cha-ching”. I mean, he met Donald Trump and yet here he was, talking to nine twenty year-olds in a grungy basement on a Thursday night? I know the clips of unnecessarily exciting business meetings that seem like movie previews, or photos of billionaires in forbes magazines are very appealing but please, don't fall for it. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

    • Tr

      Next time ask these pathetic ACN guys to have their criminal and credit record handy, before doing their ching ming, ass holes.

    • guest

      Was it that scumbag crook John Melton? If it was I'm sure you've received twenty phone calls, text messages, and e-mails from some of the other ACN crimminals chasing after your $499. Oh, and then you can attend the national conference for an additional $150. For what? To hear how rich they are all getting from $499 a sucker. Anyone on this website that is defending ACN deserve to get taken by this scam. Try getting a real job or starting a real company with some value to society. Don't spend your life ripping off your friends and family members. Morons.

  • Brad

    Seems like ACN is a dangerous company to work for, if they criminals on their payroll.

    Thank you all for posting about this, i was brainwashed and about to join this company,
    but, reading about the criminals made me puke at them.

  • Cblindsey44

    I just have one question. If this company is so great and the opportunity is so tremendous, then tell me why all the technicians and customer service and support staff just don't abandon their jobs with ACN and jump on the bandwagon? Why does ACN still employ “peons”?

    • KT

      Very good point, these suckers get anybody on board and then sell the dream of millions, while they have janitors, admins. peons, support people on their ship serving the so-called millionaire retirees on board. Liars Liars and Liars.

    • Psptech

      because, they are bound by rules and they seem to love what they do.

      • Phpeech

        bound by the rules of criminals, drug dealers, and sex offenders like Randy Taft

  • The 3%

    The sad reality is that this article spins a twisted truth. Acn provides a legit business model that is based on revenue generated by both business and residential services, bills 98% of us will pay for a lifetime.In the acn marketing plan, by building a sales force and creating leverage through a distribution network anyone can redirect a portion of these revenues and build a passive income. The bonus payouts from the $499 will fuel the growth of the distribution network, making it profitable for the players to learn the system and drive this business. Many that get involved will not have the ability to recruit more then two people and will eventually get cut of from bonuses in this marketing plan. At this point they will be faced with choices, become better: engage in personal growth and development, have long term thinking and embark on the business owners journey of adversity, challenge and uncertainty…..or quit. The fact is that 97% of society is employee minded and will choose to quit. This article tells you all the truth, that most will not have success, but it paints a picture that the business model is flawed, when actually its people that are flawed. We live in a society where we are brainwashed from a young age to go to school and get a job, our entire school system was created to mold the skills and thinking of a workforce. The wealthy make up only 3% of society the other 97% will retire needing another job or government assistance to live. The 3% that will retire well off, will be made up of investors and business owners period. The consumers will continue to be fleeced, paying interest to own any thing of significant value, high taxes on significant wages, victims to a system where inflation and cost of living exceeds the amount of time you have to trade for money. Business ownership is the only way out and a company like acn provides that vehicle. However most people will convince themselves opportunity doesn't exist or at least that they are incapable of seizing opportunity. In closing this article was only written to attract the 97% of people that look at a business opportunity and are scared to death, searching for an excuse or a reason not to take a risk or make a change. Driving those individuals here to this site hoping you click on an add and be the consumer that you are rather then become financially free.

    • KT

      Mr 3%, nice lecture, now tell us about yourself upfront, how much you are making from ACN , and till date your time invested and money you spent of your own on ACN services and other activities like office expenses, flying to so called training places, car, etc.

      And then, let the 97% decide what they want, are they ready to do the things what you Mr 3% has been doing and how many damage you took on family and friends,

      Also, put your acnrep dot com site here.

      and certify that you are not criminals, drug cleared, good credit history, no abuser, no rapist, etc.

      Then dare to talk to 97% whom you are shamelessly giving lecture and targetiing their money.

  • Montee Pauls Dominguez

    This fellow Randy Christian Taft should be the mascot of the ACN, which will go to any levels, and he should be stripped of being called ‘Christian’ after committing such a heinous crime.

    Who he sells to, buddies in prison, who must have given him good lessons on rape ?

    God knows, why all hispanic women are after White men, it seems it is in their ass mind that they are rich, where many of them are barely able to take care of themselves. They could not find a proper latino man that they will freaking marry any white asshole.

    I cannot wait for Republicans to capture Senate and White House soon, that they can kick ass on the sham marriages for green cards and turning this country into a sink hole ghetto, and get the Immigration fixed,

    And stop the tap on welfare.

    We work our ass off while last fat asses sit and enjoy the big government charity funded by our hard earned tax dollars.

  • Truth Speaker

    This is such a scam. I had a friend invite me to a meeting under the premise he wanted me to give him some advice on a great business opportunity he was considering. He would only say it was for this new technology and being in a technology based business myself I was somewhat intrigued. When I arrived to find 20 other people at the 'party' I instantly knew something was up. When this John Melton (I believe that was his name) wouldn't even give me the name of the company during phone conversations prior to the meeting I should have seen the red flags go up. This John guy basically admitted he has 16,000 people under him and he makes $800,000 a year and has only ever sold 40 accounts. He admitted he doesn't even know how the video phone works!!!! How can this scumbag and his stupid bubbleheaded bleach blonde wife sleep at night? When Google automatically puts the word 'scam' behind ACN when you enter it as a search you know there is a problem. The meting and the phone calls are all perfectly scripted (but not acted out very well) with planted success stories mingling in the audience. Example; 'Hey Tim, how long have you been a part of ACN? Well John, I've only been with the company 6 weeks and have already received a residual check for $7,000″ Really??? On a couple of cell phone contracts and maybe a cable subscription?? Give me a break losers. The next day when my friend informed John that I was not interested in being a crook this John guy bombarded me with e-mails, phone calls, and text messages from himself and other ACN crimminals saying 'don't believe everything you read on the internet. Don't be foolish and miss out on the opportunity to be a millionaire'. This moron has balls the size of a small pumpkin! Trust me people, this article is spot on accurate. If you want to disconnect yourself from friends and family members go for the ACN scam. Everyone you know and love will hate you and never trust you again. You will live the rest of your life knowing you traded your dignity to make a couple of predatory, white-collar, slick talking crimminals rich. God bless this website for devoting space to expose these a-holes. You know who you are John Melton from Maryland with your fancy clothes and your Bentley. If I accidently end up in hell I'm sure I'll see you there.

    • tyee

      He must be getting that 7000 from selling drugs at ACN meetings or conventions (which they lie as trainings) or stealing from the home he was visiting for ACN, and then attacking women…a criminal sex offender.

      • Gizmo2800

        maybe you are the guy that tried to rape my sister at the ACN meetings? I remember you!

    • the real deal

      you have no clue what you are talking about the ppl you talk to are liers that dont make a c n bad just your friends do some real reserch im not a jerk and i have integrity if you worked with good ppl like i am and have been for 2 years then you would feel dif your a product of your invirement the only dif from now and five years from now are the ppl you suround your self with and the books you read please do some reading ypou need personal growth everyone does and learn mlm you sound dumb lisening to a idiot that would lie about how much they made

      • Tafy

        real deal tell us what is your acnrep website, and what is your criminal, credit and drug history

        • Gizmo2800

          why dont you give me your information, you were in jail last year for raping your mother….hahahahahahaha

      • lol



      • Truth Speaker

        You better pick up a book. It's called a dictionary.

      • Gizmo2800

        My dear, don't even waste your breath on these losers here. What do you think? the co-founders care! Why should you? I am just having fun here, seeing how many mentally retarded people are out there.

        • Gizmo

          add yourself to the list of retards you asshole.. you have got to one of the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet. Have a great life…. retard!

    • tom mack

      you speak as a real disillusioned you got nothing nice to say about school or your upbringing, yur family or your neighbours…..did they rip you off also>>>??? Can you please reply and tell the world what you do for a living..what your goals and aspirations are ???have you done any self development ?? or do you wallow in the trenches with the self pitying whining negative 95 %ers ??you need to read and self develop before criticising what you don't understand…get educated with life then come back and reply..athe self development and daily personal growth in character cannot be measured in $$$$ it is priceless…. weekrnd and weekly self development seminars can cost up to $10,000… none of these compare to the personal growth and personality and character development of plugging in daily to the acn system…most of our leaders are christian minded people with strong christian values, wuth the goal to help others and share the success they have earnt..rub shoulders with them daily and their majic does rub off..just ask closest family members how x……… has changed since being in cannot put a price on self development and positive mindset…acn does NOT promise to be a get rich scheme…we are a get rich SLOW scheme and say as much at all our presentations…residual income is the slow starting but like all things in get out what you put a strong foundation, plug into the system and and i promise you will succeed in acn…it is not for losers, the weak hearted or for whiners…the cream soon rises to the top…truth speaker above is obviously oozing with low self esteem, negativity and hatred of anybody or anything in life that is positive , loving and rewarding..'scumbag' and 'bubble headed beach blond'.How ironic….'truth speaker' needs acn more then he/she realizes..and maybe a little bit of religion and ease the is your world 'truth speaker'?? are you happy and excited about your future ??? or depressed ??/take another look at acn it can turn your life around..
      happy acn rep..tom mack

      • Rem

        most of our leaders are christian minded people—–are they like those pastors, molesting kids…

        character development ————— what is your criminal character, like your Buddy Randy Taft, a rapist.

        • Gizmo2800

          christian minded?? I am not christian!! and neither do we molest kids, are you educated buddy?? did you ever go to school? Maybe you are a muslim…or a JEW

          • truth speaker

            You stupid ACN racist idiot. Why don't you take your hate somewhere else. I'm sure you have lots of your other ACN morons you can spew your hatred with. They are all used to hanging out with thieves, racists, and child molesters.

          • Pcostanza25

            giz can you be a Muslim or a Jew and be part of acn ?

      • Truth Speaker

        Tom Mack. I own a company that publishes security software for schools. It is designed to keep sex offenders and parents with custody issues away from children. It's very rewarding and I'm making a very nice honest living. My career and my product has a value to society. We protect children. What value does ACN bring to the table??? Ripping friends and family members off $499 at a time. Every time I see a child disappear or hear of a kid getting molested and ending up dead in a landfill my personal growth gets stronger and stronger because I care about helpless chidren who are vulnerable to predators. I don't need to go to useless 'self development' seminars. I have a purpose in life and I'm following it. All you ACN supporters are so brainwashed into believing you are up to something good, but you are all lying to yourselves. You and your stupid multi-level marketing plan have no value to anyone except the guys that are sitting at the top of the pyramid. Quit spending your time deceiving dimwits who think they are all going to get rich and go out and do something that will actually benefit someone loser. Oh, and I do have alot of negativity and hatred because I'm sick and tired of predators like you preying on the weak and vulnerable in this world.

        • Knightseternal37

          Are you serious, you think that giving a person the opportunity to save money on their monthly bills that these big business corps are charging people per month are not predators? Why don't you think about it like this…. an ACN rep has the opportunity to give a free phone to families who have been abused or are in an abusive situation so they can call for help for an affordable discounted rate per month. You are a company that is charging people for information that should already be free to the public silly. You should reevaluate your stance.

          • truth speaker

            First of all, you know nothing about our business so for you to question us about charging people for information that is available for free is silly. Secondly, I'm not sure anyone is really saving money by using ACN as their telecommunications broker. I've read a bunch of posts on here saying they are paying more and the customer service is non-existent. There are some post on here saying it is nearly impossible to end the contract. Show us some proof people are saving money. I don't really think anyone can. Lastly, my biggest problem with ACN is they don't really appear to be that interested in actually selling these services. The presentation I attended was completely focused on recruiting new reps and collecting the almighty $499. If you read my post clearly the ACN rep that lead our presentation said he had only ever sold 40 accounts and had 16,000 reps underneath him. That sure sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

          • truth speaker's father

            just shut it retard, read all of your comments and you need an ass whooping. spoiled little bitch. get a life plz

          • truth speaker

            Let me guess, you are an ACN rep right?  Stupid douche.  You, ACN, Donald Trump, John Melton can all kiss my ass and I doubt all of you together could not give me an 'ass whooping' you stupid hillbilly.  Get off the internet and get back to scamming your friends out of their money.

          • flawed

            just a thought. you keep calling acn’ers angry and violent, this and that. Why are you so angry at them for spending their money and doing with their life what they want. you defend your opinion with anger and name calling, why would you expect anyone else to defend themselves any different. I’m not in acn, i have heard the stories and the all the same stuff everyone else here has. all i am saying is that everything i have heard and seen is that you don’t get paid until services are bought, most of the services(yes most, not all) are services you already use. yes, I understand the inconvience of it all, cancelling then re-ordering, but if i go to best buy to buy my phone or go to the internet to buy my security system, why wouldn’t i buy it from someone i know who will benefit from a service i already want and use? If you had a friend who a server at a restaurant, would you not sit in their section as to help them out even if they weren’t the best server? I bet you would be the one to tip less because they were your friend. That is why, i think your so angry. You probably were into something where you counted on friends to help you out, and you weren’t the best at it, so they cut the percentage down because you couldn’t hold your own. Sorry buddy, it didn’t work out for you. To each his/her own. i know that there are flaws in the system, but every system is flawed. you just chosse to be invloved in whatever system you chose to be. good luck in life no hard feelings, just remember that the people that you call douche’s are still people flawed, just like you are.

          • truth speaker

            Hey thanks for the psychological evaluation!  First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever called an ACN rep angry or violent.  Douche, jackass, moron is one of my favorites, but not angry and violent so I don’t know what post of mine you read.  Secondly, I would sit in my friend’s section at a restaurant and I am generally considered an over-tipper so when I go into an establishment I frequent, my wife and I seem to have lots of friends who want to wait on us.  And I was not involved with something I counted on people to help me out with and failed.  I don’t know where you got that from any of my posts.  My mantra in life is depend on yourself.  The only person you can really trust in life is yourself so why think you can depend on someone else.  My good friend tried to trick me into joining ACN through a series of lies and deceit.  You think I should ever trust him again??? Hell no.   ACN’s whole business plan is based on lies and deceit so why should I be friendly towards anyone who supports this scam?  If you really believe ACN is about selling some services you have been fooled my friend.  And by the way, your future as a psychologist does not look bright.  Go ahead and join ACN and report back to us about selling those services.

          • truth speaker

            Really???  You changed your name to Truth Speaker's Father.  A little creepy if you ask me.

          • Pcostanza25

            dam truth speaker you papi is raw ha ha

          • TheOne

            Don’t listen to all these people trying to hype up ACN. It is not a real job it’s for pretenders and wanna bes, who are desperate. It really is pathetically sad.

          • Klos

            Look for truth and do not fall for all of that self-help new age, being a ‘leader’, by joining a cult get rich quick scam. Better swallow the bitter truth than some beautiful lie. Truth speaker you honest and to all those ACN stooges, GO AND F–K YOURSELVES.

          • truth speaker

            OH look you have changed your name again.  Back to Cbrd1228 I see.  I kind of liked when you called yourself truth speakers father.  Loser.

          • Hemming

            Bollocks to haters … ACN RULES!!

          • Buddy

            Truth I love it! Keep ripping these clones apart! I havent been on for awhile however I am stoked to see that you are still at it! Lets all rid the world of the EVIL SCAM THAT IS ACN. FUCK ACN, DONALD TRUMP, TOM MACK, RICK JP, JOHN MELTON, TAD PORTER, AND TS FATHER ESPECIALLY. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

        • Pedrogiesbrecht

          Excuse mit ….its not 499 a month…you can say up your friends and familie for the services without them having to pay any extra then the other services they are already paying…the 500 Dollars is for whoever wants to get into the system for a job. Get your facts straight

          • truth speaker

            Get your facts straight. Where did I ever post it's $499 a month??? Learn to read.

          • NotFooled

            ACN does work off a simple idea. It's called scam your friends and your family out of 499.00.
            Get YOUR facts straight, you're an idiot. Go back to your upline for more training. Your upline will not approve of your calling ACN a job. I have yet to see a single service ACN offers that is cheaper. That's a myth.

          • Luckydollar

            I SEE A REPEAT OF THE SAME WORD SCAM….can everyone relax…now give the facts that identifies the Scam in ACN  business  opportunity….and why is pyramid used to denote bad thing…is there anyone who really things building a pyramid does not take sweat and blood{check history,on pyramidbuilding}

          • truth speaker

            SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.  Your use of bold letters makes your post so authoritative and credible.  ACN does not really offer legitimate products.  Sure they claim they do but it’s all lies.  The videophone is outdated technology.  No one is really saving any money signing up with ACN for their cellular or cable bills.  And ACN proudly announced the deregulation of energy in Pennsylvania almost a year after it was deregulated.  It was old news just like everything else they claim to broker.  ACN services are not even available in some states, yet the ACN scammers still throw recruiting parties there.  And it is a pyramid scheme.  People are only making money on the recruiting fees.  Therefore it most certainly is a pyramid SCAM.  Oh and nice pyramid analogy.  Who cares if some ancient civilization built some stupid pyramids.  They are nothing more than lavish burial mounds for royalty and were built to honor false gods just like you ACN losers worship money. 

          • Vazz

            Wow, It seems that you have anger issues against ACN. I can promise you that people save money every day! I have saved people money over and over. I do not promise savings to them but offer a chance to evaluate what they are paying and give them the option to be my customer. Not everyone will see a savings, but most people I have delt with do. Sorry you feel the way you do. Seems you may have had a bad experience with something or someone. Now people are people, some good and some bad. If you run your business with ethics and do not BS anyone into your business or services, then you will never have a bad word said about you. See the reality of this business model is that bad people can get in and run the business the wrong way and unfortunatly make the other business owners look bad even if they are not.If you are a good person you will run a good business and everyone will know their own abilities and set appropriate goals. I have not lost 1 friend or had 1 person be able to say I did or said something not real about this business. What I have been able to do is help alot of good people in bad places, make money to put food on the table. I wouldnt change that for anything. 
             As far as making money on the recruiting fees, where did you get that? Not at all true. 

          • truth speaker

            Wow!!!  I was totally buying into your post until your last statement.  You blew it my friend.  If you would have ended your nice little story without mentioning there are no recruiting fees I would have said good for you.  You really had me convinced you were running your business ethically.  Now I say bullshit to you.  This is the same pack of lies that almost every ACN rep regurgitates.  ACN reps only survive on the recruiting fees.  It’s been stated on here a hundred times.  Why should any of us believe your crap???  Tell your upline you screwed up and allow him to take the appropriate disciplinary actions against you.  None of us are buying into your scam.  And yes I do have anger issues against ACN because I don’t like to be lied to.  Oh, and congratulations!  You have now joined the elite club of liars that includes the Great1one, Gizmo, Angelmommy, Rashpunjob, and Tom Mack.  Well done!!!  You are among great company.  You should be very proud.  Now go away.

          • Vazz

            Listen Mr Angry, I didnt say one lie in my statement. I also didnt call you out as someone who feels good about spreading BS about something he personally knows little to nothing about. And of the things written by some of the people on here….half truths at best. People have been screwed with bad reps. It unfortunate but, EVERYONE has the ability to see in black and white as a new rep exactly how to be successful. If its not for them, guess what? They have 10 days for a FULL refund of the money! WOW hows that for scamming people out of money? Actually giving it back! 
              Im not giving an opinion, just facts. Again its a people business and sad to say, more negative people than not! If you want reality, then ask, stop believing everything you read here.

          • ABF

            “it’s a people business”  That’s exactly our point.  It’s a business about recruiting people (i.e. getting the $499 rep fee), not selling valuable services.  That’s called a pyramid scheme.

          • Vazz

            Not exactly what I ment, but I think you know that. You know we do not make a dime in this business without getting customers. Not people. You can get into ACN and NEVER get anyone involved in your business. Not one person! And guess what? Just get customers and make money. Really.

          • Hjzhao

            One thing I seem to be hearing in common in all the negative comments on ACN is a very defeatist attitude. I’m hearing lots of victims severely angry that some organization SCREWED them over or took advantage of them. Let’s say hypothetically that ACN is a big fat scam. Why would you be stupid enough to fall for it then? Why didn’t you do your prior research, evaluate EXACTLY what a pyramid scheme is and its various components, and then see if ACN meets up, instead of identifying two similar isolated characteristics? Properties have to be evaluated in bundles in order to obtain the full picture. I think the people exhibiting the strongest backlash are those who originally WENT INTO the operation with a sense of disillusion – A QUICK FIX TO RICHES! Which is isn’t completely preposterous since the presentations do glamorize the opportunity and make it seem very appealing. But you’ve got to read between the lines, man. THE ESSENCE AND NATURE OF BUSINESS IS THAT IT IS RISKY RISKY RISKY, ITS HARD WORK, A LOT OF PEOPLE FAIL, THERE ARE PLENTY OF SCAMS, AND THE POTENTIAL PAY OFF IS TREMENDOUS. However, success requires a skill set that THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE dont have! Work ethic, leadership skills, communication skills, a strong sense of self, charisma, rationality, resilience, intelligence, ability to relate well with others, and good intuition. If EVERYONE could do it just like that, business wouldn’t be business. There would be no such thing as success. And remember, you’ve got to fail your way to success! 

            The reality is:
            Some people in the company are successful. Some are not. The company is the same. The products are the same. Therefore, success or not depends upon variations among PEOPLE. 

            This is basically a forum for failures to vent in a herd and thus feel better about themselves. Reality CHECK! 😀 The truth will set you free. 

          • VAZZ

            Well said!

          • hi hello

            Reality must be supported by facts. There are not actual facts that support your comment that “Some people in the company are successful. Some are not” . There are no financials released. NO ONE knows how munch money ACN makes from 499 fees but simple math tells you that a rep cannot and WILL NOT survive trying to peddle the “services” and “products” that ACN trys to peddle.

          • budmike


          • John from Denver


            I am not with ACN nor am I considering ACN at this time.  But I am preparing to work another similar opportunity.  Honestly, this thread has reenforced some of my concerns about the industry in general and the telecommunications portion of the industry in particular.

            The claims made in this thread are that only 1 in 200 ever make any money in ACN.  And I know that some of those who do make it had significant dowenlines built before they joined.

            I have appreciated your posts.  I’d like you and the other ACNs reps who post here to answer these questions:

            1. From what you have seen in the company, would you say that the rate of people who consider themselves to be successful in ACN is better than 1 in 200?  If so, provide some observed facts.

            2. Have you had results that show clearly that you will have a better than 1 in 200 success rate in your downline?  Once again, give the observerd facts.

            3. If you are having better than average success, to what do you attribute your success?



          • Melanie R.

            Hello, John!

            I would just like to first state a little about myself so that you can have a better understanding of my responses and maybe be able to analyze my perspective a little better.

            I am a second-year college student, automatically matriculating into Pharmacy school in a year in a Co-op Program. Yes, this means that I basically have no background in business and might be ignorant to what being in business entails, but I have always been a great student and I am far from being dumb. I have accomplished a lot in my short life and I plan to continue to do so in Pharmacy school. My parents were against ACN (of course) but were open minded enough to let me try it for myself. That’s one characteristic that I have learned to embody because I feel that it is absolutely necessary in order to be able to grow as a person. I do realize that, unlike a lot of people who post on here, becoming involved in ACN was not a completely life-altering decision for me where if I fail, I let down people who depend on me financially, so my testimonial might not be as valuable. However, I do see how both ACN supporters and protesters have their points in defending their positions.

            To answer your questions:
            1) From what I have seen, I really don’t think that just 1 out of 200 people succeed in ACN. A lot of people in ACN aren’t as fortunate as I am to have a team like I do who work with me. A lot of people who go to these “meetings” that ACN promotes might have heard of RVPs and SVPs but don’t know anything about them. I actually knew Marc Isaac (a current RVP in Houston, TX at the age of 21) before he started ACN. I met him at a competition and he was just a regular student who I didn’t really think anything of. And now, I see the transformation he has been through and even though it might be ignorant to think so, I think it’s absolutely amazing to see what he has accomplished for himself and his family in just 2 years with ACN. His family members are all very successful with ACN and I think that it ultimately boils down to politics. It’s all about who you know and what they are able to do for you. Just a couple of days ago, he sat down with me and helped me make a few calls to invite people to the meeting we had yesterday. I see success with people who aren’t even in my upline.

            2) Honestly, I have not seen the success that I see others in my upline have. However, this is because I am a full-time college student with responsibilities outside of academics because I do have extracurricular activities that helped me build my resume for Pharmacy school applications and my education is my number one priority. I joined ACN for a part-time source of income and that is the way it will stay for a while. What I like about this “job” is that I can put it off for however long I want and start again when it is convenient for me because it ultimately is my business. I’ve read a lot of stories on this website about how people’s uplines get upset at them for not being able to recruit and I find that absolutely horrible. However, people do have to keep in mind that not all people in ACN are like that, e.i. the people in my upline. They are some of the most supportive people I have met and I feel so lucky to have them, especially after reading these stories.

            3) I guess I can’t really answer this question. However, after scrolling through this website today, I realized something that I didn’t know before. Your success will be a direct reflection of the kind of people in your upline. My friends (who are my uplines and introduced me to ACN) are seeing results because their uplines are amazing. I have no doubt that if I put in more effort that I would see success as well.

            I don’t know if my answers to your questions help at all, but I just wanted to put my testimony out there.

          • truth speaker

            Melanie there is no such thing as success with ACN. Don’t be fooled by these con artists. They are coached to show perceived success. They encourage their high level marketers to drive expensive leased cars and to wear an expensive suit to these shit shows. Who on earth would buy into this scam if your friends upline showed up in a beat up old car and crappy clothes? Keep your money, don’t lie to your friends, and stay in schol and get your degree in Pharmacy.

          • hi hello

            Hey truth do you have any advise how I can save my good friend who fell for this ACN trap? I really feel bad for him.. But..He just got into it and is hardcore brainwashed at the moment…. So I am thinking just to wait him out and maybe bring it up in a few months?? I mean If I bring it up now.. it will just more than likely end the friendship. He was begging me to “help” him and join up and switch over to ACN etc etc. I wished him well, he got pissed, and STILL tried to sell me on the idea.. Thankfully this is all done in txts, I dont want to shatter his brainwashed dreams so soon, Especially since he will have to admit that he lost 500++ dollars on this false hope of riches.

          • Justin

            I Joined ACN and was totaly sucked in like so many others, I saw lots of people making so much money and watched all the short films about how to make more money than You know what to do with, all the big money earners were there and made it all sound and seem so easy, I was totaly engrossed! I signed up and later learned that we could only warm market and talk to friends and family and found myself so trapped and realised that there was no way I was going to make my money back, let alone make a profit. I totaly admit that it was all my own fault that I did’nt do all my homework before joining but like I say I was totaly sucked in! I also had to phone up 2 or 3 people to sign up under me, with my upline with me whilst I read from a script and I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life and was’nt able to face 1 of those people after I quit and had other upline members phoning me and giving me a bit of a mouthful about not doing enough and threatening to kick me out, well excuse me!!! …I stupidly paid $500 for this Cr*p and I will quit on my own terms and NOT be told that by Anyone!!! I gave it 6 months and did’nt want to waste any more time with it, Its not illegal what ACN is doing and You can make money if your the right kind of person that just wants to make money and not worry about anything else, and If You can make money with it and not hurt anyone than then best of luck to you, But I did’nt want anyone else to be in my predicament and was glad to quit, ok I did’nt get my money back but I put it down to experience, I’m now doing another MLM and doing very well, ACN is CR*P!!! Just my Opinion!

          • Justin

            All Good things sell themselves and I’ve NEVER seen so much difference of Opinions over an MLM Company

          • Lisa Turner

            Justin, I’m doing research into ACN and would like to hear more about your experience. It sounds all to familiar unfortunately

          • C.W.

            Melanie everyone has an excuse why they haven’t made the money they were promised they would. Everyone. Yet when you were recruited were you not told you could make $500 a month working only a few hours a month?! I know I was told that!

            Lies. If you perpetuate these lies by repeating them to prospective recruits then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

          • Come on…really?

            This posts reads like a cut and paste from an ACN guerilla marketing team. I even enjoyed the counter-culture use of “BS”…edgy ACN!  Next time posting from ACN admin offices, don’t dumb down your reply (misspelling of “delt”), rather, make an intellectual and fact based argument for the attributes of your company…and come out and say YOU are ACN and proud of it!

          • Nate

            Yo dude everybody just needs to stop talking to truthspeaker obviously he is just not getting it lol

          • Itzartur

            acn is the best!!!

          • Itzartur

            acn is the best!!!

          • Lvrboyavi

            all you guys are haters cuz you probably got kicked out and are against this company!

            who ever is reading this bs you could quit acn!

          • Lvrboyavi

            all you guys are haters cuz you probably got kicked out and are against this company!

            who ever is reading this bs you could quit acn!

          • truth speaker

            You are a douche.

          • Brotherofdeath

            Ill bet your upline loves you dumb ass…

        • Pedrogiesbrecht

          Also here is another thing nobody seems to understand :

          ACN works on a simple idea. THey buy shares off of existing companies (which anyone can do if they really want to ), like AT&T and since they don't spend their money on advertising (which costs 100 of millions a year ) they can afford to keep the rates lower then big name companies and pay more money to their workers. ACN isn't the only one doing it …I am from Europe and 100 of companies do it. THEre is nothing wrong with it. Everyone wins even the big name companies. They don't loose their clients and actually make more this way.

        • Pcostanza25

          I read through all of the post and saw a recurring theme among the pro acn’ers and that is the seem very combative, angry, disrespectful and hateful. I went to a acn meeting tonight and started to do some research on acn, that’s how I came across this web site. Is it a scam don’t know, but as the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true than it often is. I think I will continue with my education which is fueling my personal growth even though each semester I get hit for a few hundred bucks for books but them books contain knowledge and I get to keep them. All I know is don’t pick a debate with the truth speaker because he will win. Kudos truth speaker for you have great taste in your argumentative skills and keep up the good work in your profession. The truth for me is it does sound shady any business that asks you to hit up your family and friends doesn’t seem to reputable.              

        • Pcostanza25

          I read through all of the post and saw a recurring theme among the pro acn’ers and that is the seem very combative, angry, disrespectful and hateful. I went to a acn meeting tonight and started to do some research on acn, that’s how I came across this web site. Is it a scam don’t know, but as the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true than it often is. I think I will continue with my education which is fueling my personal growth even though each semester I get hit for a few hundred bucks for books but them books contain knowledge and I get to keep them. All I know is don’t pick a debate with the truth speaker because he will win. Kudos truth speaker for you have great taste in your argumentative skills and keep up the good work in your profession. The truth for me is it does sound shady any business that asks you to hit up your family and friends doesn’t seem to reputable.              

        • zmg90

          truth speaker is telling the facts…. ACN is b.s. and a scam, ripping off friends, severing relationships, annoying the heck out of people, ACN reps all think theyre going to be millionaires but instead they are wasting everyones time in their own agenda to become the next millionaire. i know a person very well who is doing extremely well as an ACN rep for many years. he is finally making $100 a month residual after so many years of hard work. 

        • zmg90

          truth speaker is telling the facts…. ACN is b.s. and a scam, ripping off friends, severing relationships, annoying the heck out of people, ACN reps all think theyre going to be millionaires but instead they are wasting everyones time in their own agenda to become the next millionaire. i know a person very well who is doing extremely well as an ACN rep for many years. he is finally making $100 a month residual after so many years of hard work. 

          • truth speaker

            Oh my god!!!! A hundred dollars a month.  You would have to live 833 years at that rate to become a millionaire and that’s if you did not spend a penny of it along the way.  And we all know the ACN clones can’t live without their lavish lifestyles of leased cars and clothing they really can’t afford.  I mean image sells, right clones? Who would buy into your scam if you pulled up in an 82 Chevy Cavalier?  Thank you for this informative post zmg90.  Screw you ACN. 

          • budmike

            right on truth speaker you have a way with words for sure.acn clones beware of the truthspeaker!

          • hi hello

            yearly renewal fees, adin costs, and hours and YEARS of working it…. He is probably 1 of the lucky ones. The majority do not make a profit and get out within the first year. And all for a lousy 100/month. Very sad. Also remember when those peopel cancel and change from ACN services his monthyl income goes down.

        • Chad in Fl

          Oh Shut the fuck up already like you’ve done something amazing for society.  You do not understand the power of distribution.  You would rather make 100% of your own efforts than introduce others to your opportunity or your product and leverage your time and efforts to allow yourself to earn a percentage off of others efforts.  You never took any economics class or if you did you didn’t pay attention.  Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Subway, PepBoys, Midas and on and on and on are all a FRANCHISE MODEL.  It’s this way because it’s a proven SYSTEM that as long as you plug in to it and keep at it you will succeed.  If you quit and would rather sell software that “protects children” (Get the fuck out of here, software doesn’t protect children – idiot, responsible parents and putting the scum sex offenders behind bars does). 

          People will use phone service, wireless service, television, high speed internet, home security and energy whether you tell two half truths or anything worth reading.  I recruit people because I can capitalize off the customer acquisition of others talking to 100 more people than I could ever.  

          You don’t get it, you never will and you don’t speak any truth other than how dumb someone can really be.

          Haha, you sell software to protect children, LMFAO… good luck with that!

          Sometimes the TRUTH HURTS!!!   🙂

          • Nate

            Glad somebody is telling him to shutup

          • Buddy


            The evil ACN scam has obviously produced another clone. Youl will never make this scam succeed nor will anyone else for that matter except the badtards at the top of the pyrimid. This is nothing but a scam through and through. Get out now and cut your losses!!!

        • truth follower

          Bravo, truth seeker. Thanks for all the good you have done on this site and for the good you bring to the lives of those with young children. Reading your posts has been extremely inspiring and what you have said in my opinion is an accurate description of ACN.

          • Mr. ACN

            Everything is’nt for everyone and thats ok. Lets not call something a scam because we do not believe in it or perhaps had a bad experience.
            I am an ACn Rep doing very well. I have been in the business for 52 days, I am on track to hit TC (team Coordinator) within the next week. I have replaced my full time income.
            The company encourages personal growth and development. No one that comes to join ACN was “sold” we simply present the opportunity and leave it to you to choose.
            It truly is life changing,

          • truth speaker

            Mr. ACN you will never convince me or anyone on this site that you are making any money from ACN. I know at least 5 or 6 people in my area who tried their best at it and all they did was piss off their friends and relatives who they attempted to recruit into this scam. I sure as hell don’t believe you have replaced your full time income with ACN unless you were bagging groceries or working at McD’s. Sorry I don’t want to offend anyone who bags groceries or works at McD’s. At least you are making an honest paycheck and not scamming your friends and family into some phoney ass pyramid scheme.

          • Mr. ACN

            Sounds like perhaps some of the people in your area are presenting the information in an incorrect way and/or are irresposibly deceptive. I wont try to convince you of what I have done because it devalues it. Dont hate an entire company because of them. It also sounds like maybe you took a stab at it and failed and now think no one can do it because YOU failed. The thing with ACN is that it is not get rich quick. My results are not typical. but with very little exception I see countless people walking away from their full time jobs to do ACN. Maybe you should come up to Pennsylvania my friend.

          • truth speaker

            That’s funny because I am in PA. Are you John Melton or Tim Straub because they are the two perpetrators of this evil scam in my area. And no I did not try it and failed. Ten minutes into Melton’s sorry ass presentation I got up and walked out the front door because I immediately saw through the MLM scheme. Again, I don’t believe a word you are saying. The couple people I know who did sign up all eventually admitted it was a huge scam and they actually lost money. Most of them even admitted the services they were forced to sigh up for ended up being more expensive than their previous contracts with real companies like ATT&T or Sprint. Tell me why do you charge reps to attend the weekly meetings and recruits get in for free? Wouldn’t you want everybody to get in for free if you were really training and teaching them to market your products? Why do you charge for promotional material? If you were really selling something wouldn’t you want them to put as many brochures in as many people’s hand as they possibly could at no charge? I own a software company and I send cases of free brochures to my resellers throughout the country. When we exhibit at a state or a national conference we invite all of our resellers to come and help work the booth at no charge. We even take them out for dinner and drinks all on us. We want to nurture the relationship not reach into their pockets at every opportunity and take their money. Why does ACN charge to attend the big national conference (brain wash session)? It just does not make any sense. I can’t wait to hear your reply.

          • Mr. ACN

            this is the opening to your article

            “First of all, when we refer to the ACN Scam we are not trying to say that what ACN does is illegal in any way. ACN the corporation is not a scam. When we refer to ‘The ACN Scam’ we are referring to the practices of certain independent representatives. In our opinion (based on limited experience) it seems that many ACN members have been “scammed” into believing that making money in ACN is more realistic than it actually is.

            This article has nothing but good things to say about ACN the corporation. They provide great services at a great price and have utilized a unique means of sales and advertising. The article seeks only to discuss the strategies and activities of some of the reps within ACN (which often times are likely not in accordance with what ACN the corporation encourages or condones.)”
            Brother you have either spent alot of time reseraching a company that you hate or you are one of the failed IBO’s that quit after not seeing any money in 3 days. This is not a get rich quick scheme it is a get rich slow. But it beats the program that most of us are on and thats get rich never. I’m sorry you have bad reps in your area that dont represent the company corectly or maybe didnt give you the proper training when you where an IBO that im sure you were beyond a shadow of a doubt.

            Because it did not work for you, Because you didnt have it in you to win, Because you have irresponsible leaders in your area, does not make this any less legit of an oportunity than the wonderful people at Amway.
            I would have more respect for you as a comentator and/or writer if you would just come out and say “I tried it, I failed, I think it sucks” … its ok. You can join my team I’ll show you how to win buddy.

          • budmike

            Mr.ACN.You my friend are FULL OF SHIIIT!

          • truth speaker

            Budmike thanks for the kind words. Mr. ACN may have realized he has been duped. As you said in another post, it’s either high level pyramid members or the newbies who are still high on the belief that they have stumbled onto the holy grail of money making schemes. I’m guessing the latter for Mr. ACN. He has run away with his tail between his legs.

        • Nate dogg 3030

          Really likes your reply..awesome job !A friend of mine Intrduceted me to this meeting (very sketchy no details at all )but I’m still curious but skeptical at the same time

      • Roductnife

        Just a quick observation: Your post has a lot of content that seems to come out of left field. You really didn't respond to anything he said in his post. You made a lot of assumptions about his character with no basis what-so-ever. And because of what, he didn't want to join ACN and was upset when he got harassed by someone after he said no?

        From my experience we tend to get passionate and defensive about our downfalls when we know they are true. Try pointing out someones faults without them getting defensive – not many people can handle it. The fact that your post has absolutely nothing to do with what you were responding to should be a red flag as to your actual feelings.

        On a side note – I totally understand where you're coming from. I had a blast with all my fellow ACN'ers while I was involved and I can also attest to the personal development that comes with joining the business (For anyone – if you ever have a chance to hear George Zalucki speak DON'T miss it!). But the facts remain the same – 99% of people don't make money and it's not just incompetent whiners or depressed-nobody's. It's pretty amazing how quickly your perspective changes once you remove yourself from the hype.

        • Pcostanza25

          rod did you make good money with acn i ask because im thinking of joining and want to hear if its profitable or not thank you for your time

      • Don't go for ACN

        Tom what have you been drinking??????????? An ACN cocktail?

        • Gizmo2800

          what have you've been drinking, LOSER COCKTAIL….hahahaha
          we work so hard to train people never realising that some people may seem normal from outside but they are really either mentally retarded or sick!! Laugh my fucking ass offff ….all the money we put on the table to train new reps, this is what's happening…fucking losers!! Broke ignorant mother fucking losers hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

          • truth speaker

            Is spell check broke on your pc?

          • SqueekyClean

            I don't think you're an ACN representative. I think you're a sad, angry little man who has nothing better to do than try to join in grownup conversation for the sole self-serving thrill of antagonizing people. You exhist in a lonely place.Have you failed to notice that no one here has really tried to engage you in any meaningful conversation? It's because you lack character and believability,much like a five year old who throws tantrums to get attention. I am responding to you in hopes that you will seek professional help before you choke to death on your self importance. And on the ODD chance you actually are an ACN rep., your conduct on this site has been more than enough to disuade people from joining for the simple reason of NOT wanting to work with people like you.I'm sure you will salivate at the chance to slam me in some way that will have you grinning at the computer screen like the idiot that you are,but that's ok, knock yourself out.I won't engage you after this post because I have no desire to waste any more time on you, in fact I'm a little displeased with myself for having spent this much. Just for kicks, I'm wealthy and attractive but most importantly, I'm a well liked person. Maybe someday…you can be one too:)

          • Spanky2007

            Sounds like your upline has you a little frustrated.

          • Gizmo Moneybags

            People who care and warn others about scam artists like you are winners in my book. They're only losers when they fall for your crap.

      • douglas

        Tom mack: So your reply is to personally attack this person? This seems to confirm my suspicions that this is a business which exploits people and fills the pockets of a few. I am an engineer in the semiconductor business. We make sputtering machines for the chip companies to make your computer and other gadgets. I don't think I could feel good about myself by being rich simply because I talked family and friends out of their money. It appears you can feel good doing this. Different strokes.

      • RHR

        I have read through a lot of these post and quite frankly I'm already worn out. Obviously a lot of people slam ACN but a few on here really praise it, however no one states what kind of income they are making. I think “truth speaker” asked someone what kind of income they had brought in over the months and the person responded but totally avoided the question. The only person I read on here who said they were making money was a newbie named “TD” but he wasn't making anywhere near the thousand range.
        I may go to a meeting just to support my friend who invited me (and I'll go with an open mind) but I am pretty convinced this is crap and the top only feeds on the bottom. It sounds like every other pyramid scheme I've heard. When I read “follow the system” I honestly start to cringe a little. If you improve yourself through this but reading and listening to certain speakers…..great. My advice is not waste your time, money, and heart and soul only to be disappointed and just read a lot of books. You will feel better as a person, make better life and business decisions and know that you haven't sunk so low into something that you are embarrassed by the time you actually wise up and get out.

        • Gizmo2800

          really you think? So let me ask you this, are there more rich people in the world or poor? So you think like the rich or the poor? I think your comment gives it all out? You cannot be rich, rich people don't talk like you. Some of you here sit here and analyze who said what and try to find how many more bad things about ACN you can come up with? Really??? Why ACN You guys will never make it in any business!! 3 words, GET A LIFE

          • Pcostanza25

            there are more poor people than rich thats a fact

          • SSA

            Unless you find plenty of suckers to pay the $500 you are never going to make much of any money.  The problem is that in a regular business I pay $500 for equipment and I presumably got $500 worth of goods.  What did I get for my $500 paying to become part of ACN?  The right to sell their services.

          • yes you get the right to sell their services .. what do you get when you buy a franchise ? The right to sell their services , dont judge something you’ve never tried or never succeed me and my family do great in this business and make great money because we worked hard! Everyone needs services, dont be ignorant to the idea

          • truth speaker

            Typical ACN response.  ACN is not a real franchise opportunity clone. Give up on the lies and learn English. 

          • Jedifortruth

            Okay and how much have you actually made ??? I don’t think I ve seen ONE person actually answer this question

          • truth speaker

            Jedifortruth you won’t get a reply from any of them. They are not making a dime. They are however paying into the system with the false belief they are some type of entrepreneur. They pay for the weekly conferences, the promotional materials, the website maintenance fee, the fee to attend the national convention. ACN just keeps digging into these idiots pockets until they realize they have been fooled. Come on ACN clones defend your beloved scam. Show us proof you are making anything.

        • Richie

          Top feeding off the bottom? Kind of like a JOB??

      • Mavryk

        LOL, what flavor is your Kool-Aid?

      • truth speaker

        Hey Tom Mack, I've recently worked on my self development, my personal growth, and I've rubbed shoulders with some successful people, and I've even got educated with life. What the hell does that mean anyway???? And by the way, I still think ACN is a scam you brainwashed idiot.

        • Rose

          At this point, I’d have to listen to ppl like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, & Tony Robbins (just to name a few). They’ve all done something right since they are living the lifestyle that most ppl only dream about living. In order to know who you really are & whether there is any credibility to you & how successful you really are, can you tell us who you are?  What’s your first & last name & the name of your company? Anyone can spout their opinions on the internet but how can anyone really know who it’s coming from and whether or not this person is not just an angry former rep who didn’t make any money. 

          • truth speaker

            Yeah right.  Why don’t you go ahead and post your name first.  Throw in your telephone # and your address as well.  I don’t have to prove anything to you and my posts have nothing to do with my success.  I just have to defend myself from time to time because ACN teaches that anyone not involved with ACN is a broke 9 to 5 loser and the uneducated ACN clones come on here lashing out at anyone who critcizes or is not buying into their scam.  The only reason I post on this site is because a good friend got suckered into ACN and attempted, through deceitful practices, to bring me down with him.  And you really listen to Tony Robbins???  Wow, every time a clone opens their mouth ACN becomes more and more cult like.  Now I know where all you idiots get those stupid inspirational sayings like, ‘open your mind to new ideas and zoom and prosper’.  And all this time I thought you were getting them from the posters hanging on the walls of your bedrooms in the basements of your parents houses.  Guess I was wrong.  

      • Tyson73

        tom mack.  quit with the “Christian” bullshit.  Of course most of your upline have “strong christian values”.  That is the reason that Christians are sucked into this shit more than anyone else is because if it wasn't for real then other Christians wouldn't have anything to do with it right?  Bullshit.  Leave religion out of this, and quit perpetrating this scam loser.

      • Pcostanza25

        to mack how much money do you make with acn?

      • ashley

        Yeah Tom, you are so right. Ask everyone how they change. My boyfriend joined ACN, has made absolutely nothing, not one check. And want to know how he has changed? He is so focused on this ridiculous dream of making quick cash that he wants to quit school, he picks this shit over his friends, family, and girlfriend. Let me tell you… ACN is the best thing to ever show up in this world. What kind of “job” is this where you have to work for who knows how long before you get paid? A real job is something where you start getting paid the second you clock in.. And I know what you will say next, “he hasn’t been trying”. All he does is try. I can’t leave the house without him handing out business cards and talking to people. Also, before you say I don’t know what I am talking about, I have been to 3 meetings, I have asked the guy above my boyfriend for proof of what he makes. I got no answer.. In my opinion, if what I was doing was really that good, at the next meeting to recruit, I would proudly flash that check, make people a believer. If you can’t make me a believer, or give me any type of numbers, then you’re full of shit. Plain and simple.
        Just one more thing I’d like to add, if you need this as a self help class, you’re a god-damn idiot. You want to self improve, look to yourself, not a company you have to pay for to join.

      • budmike

        tom mack.people in acn may claim to be christian,that does not mean it is a christian business.I too am a Christian and yea I got brainwashed by another Christian to join.Unfortunately Christians like everyone else can be brainwashed.We are not perfect just forgiven.acn is a scam and once I did some research and was told to decieve my family and friends to join this so called “business”I realized their is nothing good about acn.I soon quit as I did not consider taking money from peope to benifit this “business” was the kind of “work” I wanted to be involved in.

      • Sam

        It’s actually amusing seeing this person say people are uneducated when their spelling is so poor 🙂

    • Disappointed Guest

      this sounds so much like my story. My good college friend tried to get me to come to a “meeting” for a “great opportunity”. He kept blowing up my phone with text about going because I always had plans for when he had his “meetings”. I finally told him he was being shady about not telling me how I “would make so much money” and that he was way too secretative for me. He then sent me a message how its not a secret and too look at his site. That is when I finally had a name to google and low and behold all I find are websites like this talking about how people get scammed. As a good friend that I am, I told him he needed to research the company because I thought it was a scam and he blew up my phone telling me that my phone company was a scam, he even had the guts to google my company to tell me where I worked was a scam (I work at a prestigious private University!) That was when I pretty much said back off or say bye bye to our friendship. It really did bother me that he was sitting here trying to get me to join this just for his own financial gain. I even told him that I was super tight on money since I had a difficult year with short selling my home. I'm really questioning his friendship and if I want to keep him in my life….

      • Gizmo2800

        hahahahahhahha….BORING, come up with a new fucking story

        • Gizmo

          fuck you gizmo. you little piece of shit. god you are annoying.

      • hi hello

        This is pretty much the typical kind of story. A friend of mine out of the blue tells me that he had just started his own business and I should give him a call later because he wanted to “tell me all about it” …. I of course at first was shocked because. 1. He wasn’t the brightest guy. 2. He never finished college. 3. He had never mentioned any business possibilites in all of the previous txts we have had. 4. He was the type of guy that was too trusting of people and sadly, very gullible.

        I congratualted him and asked normal questions like what kind of business it was and the what , when , and how questions.. Of course He couldn’t really give me any aswers via text. maybe because he didnt know, or maybe because part of the scam is to not tell people until they attend a seminar/meeting/party/get together and a longtime “pro” ACN rep gives the whole story in a more believable way…

        After I heard the pitch, Even DURING the pitch, I was googling around and found 10000 scam stories, Thats all I needed to hear. And I was not interested in “his” new “business”. He got really pissed off, to the point that he called me some names and of course continued to try to sell me the grand idea of ACN blah blah blah. Luckily for me, I like to do research about everything and anything if I am going to sign my name to something. Also the tales of riches was not very attractive for me personally. I don’t care about making 100000/month. My only regret is he didnt txt me BEFORE he signed up and lost his 500dollars+240+7/month money. He won’t be the 1 out of 500 that might make more than their initial investment. And nowhere near the 0.001% that might make an actual living out of ACN.

        The business model is flawed. It is a pyramad scheme at its core (how you actually make a living out of it requires referrals and getting other peopel to sign up and have THEM start “their” own business as well)
        It is “legal” because they sell a “product” like a old crappy video phone along with the pyramid scheme.
        Without this “product” ACN would not exist. It COULDNT exist. It would be illegal and shown down. Basically if you find a loophole like ACN lawyers have found, then you can abuse it until finally someone closes the loophole. Montana tried to. But failed. Because unless the LAW is changed, ACN can use this loophole to continue legally working the pyramid scheme.
        Check out the ACN facebook site… 100% of commentors are all positive.. very interesting isnt it: 100%? really? hmm. Surely they wouldnt be removing negative comments would they??
        Anyways I was really wondering how I can save my friend from this huge mistake? Any ideas?
        I guess I need to wait a few months and when he sees that getting 40 people to switch their services over to ACN has only brought him 24/month income and sees that his family and friends want nothing to do with starting their own “business” he will find out that it was a big scam and won;t have anything to show for his 10000hrs of working for free for that 24/month income.

    • ivan

      Do you understand the services being offered? They are services ppl order with or without this company. The only difference is that 9 times out of 10 times ppl save money. So if that would cause ppl to stop being your friend then maybe you don't have good friends to begin with. As far as the opportunity…it's not for everyone. Obviously, not for you and if I were your friend I don't think I would even want someone like you. You sound to be a very unhappy individual and btw, don't tell me you believe everything you read on google. If this company was truely doing anything illegal then why has it been successful for nearly 19 years, in 21 countries, endorsed by a billionaire and several multi-millionaires, A+ rated with the BBB, supported by 5 former district attorneys on their legal board. I believe Mr. Donald Trump's reputation is a little more important then yours!

      • truth speaker

        Ivan, another moron who is buying into this scam. Please quit defending this BS and get back to stealing money from your friends and family members. Get back to us in about 6 months and tell us how much you have made and if you have any friends or family members who will even talk to you. You are just another clone who has been brainwashed to believe that ACN is going to make you some wonderful and successful person . F Donald Trump and you. By the way, I'm not an unhappy person. I just love to come on here and warn innocent people about losers like you and the scam you are all attempting to perpetrate.

        • Gizmo2800

          your name should be truth speaker hence I am broke….truth speaker my asssssssss HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • truth speaker

            You sound so intelligent with your racist slurs and your hatred of anybody that does not believe that ACN is nothing more than a scam. Why don't you tell us how much money you make with ACN. Why don't you tell us how many people you have alienated because you scammed them out of $499. Go ahead and tell us the only people who will even talk with your loser ass is your upline. And the only reason he will talk with you is because your stupid ass is lining his pockets with money. F you Gizmo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • Enforcer 1

          Truthspeaker, you are correct in your accessment of ANC, I have a businesswoman friend who introduced her son into the business and inturn sends her customers to him, this is the only way he gets any sign ups. Funny thing, she does not want to bother with it herself. He is pestering me for a recruitment, because i’m a government official tied into many homeowner’s and businesses in the environment field. I’m going to give him $100 to stop trying with me just to stop the begging, its agravating. ANC takes too much time, gives almost no benefits other than to the owner’s, it’s recruits are no different to a drug dealer who recruits others to sell his product……………and they take all the risks.

          • truth speaker

            Enforcer, Very true. I’ve always said there are a couple people making money at ACN. They are the handful of guys at the top of the pyramid. All the brainwashed worker bee’s running around begging and lying to get recruits have no chance in hell of ever making any real money. ACN sucks them dry with the meeting fees, the website fees, the promotional material fees, and the national convention fee. They only pay pennies on the dollar for any contracts written and the contracts are crap to begin with. My buddy said his contract for cellular and cable looked attractive in the beginning but it just kept going up and up until it was considerably more expensive than his previous bills. Tell your friends son to get out while he can. He will eventually alienate all the people surrounding him and he will broke and friendless living in his mom’s basement. Thanks for the post!

      • Gizmo2800

        Ivan, dont waste your breath on mentally retarded people here, just have fun with them…these are the people that work in telemarketing or some kind of 'enegineer' or 'project manager' or even a door to door sales rep…..they live on a different planet, they have no personal growth integrity etc. its sickenning how every weekend some of us take out money out of our pocket to provide training for these people….dont waste your breath.

      • Ex-rep

        Trump has a new business to endorse! Looks like he's done with ACN for now haha – on his new site he explains how he's worked with other network marketing companies in the past, but (quoting here) “I didn't see anything or anyone that was close to these three guys” as he announces the founders of this new one. All you ACN reps should probably get on this new business asap if you want to be the rich, King Con Artists at the top of the pyramid (instead of the parasites at the bottom – the position you've undoubtedly found yourselves in with acn..)
        Looks like you will no longer be able to spout the “ACN Is way better than those vitamin businesses” and the “Genius Business Man Donald Trump endorses ACN, it must be good” Bullshit Statements in the same pitch anymore guys.. haha

        • truth speaker

          Great news!!! Now all the ACN clones can't cry, 'If Donald Trump endorses this company it must be legitimate. Why would he put his name on a company if it was not making any money?' Ha Ha ACN losers Your poster child has left your crib. Maybe he will even pull your little scam from the Celebrity Apprentice you are all so proud of. Maybe Donald realized the feds were breathing down his neck for being the spokesperson for a pyramid scheme and he better get out while the getting is good. This is so beautiful. Thank you Ex-rep for this information. And the use of 'parasites at the bottom' is classic. Hey John Melton, if you need to sell that Bentley you drive around to show everyone how successful you are with ACN, I'll make you a solid offer. I'll give you half of the Kelley Blue Bood value you dick.

          • Tyson73

            Hahahahahah!!!!   Nice post!

      • Mavryk

        God, money's not looking for the cure. God, money's not concerned about the sick among the poor. God, moeny, let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised. God, money's not one to choose…..

        I went to the ACN website and looked at their price for Dish Network. Then I went to Dish Network, and to my surprise………the exact same price (minus the $500 down, extra $30 a month, and additioanl $149 annual fee)

        19 years later people STILL think ACN is a scam? My mother once told me “everyone else can't be wrong”.

      • Pcostanza25


    • Gizmo2800


    • hi hello

      good post!

    • LATEF


      • truth speaker

        I’m sure you are doing well because you sound really smart. Let me know where you went to school so I can call up one of your English teachers and tell them what a horrible job they are doing. You know damn well you are not making $3,000 a month unless you are recruiting your ass off and are collecting your measley commissions for suckering another innocent soul into your evil pyramid. Now get off the internet and get back to recruiting you scam artist. And go buy ‘Speaking English for Dummies’. You have a lot to learn about our language.

  • Larry

    I just left a sales pitch for ACN. I was invited by a personal friend. The representative put on a

    very polished demonstration featuring the video phone. This was the most polished and least

    informative sales pitch for a pyrimid scheme I have ever heard. I sincerely hope that most

    are not taken in by this.

    L.H. in Georgia

    • Rem

      was he a criminal, sex offender, drug dealer, please ask this everytime you see a acn man or women. most of them are.

      • tom mack

        thankyou rem spoken like a true misinformed loser…do your homework before you throw stones..maybe read your bible and see what jesus said about stone throwers…acn is a company of integrity and will build weak characters, to become strong ..maybe even yours,..please take another look at acn rem and research before you shoot off your mouth from an empty barrell
        tom mack acn rep

        • Rem

          Tom mack, check your buddy Randy Taft and his criminal record, he is a rapist, that's would you do, eat shit with your mouth. that is your and your ACN character and integrity. What's your record, criminal, bankrupt, screwed credit history or some drugs.

        • RandyTaft

          Hey Tom mack, look at your salesman Randy Taft, a convicted sex offender, before you open your mouth full of shit.

        • tom mack is a twat

          Tom Mack, they have fed you so much shit at those seminars/training/ra ra get togethers that you have become what you eat. How do you like scaming your friends and family for a few extra bucks? Working for ACN demands a person like you to possess the the capability of fucking your own mother for a dollar. Doesnt the fact that you know this is true deep down inside make you feel like a nervious whore at church? Keep up the good work queer.

  • Tom Northrop

    My sister tried very hard to get me to drink the ANC coolaid I knew I wanted no part of a MLM scheme — Finally I broke down and simply ordered a phone for the service to appease her and end the conversation about selling the service (if you want to call it that) . When I got the phone I had technical issues, I talked with their tech support, tried a few suggestions, decided I never wanted it in the first place and was unwilling to spend any more time trying to get it to work or to completely reconfigure my home network to try to get ti to work. I called for a return authorization and was told that my 3 day cancellation period started when they shipped the phone to me. (It arrived 4 days after shipping) And unless I continued to work with tech support they were not going to give me a return authorization. I have contested this with my credit card company and it is still being contested. They keep sending me bills for my “service” and are threatening to send me to collections and report me to the credit bureaus. In my opinion their bogus 3 day cancellation policy is fraud. If anyone, even a family member mentions ANC to you RUN as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

    • Tafy

      You need to tell your sister, that their are sex offenders in her company and they are rubbing shoulders with her in those ra ra trainings and house meeting.

    • Fatdaddycock

      You sound like one of those annoying moron customers that all normal businesses hate to work with lol.

      • Rre

        because you are a sex offender, criminal drugist ACN salesman.

    • Nonofyours

      it's fine when this happens in Rogers or Bell or some other company you know but it's not ok if it's coming from the company that you aren't familiar with and had a nagged in feeling signing up with … wow real advice … thanks!

      • truth speaker

        What the hell did you just try and say???

  • Liltom63

    I have been an independent representative with ACN for about six months.. Ive also been a business owner for ten years.. Seeing what works and what doesnt is what I do.. Hard work is what I was taught growing up, you get out what you put in.. I put in my $500 and got it all back then some.. A few of my friends laughed when I signed up but now they are asking me questions about the business.. Alot of people are not self driven, its a very unmotivated world but for those of us who are; will succeed.. Good points their truth speaker, it just comes down to if you got what it takes to make it.. Not just in ACN but in any job that is not a punch in punch out 9-5.. thanks

    • Tafy

      And how did you made the money, can you post all the details here, and your name and your shitty website, so we lazzy asses can understand your hard work. None of your preacher group are posting their names with their tall claims, so why are you hiding in a veil, are you also a sex offender like Randy taft

      • tom

        I made my money back by signing up my two friends and getting 15 points myself, which means i sold contracts like cell phone and satellite tv to those who were up for renewal or wanted to upgrade their services.. Them in turn after getting my investment back
        I helped my friends do the same.. So on and so fourth.. The reason; I am sure no one is posting their names and sites are probably to protect themselves from the hate and negative energy this site is creating.. The people here talking about what ACN is all about are out to discredit the company and those who are involved.. So that people like you who come off swearing, bashing and calling people names like sex offender cant go further into their lives and make a bigger mess.. If I can ask a question in hopes you return with an answer in a civil and less rude way; what is your basis for the ACN bashing? Were you involved and did not have a good upline leader or are you using everyone elses bashing to just start a fight? Im not looking for a fight because I know what Im into and whats working; Im just asking what the reasoning is behind the slander and hate.. Hoping for a calm return.. -tom

        • Tafy

          No i am looking for a bold and honest answer, which if you can provide. Else don't lie around and create trouble in people's lives, by squeezing on their relations. You want to sell, no problem, open a shop, not sell to your family and friends, rather i say, to pressure them, emotional blackmail and creating ruckus in their lives.

          And do not give me your BS of not posting your name, why you have a website, if someone needs to hate ACN, their and several reps like you have website.

          So let us point and point details timeline, your earnings, your expenses, your time invested, if you want to civility, give honest and bold answers. Since you lie, you are scared, because you are afraid. What if you open a shop, you are afraid to sit in there, becuase people will come and beat your up. Don't be a coward, and yes you can check, that fellow is a Rapist. Are you also, what is criminal, drug and credit background. You are looking for business, tell us the details of your business, as in black and white to all.

          • Liltom

            Are you a religious person?

          • Tafy

            Are you telling us about your business, your earnings, your expenses, and your credit, criminial and drug history.

          • Liltom

            Im just wondering if you believe in something that may or may not be real? Because if your a religious person, someone who goes to church every sunday and gives your money to the church you can be getting scammed.. There is more proof that ACN is real than jesus being real.. Think about it, a book is all we got to believe in.. I believe in God, I believe in alot of things.. I trust and care.. Thats me, just wondering if you put yourself out there enough to trust or just shut out every possibility that there might be something greater than what you think and believe..

          • Tafy

            So that's how fool the people and rob them of their money, play with the relations and faith, and empty their pockets. I am asking you to give the facts and you are a master liar of ACN, entangling in something else, you can as much you want, when you yourself know inside, now your ego is not letting you acknowledge that you are being screwed in ACN, well you do not have endless money, ACN will clean and wipe you , and kick your ass and throw you on the footpath, You will certainly be very happy to put your website details, your name and your day by day log of the ACN here, keep on lying but you can not hide from yourself and save your balooney for yourself.

          • Tafy

            It is highly likely that you have some CRIMINAL RECORD,credit record or drug record.

          • Tafy

            Are you a religious person.

        • Joe Bfnl

          Do you even come close to understanding the concept of a Ponzi scheme?

        • Social Worker/ Project Manager

          If something is truly good, I am sure others will see it.
          The reason you can't is because you signed up “x” (eh hem TWO) people. Who are you going to sign-up next? You'll need to sign up another couple to get more money and so on and so forth… now that two of your friends are signed up, isn't it harder now to network within your mutual friends circle? Guess you better get yourself out there and sell, sell, sell. Time to make new friends!!!

    • Guest

      Congratulations on having enough self drive to screw some less-driven individuals out of their $500 so that you could finally make yours back. Really good work… moron

    • no

      So you have been with ACN six months and you got your initial investment back and them some you say? So be honest and tell all of us how much more beyond the $499 did you receive. You sound like a typical rep.

    • Builds4kids

      Its not whether you make it, its how you make it. I can make you a fettuccine Alfredo. If I make it with crap ingredients and processed chicken it will not be good. Now, what if I serve your fettuccine with spaghetti instead of fettuccine? What if my advertisement says fettuccine? Are you going to be pissed you were mislead? ACN just changed alot of guidelines for this reason. They were lying and are close to being indicted. They even act like they have an attorney general on board to edify themselves. Everyone they have is a former someone who should be investigated in depth by the IRS for past business practices while in office. The biggest sign is that Donald Trupm is a so called sponsor. He is paid for every word he says and photo opportunity for ACN. That isn't a sponsor. That is the guy on the infomercial that has the caption under him stating he is a paid actor that endorses the product and / or service. Another loophole user, loser. Money doesn't make you a winner, honesty and integrity are the ingredients of a winner. Not a bank account. You can't buy your way into Heaven, but you can pay for front row seats in Hell.

  • the real deal

    its all on your work ethic they have a billon in rev in a trillion industry its all on you dont go by the bathroom wall if you have drive and want to talk for a business a c n is for you and me i love a c n 2 years running my first month my wife and i made over 6k yes we did not get the $till the end of the next month but we did make awesome money and still are you just have to work so stop complaining and get paid with a c n

    • Tafy

      and how much you spend on acn 12k.

      • ACN clone

        Dude what is your problem?

        • Tafy

          What is your problem, cloner, are you a sex offender, criminal, bank rupt.

    • cmon now

      You obviously don't need to learn real grammar or sentence form to work their either.

      • cmon now


        See, your crappy English is messing me up.

    • Amitmodi

      LOL you sound like one of those training guys. See their you go again trying to scam people into this.

    • bigbaaby

      what are the simple ways to do that

    • Truth Speaker

      Does anyone understand what he's trying to convey with this? Is that entire paragraph one sentence or a bundle of sentence fragments all lumped together to make one completely irrational and undecipherable statement? Take a night class or something dude.

  • Kelvinator Man

    Maybe ACN and Lightyear Wireless are tied together – both rip you off with their scams

  • Skeptic

    ACN seems like this other company in my area, National Home Services, they both seem to be scams designed to get you to sign up a couple people then have you quit from the stress, but thats how sales go, not everyone is a salesman, so not everyone can make a ton of money in that industry, but if your naturally gifted in sales, and a hard worker I believe you CAN make a good living out of it.

    • Rem

      what happens, is crime, bankruptcy and raping not paying enough for ACN salesman…..ask Randy Taft

    • Motorola_XOOM

      You would if you have a good product, what is actually ACN products? what is ACN sellings? Worldgate Communications Inc is traded in penny stock, meaning is over the counter useless staff…this is the age of technology, iphone, ipad, android, motorol xoom, OMG, can't name it anymore…please save your money to buy brand new ipad 2 or motorola xoom coming out soon, video chat with 4G technology…plus much more than that…( i m just sad i lost a friend because i refused her sat ACN meeting, she told me that she will retired in 3 years while i am working my as off the rest of my life)…good luck you all!!!

  • Dcman1280

    Of course you make no guarantee about the quality and accuracies of your articles, all a big clump of shit this site is lol.

    • Rem

      yes DCman, what are you a criminal, bankrupt or sex offender

  • Joe Bfnl

    You know the funniest thing here is that every post by an ACN believer (or their shills, and just like in Scamway/Quixtar, there are company shills posting here and on other MLM sites) matches almost word for word (or at the very least, argument for counter argument) postings by other believers of ever other MLM scam out there. Do this experiment; keep this page open and then look around here for other MLM's, open those pages and compare the believers verbiage side by side. Clones! Every argument they have for their MLM matches if not word for word, idea for idea the posts here. It is funny and a bit sad.

    • Rre

      Also these peoples are criminals, felons, sex offenders to begin with.

      • Guest57

        ALL these “peoples”? Really…? What a ridiculous generalization and assumption. Probably the same percentage as any other business, company, club, corporation, franchise or mom and pop store, don't you think? Be honest.

    • Guest57

      Likewise, all the know it all negative blogs. Exact same attacks.
      Get a life – it's none of your business. You evidently failed, get over it. You don't like MLM – we get it!!
      But some of these hard working folks WILL be successful, if they work at it. I know that really pisses you off, but you were apparently a quitter and now just can't let it go.
      I bet you sucked at sports, too, and didn't get into the NFL…boo hoo…or become President, or marry the perfect girl, or get a 4.0 at Harvard. That's life.

      • truth speaker

        You can't possibly own your own successful business. You spend way to much time on here defending ACN. Are you John Melton or Randy Taft?

  • Joe Bfnl

    BTW ACN clones, look up the definition of a Ponzi Scheme. ACN is a classic Ponzi with a nice cover and pretty window dressing (Trump et al).

    • ACN clone

      Obviously you do not understand what a ponzi scheme is

      • Rre

        ACN Clone you do not understand what a criminal, felon, bankrupts and sex offenders are, because it is what you are and your buddies are.

  • Woody4u_4250

    I guess I don't understand what all the hubbub is about, and I've really tried. As it goes a person signs on with ACN or any other Multi Level Marketing system then goes out gets a few customers and then looks for others that want to do the same. What's wrong with that? It just so happens that practically every human being above the age of 8 uses some form of communication device. It also just so happens that wireless companies are making huge dollars providing this service so what's wrong with getting a piece of that action. Seems harmless to me.

    • Rem

      you get a fraction of a penny, after investing several dollars of time and money…. it is harmless for you to tell lies and cheat people… you have clean criminal record.

      • Guest57

        Only if you quit. How much did you make at first at your FIRST job? Did you stay there? Did you get better at it, get promoted, get a raise? I hope so. You can't claim success in MLM for a couple of years of sticking to it. Just like everywhere else. Relax. These people can make their own decisions. It's not up to you to save the world from MLM. work on terrorism FIRST – AND our tax & spend politicians!

        • Social Worker/ Project Manager

          IMO, you're just as bad. You're conning poor people out their money… pushing them into bankruptcy. Pushing them to loose friends, relatives, etc.

          Forcing them to loose their dignity. You are pathetic! Yup. I said it!

  • ACN clone

    I don't know and don't care who this Taft guy is.

    I signed up spent the $500 and had it back in three weeks in the bonuses they have. So I am in for $0 at this point. It is a tough sell and some reps do try to blow smoke up your ass. But at the end of the day my Electric bill, Phone bill, internet and Sat are all cheaper now so that is a win in my book.

    • Rem

      why do you care, whether ACN is full of felon , criminals and sex offenders, are you also…and why you do not post your name and details and earnings on your acnrep website….you are the only clone left who thinks can lie and people believe his shit.

      • Guest57

        REALLY?!? FULL of them? How do you get your facts and statistics? You are SO smart – you should run the whole world. I am in awe of your mind and values, deeply caring for your fellow man – what he does with his spare time and money. Gee, you're swell.

    • no

      They are less expensive for now……but wait. As P.T. Barnum put it “There's a sucker born every day” Check out todays sucker in the mirror.

  • …..

    Can somebody answer my question? okay so i gave these ppl my money like two days ago, and they said that i have ten days to change my mind and get a full refund…is that true or is that bullshit too??? cuz from the comments that i read so far, im just about ready to beat the shit out of somebody!!

    • Guest

      That is 100% true man. Despite all the scammy stuff, they will totally give you your cash back in the first 10 days. Give them a call ASAP if you would like a refund.

      • …..

        Thank you!! greatly appreciate it!!

    • no

      No BS……..Read the fine print on your application.

  • Beth

    I have one word for anyone considering this….SKYPE…..

  • Ingridquirke57

    I have been in ACN since August 2010 and I have made approx. 3200.00 I have not yet received any residual, but I do believe it si around the corner.

    • Tafy

      it is around distant corner in the donald trump pocket, you grandchildren might be lucky to get it, and your customers should be living until them

      • Guest57

        …what? where did you learn English – and typing?
        Oh, ACN is the devil! Oh, the sky is falling. Oh, I must save all the stupid people who believe they have what it takes to get a piece of the HUGE, GLOBAL MLM pie. Somebody is making money at it, and that's why it thrives!
        …But not for you, I guess. You were maybe a failure at it, quitting too soon, not getting it, or listening at the training meetings, wrong product, etc. Always someone else's fault, right?
        And now you bitterly slash out at others who might do well. Nice.
        Be happy in your wage job. That's who you are…NOT who they want to be. At least they are trying something. They may fail, too, but what business is it of yours?

        • Social Worker/ Project Manager

          Ya, CEO's, upliners…. hmmm
          and there are the idiot rep's who recruit to fill their own pockets. Yippeee! let's manipulate people out of money! And provide a somewhat crappy service? =P

    • no

      So it's been 4 months since you became a rep. You made $3200=$800/month=$200/week.
      $3200/month minus $499 start-up=$2701 Minus the $50 training kit=$2651 minus the $29/month fee for the website (29 x 4 months=$116) so $2651 minus $116=$2535 follow me so far? So if you just sat in the chair and did nothig for this money you got “paid” at a rate of $2535 divided by 4 months = $583 per month divided by 4 weeks in a month = $145/week which equals $3.65 per hour.
      Now, for this huge amount of money, please tell us how many hours you actually worked calling people, setting up meetings, driving to 'training sessions' etc or was that something you failed to factor in. Please enlighten us.

      • Guest57

        Yeah, 4 months! Talk to them in a year or two. It's part-time! What part of “work your way up” don't you understand? it takes time like anything. geez, math-wizard.
        When anything starts to click, it becomes fun, and it's not about money anymore, although, that's icing on the cake, right? Ever had a job you loved? Some people love MLM. Some don't. Let it go.

        • Social Worker/ Project Manager

          The work involved for 145$ a week, is not worth it. I could do less at wal-mart working part-time and get paid more.

      • Social Worker/ Project Manager


        LOVE IT! that's hilarious. EVEN MAKING 145$ part-time a week is ridiculous. I can make that amount at Wal-Mart working a couple or maybe a few shifts!!!

  • Nnickelz1

    I am in ACN and the people you meet are great!! I have been in the business for 2 months and recieved my first bonus. all the people on here that are talking negative are quitters in life and 95 percent of them will work a 9 to 5 until the day they die!! you keep doing that…..that is your personal business but do not bring others down!

    • Tafy

      then why are you recruiting the people who work 9 to 5 and tell them it is a part time shit, read your own acn website, before you open your mouth and let the shit fly

    • Trac

      Yes, you are right they are fucking great people, called Randy Taft, who is a convicted rapist and a registered sex offender.

  • Johnny5

    If ACN is a legit business, then why do these conversations even exist?

    I own a decent little business that nobody would ever ask if it's real. That's because I sell real products. AND because my interest is selling my product, i'm certainly not 'recruiting' anybody to own the same biz.
    You don't have to be a genius to look at this fast and think , this is all bullshit.
    Of course they sell wireless products, and a 'video phone', that is by no means anywhere near new technology.
    Let's put it this way.. they sell cell phone contracts… so does verizon…
    when you go into a verizon store, they're trying very hard to sell you a phone, plan, accessory or something to do with their business… they are NOT trying to sell you another verizon store to open up within the same area…
    The only reason i'm here is because i'm put in this family situation they speak of. A family member of mine, who shocked the shit out of me by falling for something like this, is already arguing with me about this. I was going to say nothing about their bad decision in joining this group, because it's none of my business, and i don't care what they do. But then they got mad at me when i finally said something because they tried luring my end of the family into their shit.and
    for the record, my family member already has a successful career with her husband. They are by no means trash or stupid like most of the morons you hear of joining these programs.. which is why i can't for the life figure out why they fell for it. or maybe they really are and i'm giving them too much credit

    • Tafy

      That is so true you so said, and even McDonald's do credit criminal check, verizon store, guess what, this ass company don't, and you will be shocked how many are there, there is one convicted criminal by name Randy Taft. Shady people.

      • Guest57

        How do you know? Sources? Evidence? Sounds like slander to me. How can ACN's lawyers get hold of you? Maybe you should be investigated, too. We all should be. Let's have the government get involved in all business and background checks. No buying or selling unless it is done, either. You can't do anything unless you are perfectly squeaky clean – and didn't EVER do anything stupid when you were young, either.

  • Ann

    If yu are looking into ACN Know this, I have been an ACN rep for just three short months, I invested in myself to see if I could better my life. Within the three months that I have been an ACN rep I have made more money than I do at my Full time job. And yes i make great money already at my full time job. I am 20 years old and make more than most people with degrees, as a matter of fact, In just three months I have made 14000. so is ACN a SCAM?!?!? NO !!! I get a pay check EVERY WEEK! .. BUT was it easy?! NO I work my ass off, and im dedicated to ACN, but only because I have done well with it and the truth is… is that not many people can say that they have made anything with ACN, but only for one reason… THEY DON”T WORK THEIR BUSINESS!!!! ACN is NOT a get rich quick business.. But it is a GET RICH SOME DAY and sooner than you could ever imagine. People if you don't work you don't get paid.. it's as simple as that! If you want a get rich quick business this is NOT or you.. and if your NOT willing to WORK then this is NOT for you. BUT if you are willing to work hard for a few years to have freedom from finicial stress then this IS for you..SO if you have already tried ACN and it did not work for you.. It's because you did not try! it'sbecasue you GAVE UP!! you QUIT!! so don't complain about it it's your own damn fault.. And for those of you who are looking to change your lives and actually work for your money then please don't pass this up.. I promise you if you just try, and have someone to show you the ropes.. Then you will be great and you WILL CHANGE your Lives.

    P.S. If you have never heard a Presentation then don't judge..

    And one more thing.. YES it is a pyramid!!! But so is your job.. You have a manager,, your manager has a manager and that manager has a boss, and that boss has the SVP or CEO..

    It's the same thing!!!

    But with ACN I don't have a Boss.. and I will be the SVP, I know you cant say that about your current job…

    Even our US Military is a pyramid,,,

    Think about it people..

    • Witheverylastbreath

      “YES it is a pyramid!!! But so is your job.. You have a manager,, your manager has a manager and that manager has a boss, and that boss has the SVP or CEO..
      It's the same thing!!! “

      ahhh wrong. My job is legit and I do not have to hire more and more workers to get a bigger pay check myself.

      “Even our US Military is a pyramid,,, “

      WRONG AGAIN. The Us Military promotes from within the ranks and the generals do not receive increasing to their paychecks based on the amount of soldiers recruited.
      You should drop both ACN and your other job and head back to school. You are clearly a a bad salesperson with the comment/pitch you left. Both of the comparisons you listed are idiotic at best.

      • Witheverylastbreath



        Minions foolishly compare MLM to a corporate structure.
        Perhaps the “infinite downline” escapes them.

        Every MLM is a pyramid, that's a fundamental reality. Every pyramid is not necessarily a scam or illegal. The Minions wish to convince the prospect that regular businesses and corporations are also pyramids. The regular business model, or non-MLM may appear as a single pyramid, and that's as far as it goes. MLM is a vertically growing stack of pyramids, and in theory may grow until population runs out. The reality is, however, that most will drop out of the deal, and another batch of prey will come along to keep the upper wealth flourishing. Not to be confused with vertical integration, each MLM pyramid is above or beneath another pyramid.

        • Guest57

          Yeah, they are ALL illegal organizations – with millions of reps worldwide, decades in existence, affiliated with major brands, used by fortune 500 companies, some traded on the NYSE, etc. No, they are ALL scams and pyramid schemes.
          (Oh, wait maybe it's that many people start, then quit, making all sorts of excuses that are never their fault).

          Wow, you are SO smart and right about everything. I wish I were you…

    • Truth Speaker

      Finally an ACN supporter who admits it's a pyramid scheme!!! Sadly, more of the same multi-level marketing rhetoric they use at the presentations to convince these dimwits to leverage their relationships with friends and family members for $499 a crack. Drink the kool-aid people.

      • Dexter

        You really need to get more educated on the way the “pyramid” really does work. There is way more too it then you assume. I personally dont want to explain it all. But I'm 20 years old, figured I would give it a try. All I had to do was sell 5 points worth of acn products (essentially 5 phone packages but there are numerous other products available worth different amounts of points) in under my first month and I recieved my first bonus, 1000 dollars. So atleast I'm not in the hole. I understand some of your points, but YOUR missing acn's point, as they CLEARLY state, that NOTHING is guarenteed when you sign on. But now being apart of acn, I can vouch that any decently business savy, hard working person can truely develop a very nice residual income over a period of time. That period of time depends on who you recruit for your team and how many products your team is selling. The reason the success and failure stats are so skewed is because there ARE tons of lazy dummies just HOPING that this makes them rich quick. So maybe you got caught up thinking about rapists and molesters the whole entire presentation because whatever “gist” of what you heard, was seriously misunderstood. My word isnt as good as Donald Trumps either I'll admit, perhaps you missed his personal opinion on it.

        • Truth Speaker

          This from a 20 year old? Please. Go to college or attend a technical school and learn about technology. Don't get into a business that forces you to scam friends and family members out of $499 a crack. Tell me how many friends you have left after you have been in ACN for a couple of months. I doubt about the same number you have now. Zero. Oh, and why don't you explain to all of us how a pyramid scheme really does work. I would be interested in hearing that from you. Maybe your upline can write that essay for you kid. They know exactly how it works.

        • yellowfever

          hey my friend thats trying to pitch this bs on me sold 5 points of junk for acn and has a residual income of probably 4 cents, and i dont know where your 1000 dollar bonus came from cause i thought those were only for singing up new reps? and in order to get a 1000 bonus you need your reps to be selling more then 5 points of crap too.

    • Tafy

      Hey where you work and in US millitary, do they hire criminals, bankrupts, rapists, sex offenders, ….. why you do not help dime a dozen ACN salesrep like Randy Taft get something in there….

    • Nizil

      I think it's great your doing so well in your first few months. Try put away as much of that money as you can and get back into university and grab a degree while you're young. Unfortunately, ACN is not a long term career. Basically, it is a middle-man in the service/product channel (Pyramid Scheme or not). Seriously consider some of the services/products you sell. What is the quality, the service and price provided relative to similar services/products in your field?

      When ACN approached me, I did listen to the sales pitch and went home with the vague information provided to do some research. I found that ACN would not provide anything better than the current branded markets. In fact, some of the products are obselete considering where the technology market is today. I prefer selling a branded product direct to consumer through the retail channel or serve as representative for the manufacturer. To me, the integrity of the service/product provided is very important. I want to know my customers needs are met and that the offering is fair.

      I did not proceed with a second meeting with ACN so I am unable to comment further but considering the first meeting and understanding the business structure and approach to recruiting I didn't feel I would be comfortable buying the services and products offered so selling it would be worse.

      Anyway Ann, good for you. I am glad you are making money but go back to school as soon as you can because the job world, even in professional sales, is increasingly expecting more from you than a slick sales pitch.

    • Didier4123url

      Ann, There's Kool-Aid in the kitchen and your Nikes are under the bed. If you hurry, I think you can catch 'em 'fore they leave the galaxy. If you are telling the truth and you are the VERY rare exception, you are still, nonetheless a brainwashed zombie. You fail to mention how many of your family and friends still remain on speaking terms with you. How many of your 'underlings' have made any money? Me thinks that if you truly did make $14 grand in just three short months, it is only money that used to be theirs. -My two Abe Lincolns

      • FactsMan

        “Me thinks that if you truly did make $14 grand in just three short months, it is only money that used to be theirs” Excellent point! (And hilarious over-all comment) Regardless of much they believe in their crazy cult, they cannot fail to admit that so long has they have made money, there will always be people under them who have lost it. I would jump at the opportunity to bet $14 grand that no one in ACN has ever made it into the black without leaving someone below them in the red (permanently) Theoretically this could happen, but let's be honest – it simple does not. And there is one fundamental difference between ACN and a corporation or the military. In the legit pyramids it is certain that all people walk away with pay cheques. In the pyramid scheme, it is only certain that all people will put money in.

        • Guest57

          Obama and all his progressive pals are running a ponzi/pyrmaid scheme. And we sit by and gripe, but are almost powerless to stop them. Except at election time. Generally, all organizations are pyramidal in shape. There are variations within the business models, but pretty similar. And everyone hates their fat rich boss, right? So this just sounds like more angst from the lowly minions, as usual. Why don't workers get this mad about their UNIONS? Or their Government? Talk about corrupt setups! Life just ain't fair, is it?

          • yellowfever

            hey dumbass were not saying our jobs arent pyramids, but we are guarenteed paychecks, and i know how much work i am being paid for, how much im being paid for it, and how much i am paying in taxes and that crap, your pyramid guarentees you will be paying someone above you money. ive never given my boss any money, even after breaking her bed.

    • yellowfever

      are you the cute asian that let me drive her white beamer to kinkos because you didnt know where it was? even though you had to go there to make copies of the paperwork for 3 of my other friends you just signed up?

  • acn baby

    9342120884 acn rep call me ask for my name 🙂

    • acn baby

      and lemme know what i say cause i go by a lot if names

      • Tafy

        what is your criminal history dude, or dudess, ….. how much you are in debt…..and how about drugs.

  • Shanal1

    I have just recently been exposed to ACN and am researching the company before making a decision. Like many I have reservations, however I must say that it has been so inspiring to read
    ACN's vision and to see a business promote integrity! I haven't made up my mind yet…in fact when first reading these posts I really started to think “oh shit…this is not what I hoped for!” but then I kept reading and reading and I cannot believe the name calling and insinuations that keeping coming up over and over! It does make me really wonder who is disallusioned here??? Perhaps a lot of people don't make a lot of money…or get rich with ACN…but I'm not quite sure why people would consider others with ambition “morons?!” The most disturbing thing I have read over and over is the recurrent comments about “sex offenders, criminals, rapists, etc.” If you are going to bash people about not looking at the facts, then perhaps you should be more aware of what statements 'you' make! The reality is sex offenders, rapists and criminals are everywhere! There are many offenders out there in the high ranking positions that have cleared criminal reference checks…the reality is that sexual predators exist in every race, religion and income bracket! I commend “Truth Speaker” for the work he does; it is essential and admirable. But let me tell you, I am a Social Worker and my interest in this business is very much rooted in the idea that this business opportunity could help me fund a residential group home for dual diagnosed children referred through Children's Aid, and to develop a retreat program for depressed women! I don't think I am a moron for having interest in something like ACN. I also was sexually molested for several years of my life as a child by two different people, and believe me they were educated and respected, and worked in public places! Please, have your opinions about facts but rag on others and then talk such SHIT!!!!

    • Tafy

      So you want the molesters who molested you to sit and party with you in the ACN Meeting and so called trainings and, also molest your downline……….why you have so much sympathy for rapists like Randy Taft….are you also

      • Guest57

        wow. You are really dense. Show your evidence and statistics or shut up. I'll bet you have a few skeletons in your family closet, too. And where you work, etc. The world is a dark place sometimes. And you are part of it. Lighten up and quit slandering people trying to better their lives!

    • geto

      Are you saying the sex offenders, rapists are everywhere in ACN from the top to bottom.

    • Truth Speaker

      Shanal1 Your post has alot of good points and I thank you for the compliment. The problem I have with ACN is their recruitment process. They are very tight lipped when inviting someone to a presentation. If they are running a legitimate business why won't they gladly tell you who they are before the meeting??? I spoke personally with John Melton and he flat out refused to tell me what they did and who they were. All he would say is that it had to do with voip. Big deal! What's the big secret. Voip has been around for a long time. I use it on a daily basis. It's call Go to Meeting. Again, why the secret? The fact that this John Melton character admitted he had 16,000 people below him, had only ever sold 40 actual accounts, and didn't even know how the video phone worked was very disturbing to me. He was laughing the whole time he said this and even admitted it was a pyramid scheme. So basically if you want to go out and work hard and sell accounts please do. My warning is this, please do not get caught up in the recruiting. I temporarily lost a friend of 25 years over this because he let these white collar criminals convince him that he was going to be a millionaire. He lied to about 20 of his closest friends all for the chance to get in our pockets for $499 each. Luckily no one at the presentation I attended fell for their recruiting tactics and my friend eventually resigned, got his money back, and did alot of apologizing for luring us into this the way he did. This was only after this John Melton harrassed him constantly about getting numbers underneath him. He went as far as saying this to my friend, 'I though you had alot of friends with money'. Please be careful and if you find they truly do provide a good service I wish you the best of luck. From what I have read here their service is sub par, their pricing begins low and eventually winds up being more expensive than anyone else, and it's almost impossible to get out of your contract. Good luck and please be careful!

      • Tafy

        well said truthspeaker, equally i am appalled by the sex offenders in their mix to already of thier criminal activities, this fellow Randy Taft with his sister Tracey Taft had the balls to roam around the children and schomooze with the women and making presentation and taken details of my friends and was visiting them….while hiding that he is convicted rapist…..disgusting and vomitting

        • Guest57

          Taft MAY be what you say, but if he paid his debt to society, then give him a break and allow him to better his life. Wouldn't you want a 2nd chance? Who knows? Where do you get this info? And if his sister is a lousy financial manager, what of it? How does that diminish ACN and its thousands of reps who don't even know them? Do you know all the criminals in your neighborhood, school, company, church, etc.? NOT! Are you perfect? No errors whatever?

    • NO ACN 4ME

      Have you ever been to what an ACN Rep calls “training”? Well, I spent 2 1/2 hours one recent saturday morning at one of these fiascos. It's nothing more than a Pep Rally with canned speaches (not peaches) smooth talking uplines in suits so well creased i'm not sure they can even sit down. This is NOT training by any means. After watching a DVD that looked like I was watching a high school football rally (the light show was great, even a rock star would have been impressed). The ONLY thing they do is try to sign you uo as an Independent Rep (IR). It was like I was watching a cult. A lot of the folks in the room, which it looked to be about 100, were all shaking their heads “yes” as these starched suit speakers were spewing their BS. So take another drink of that koolaid.

  • Tafy

    Excellent reply to this moron…..they are hideous, ridiculous scums, if they are so proud of their quality and prices, why in the hell they to people drawing rooms, ….and they will get anybody in their team without any morals and principles…whether they are criminals, sex offenders, rapists….

  • Tafy

    Well said….their model is to recruit and sell to the people who they call in INDEPEDENT REPRESENTATIVE…..when in reality they are the customers of the ACN…..and that is why they will get anybody on board, cheaters liars, sex offenders, rapists, bankrupts….

  • guest

    sounds like a lot of hates out there. of course you only see negative comments about ACN here, the name of the article is The ACN Scam | Understand This! so only skeptical ppl are going to see this page. just because there was a sex offender in the business it doesn't mean the whole company is filled with them, sure there might 1 or 2 more of them but it doesn't mean anything.

    • Guest

      yes it does not matter to you, as long as you get the money, care less for children and women, why would it matter, that thiefs, rapists, convicts, criminals, druggists, are in your rank and file as ACN is a white collar criminals group, what about you, are you a criminal, rapist, thug, smuggler,

  • Tom

    Honestly, you are wasting your money if you follow this program. You are better off getting an education and working hard at developing a career than investing in selling technology that can become outdated at any time. Don't believe that these video phones are somehow cutting edge technology that is going to be around forever. Just look at cell phones, less than 10 years ago the Motorola RAZR was cutting edge, now it looks like some ancient artifact. These video phones will become outdated technology, its not a question of “if”, but “when”.

    As has been shown in numerous articles, only the top 1% of the company actually are millionaires, everyone else is stuck earning a meager living. It makes sense if you think about it. Why would so many of these multi-level marketing companies appear if they weren't successful startups for their investors?

    The true problem I have with these companies are the supplemental fees that they expect from their sellers. At least in the past with companies like AVON, individuals only had to invest in products to sell. But now with companies like ACN, its investing in product and than spending even more for “training” sessions and member “dues” which can significantly increase the cost of the startup. I attended one of these “training” sessions with a person who use to be a good friend. Needless to say, it resembled something akin to a cult meeting than anything close to training. The whole thing reminded me of attending a motivational speaker lecture, except the motivation was to keep pushing friends and family to invest into ACN.

    The people who developed this program are smart, they have incorporated aspects of motivational speaking, celebrity, religion, technology, and a money-making scheme into one. It is quite understandable to see how many people could be easily persuaded to follow this program, even though it seems so apparent to many others that it is nothing more than multi-level marketing scheme.

    Save your money or invest your money in bettering yourself through education, but don't waste your money following this program.

    • Truth Speaker

      Thank you Tom, Well said.

      • Gizmo2800

        loser loves loser LOL

    • Former Rep

      Exactly, thats what someone told me when I tried to recruit them into ACN. They turned me down and now after trying for several months, I haven't seen a dime from ACN. This company is a scam trying to sell you dvds and cds on motivational speakers, charging you to attend regional training events and pressuring you to recruit, recruit, recruit. It doesn't matter if you sign yourself or others up to a ton of services, if you don't recruit you won't see a single penny from the so-called “residual income”. If you're not willing to lie to your friends and family and try to get money off them for people who are already rich, then stay away from this company.

      • Guest57

        Don't quit. Or maybe you are not the type of person who is a self-starter, can't think outside the box, can't win people over to your ideas and motivate and lead them, either. That's ok. Many people CAN do those things – and very well, or at least are willing to learn. And it takes time to build it. Sometimes many years.
        Not everyone is comfortable outside a 9-5 paycheck job. We need those folks. Some are crazy inventors. Some are sports gods – or rock stars. Find your niche and go for it!
        But don't assume that because you failed or couldn't get it to work that you have to put down others who want to try. It's just not for you. It made you uncomfortable. Work within your comfort zone and excel!
        There's no wrong or right here. Just different approaches. And it's designed to be part time. Like selling a homemade product at the weekend flea market. Then you hit on an idea and zoom! Or you learn to sing and suddenly you have a hit CD. You get it.

        • truth speaker

          Uh oh! Another ACN clone who must have a dictionary of idiotic catch phrases taken from the motivational posters hanging in his bedroom in his parents basement. Do you think people are really using the phrase 'think outside the box' anymore? I love how you are so motivational. Find your niche and go for it. Work within your comfort zone and excel. Hit on an idea and zoom! Give me a break. ACN has you so brainwashed you actually believe you are a successful person. Here's an original thought, scam your friends and family members out of $499 a pop. Lose contact with all of them because they hate your for tricking them out of their hard earned money that they actually got from working a real job or as you put it a '9 to 5 paycheck'. Then spend the rest of your life a lonely broke loser living in your parents basement. Oh never mind that last part, they probably kicked you out for scamming them to. And don't end your stupid lecture by telling us 'We get it' because we know we get it. You are the one who doesn't get it.

          • Gizmo2800


          • urbanista

            wow! what an interesting tread. i have been reading it for the past 3 hours and i must say to TT, good for you for sticking to your guns, man. what i didn’t particularly like was occasional name calling, racist slurs and telling people to go where they came from, but i do understand that participants got provoked and reacted this way.

            and now about this bloody pyramid.
            – i have gone to hear this ‘great business opportunity’ last night and i got bulled into it by giving the zombies my cc no. and my social s. no.! i know, it was silly of me. once i got home i got onto the ‘evil internet’ and started my research. i felt uncomfortable immediately after reading a few sentences but this morning, i was very nervous about giving them my confidential information. i proceeded to text the hostess telling her that i am Out, and a few hours later i got a call from the speaker ‘guy’, (i’m not familiar with their titles or names). well, he really tried hard on presenting his case on me (probably all done before) and suggested we meet for a coffee, talk some more and perhaps make couple of phone calls because i said my friends will not buy into it. (i’m thinking, my friends would think i have gone mad to call them and tell them nothing about an amazing opportunity they must be part of.) i have yet to confirm the date with him which will not take place. quite frankly, i am freaked out but the entire scheme.

            i have learned a great deal about it tonight and will not be part of the grand plan, but, i am scared of having things like identity stolen happen to me as credit card transaction can be easily flagged or disputed. what i hate is the fact that i fell for it.
            my logical conclusion from the entire matter is that people are so blinded by the word Money even if it means raping your family of friend of it, some toy cars and colorful helicopters, or those huge watches every ‘rich guy’ seem to wear, and all those identical shirts and jeans men wear in the magazine, or the blonde hair chicks posing as wives – it’s sort of like some cult. it is definitely a movement that appeared upon us – making easy and bloody money. it always existed, but it wasn’t legal so i’m not surprised that it became legal. money can buy the legal system we all know this, so if people are willing to fall for it then be it. it just proves that some of us get easily blinded by this crap and fail to think for ourselves. same goes for politics, or weird unconventional religious groups, fashion trends, Hollywood ‘star’ crap, bad food, prescription drugs, you name it. that’s my two sense.
            please don’t judge me for perhaps misspelling a word or not being punctual, i don’t think it is that important.

            thanks to all for their point of view and good luck to those who have been blinded into something not entirely legit, and thank you especially, mr. truth speaker.
            to all the ACN’s – good luck to you too, i hope it fulfills your lives and bank accounts but whatever you do, please don’t wear those ugly cheap looking watches!

        • ivan

          Exactly! I completely agree with you!

        • Kevin

          Dear Guest57: So have you made money with ACN? And if so, how much per month on average?

          The problem here which creates so much skepticism is the lack of actual data showing that people make money. Your arguments above are ok, but really no different then the person who just asked me to join. I don't want to hear what I COULD make. I want to hear what people HAVE made at it. Hiding this information just makes it that much more suspicious.

          • Gizmo2800

            SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! seriously!! This is bullshit…you guys are miserable! I can't beleive what a shame for US and canada….some people accross the continent are dying to come here, and I am ashmaed of the new educated people that come to our country to deal with people like you!!!
            If you are a business owner Douglas, how much money did you make in the first year of your business? and if you are an employee….STAY AN EMPLOYEEE THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR YOU!!! I dont understand which people in ACN go after people like you, dont they do pre-screeing interview before they sign up reps??? CUZ I DO, and because of this!! YOU LOSER!! hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

        • cblade

          “Don't quit.”

          Right, because then it's his fault that it didn't work, right? Because he should just keep throwing money away for the rest of his life just in case he might one day get rich and never have to work or contribute to society again.

          “Or maybe you are not the type of person who is a self-starter, can't think outside the box, can't win people over to your ideas and motivate and lead them, either.”

          Oh please. Thinking “outside the box” has to be the most opposite description I can think of for brainwashed MLMers. How about you guys start thinking outside the box and start questioning where this is all going? Motivate yourself first, take pride in your work, and demand fair compensation.

          “Not everyone is comfortable outside a 9-5 paycheck job.”

          Yeah, people who have been sold the American Greed Dream. The American Dream used to be success due to hard work and an honest living. Now it's just “residual income” which means getting paid for not working. It's not MLM or ACN's fault though… it's way bigger than that. Everyone glorifies simply having money and being able to make more.

          “But don't assume that because you failed or couldn't get it to work that you have to put down others who want to try. It's just not for you. It made you uncomfortable. Work within your comfort zone and excel!”

          Fine try. And if all you care about is money, start your own MLM. You have to be at the top.

          “There's no wrong or right here. Just different approaches.”

          Actually, some ways of making money are more morally reprehensible than others. Every person you sign up is now in the hole. There is a promised product (success) and a fee ($500), and since you know that 90% of the people won't succeed, you know what you're doing. You can try to make it “their fault” or even try to make it sound like it “just wasn't a good fit” but in the end, you have to ask yourself if you can really live with this business model knowing the pain it causes a majority of the people.

        • Tyson73

          Guest57 are you on ecstasy or antidepressants?  I think you probably are and a trained/brainwashed ACN clone.  Get a life and try as hard as you can to come to reality.

      • ivan

        That's your problem… you only did it a few months. Someone may have mislead you…this is a 3-5 year business.

        • Gizmo2800

          because he's BROKE and BROKE MINDED…I am talking about who calls himself truth speaker but really prob a broke looser who drives a suped up Honda civic and thinks he's soooo coooll LOL

    • Guest57

      It's PART-TIME. If you excel, you can go further. Like any supplemental income effort. ACN and many other MLMs are constantly learning how to make it more workable for their reps. They don't like attrition. They want success stories to abound. And there are many thousands who have done well. It takes time and perseverance. You may not like their particular business model, but so what? Do your thing, and let these people try it out.
      Women are especially good at networking. Us guys kind of get run over. It's not for everyone, simple as that. If it made you uncomfortable, you are being honest about it not being right for you. Some personality types are perfect for it. And they move product – the goal of any company. And their incentive is to keep updating their products and services to keep the technological momentum working for them.
      Most MLM products are high quality, too. Some require specific instructions, that's why they can't simply be sold from Walmart's shelves. It's a huge, global legal marketing system that's been around a long time. A lot of folks are ok with it.

      • yes I agree that attrition kills any opportunity but also you have to look at the fact its not the most people don't like the business model of network marketing its that most of the time its the people who failed at it who says its a Pyramid Scheme as if anyone can name a business where there isn't a person at the top making most of the money and the people at the bottom making the least… Thats Business

      • Gizmo2800

        Finally someone educated and bright.

    • Gizmo2800

      WHAT??? $500??? really you are that broke?? invest $500!! ACN IS NOT FOR YOU,
      PEOPLE– get this straight, I am tired and I cant read this bullshit anymore….okay, all you negatives asses, ACN IS NOT FOR BROKE PEOPLE…we, or me I only have RICH reps in my team hence the 14,000 reps in 3 years……if you are broke and worry about $500 this BUSINESS IS NOT FOR YOU!!!

      come on dont prove yourself anymore dummer than you are…STOP and get it straigt….move on with your lives why are you people so miserable, if this didnt work its not for you…its not for you its not for you …GETIT??????

      • truth speaker

        Take some of the money you are stealing from people and take an english class you uneducated moron. I've seen 3rd graders with a better grasp of the english language than you. And who uses the word 'hence' as much as you? By the way, most of us do 'GET IT'. You are a stupid crook and ACN is a ridiculous scam. Now go enroll at your local community college and learn our language.

    • Video_Chat_with_Android

      Tom- You bring a lot of good points except the Motorola is coming back now:) , I would save money to buy Motorola xoom than pay 500 dollars plus extra services to ACN, plus you go do a lot of things these days with smart phone, tablets, etc…who in the world wants expensive video phone? it is so sad, my close friend keep bugging me to join, but i keep saying let me buy motorola xoom or ipad 2 🙂

  • Ted

    Wow you are and idiot. We are positioning ourselves in front of the curve. The deregulation of telecom and gas have and will, wether you or I get involved or not, shift tremendous amount of wealth into the pockets of the ACN reps. Regarding the “some wait” category, the reason people hesitate is because 1. They don't have the money (which is probably the best possible reason to start). 2. They think it's too good to be true. 3. The are, to be honest, lazy and/or scared to change their life and what their used to. Frankly, this is why the majority of people are broke. May I ask you if you're successful? Do you have all the time and financial freedom that you desire? Obviously not if you are spending you're days putting down a busines that has done nothing but set up a perfect, simple track for ordinary people to run on. If someone is not willing to roll up their sleeves and truly plug into the business, it is right for them, but if they are it will be life changing. It has changed thousands of lives. If I asked you if you would work hard for between two to six years to never work a single day the rest of your life, what would you say?

    • truth speaker

      Another dumb dumb has joined the flock. A tremendous shift of wealth from your friends and family members pockets to yours is what this scam is all about. Why don't you 'roll up your sleeves' and get a real job loser. Do they teach all you morons these great phrases at the millionaire's club meetings or at the national conference you have to pay to attend? I've personally never attended a sales conference that I had to pay for. Have you idiots ever wondered why they make you pay to attend these functions. If all they want to do is make you better at selling their bogus services don't you think they would gladly let you attend for free? Wake up morons.

      • Whudduprealitycheck

        You are my hero. Love your posts.

    • Social Worker/ Project Manager

      Yes, I can't afford to give 500$ because I have to put food on the table to feed my family, to clothe my children, to pay the bills so they have a home to live in. BUT heyyyyyy!!! this ACN deal may be the thing to give me enough a profit because Ted over here says not having the money is “The best possible reason to start”. Hey money bags, why don't you pass that money on this way, down line?

  • Daniel Peck

    wow, what a great article. I had a friend try to convince me to do this. I had just gone through a similar nightmare with “online business Systems” who sell Herbalife. MLM. Sure I liked the products but all emphasis was with recruiting. If you think about it…who is buying product..the basis of the bus if no one is selling? Only recruiting..using scripts, group calls, tons of expenses, Finally I was broke and declared bankruptcy… Run don't walk away from this. Who really would stand at a phone anyway to see the other person…just use your computer.

  • Andrew

    This sex offender sister Tracey taft is also not behind either, check her at traceytaft dot acnrep dot com

    She is very deep into several several thousands of debt,
    She is always a pure 100% parasite, expert in playing games,
    and living on charity and alms,
    that's the way her whole family grew up, on charity and WELFARE.

    Where she works at wcsqr dot com, she claims that her boss Alan and Evelyn Smith are swingers.

    Many men on her facebook are her 'friends with benefits' and then a long list, and
    whichever party she goes, she ends up in bed at their houses or hotel.

    With her screwed credit history, she managed to get into “Events and Adventures” club,
    which she claims is a hookup place. Apparently she could not trap a man
    over there, they could see through her shameless skin.

    She has no place to live on her own, live in a weird arrangement with her friend Mary Ostroot
    boyfriend Nigel Ryder. Her own family had kicked her out of their homes.

    • SocialWorker4Hire

      This is not the place to slander Tracey… it seems as if you got dumped. Get over it!

  • nopumpin or dumping

    Seriously, if you spent such little time and you are THIS salty about the company, WTF are you putting in hours a day slamming it? Doesn't make sense, you are exerting more energy bashing ACNers and the company than anything else.

    Sure the “training” is hokie, but everyone puts their personal touch to them, did you want to sit through any training that was boring? The bottom line, they want to motivate. If you didn't like the concept, don't join.

    See, the there are different people that join ACN, we're not all the same. I have over 30 years of business contacts in a very large city. My family has provided a 3 generation business, very successful but we sacrificed so much. I figured one day that I was going to ease the burden of our “time killing successful business” and luck into other projects.

    For my team and I, this is great! ACN lets me actually make money off my years of business contacts. For example, I saved a local restaurant $8k on a new phone system, they even shopped it around to a hand full of companies……couldn't touch it. They were so happy, they started sending me business.

    Yeah, selling cell phones and such will take quite a long time to make it in any MLM. You don't need years of contacts… need to use your brain! You need to posses and use your sharp skills in life, being able to speak to people, make a connection, get motivated, help those below you, read, network, etc.

    Look, I only recruited a hand full of close friends and business associates, we assembled the perfect team. If a “potential recruit” doesn't have the motivation or is spending his last dime to join, I tell them not to join.

    And as for all this crap about Cho Mos……um, has anyone ever done a back round check on Congress? Full of rapists, drunks, felon check bouncers, drug addicts, murderers ( OK, they were never convicted), child molestors, frauds, liars, cheats, etc. I know this, I live in DC.

    Lastly………..I have read quite a few posts here, mainly trying to figure out why so many people are bashing ACN. At least on THIS site, I can say that there are two types of bashers. There is the first one, rightly pissed off friend/family member who was thrown into an ACN meeting. That sucks and guess what, not everyone does that, everyone is different. Secondly, there are the truly sad people that sit on this site, cussing and calling people all sorts of nasty names simply because they hate their own lives.

    Food for thought…….I have yet to read a post by a basher that explains ACN. Yeah, they get a few catch phrases in, a 10 year old comp plan, etc. I really want to blurt so much out but, gas and electric are coming in January, I'm keeping my leads to myself!

    • TimothyBelleville

      Well put. The negative, name-calling types have clearly either failed at MLM or have never done it and have no business slamming it. Fact is, incompetent under educated people can sign up, learn and excel at this type of business, because it is a proven, legal method of multiplying your own efforts. It is similar in some ways to other industries, who all want to sell as much as possible.

      There is no perfection on earth, no industry, human or even in nature. These apparent do-nothing “discouragers” would rather attack those with dreams and the willingness to try to change their lot in life, help others do the same, and make a difference, because it makes them feel better about their own dark lives if they can tear someone else down to their level. Or something like that. They have maybe never built something from scratch, taken a chance on a new idea, hoped to contribute to someone else's success. They may fear failure and thinking outside the box. They are glass-half-empty types, I guess.

      Whatever it is, it is NOT the thinking that built this great country! We should applaud those who will strike out for that elusive pot of gold and creating something others are too timid to try. Every MLMer is a pioneer, and it can be an adventure.

      Everybody I've ever met in MLM have been fine local people, and the products were fine. I am sure some who rise to the top can be snobs. Everybody deals with success and failure differently. No need to slam the entire company or industry. Most involved are solid, salt-of-the-earth folks, just wanting a way to improve their lives – and those of their families. I 'm sure many wish they could make more. Usually, that just means work harder, smarter and longer.

      These negative types are generalizing, inflaming the discussions about something they have little or no first-hand knowledge of, and passing themselves off as know-it-all rocket scientists who have a burning desire to encourage FAILURE! Good luck with that use of your spare time.

      • truth speaker

        Wow! Do you own a stupid catch phrase thesauras? Glass half empty, salt of the earth folks, think outside of the box, work harder smarter longer, know it all rocket scientists. Or maybe you got all these great phrases from the motivational posters that are hanging in your bedroom in your parents basement. Like that cute little kitty dangling from a tree that says 'hang in there baby'. Quit defending this scam and use some of your spare time to get a life. By the way I'm not a 'do nothing discourager'. I can just recognize a scam when I see one.

    • m5

      You say you saved them 8k on a phone system??? Wow…I used to install phone systems. If you saved them 8k they must have had a quote of 16k for this system…… I know you are lying.

    • As

      What a liar 🙂 so you are a convict, felon, rapist….good for you, so anyway talks ACN is a convicted felon..

    • Fukk

      Hey assy, is why don't you invite Randy Taft to sell ACN to your sister and mother, while you have good time with his sister.

  • no

    To all that are thinking about joining ACN, you may want to read this first( I have been to a “trianing” session (joke). It's nothing but a hyped-up recruiting scam. I did a lot of reading on MLM's and pyramid schemes and ACN is a classic.You need to read this article before you think about joining. The article was “right on”.

  • Aes2402

    Wow, the author that wrote this, sure has a lot of time on his hands to sit there a bash ACN but im sure is not financially free him or herself and is just mad becuase they didnt have the drive to pursue this company. This company was researched for years by Donald Trump who spend millions to decide if he was willing to put his name on it and endorse this blessed company. Im sorry, but not a lot of business's can say they are endorsed and not owned by Trump. Regardless if you like or do not like Trump, we can all agree he knows a good opportunity when he sees it. Most people that are so negative about ACN, go in thinking they were going to make a lot of money right away without doing any work. Thats never the case, and you know what my family owned a business for 7 years and we invested $80,000 just to open the franchise and for 5 years we just broke even. So we saw this and all we had to invest was $500 and we could be a franchise owner of Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Dish Network, Direct Tv, DSL, ADT, Clear WiMax, and coming in 2011 gas and electric. Thats amazing and you can do it all in your own spare time while you keep your full time job. No one is asking you to quit your job, this is a legit second sourse of income thats a plan B that can one day turn into a plan A for you if you work it hard enough. Ive only been in it for 3 months and yes mr. author. I made my money back in about um 6 days, so you have no clue what your talking about. I think its funny how broke people are always trying to tell you how to make money, why would u listen to your broke friend how to make money, i dont know about you but i want to learn from the milionairs that are my age in this business. And yes im young, im only 24 and i work with millionairs that are my age doing this business. I dont see why you wouldnt set yourself up to finally get paid back on the bills you pay every month anyway. But Author your right, this business isnt for everyone, its only for people that are drivin and ready to put time and hard work in. If your not it, than your prolly one of the other broke people bashing ACN on this website. Ive met the cofounders of this company and they are 4 young amazing men, that care more about their reps and changing peoples lives than selling it and being selfish. I love how the people who write things on the web are the ones that always have something to complain about, no one usually get on to write about something good.
    Well, if you dont have a job already than its probably becuase your lazy, so you wont probably suceed in this business anyway so just dont try. If your drivin, then you are who we are looking for. The work JOB simply means Just Over Broke. So if thats where u want to stay in your life that have at it. Personally if you work for corporate America than you are already in a pyramid scam, meaning you work for someone else at the top making them rich so they never have to work, and you will NEVER get to the top. This business, you decide how far you get, no one else decides your destiny, because its what you put into it.

    Thanks for your time in reading this
    Take Care

    • truth speaker

      Is spell check broke on your pc?

      • Jan F

        i think you mean “is spell check broken”………..

  • KP

    My husband and I have sat through two of these presentations over the last year. I can see how they could hook people into believing that this the money making opportunity of a lifetime. But since my husband and I are such skeptical people we were able to see past all the hype.
    When my question is never directly answered, it always makes me wonder, what are you trying to hide? When I asked one of the presenters about the “residual income” and having to pay self-employment tax, he wasn't sure what I was talking about. HELLO….if you are “running a business” you should know what self employment tax is, cause just about everybody has to pay it.
    When they say that all of your services that you run through ACN becomes a business expense, that is not the case. How are you going to justify to the IRS your satellite bill, or your landline.
    If it is to good to be true, than it probably is.

    • NotFooled


      The reason the “Presenter” had no idea about paying self employment tax was because he or she has never made enough money at ACN to pay it. Say this clown made 800.00 dollars one year with ACN, but the expenses were 700.00 dollars. They would not have to pay the tax. Anyone making 600.00 or under (net) does not have to pay the tax. I would be willing to bet this presenter has never made enough for it to even be discussed (how to avoid the tax) with the tax preparer. If it had, the presenter would have known what you were talking about.

      These people are amazing. I am willing to bet these scam artists tried to convince you how successful they are, when the truth is they just fell off the turnip truck.

      You call yourself skeptical? I'd say just smart.

  • Guest57

    To Truth Speaker
    Wow, If only we all could be a wonderful, sensitive, caring, experienced know it all like you!
    My simple illustrative language is there so folks easily get the gist of my comments. Now you are a writing and grammar expert? You are obviously a motivational American. Who wants to listen to such a bitter angry jerk as you? Oh, I forgot, WE'RE all morons – not you.
    More millions have been made in MLM by ordinary people than in any other industry. It's global, working and will not go away. Some will mess it up, some will take it all the way. You don't like it – we get that!! Shut up already!!
    It is a perfectly LEGAL business model. There is no perfect one, but this works for many, just like franchising works for some, being a union member for others, or a cubicle staffer. It just depends on the person. Lighten up, back off, get a productive hobby.
    BTW: I'm in my mid fifties, have owned my own successful business for over 35 yrs., married, raised kids, helped others, paid taxes, and since you don't know me (or anyone else you attack), how about dropping the ridiculous derogatory assumptions about people? Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself. Like that?
    Are you bitter because you got burned? Hey, buddy, everybody gets burned now and then. learn from it and move on. You have to “get back in the saddle and give it another go”. How'd you like that one?
    What a downer you are. Why don't YOU get a life and leave all these people alone? Anonymous blogging and attacking is childishly pathetic – and not good for your blood pressure. It's none of your business what they do and you MUST have something better to do? (I have a few suggestions…)

    • truth speaker

      I have a productive hobby. Bashing idiots like you who have bought into this whole scam and 'defend it to the bitter end'. You can add that one to your stupid catch phrases. If you are so successful with your own business why are you scamming your friends and family members out of their hard earned money? Everybody on this site who defends ACN are nothing more than a bunch of clones who have heard these stupid motivational phrases at those stupid millionaire meetings a hundred times over. By the way, I never called everyone a moron. Only a select few have earned that distinction and you just made it to the top of my list (Tom Mack you are off the hook now that this guy showed up). Check my post where I commended a woman who is giving ACN a legitimate chance and is not buying into the pyramid scheme aspect of the business. She honestly wants to go out and try and sell as many accounts as she can. I wished her luck and I would hire someone with her honesty and desire to sell for my company. But you on the other hand….
      Oh and by the way I am a writing and grammar expert. I have a masters degree in journalism and if I would have handed in a writing project with all of your little catch phrases written in your 'simple illustrative language' my professors would have
      laughed my ass right off campus. This website was intended to make people aware of the scam that ACN is so I have every right to bash anyone on here that is trying to defend the scam. Maybe I should get back in the saddle now and sell some more software. And yes I am childishly pathetic with good blood pressure, and it is my business to help inform people about this scam you are involved in. Oh and I do have something better to do but I just enjoy how sensitive you stupid clones are when someone calls out your little ponzi scheme. Quick, get you catch phrase book out and send me some more motivational phrases.

    • Social Worker/ Project Manager

      Just because something is Legal, doesn't make it right.

      It's “legal” to do a lot of things if you dig deep and look into it. There are loop holes everywhere, that's why this ACN corporation is “legal”.

      I think people should blog and express their oppinions. At the end of the day it's healthy to express emotions. and it's GOOD to WARN people of these types of scams.

  • GRoze

    So what your saying is Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, & Warren Buffet are wrong? They are all supporters of MLM's. By chance are you a multi-millionaire? Personally, I'd like to take the advice of someone is knows how to money. I've heard this to be a 3-5 year business. Most ppl who do this will not give it this amount of time. Statistically if I stay in a business like this for 10 years, I have a 90% chance of becoming a millionaire. I'll take those odds anyday being that nothing I'm doing right now can make me a millionaire.

    • truth speaker

      Maybe if you get that promotion at Wal-Mart you have been hoping for and you invest your money wisely you can do it. By the way, what does 'someone is knows how to money' mean? Please explain. Obviously being in ACN does not require a real grasp of the english language. Quit defending this scam idiots.

    • Social Worker/ Project Manager

      LOL! Or go bankrupt, Pursuit to Happiness. Sunk his money into some life changing machine, then couldn't sell them.

      I'd rather work at Wal-Mart, get my raises, discounts in store, and SAVE money like a wise person would fo. A penny saved, is a penny gained.

    • Derek

      You are 100% right Groze!!!

      • Guest

        You two are both missing a massive fact of this business. So say you go ahead and put in your 3-5 years and make a bunch of cash. I'm sure you've seen enough stats to show you that the vast majority of people do not stay in the business that long and do not ever make their initial investment back – you can say it's cuz they gave up, im 90% sure that is why most people dont make it in the business. But lets look at the success stories, the guys who stuck it out, recruited a pile of failures and a few good successes and finally made the money. Inevitable you will find that there is a mountain of people who lost money underneath them. I would absolutely go as far as to say that no great success in ACN has done it without leaving a great many recruits screwed over (i realize based on the comp plan it is theoretically possible to achieve success without leaving people in the negative, but in practice it doesn't occur – remember, its a numbers game and the only way to win is to play along, everyone knows most of their reps will fail and they need to be prepared to move on)

        Doesn't it make you feel guilty to know that you really can't do well without making other people do badly? of course you can tell yourself that if those people worked harder and stuck it out longer, they wouldn't get screwed, but they would have just screwed other people… How do you plan to explain this fact of the business? (please explain the fact, don't give any bs examples on how everyone in your team is profitable because that is horse shit..) or you could just tell everyone that you are ok with screwing over most of the people.. i guess that is a reasonable explanation too

        • truth speaker

          Wow! This is an awesome post. Well stated Guest. Derek please do respond to these questions. I can't wait to here the line of BS you are going to throw our way. You better consult with one of your uplines or whatever they call themselves. They can certainly help you craft a response with some more of your ACN catch phrases and MLM rhetoric. Good luck sleeping tonight. Just lay there and think of how many people you screwed to get to the top as you put it in an earlier post. Ahole.

  • Chuck Brooks

    In this article it stated “This article has nothing but good things to say about ACN.

    “They provide great services at a great price”

    This is what I want when I get involved in a business isn't it???

  • Social Worker/ Project Manager

    Okay, So I never worked for ACN before. But when I was 18, just turned 18, I got a job for “Red Cross”. Which much like acn was begging people to join as a representative or getting donations.
    I got my a double s out of there after my first day on the job. Because I realized, that those people donating money, were actually giving me half or maximum 20$ of their donation. And here I am telling them “all proceeds go to Red Cross”. And the same went for recruiting members, their donations would pay the recruiters salary, if they made any, and of course whatever membership fees were involved.

    Now with respects to ACN. I have a friend who wants to sit down with me and discuss “the business plans” for the company. Telling me “My Father and I started up a Telecom company”. Since he said that, I figured it was legit, until I advised our mutual friend of my great interview, and he directed me here.

    These companies prey on unsuspecting individuals. They turn people against their friends. There is no way in hell you are going to succeed. Whomever you are convincing to join will end eventually. Word goes around. Eventually you will exhaust your lists of friends. 2,500 a month in clean cash may sound great, but you're not promised in any sort way to receive this loot. I on the other hand, going to work everyday am promised that pay check every month, plus other incentives, should I do a “great” job.

    I think this article fully sums up what this corporation is. I never want to meet anyone of these upliners, as I have a mouthful to shoot their way. Yes, it may not be illegal, as aren't many things that are wrong and cruel in our societies and world. But it does not make it right! There is legality and law, then there is morals.

    Sinking 500$ as a membership fee is ridiculous! If you are trying to make money, why would you blow up 500$ so easily? 500$ can feed a family for how long? Put it in a savings bond, earn some interest! Heck if you want to throw money away, donate it to the starving children in the world.

    You're better off starting a company in Avon! Even there you'll make more money!!! ahaha! Or try Tupperware! lol! Even that is better, because woman STILL shop there. =/

    ACN, you are pathetic, and may God be you're judge.

  • Patrq222

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I just came from one of their meeting, i'll not sign up.Never, ever!

  • what is a company like this!

    I have a friend that has become rich from acn. (I should say the company it was before Donnald Trump bought it) Yes he is rich, Has a great life. Lives in a small town, sells it to everyone. No one is getting rich from this! He keeps selling it though.So please tell me why I should do this? Mr. Trump, I would love for you to tell me!

  • Derek tessitore

    ACN has improved my life in so many ways i have hundreds of good people on my team and more than 10% of them make money each and ever month with ACN some make thousands per month I have a 19 year old name John that paid for his full 2011 college tuition with the money he made from ACN
    I also have 20 year old named Angel that walked away from his full time factory job becouse
    he now makes way more money in ACN than he did workng full time. I also have 2 different people on my team that saved there houses from foreclsure thanks to ACN
    Also ACN is going to be on Donald Trumps & NBC Celebrity Apprentice March 2011 for a full 2 hours with 30 million + veiwers 2011 is going to be there biggest year to date and they are a 18 year old company another Big thing that is happening in 2011 is they are launching ENERGY GAS AND ELECTRIC for home and biz this is Huge Big Big bills. The Key to make it in any MLM is to follow there step by step system and never quit and stay away from negitive minded people!!

    See You at the TOP!!!!!
    find me on Facebook

    • truth speaker

      Why do you have to lie to these people? You use the typical ACN rhetoric that the rest of the clones use. Why don't you just admit it's nothing more than a pyramid scheme? And of course it's going to be on Celebrity Apprentice because Donald Trump traded his dignity for some cash by putting his name on this scam. And quit whining about the negative people on here. This site is designed to warn innocent people of your stuped little scam. Go find a site defending ACN and post your BS there. Why don't you tell us how many friends and family members who have disassociated themselves from you because you stole their $499? Loser.

      • Gizmo2800

        why do you lie to people is my question??? Are you on Zanax?? You are the sicckest person here

        • Gizmo2800

          no one gets a penny out of $499, LOL
          WOW, did you finish high school? what was your last grade, you are like ridiculously uneducated my friend, I just came back from a humatarian trip from Africa, your situation worries me. You are in a much worse place than those kids I just worked with 🙁

          • truth speaker

            Where are you Gizmo??? I'm running out of people to make fun of. Hopefully you took my advice and are taking that english class. Good for you. Study hard and come back and impress us with your new grasp of a language you obviously don't currently understand.

  • Frankencoop

    Well I only have one question then. Why would Donald L. Trump personally endorse the company?

    • Ex-rep

      hahaha, I think you might be kidding, but just in case.. Obviously he did it for the cash ACN offered him, why else would someone do it? You think he just stumbled upon it, tried to buy it (another bs story some reps push) and then settled for just making a couple commercials? haha the dude knows how to make money, that's all he's doing here. By the time I left ACN even some of the higher up, longer term reps were starting to admit that pushing the donald trump story really wasn't a good way to get people on board. Seems to have worked on you though..

  • Gizmo2800

    You the biggest loser I came accross the internet so far! GET A LIFE and stop being broke and putting shit in people's head. In 3 years of my ACN career, I had enough loser like you…and 3 years and 14,000 reps later, I know better not to spend my time on BS like this, but seriously I still today can't beleive how many pathetic worthless people like you are out there…I hope you are a millionaire, or billionaire or gazillionaire by now doing whatever you do….NOT! LMFAO

  • Sally

    First of all, this is business. If you open up a restaurant, it will cost you to pay rent and your materials. and thats where the 499 is from. and FYI! ACN is gonna be on NBC CELEBRITY APPRENTICE ON MARCH 27,2011! 🙂

    • truth speaker

      Woo Hoo!!!!! Celebrity Apprentice. I wonder how they are going to put a spin on this scam??? I'm amazed they even mention the name ACN. When I got suckered into going to one of the 'presentations' my friend said he could not even tell me the name of the company prior to attending the meeting. I wonder why it's such a big secret??? All they could tell me it was for this exciting new technology. Really? A stupid video phone. Big deal. And just like every other ACN clone on here your english is horrible. Spend some of your cash on an english class.

  • New Updates!

    Some interesting NEW ARGUMENTS added to the article above in the section: The Saddest Part of the ACN Scam

  • Richie

    I love the odds, so many non believers and quitters out there. God Bless all of you! It is a wide open highway up here, making so much money and saving all of my customers so much money. ACN is the greatest deal out there. To all of you out there that have fear and read about the ignorant skeptics out there…..just to get to success, you have to go through the garbage (listening to all of these blogs) We have to love the ignorant and cruel non believers, without them we would not have the people to wash our cars, repair our roads, prepare our taxes, represent us in court, sell us homes…etc…etc..etc.
    YES, it is very very very very hard work!!! 2 years working ACN hard, but now the residual income coming in is the sweetest rewards one can ever imagine.
    Remember, success comes at a cost, be prepared do do what the average person would not do and be strong, persistent and go after your dreams and goals with passion. The average person will believe these negative bloggers.
    You WILL find success in ACN, just don’t quit, ever. Also, once you buy into the opinions of others, you buy into their lifestyles.
    I choose to buy into the opinions of Donald Trump and Robert Robert kiyosaki and NBC. We will again be featured on NBC this March 27th.
    Put this in perspective, if all of these ignorant people were right……do you think we should let NBC and Donald Trump in on this scam……really??
    Be strong ACN reps and prospects!!! ACN works, I promise you that!!!

    • truth speaker

      More MLM/ACN bullshit rhetoric. The way you speak about ACN makes me think this is almost cult like. Do they brainwash you morons at these millionaire's club meetings where guests are free and reps have to pay $10. Did you pay your $150 for the big national convention yet? What business on earth charges their reps to go to sales seminars???? Legitimate companies want their sales people to learn and prosper at the cost of the company. They don't need to scam money out of their own employees pockets. Quit defending this ridiculous scam and quit using Donal Trump as your spokesmodel. He's nothing more than white collar crimminal who simply put his name on this joke for a couple of bucks.

  • Skippy

    Hello All,
    I know one of the top representatives of ACN Franco Lofranco.
    Franco approached me for the ACN opportunity some years ago, about 6.
    At that time he and I sat in a restaurant and discussed the opportunity and the amount it cost to invest in this business ($499). I declined, given at that time, I didn't have $499 to invest.
    Last year, 2010 I met up with Franco and have seen his amazing financial results, he earns 6 figures a month and is looking at purchasing a corporate jet.
    Now, I bought into the ACN business a few years after Franco and I talked, and I don't make any money 3 years later…yes, 0 and I am not angry about that in anyway. Regardless of the ACN training, I am clear that my success at everything I do comes from me taking it on with everything I've got. My heart isn't in selling phone service and Franco's is, that's why he makes 6 figures a month.
    I am still friends with him and the people that introduced me to ACN, even though I spent 499 and made nothing.
    Is it a scam? – I don't know
    Does it take being in action and giving it all I've got to be successful? – yes
    Can I repair damaged relationships if my ACN friends fail? – yes
    The bottom line, try many things, invest in many things, have some of them fail and have some of them be successful but don't spend your time being angry with others about your level of success, that's like eating the poison and then hoping the rat dies.
    Give it all you've got in all of your ventures!

    • Builds4kids

      I met Franco as well. Well dressed, well spoken, and seamingly a nice gentleman. The problem I found with Franco was that he has been brainwashed into thinking that what he is doing helps people. Arrogance just spewed form him in every way. Sure its nice to have money and nice things. Sure , its great to take someone out of poverty and make them financially secure, if its the right way. What is the right way? If what you're doing is right with ACN , why do you have to learn a script that is misleading from the beginning? Why do you have to lure people in to something vaguely? Why can't you just tell the truth from the beginning? Because, the process is a lie. The services are a lie, the support is a lie. The telling your downline that the $500 goes to supporting you in your endeavor. The majority of the money goes to bonuses they send back down called customer acquisition bonuses called CABS. The percentages are divide up and then trickle down. It is a legal pyramid scheme, but it will never be moral. I don't hate Franco for who he is and what he does. I don't like him as a person, because he is coachable, trainable, and a sell out to mankind.

      • truth speaker

        Love this post!!!!! One of the most well thought out and well spoken blogs on here. This whole scam is nothing more than a pack of lies. And this whole Celebrity Apprentice b-s is nothing more than Donald Trump selling his soul for some more money. My best friend just called me and said he is invited to a 'presentation' this week by this fraud John Melton who will look you straight in the eye and lie to your face and then harass you and claim you are ignorant for not wanting to become a millionaire. John Melton I may come to this presentation, with all of your phoney plants (Tim Straub) who all claim to be making thousands of dollars a week, and kick your scrawny little ass. You are a crook and all the people you are frauding out of their money all hate you. Your are a loser and you will eventually end up in jail with Bernie Madoff or at least end up in hell for stealing all of these peoples dreams you fake asshole. See you Thursday. You won't know who I am but you should be very nervous you fake asshole.

  • Knightseternal37

    ACN is just like any investment in having an opportunity to make extra income for your home. I find the statements in this article very conflicting… You stated ” instead of investing 500 dollars into a potential tax break, you could do so in something that is 1/10 less than 500 dollars? Is this writer serious???!!! The American way is to get married have kids and send them to college that will run you 30,000 a year in hopes of them starting a business, getting a job, etc. Now a days people with Masters degrees with loans of 250,000 dollars and excess cant find employment that will payoff their initial investments! People just think they could write anything about a company! Your probably a bitter person who was approached by a family member or friend encouraging you to join the ACN family, bashed them and then watched them reached levels you did not know could be possible; and now your pissed! Well… Good luck to you I hope article writing pays your bills!

  • Builds4kids

    I recently signed on to ACN. Man, I'm out $500. Why? I work with Contractors who throw me a lot of work. They called me up and asked if I looked of other ways of making money in addition to what I always do. Of course, I said yes. New technology. Yeah, I'm an idiot I suppose. I went and saw and joined. I joined to keep food on the table. I'm not even qualified yet. What is qualifying? I have to have 5 POINTS to qualify. That means I have to sign up for 3 services (preferred services) before I can start signing other people up for services, and make any money. See, if you give them $500 you get a license. O.K., now I'm in business, but if I'm not qualified I can't make money. I have to sign up for services I don't need , like direct tv or dish, or adt, or computer support , or local and long distance. Each service counts as so many points. If I'm not qualified, whoever I sign up as a customer or rep, whatever monies come in goes to the people above me. I won't host a single PBR because the people above me will get their money and I won't get squat. I'll get an attaboy and some bs conversation. I knew this was a scam from the beginning and I'm sorry I had to pay money to keep my jobs going. I thought the people I worked for were my friends and smarter than me. I was wrong. They got sucked in probably for the same reason, they needed to keep their relationships going and couldn't say no. I hope ACN burns in hell. I could've done alot of things with that $500 plus the $149 it cost to enter their NC conference . What a load of crap the conference was. I watched a bunch of people I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire get treated like celebrities cause they've ripped off hundreds of people.
    What gets me the most is all the hitches that come with their services. They make it impossible to sell the service. They tell you we do internet, wireless, home security, computer services, wifi, you name it. They don't have cell phones (yet). They only have wifi in certain cities. They don't do internet in most places. ADT is the same deal from ADT. To use the video phone you have to use their local and long distance plan. Get this, if you don't already have a local and long distance carrier you can't sign up for their plan. Its all a bunch of hype folks. They can wipe their slimy arses with my $500. I didn't sign up to rip people off , and I won't compromise my integrity for anyone, no matter how much money you have. I know one thing for certain, you can't buy your way into Heaven. I could make a fortune if the things they say are true. They are lying in a legal way. Its the same to me. I met over a hundred empty people at the conference. You can polish a turd all you want, but it still stinks. I almost purchased phones for a number of family members before I saw the requirements for the Local and long distance plan. Everyone I know , regardless of income, uses cellphones, unless they have a fax line in their home. The slimiest part is that you don't find out all the hitches until you are signed up and they have your $500. I'm going to see If I can cancel the initiation fee and the business assistant @$30.00 a month before I post back. I'll let you know how that goes. My wife is sick, I'm sick and these people belong in prison. I could've fed a lot of starving kids with that money, and come out better. Please, if you're thinking of joining this racket, don't. I know the company inside now , and it is filthy. I'm not edifying a single friggin person on earth that doesn't deserve it, and you know what? If a person is worth edifying, they don't need it, that person is already shining and edifying God. They should call it Defying. Thats really what they are doing, lying about each towards a common goal, getting another sucker.

    • truth speaker

      Nice job my friend. Everything you stated is true. This is a scam. The guys perpetrating this scam should end up in jail just like Bernie Madoff. You will lose your money and your dignity if you fall for this. You will be hated by your friends and family members. You won't make a penny and you will end up lonely and hated. Builds4kids, you have ten days to get your money back by contract. I hear it is a pain staking process but please do not let these crooks steal your hard earned money. Please keep all of us informed on the progress of your refund. Thanks for exposing this fraud. Oh, and F you John Melton and Donald Trump. Like I said in a previous post, if I accidently end up in hell I will definitely see you both there. See you Thursday John.

      • Joanw_123

        Donald Trump only gets involved in things where he can line his own pockets and then run. He's constantly starting up mlm, putting himself at the top and then exiting when they crash and burn. He's been bankrupt countless times. He's a liar and only out for himself. He doesn't care how many he hurts.

        • Mishie

          Please if you have to time to be on the computer do you research. Donald Trump obviously did his reseach and that why he is making money. Dont be a hater because you dont have the time to work hard to make real money.

          • truth speaker

            Mishie. Shut up. Learn proper grammar. And go away from this site. This site is about warning people of the ACN scam. None of us are here to defend Donald Trump. It's unethical he would even put his name on this scam.

          • GiveMeABreak

            Truth Speaker….You coward! I have been reading through a lot of these posts and I must say that you seem to be the biggest liar out of anyone. Is ACN a scam, it really doesn’t matter, all though I believe they are not based on my research. What is more concerning to me is you say that you do work for schools to keep predators away from children (some security software I believe is what you said you do).
            If you really did this type of work to keep predators away from children (and I highly doubt that you do) then you would know that one of the first things you don’t do is expose people’s names and locations, regardless of your feelings for them, not to mention the fact that it’s slander.
            You arrogant person! You post people’s names like it’s nothing, don’t post your own name or location, make threats and rude comments about people and their wives and then won’t even take responsibility for any of your actions.
            It’s easy to sit back in your little world and say bad things but don’t mention people’s names, that’s just idiotic!
            And on a side note, did you ever go to that meeting where you said you were going to kick some guy’s ass? Bet you didn’t show and if you did I bet you got your own butt kicked!

          • truth speaker

            Ok genius let's take a peek at the true definition of slander. The oral utterance or spreading of falsehoods harmful to another's reputation. Libel is written; slander is spoken. What I'm doing would lean towards libel. But, I am not spreading lies. When somone makes a public statement in front of 20 people like, 'I have 16,000 people beneath me and I have only ever sold 40 accounts. Shucks, I don't even know how the video phone works. Sure some may call this a pyramid scheme, but when my phone rings it says cha-ching not ring ring.' Oh I added in the 'shucks' part to try and make this as humorous as your post. That, my friend, is not libel. When the world news broke the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme story did they state, 'The largest ponzi scheme ever perpetrated was masterminded by a guy we think may be called Bernie Madoff.' No sir, they stated, 'Bernie Madoff was taken into custody today for being the mastermind of the biggest ponzi scheme ever perpetrated in this country.' Do you see the difference???? Bernie Madoff was the perpetrator of the biggest ponzi scheme ever. Did it harm his reputation? You're damn right it did. Is Bernie Madoff suing ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, or CNN for slander. No he is not because it is a true statement. And you are right, I did not go to the meeting and kick anyone's ass. That would be illegal. Get your facts straight before you post anymore nonsense. Oh, and your statement, 'I highly doubt you do' was well written. That would never be construed as libel because you used the word doubt. Well done.

          • GiveMeABreak

            Ok genius, how do you figure this guy is a crook. You have mentioned nothing about how this is true. So what if the guy has 16,000 people beneath him and only sold 40 accounts. Why is that a problem? Is there something in the rules of Multilevel Marketing that says you can't do it this way? How does that make him a crook? What has he done wrong?

            You mention that he had plants at this one meeting you went to, I assume you know this gentleman that you say was a “plant”. How else would you know if he doesn't make thousands of dollars a week, like you say he doesn't?

            People like you make me laugh. You assume stuff but never back it up with facts. You must not be happy with the success in your life so you have to lash out at other people who “might” be doing well. Where are your facts? I’ve read your posts and I see no facts, just assumptions and a bunch of BS coming from you. Just because this company is an MLM doesn’t make it bad, it’s just a business like any other business. From what I read it seems like all they do is sell services that you might use every day, like a cell phone, satellite TV and stuff like that. Gee, that just seems like it is a good thing to do, no pills to sell, just get paid on stuff I already use. Doesn’t seem to harmful to me. Even if I would sign up for $500 bucks, so what, it still doesn’t make it a guarantee that I’m going to get rich. There isn’t anything that guarantee’s you that, monetarily speaking!
            I also read that this company gives money to the Ronald McDonald charity, like millions of dollars. I guess that must be a lie to in your little world. Seems to me that would be a good thing, but I don’t see you mention that at all, guess you were never coddled as a child and need this type of forum to make up for it. So sad.

            Oh and you say you didn't go to the other meeting, guess you are just one of those hot airs types, figures!

          • clayfish

            This company hides behind the clever facade of being a telecommunications company. They don't really care if you ever sell a contract. All they care about is recruiting. That seems a bit criminal to me. And as I stated in a previous post the services they do sell have non-existent customer service and the contract starts out low and then gradually goes up over the course of the contract. That seems a bit criminal as well. If you are dumb enough to sign up with ACN good for you. Don't come on here blasting me with accusations and questioning what I do or think. This site is dedicated to warning people about the questionable business practices of ACN. And I do know the gentlemen, if that is what you want to call him, who was the plant in the audience and he must be as dumb as you for thinking he could fool us out of our hard earned cash. Please rush out and sign up for ACN and tell us in 6 months how it's going for you. I guarantee we won't hear from you again and you will be $499 poorer.

          • Wise1

            How can you say that ACN doesn't care if you ever sell a contract?  Completely untrue statement.  In order to become qualified and make ANY money through the company, you need to gain at least 5 points, which is the equivalent of about 3-5 services.  Might want to educate yourself before you start spouting off complete garbage statements.

          • truth speaker

            You get 5 points for just signing yourself up.  It's been stated on here many times.  Wow!!!  Sounds so challenging to sell yourself.  You probably get a promotion for that as well.  Get off this site and get back to working on another online degree.

          • Droper

            No, you do not get 5 points for signing yourself up.  You get points by obtaining customers.  If you happen to be able to become your own customer, you can do this yourself.  Not everyone has the capability of becoming their own customer, so they need to get other customers in order to become qualified.

          • truth speaker

            So the answer is obviously yes you can get 5 points for signing yourself up as your own customer.

          • Gemini Dogg

            and what’s wrong with signing yourself as your own customer Truth Speaker?  If you wanted to be successful in any business MLM or traditional, you had to be product of the product. Apparently no one ever told you that.

          • Wat U Talkin Bout Willis

            Do you work for ACN?

          • truth speaker

            I'm sure he is an ACN newbie.  He spews the same scripted lies the ACN reps teach at the presentations.  Notice he is afraid to post on here lately because he got his ass handed to him.  Where are you GiveMeABreak???  Stealing from your friends and family members probably.

          • Spanky2007

            As a neutral party, the Truth Speaker won that debate.

          • Julia

            I also think there is the reason in Truth Speaker posts. I am also a neutral party. I wanted to understand if I have to join my friends… And now I am thinking how to help them at all, but I don't want this extra job for myself, and what I found out here, wasn't presented me by my friends… So, they actually should hide some sides of the business to make their friends join them… But it is good, they received their money back and even more… through bonuses. Probably they have necessary attitude for this kind of work…

          • i like everything truth speaker had to say. i say you should quit wasting your time with acn. accept your losses and move on

          • Tyson73

            Hey GiveMeABreak you need to go away from this site.  I would just love to meet up with you in real life and ram my fist through your skull.  This site is here to warn people of being scammed and posting peoples names on here is perfectly legal and legit.  I actually hope bad things happen to the idiots who are perpetrating this scam.  For you to come on here with this post is just plain ignorance.

          • mike ward

            Hey TruthSpeaker, …how many identities do you have?  (LOL) 
            Why should the ACN defenders “go away from this site” (one of your unique iterations to drive them off) and not state their side of the issue?  You should remember that by doing so it bares people's true motivations in a way that  we wont ever see under normal circumstances.  Let them bare it so the public can see it. 

            I cant spend alot of time here and am so far dissapointed that nobody has commented on why so very little is said about the friggin products ACN is selling?    My cousin was very keen for me to get back to him when he was trying to sign me up as a rep, but i declined because the two videos he recommended said absolutely nothing about their products we would be selling.  I told him that was of paramount importance but he disagreed and felt the profit motive was the only thing worth considering.  I suspect i will be helping him with some kind of purchase in the future, like i've done before with the other MLM ventures he gets suckered into.  I dont have the heart to challenge his claims of success, as he does just before leaving that business for something new.

            I mean, wouldn't it be alot esasier to sign people up for selling something when they know exactly what the numbers are and have the clearest idea of what the challenge is?  Geez,  after i told my cuz i wasn't interested in being a rep, he hasn't bothered to get back with me about any potential savings he can offer me with my internet or other services.  Can someone explain why ACN couldn't just list that on their website and allow the general public to shop for communications products there, without going through a rep?  What am i missing?

          • truth speaker

            Another good post!!!  I only have one identity Mike.  It's Truth Speaker and I chose that name because I knew it would infuriate the ACN clones on here.  Brotherofdeath is a different person than me and I love that guy.  He's way more angry about this scam than I am.  I believe he's lost some close personal friends because of ACN and he is very bitter and honest.  Sometimes his name does show up as Tyson.  I'm not sure why that happens? And I was very interested in the statement you made about supporting your cousin who continually gets suckered into MLM scams.  My friend who tried to recruit me was involved with many MLM's in the past.  Primerica, Shaklee, Ignite Energy, some other nutrition supplement product I can't even remember the name.  And I always supported him by buying some vitamins or some protein shakes.  But what I find very interesting is the same people get targeted by the MLM's over and over again.  That certainly says something about them.  I'm not sure what that is at this moment.  Maybe they are the eternal optimists among us.  And again, you won't find any ACN supporters on here that can show you any true savings.  It's all a pack of lies.  And believe me I don't want the ACN clones to leave this site.  Every time they post it makes their scam even more apparent.  Take care and good luck with your quest for the facts.  I was going to say truth there but that may have come off a bit cheesy.  Later.

          • get-reel

            Mishie, you need to get your head examined! Donald Trump saw a way to steal money and get paid by the ACN thieves to advertise the snake oil they call ACN. If you tried to shake Donald Trumps hand he would tell you to go to hell. Your comment has nothing to do with being a hater, he uses people with low intelligents like you as a stepping stone to more money for? you guessed it him. To tell you the truth i am in the sales business and I wish i had more customers like you that will follow me off a cliff.

          • he's making money because acn “ceo's” are obviously paying him to endorse. moron

    • Patrick91411

      Hey dumb ass, You don't have to sign up for services before you can sign up others. You just have to sell services enough to make 5 points to get qualified. Know your facts before posting!

      • Mariodelgrosso

        and good luck trying to hang on to your 5 pts. as the service is non existant. by the way they have uped the pts. you need.hope you got smart patrick91411 and left them.

        • Patrick91411

          Your saying that Verizon, Dish, Sprint, Direct TV, ADT, ect.. is non existant? What grounds are you speaking on? 5 points I did my first day.

          • dengxiaoping99

            Good job with that.

          • Baerjr

            me too

          • truth speaker

            Everyone gets five points their first week you idiots because the first thing ACN makes you do is sign up yourself. Big deal. You sold yourself and got instantly promoted to the next level. Wow!!! Such a feel good scenario and a very integral part of 'following the system' . You should be so proud of yourselves. You have already been promoted and you have not sold anyone other than yourself. Well done gentlemen!!!! It certainly appears you have a bright future in sales. Who's your next 5 points coming from? Your parents, your sister, your gullible senior ciitzen neighbor? Follow the system. Become coachable. Focus on an idea and zoom. Excel and prosper. Give it a rest ACN clones and give up on all your cheesy little feel good catch phrases. So much BS coming from so many dummies. Quit defending ACN on this site. It was written to warn people about the unethical business practices of this scam. Go find a site that promotes ACN and post you MLM rhetoric there. Oh wait, there is no site like that. Ok, keep posting on here so we can keep ridiculing you morons. Where are you Gizmo? I miss you.

      • truth speaker

        Typical ACN defender response. Lashing out, name calling, hatred of anyone who has not been tricked into falling for this scam. Almost everything but the racial slurs. His grammar is suprisingly good. Are you sure you are really an ACN rep? Why don't you tell us how much money you have made with ACN Patrick. My prediction is we will never hear from Patrick again.

        • Mishie

          If you would like to know how much I make from ACN? First answer me this what do you do for a living and tell how much you make? Then I will be happy to answer your question. By the way did your parents ever teach u it is rude to ask someone how much they make and that is their personal information. Ask you boss or ask anyone you dont know how they make and let me know how they responded to you. People have their own opnions and thats great but dont be a hayer because it did work for you. Maybe your married or have a partner and it doesnt work out. Do you put the person through the mud because it didnt work out or do you move on? In a relationship they are always two sides and difference of opnions. At the end of the day its called being honest with yourself and realize that both are responsible for the outcome that relationship. You move on and realize that person wasnt for you but that person is for someone else. Just like this business it may not be for you but it may be for someone else. Failure can either make you better or allow you to fall in the blame everyone else trap. P.S. Through just my businesses, home and parents I stated off my first week with 21pts. If you like to know how I will be more then will to tell you.

          • I'm a student and I make $0. There now how much do u make??

          • Rashpunjob

            you're a cheap indian f'agg'ot, that's what you are, like all indians (hindus)

          • NotFooled

            And you're a loser. You came to this site, read the posts, and this is your most intelligent reply?
            Crawl back under your rock and stay there. Even the ACN clones are smarter than you.

          • Rashpunjob

            NotFooled you're a hindu fa'gg too, it's clear you have bown your cover, an ACN perv

          • Rashpunjob is gay

            Racism? Really? Go play in traffic.

          • mooshie

            you're a dumb bitch in denial. you fell for a scam, now suck it up and face the truth hoe.

          • get-reel

            Mishie, if I was a betting man I would say that you have been taken, have lost money and not made any money. If the bottom was to come out from under this circus (ACN) you would be left with nothing including no friends or family because you screwed them. You keep lying to everyone that you make a ton of money in order to get people to join but behind your back they are all laughing at you and your inside voice keeps saying “you just wait I will be rich one day and then they will see who's laughing”. The sad thing is I am right, If you think I'm wrong have a good long look in the mirror. It's not hard to figure you out because for every Mishie their are thousands more hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming. Give Donold a call he would love to hear from you,, LOL!

      • Luda_mac


      • Mishie

        Obviously did doing any of his training the was offered on website. People need to take responsibility for their failures or giving up. By the way i have other businesses and it cost over $6000 to get a liquor license that is just one investment into my business. There are many more investments into my business. So $500 is nothing to invest. Its investing your time that makes you money. I sure a night out cost more then $100 to drink and party with your friends. Five nights out $500 or $500 investing in yourself. I took the risk. No regrets. Seriously people need to stop bitching about $500 its not like thousands of dollars and I am sure everyone of else have spent $500 on something foolish or one night or even one hour at the casino. Maybe if people put as much effort in complaining into working and being successful they wouldnt be so bitter. You make your own path and failure is what you people have choosen. Noboby ever said money comes easy you have to work hard for it. Look at your parents they know the true meaning of working hard for their money. welcome to the lazy and entitled generation.

        • Mishieme

          Sorry about spelling errors I sure you will pick them out. I fixed them for you spelling is not my great strengtht especially at 2am

          • Mishie

            • If you would like to know how much I make from ACN? First answer me this what do you do for a living and tell how much you make? Then I will be happy to answer your question. By the way did your parents ever teach u it is rude to ask someone how much they make and that is their personal information? Ask your boss or ask anyone you don’t know how they make and let me know how they responded to you. People have their own opinions and that’s great but don’t be a hater because it didn’t work for you. Maybe you’re married or have a partner and it doesn’t work out. Do you put the person through the mud because it didn’t work out or do you move on? In a relationship they are always two sides and difference of opinions. At the end of the day its called being honest with yourself and realize that both are responsible for the outcome that relationship. You move on and realize that person wasn’t for you but that person is for someone else. Just like this business it may not be for you but it may be for someone else. Failure can either make you better or allow you to fall in the blame everyone else trap. P.S. Through just my businesses, home and parents I stated off my first week with 21pts. If you like to know how I will be more then will to tell you.

          • MLM IS CRAP

            it's another MLM scam the only ones that make any money(with ANY mlm CRAP) are the ones that are at the top and they started the company the rest are sucking on the dongs of the kings(aka the owners) to try to get a small small(nothing of a piece)of the pie…IT'S CRAP IF ANY OF YOU WANT HELL JUST SEND ME YOUR 500$ BUT MAKE SURE YOU KISS IT GOOD BYE FIRST….IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! F8CK FACES!!!!!!!!! FOR 500$ I WILL PROMISE YOU THE WORLD IT'S THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK…..WHILE YOU EAT PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY THEY EAT STEAK! THINK ABOUT IT YOU F6CKS!!!

          • Baerjr

            it is a fact that mlm's produce more millionaires than any other business. no not everyone will do it. lazy people don't make money at anything they do. acn is not a scam and i know this for a fact. not everyone makes money but motivated people and the ones that follow the recipe for success put in place by the company do work. follow the plan and don't be lazy. what else are you going to do for 500 bucks. get real. it is a great opportunity for the right person. like me.

          • truth speaker

            Follow the recipe? That's a new one. It's 'follow the system' you dummy. Didn't your upline teach you anything?

          • MOB

            For $500 I can buy a lot of gasoline.

          • jh

            Hey Baerjr…. Let us all know when you quit your day job because of all the money you are making with ACN.

          • Jane

            So the odds are 200 – 1 YOU ARE A FAILURE, you have certainlly convinced me to sign up.
            OOPS grammer error was up at 2:oo am. Should be, odds are you don't have a hope in hell,
            and that's my parents fault for me being normal.

          • truth speaker

            Yea Judy, give that dumb dumb hell. I love the first sentence in her original post. 'Obviously did doing any of his training the was offered on website' What the hell does that mean??? And the last sentence on the post you responded to 'If you like to know how I will be more then will to tell you' Really???? I have a dog that could compose a better sentence at 4am in the morning. Do you really need to blame your bad grammar on the time of day you post it? As I have stated many times on here ACN obviously does not require a real grasp of the english language. Check out some of Gizmo's posts. This guy is either foreign or retarded. These ACN supporters are nothing more than a flock of sheep who have been convinced they are all going to be millionaires and we are all just a bunch of hard working 9 to 5 dummies. The materialism, arrogance, and ignorance of the ACN culture is disgusting. They all think they can trick us out of our $499 by tossing around the Celebrity Apprentice and Donald Trump's name. They don't realize Donald Trump is a money hungry predator who will put his name on anything if he thinks it will make him a couple of bucks and that the Celebrity Apprentice is a completely staged and scripted advertisement. LOSERS.

          • Brotherofdeath

            Come on girl…. Judy….. get it straight. This is a website that exists to warn the general population of stupid America that ACN is a scam. There is really no debating it, it is a scam on a sick, horrible and evil level created by the most money hungry, greedy and evil people on the planet earth.

          • MOB

            Like Mr. Trump!! TRUMP 2012!! lol what a joke!

          • Home

            I'm a real estate agent in a small town and I make $250,000 a year. How much are you making from ACN?

          • MOB

            I got my masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. I make $92,000 a year. I work in Ft. Benning, GA. I have been working for 5 years. Now, Mishie, how much do you make working for ACN?

          • truth speaker

            She won't reply to you.  She is another sucker who got caught up in the hype after attending a presentation.  She came on here defending ACN and calling us all idiots for not buying in.  By now she is probably realizing she's just another dummy who donated $499 to her upline.  I just hope it wasn't to that tool John Melton.

          • truth speaker

            ACN obviously does not require a spelling and grammar test. And I did not ask you I asked Patrick. Even your apology stinks. Learn english ACN supporters!!!! Oh, and my parents taught me lots of things. One of them was don't take advantage of friends and family members by luring them into a multi-level marketing scam. Again, go away.

          • Gemini Dogg

            Are you an expertise in grammar checking, or the fact is that you just don’t like to be challenged in a debate?

            Just asking…

          • judy

            Mishie you should of spent the $500 taking a grammer night course.. duh.
            I have property in Florida, interested?

          • jh

            Judy.. YOU need the grammar course. It is ” should have” not “should of”

        • MOB

          Yeah but in a liquor store business, you will actually see money coming in, that is if you can run a business. =p

        • mike ward

          Mishie,  try to ignore the grammar police – they are admitting their argument is not very strong when they have to critique a misspelling.

           Its too bad that the $500 ACN buy-in isn't as sound an investment as a liquor license is.   Imagine paying for that license and you couldn't find customers to buy liquor.  That seems to be what is happening to most of the ACN newbies.  Only the brave will admit they were snookered, least someone like yourself tells them they are a failure.  BTW,  $6k is cheap for that license – there are people willing to buy that off you for $50k and up, if its in calif.

          If you want to defend ACN, can you help me out by detailing the costs to me for switching my cable internet over to them from time warner?   Can anyone state the dollar costs for a cell phone service from them?   Why is nobody commenting on those details that would make all the difference with being successful in selling their products?

          If people knew this before buying in, there would be fewer instances of “failures”, with the false reasoning that it was the seller's fault that nobody wanted to buy something that wasn't a good deal.  If the ACN product was a good deal, then there would be very few “failures”, ..right?  Can someone please defend ACN by giving some true examples of the cost differences to the potential customers?   Their videos only train people to focus in on the profit motives of signing on new people and not the kinds of good products they are selling.  This indicates their products are Not as easy to sell as they lead you to believe, ….no?  

          Why do they need so many reps to sell the same products?

          • truth speaker

            Great post Mike!!!  They can't do it.  All they are trained to do is recruit and repeatedly spew some scripted lies about Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice, attorney generals on staff, energy deregulation coming soon, etc….  That's the funniest one to me.  I live in Pennsylvania and I believe our state deregulated energy sales in 2009 and the ACN clones in our area are so stupid they are still saying, 'Just wait to see what happens to us when the state deregulates energy sales'.  If ACN was really selling 'wholesale' services, as they like to put it,  they would have the highest success rate in the modern business world.  Instead they cast an enormous drift net into a sea of unqualified suckers who have a dream and $499.

      • copperblade

        Why should I have to “qualify” to sell a product? And why should sales reps above me make more money on a product I sold than I do? That's not how the real world works… and that's called a pyramid. Think about it.

        • Dreadboy321

          you work for a pyramid idiot

        • Toca

          We all work for a pyramid … Who is your boss… Guess he makes money on your work .. right …

          • truth speaker

            Tell your upline he is an idiot for putting that junk in your head.  A traditional job has no resemblance to a pyramid dummy.  If I go and get a job this afternoon at McDonalds do I have to pay a fee to begin working?  No.  Does the assistant manager who hires me get a commission for signing me up?  No.  Does the franchise owner get a cut of my pay?  No.  Do I have to pay a monthly fee to continue working at McDonalds?  No. Get it?  I am so tired of you clones coming on here and regurgitating the same old scripted lines they teach you at the rah rah meetings you have to pay to attend.  There is another point.  Do I have to pay for my training at McDonalds?  No. No. No.  Wise up losers.  You are running a pyramid scheme.

          • Wise1

            I have to say, I really, truly think that you work at McDonald's.  And yes, you do have to pay a monthly fee to work at McDonald's…..its called pride, and trust me, you pay for it.  Your uneducated ranting on here is absolutely entertaining.  Do you know even know how to debate?  By the way, in the corporate world (professional world, not McDonald's), a large majority of new employees come from a referral basis, not an employment pool.  At least the good ones do.  Oh, and I get paid $3,000 every time I refer someone and they get hired.  By the way, I have two degrees in finance, and the company I work for is the most successful one in its field in the world.  Please reply, it will only entertain me further………Ra-tard.

          • truth speaker

            Ra-tard.  Really?  Like I said to that other guy who claims to have a bunch of degrees, online colleges don't really count.  You can't even spell retard.  And I'm sure you work for the greatest company ever.  Good for you.   Are you really saying you have to be without pride to work at McDonalds?  I'm sure alot of people will take offense to that.  F-you Ra-tard.  I can't wait to hear your brilliant response.

          • TRUTH SPEAKER

            You do pay for working at McDonald's. You pay them with your time. Because to People like you and every other idiot who loves to for 40 years. It is indeed a blessing. Because in their world the amount of time you give equates to the amount of money you make.  But I am glad you are not successful in business. Because you probably SUCK at business. I am so glad you are on this site because haters make me happy. And if my grammar sucks then blame the US school system. I hope you reply to me because it makes me happy to have you waste your time replying to me. Because you love us so much that you hate us. Its truly wonderful on how much you care about peoples opinions. Oh, and why would i want to listen to someone who condones violence of any sort. when they say there trying to protect people. Live your life and just stop hating. But I think you like the attention. You sir or ma'm, more likely a sir, are indeed a whore.

          • truth speaker

            First of all dumbass don't post using my name.  And I am successful at business.  I love how ACN teaches their reps to make an assumption that everyone is broke and unsuccessful.  This is the typical lashing out of another ACN clone.  I would surely love to have an exchange of post with you if you had any decency.  You really have no argument for me.  And you are the typical lazy American looking for something for nothing.  You have to blame the public school system for your horrible lack of understanding of the English language.  Go back to the country you came from because you are obviously not from America.  We don't want your type here anymore.  Why don't you just have a couple more kids so you can just live on the welfare system so our country will surely go bankrupt.  I can't wait for the backlash on this post from all the immigrants and foreign borns who ACN targets and has convinced they will soon be living the American dream.  Oh, and great closing statement.  Indeed?  Why don't you and Baejr, Dengpingziang, Pataloup, Rashpunjob, Pedrogrishbecht, Gizmo, and all you other fuckers who can't speak our language just go back to where you came from.  Our country just can't support all the losers in the world.

      • Gemini Dogg

        No Patrick, you don’t have to sign yourself as a customer if you don’t want to; but ask yourself this: How would you know all of the products and services that companies like ACN offers if you haven’t tried it. You would you be successful in any business without using the products and services from companies like ACN has to offer??

        Who’s the dumb ass now, eh?

    • Baerjr

      you have no clue and most of your article is not factual. i'm doing well and it has been a blessing.

      • Brotherofdeath


    • Julia

      “hey needed to keep their relationships going and couldn't say no”


    • Julia

      Thank you so much for not being lazy to write all this here 🙂 Very helpful… Oh, my poor friends… More I read, more I understand. I am happy that I first google scam, then sign for anything… gle scam, then sign for anything…

  • truth speaker

    I've recently noticed that the ACN supporters or defenders on this site post a quick note bashing all of us who know this is a scam and then never post again. Are they still waiting for their first big residual check that never comes. Did they go to the national conference that they had to pay to attend and realize it was nothing more than a bunch of phonies pounding their chests lying about all the money they made. Have they realized the only people left in their lives that will still talk to them are their uplines and the only reason they still talk with them is they are perpetuating the lie hoping to get into more pockets of hard working people? Have they realized that cheesy video phone is old news and that ACN can't even offer cellular contracts in certain parts of the country? Has anyone else wondered these same thoughts??? Come on ACN defenders what do you have to say to these statements??? I'm really wondering where those 3 idiots Gizmo, Tom Mack, and Guest 57 went to?

  • Charleygardner

    I was in for about a year and a half. I got my people qualified and got 38 customers within the first 30 days. I made my initial investment back however what I spent in time and resources completely outweighed the return. The hype and energy the company uses to get you motivated was invaluable and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned a lot about positive thinking and hard work but with that being said the people that are making big money are not being transparent. By the time your head clears and smoke settles you can actually sit down and think rationally without all the emotionally driven hype. The people at the bottom of the pyrimid are ignorant and the people at the middle are in denial. The people at the top know exactly what they are doing and are money driven period. They preach good morals and business principal but they know the numbers better than anyone and know only a select few are making enough money to get by. Legally its legit but if you review the facts, the real facts and not stories you will see its not ethical and not worth it as a business option. If you have what it takes to be very successful in can then you can be successful at something more legit that offers an actual product with actuall residual income. There is no profit margin in phone and utilities etc. If you can understand that then you can understand that based on the percentage you get is fractions of a percent and to get residuals that are impressive you have to demographically own a large portion of a very large city. If your that good then you should be in a company that will make you millions while helping your comunity have jobs so they can support their families too. Acn is not a win win financialy. Its a win/lose times 200 or more. But like I said I wouldt have traded it for anything. I learned what its like to dream again and you can't put a price on that. But people deserve to know all angles and make an informed decision. Its very unnatractive once you can see the facts that are hidden from you

    • truth speaker

      Charley, thanks for the informed and truthful post! So you got 38 customers within the first 30 days right? How did you make your initial ivestment back? Through the contracts or through recruiting new members? The way it sounds from most of the posts on here is there are only pennies of residual per contract so I'm assuming you made the $499 back from other people below you donating their $499. I use the word dontating because that's what this seems to be all about. There is currently a mad scramble in Harrisburg, PA by this guy from Baltimore who is convincing local people to throw these 'presentations' or 'parties' on almost a weekly basis. I've been invited to 3 in the last month! Anyone that knows anything about business knows that a small demographic such as Harrisburg will not sustain 40 or 50 reps out pitching cellular and cable service, especially when every single person I know already has a cell phone contract they probably can't get out of, they are already using Comcast, and they have no interest in that cheesy ass video phone (because yahoo messenger is free) so if this crook from Baltimore is getting 10 to 15 people a week to sign up for this scam, who is really selling any of the so-called services. The software company I own has one rep organization per state and some of our resellers have multi-state regions. The math just does not add up, but the parties go on and on. Please be truthful with us, and I'm sure you will because your post seemed very sincere about your experience with ACN, and tell us how much money the recruiting process puts in your pocket. I'm going to bet over 90%. And if by chance I'm right it sure seems to me that the percentage of legitimate income versus the pyramid aspect of this scam should certainly make this b-s borderline illegal. Can't wait to read your response!

  • Miss_liss7

    Yesterday i saw people walking around with acn goodie bags and badges and it gave me some bad memories!! I lost my best friend to acn! All because i wouldnt join acn as a rep and customer to make her money! Some friend!! Offered my support and friendship but that wasnt enough! Everything went downhill from then on. I watched my ex mate quite her dream career for acn suddenly gets chronic fatigue to get a lrave of absence from her real job to go preach acn around the country. Acn is a cult that brain washes people! do not join acn it ruins peoples lives! Including ur own. This girl went from a Corp position where the company has Now black dotted her name for breaching company policy by faking illness and doing other work earning a income while they hold her position for 12mths….. To a receptionist at a local chiropractic clinic….. She still believes acn will make her 200k a month!!! people who join acn are lazy and stupid looking for the quickest way to make money with little effort possible. My suggestion is this: work hard 'in' your job or buy a lotto ticket you'll have more luck there then u would ever have with acn!!

  • Catdancing

    Yes, I signed up. Unfortunately, sadly, I am told I will not get my money back….I have made 0 $$$'s, and signed up none of my “friends” Out $500, economy down gas prices up. I am currently unemployed.

    • truth speaker

      It is my understanding, from my friend who got suckered into this, you have a ten day period after you sign the contract to get your money back. He said it is a real pain in the *** but it sounds like you really need that money back. Please don't let these crooks get away with stealing your money.

  • NotFooled

    Donald Trump should be jailed for promoting ACN. An EX friend of mine drank the ACN cool aide. ACN has destroyed his life. He had a somewhat successful business until he got involved with ACN. He took everything ACN told him to heart and badgered everyone he knew to join.

    ACN made him hate what he did for a living ( I'm nothing but a slave to these people. These people are getting rich off me. etc. etc.) His work went downhill due to his attitude. His long time customers dropped him because he was more interested in pitching ACN than bidding on the job. His girlfriend left him because she got tired of supporting him and paying for him to go to the brain washing conventions. She did not appreciate him preying on her friends either.

    He couldn't afford to pay the rent without his girlfriend, so his landlord kicked him out.

    ACN has taught him to be a liar. They told him in order for him to be rich, he needs to act rich. So he has bought things he can't afford. He tells people how busy or important he is and how he will try to fit them in his schedule. He will tell anyone anything he thinks they want to hear to get them to join. I have caught him in so many lies, I can't believe anything the man says anymore.

    He has sold his soul because his ACN friends have told him he will be rich beyond his wildest dreams if he just does what they tell him to do.

    At the ACN meetings they tell him most people quit right before they would have succeeded. Success is right around the corner. Try harder. ACN has poisioned his mind. People who try to tell him ACN is a scam are his enemies, they just don't want him to succeed.

    ACN is like a cult. I have never seen a mlm like it. Their high pressure sales tactics and dishonesty is criminal.

    This guy I know is now homeless and has lost everything. ACN preyed on his greed and how gullible he is.

    • truth speaker

      All very true. ACN preys on the weak minded and financially desperate people in this world. They are predatory, money hungry vultures who will lie right to your face for a chance at your $499 sign-up fee. All of you ACN supporters who visit this site and bash anyone who has not fallen victime to this scam should quit lying to themselves and others. This is a scam. You will not make any money at it. You will alienate your friends and family members from your life. No one in ACN is really interested in selling their crappy services or that stupid video phone. And the moment you run out of suckers willing to write a check for $499 ACN will toss you aside like a piece of garbage. And quit using Celebrity Apprentice and Donald Trump as your sales pitch. Everyone knows Donald Trump would sell his own soul for the right amount of money. Actually, he probably already has.

      • NotFooled

        They are worse than vultures! These guys even went after my 80 year old neighbor!! He has dementia, diabetes and can hardly walk. I'm afraid he will lose his legs. I told them if I saw them over at my neighbor's again, I would call senior protective services. My EX friend got really mad and told me they were only trying to help my neighbor. He told me how legitimate ACN is. He then went on about how anyone can succeed if they follow their program. I was just jealous!!

        I guess I scared them because I have not seen them back there. My best guess is my ex friends handler has a criminal record.

        Donald Trump has no morals. How many times has he filed for bankruptcy? I've lost count. How many wifes? I've lost count of that too. What really bugs me is when they say Warren Buffett endorses them. NOT TRUE. Warren Buffett bought Pampered Chef which is a mlm company. He does not endorse ACN.

        These idiots should try researching some of the “facts” they love to spew. They are probably the same ones who forward those stupid email chain letters.

        Actually those chain letters ( you know the ones- forward this to 20 of your friends and you will be richly rewarded) make more sense than ACN.

        • truth speaker

          I agree with you completely! When my friend informed them he wanted out they demanded to know why. When he told them I had found this site and that ACN was nothing more than a scam they blew up my phone with calls, text messages, and e-mails saying I was stupid for believing everything I read on the internet. And then when my friend did not get anyone at his 'presentation' to sign up they questioned him with things like, 'I though you had a bunch of friend with money to spend?' This is the most disgusting group of predators I have ever seen. I'm glad you helped your neighbor and I'm glad you didn't get fooled by these crooks as well.

  • dengxiaopeng99

    Come on, use your brains for crying out loud. Did you know that ACN is endorsed by Donald Trump? ACN created a system that has been proven to work and is still used to this day. If this company is such a scam, why on earth is the federal government not shutting it down? Why is the company still endorsed by a famous billionaire? Why is it the globe's biggest direct seller of home and telecommunications services? Why does it do business in 20+ countries on 4 continents? Why are there so many successful reps around the globe in this company? Unlike the ones who failed, the successful ones knew what they were doing by being coachable, following the system, etc. If you were involved, test out your commitment, coachability skills, etc. You'll see that the very successful ones did not get rich quick. Chances are that it didn't work for you because you probably weren't coachable or didn't follow the system. Oh and I bet that you took advice from people who are broke.

    • truth speaker

      Apparently Donald has disassociated himself from your little pyramid scheme according to an ex ACN rep on here. And why did you have to hide behind him anyway. Because you thought he brought ACN credibility? If he truly does run for president I'm sure his association with ACN will surface in the media. That is probably why he is ditching you clones anyway. He knows ACN is borderline illegal. And why is everything about following the system with you idiots. You must follow the system. You must follow the system. You must follow the system. You must follow the system. Cult like if you ask me. You morons are a bunch of brainless sheep or lemmings ready to jump off a cliff if one of your uplines tells you must follow the system. And you all have such great little catch phrases they teach you during the subliminal brainwash sessions. 'Test out your committment' And your obsession with talking about people you assume are broke is ridiculous. Don't you understand that's part of the 'system' you dumb ass??? They want you to believe everyone not involved with ACN is broke or as some of you have said 'broke minded' and you have luckily found a group of positive thinkers who will take over the world by selling cellular contracts and a sorry ass video phone. Use your brain for crying out loud.

    • NotFooled

      To deng whatever, try reading what I wrote before you reply to me!! (it will make you look more intelligent)

      You did not give us any information on your experience with ACN, so I am assuming you are a new recuit, fresh off your first brain washing session. (they have not gotten around to teaching you to lie yet) You have forked over your 499.00 and signed up for the monthly business package (another 40.00 a month) . Did they talk you into signing up your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or mother too? That's what they did to my EX friend, so they got him for 998.00. and two business packages. Do they charge you to go to the weekly brain washing sessions? They charged my EX friend 10 dollars a week for that. Attendance is mandatory.

      The purpose of the weekly sessions is to teach you how to be a scam artist. And to keep track of you (can't have you straying off or doing your own thinking) . Some of it is valuable. They taught my EX friend public speaking. They taught him how to dress and how to present himself. Things he never got from his parents (sad). They gave him a sense of family he's never had.
      They told him what to say to me when I gave him reason after reason why I would NOT join ACN. My favorite was that I was a slave to my (very well paid) job!! If anyone here meets the definition of a slave, it's the reps of ACN!!!

      My EX friend is coachable and did everything his upline asked him to do. He put his heart and soul into ACN and lost everything. He has even spoke of suicide, he's so depressed.

      To Deng, Ding, Dong or whoever you are, the people who have recuited you are well coached liars. Right now, you are high off the possiblity of being impossibly rich. Did they ask you what you are going to do with all that money? (it's right around the corner, so you better start thinking about it) My EX friend has a story of sweet revenge on people who have disrespected him in the past.

      Canada requires mlm's to report the average income of their reps. It's 8 dollars a month for ACN. The USA needs a similiar law.

      I wish you luck Deng. But you will need more than luck to succeed at ACN. No matter what they tell you, the odds are stacked against you in ways you can't imagine.


  • Popeye_duxes

    I had a bit of a different experience with ACN. I have been involved in direct marketing for about 5 years. I sold knives, electricity, natural gas, water heaters, and furnaces though person to person marketing and door to door cold call residential and commercial and had my share of success. I was involved in a big scam in energy sales, however didn't realize it was a scam until I was deep in and uncovered several things, and then I left that field. I run my own business which is a small grocery type convenience store and do some sales on the side still for extra income.

    The reason I am stating my background is to show I have 5 years in direct marketing, and an additional 2 as a business owner, so when I make my comments about ACN, I want you to understand it is coming from a go-getter who is self motivated and not some quitting loser.

    I was first invited to ACN by an ex-girlfriend of mine (from when I was in grade school), who I had recently run into at a restaurant. We exchanged numbers and she called me and said she is inviting some friends to her house because she started a new company and we might be interested and she was having a small party. When I got to her house and saw about 20 people already there with pens and paper, sitting around a TV, I realized immediately this was a sales call and she was trying to sell me something. During the presentation I saw a couple of other ladies that I knew from grade school and we chatted and exchanged numbers. I decided for myself that I was not buying at the time and that I would think about it. I called one of my close friends after who is a successful entrepreneur told him what it was about and he told me “its a big scam.” My Ex who threw the presentation was calling me everyday to try to convince me to go to meetings and how good it is, until I finally told her firmly NO, I won't be apart of this. I ended up briefly dating one of the ladies I re-acquainted with at the meeting and she told me that she no longer talks to my ex who hosted it because she was offended she tried to sell her something and would call her trying to convince her after. The other lady whose phone number I got, spoke to her one of her friends who told her it was a scam, and she decided after to also 'never speak to the lady who tried to sell her too.' Basically, she lost 2 of her close girlfriends from ACN.

    To make matters more interesting around 5 other people I know have joined ACN and have all contacted me, and said the same things over the phone to me. “I have a great business opportunity for you. Donald Trump has endorsed this product. Many former NHL players are apart of this and I have there phone numbers. Its great for a career or side income.” And when I ask, 'is this ACN?' and they reply yes, 'are you already a member?' and I state I am not interested they try really hard to convince me how great it is. One of my neighbors down the street from me called me out of the blue a few years back and tried to get me to join. I ran into him recently and asked how it was going there, he apologized for contacting me about it and said he was brainwashed and later realized it was a scam and he didn't make much money.

    Here is the messed up part. A few days ago, I got a call from my friends fiancee telling me that scripted ACN BS. The ironic part is the fiancee, she is engaged to my close friend who I originally consulted for an opinion on ACN who is an entrepreneur too, who warned me its a scam. I asked if its ACN, she went on begging me to come to a meeting, saying all the Trump and NHL player stuff. I hung up and called my friend and he said he attended a meeting and said hes willing to try it and if he loses $500 so be it, he'll have cool new phones for his house and his family, and asked if I could come to the meeting and pretend I'm joining to inspire other people at the meeting to actually join. He actually offered to take me and a date to a fine dining restaurant after, if I would go to the meeting, be enthusiastic and pretend to join at the end, so his fiancee could get her other 'friends' to join under her because shes pregnant and it would allow her to make money from home. I told him I didn't feel it is right what he is doing and that if other people joined because of my actions and lost money I'd feel really bad. He got upset with me calling me names, reminding me of past times he's helped me, and I'm afraid I potentially lost a close friend over this brainwashing thing. I think we can reconcile in the future. The fiancee sent out a mass Facebook message talking about a meeting on the weekend and a great business opportunity and nobody responded and she sent a message the next day saying 'Thanks for not responding everyone you guys are great…' and other stuff. One of her friends messaged me telling me 'ACN is a scam don't go, I can't believe she messaged me this crap, I lost respect for her.'

    ACN seems like a great way to get brainwashed and lose a lot of friends. None of the people I know who joined or tried to convince me to join were able to show me any proof of them making money from ACN, and told me the same scriped recycling lines. If I can't call a phone number or go to a store to buy a product, then to me its a scam. And beware those joining, you might lose friends and really tick off your family for a small income.

    • NotFooled


      You're right, these people aren't making any money at ACN. My EX friend was all excited after working very hard for 6 months, he was going to a convention back east where he was going to get to go on stage in his business suit and collect his first check for 2 dollars!!! This was a very BIG deal to him.

      I think the very few people who actually are collecting checks from ACN have incredible overhead. They brag about their paychecks, but don't tell anyone who much it cost them. Kind of like the gambler who brags about their winnings but won't tell you who much they lost.

      My EX friend spent money he could not afford, just to get a two dollar paycheck. His group sent out mass mailings giving away free dinners at a local restaurant. The catch was you had to listen to their presentation. He was furious at his “friends” who showed up, but did not fork over the 499.00. Before that, he did the presentations at his house. It get them to stay, he fed them. He went to all the conventions. His girlfriend told me it cost him over a thousand dollars in gas, rooms and meals each time he went. Not to mention lost work time. He bought clothes he could not afford to look the part. He had to have a fancy laptop to conduct business. His girlfriend told me his biggest paycheck was about 4 dollars. Gee, that's half of what the average ACN rep in Canada makes. I guess he wasn't working hard enough.

      I think some people get hooked on the hype and the conventions even though they are losing money. They have never felt important before ACN. My EX friend was completely star struck. The fact he got to attend a convention where Donald Trump was a speaker was a BIG deal. He got to sit down one on one with some big whig with ACN for a few minutes. To hear him talk about it, you would have thought it was the pope.

      Last I heard this guy is living in his car. But he probably looks good with his expensive suit and laptop.

      • truth speaker

        What do you ACN clones have to say to this great post. A check for $2. Wow!!! What a tremendous shift of wealth as one of you morons put in an earlier post. Let's see, what will I spend my $2 on??? Maybe some clothes or a car I can't afford so I can build up unknowing peoples dreams of wealth and fortune when all you really want is their $499 sign up fee. What a joke. Finally someone willing to tell the real story about the great opportunity that ACN supposedly offers. ACN is a scam. ACN reps are a bunch of liars. You will lose your money, your friends, and your familiy members if you fall prey to this trap. Wise up people and quit lying to us ACN defenders. Please do not support these criminals anymore!!!!!!

        • NotFooled

          Thanks Truth Speaker!

          Another aspect that bothers me is how materialistic the ACN culture is. I believe it is designed to attract greedy people.

          My EX friend used to lay carpet for a living. That is how I met him. He also has a carpet cleaning business. He got into carpet cleaning because carpet laying was killing his back and knees. For a time, I was coaching him on his personal and business finances. I got him to start cleaning up his credit report (so he could buy a house), start a saving account ect, ect. I spoke to him about living below his means so he could get ahead. He listened. I thought he had a good chance of turning his life around.

          Then along comes ACN. When I tried to explain ACN's business model is not what he thinks it is, he got mad. He had already drank the koolaide and was willing at that point to tell me anything (in another words lie) in order to recuit me. I explained to him I was unrecuitable. He was wasting his time. It didn't matter. He drove me crazy.

          I have invested well and am well respected in the community I live in. I have done this over a period of 30 years. I keep a low profile. ACN teaches the opposite. Their culture demands their recuits flaunt more than what they have so others will think they are rich. I guess this works for impressing the gulliable to join ANC and fork over the 499.00. But for the rep who has to buy these things, this is a recipe for financial disaster.

          My EX friend thought his success with ACN was right around the corner. No need to maintain his carpet cleaning van. Better buy a flashy laptop instead. He would tell people next month he was going to get a check for six thousand dollars from ACN. Next month never came.

          The sad part is, I think this guy wanted to be like me. He wanted to take nice vacations like I do. Have season tickets for the local baseball team. Live in a nice house. Be respected.

          For his loyalty to ACN, he gets to live in his car. The van got repossessed.

  • Monster

    Truth speaker, your going on about dignity and not causing harm to loved ones by recruiting them. The simple solution would be to do as my trainer did to me, TRAIN THEM. If your going to recruit somone, it is then your responsibility to help them get going to eventually make their own customers and recruits. GiveMeABreak is right, you are a coward. If you spent as much time into working hard as you do complaining, youd realize people sign up thinking its a get rich quick scheme, which it is in no way, but it is a reasonable way to make a living, know what your selling, and dont sign people up and let them lose their money, sign them up and train them to make their money back. I will not be coming back to this website Truth speaker, because unlike you, i have work to do.

    • truth speaker

      Did you not read the post from Not Fooled about his ex-friend who received his first residual check at the bullshit national conference for a whopping $2??? And his girlfriend told Not Fooled his biggest check ever was $4??? Does not sound like a very good way to make a living to me. And all you ACN clones who claim to not recruit or as one guy put it, 'I pay the sign-up fee for my reps so if they fail they can't come back and blame me'. Where are you guys getting the money to pay for this. From your $2 residual check for 6 months of work. You just posted another pack of lies that your upline has coached you to say. Follow the system. Follow the system. Learn to lie. Learn to lie. (the reason I'm repeating that is because that's what your upline probably does to. Repeats a pack of lies over and over until you believe it is true) Oh wait, I didn't read your post closely enough. You do recruit. My bad. Get back to work recruiting and training your clones because you sure as hell are not making a reasonable living selling ACN's services. Thanks for exposing what ACN is really about. Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.

    • NotFooled

      Yeah, Truth Speaker, He's busy. He needs to go sign up his mommy.

  • No

    I've attended two ACN “Parties.” Both times I had no idea what I was going to. I couldn't believe people would buy into this. How could they ask you to give them 500 before they even break down how much money you get for each service……SCAM… They only want to recruit more 500 investors.; I'm sure the money can come back around. But unless you have alot of nieve friends, or rich ones, it will be hard to ever get your money back.

  • Dabski

    What bothers me most is that I was introduced to ACN by the person I knew and trusted. His excitement made me believe that this is a real thing. He had all examples of people near him who were equally excited and actually made a good income from it. I don't know if he is successful in ACN. If yes, good for him, but he definitely lost all deposit in my emotional account which I consider more valuable than a few hundred a month.

    As for myself, I am (as most of you) $500 shorter, and grateful, that all of my friends were smarter than I and did not follow my lead. At least I still have them. I feel a little ashamed though, that I have attempted to recruit people who trust me.

    I guess, I am a naive person after all, shame on me…

    • NotFooled

      No, Dabski, shame on the people who recruited you. Most people shell out the 499.00 before they realize it is a scam. Or when they realize in order to be a successful recruiter they will have to lie to their friends and family, they quit. I have heard you have 10 days to get your money back. I hope you still have time.

      My EX friend did not care who he lied to in order to get them to sign up. People he had told me in confidence he did not care for suddenly became his new best friends just so he could sign them up. When they did not fork over the 499.00, he was livid. (I think a lot of his anger was because he was so desperate)

      These folks are such pathetic liars. Truth Speaker told of a ACN rep who told him he was making 800,000.00 a year at ACN. Suppose this clown (yes, you John Melton) paid half of that to the IRS, that is still over 33,000 a month. So this guy is making great money but is still has to be a hard ball recruiter? Blowing up peoples cell phones with texts about what a great deal ACN is? Going to recruitment parties every week? Do the idiots under him think he is just doing this out of the goodness of his heart? Melton knows the second he stops the hard ball recruitment they will repo the leased Bentley. Give me a break, this guy is just as broke and desperate as the rest of them, he's just doing it in better clothes.

      • truth speaker

        Well said NotFooled! The beauty of the party I attended was that not a single person signed up or fell for this crap. Mr. Melton left with nothing that night. He drove back to Baltimore sad and lonely in his leased Bentley with empty pockets. I actually got up right in the middle of the presentation and walked out the door. When this Melton character called me the next day I asked him 'What part of me walking out of your stupid presentation did you not understand?' This guy is a predator with no human emotions. His whole persona is pathetic and fake.

    • Leandro

      Dear Dabski …. we all make mistakes in life. Just put it down to experience and a learning curve for you. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

  • Leandro

    A friend of mine became a rep and that's why I did some research about ACN. All I keep hearing is how people were making thousands of euros a month. Luckily, I have seen the scheme as an outsider. This is something that I would never get involved in because luckily enough I don't have the need to do so. But it does appear to be a scam when you look at the figures there are many questions that you can ask about this. But I would like to know why those who fail with the ACN are not more outspoken? You don't see so many of them trying to give ACN a bad name through their own experiences. This site does but generally on Google you do a search and nothing appears. ACN appears to be growing and growing, my question is why, when there must be lots of people out there who have paid money and never seen a return and if there is only a 0,5% success rate then surely oneday their business will have to stop due to the bad sentiment being spread by those who have failed.

    • truth speaker

      Leandro, I think your answer is right below from Dabski. First of all, ACN preys on dreamers. People who have a goal in life. People who want to succeed, but maybe have hot found the right niche. Once ACN gets you believing in 'they system' which has many components and feel good scenarios, it is very easy to get excited about your potential new found wealth. All the ACN uplines play the part. They dress very nice. They are well groomed. They drive expensive cars. But it's all a sham. They are in debt up to their asses. They are living well beyond their means. And they perpetuate the lies they tell you because they are too deep into it to tell the truth. Next thing you know you are caught up in the frenzy of telling all your friends what a great opportunity you have stumbled on. Then you realize it is nothing more than a scam and you feel shame. You have regrets that you preyed on the people you have spent your life with. People you have trusted and they have always probably trusted you. And ACN knows all this and they purposely exploit you for those trusted contacts. They teach people to lie. They certainly don't want anyone to know it's an ACN party. Noboby would ever come. So they tell you to tell your trusted friends and family members it's a big secret. A huge opportunity to invest in a new technology. That's what my friend told me at least. Then when they get your friends to the party they will do whatever it takes to get that sacred $499 check before they leave, because if they do leave without writing the check they will certainly go to the internet and find out it's a scam. Just be happy you only lost $499 and not all of your dear friends and family members. To Dabski, just move on and hopefully your friend who recruited you into this bullshit scam will wise up eventually and apologize. I know my friend did and I had no problem accepting his apology. He's a good friend and a dreamer.

    • NotFooled

      Leandro, part of the reason people who have been scamed by ACN don't post is embarassment and denial ( or as Truth Speaker said shame). ACN recuits are told they will be successful if they follow the system and are coachable. In order to quit ACN they will have to confront their upline. Their upline will beat them up mentally. Only losers quit. I guess you weren't coachable. You didn't follow the system. You're a loser. You will be a slave to other people for the rest of your life. I'm going to be rich (next month). I guess someone has to wash my car, flip my hamburgers, be my waiter, etc, etc. They transfer all the blame to the person being scammed instead of admitting it is really “their system” that is at fault. “Their system” is designed to fail. It is part of any pyramid scheme business model. Failure. Then these hyenas blame the victim.

      My EX friend decided to blame his girlfriend for not supporting him. He was in denial the last time I talked to him. It was everyone else's fault.

      About goggle searches. ACN is very active about shutting down any site that is critical of them. I can give my opinion on this post, that's fine. But the folks who run this website have to be very careful what they say about ACN. Remember Oprah and the beef industry? Acn is also sure to flood any search with their propaganda about them.

      ACN will tell you they are growing and growing. Why would they tell you the truth? Recent statistics say otherwise.

      • Leandro

        Thanks for such a great response. Actually, my friend never tried to recruit me at all. I was lucky because from the offset I told him that in order for it to work you have to be serious about ACN and dedicate lots of time to it, time which I do not have. This is the truth and he accpeted. But he stayed with me and I took him to the event they did in Madrid and I saw they way they all were. I even had dinner with them and you can see how they put the pressure on. At 38 I have seen too much and dealed with too many 'scammers' for me to get into something like this but it's sad that the law doesn't offer protection like it has in Australia and ACN do not have a lot of success in the UK perhaps because they too have legal problems there. Thanks once again.

  • Teacherkreature

    The trick to ACN is to do some good hard honest forward thinking before you sign on. If you believe that you are going to get rich, good luck. However, if you think ahead, and see that you can qualify and sign-on three additional reps in your first month (I tapped people that were new to the area, and in need of services, as well as those that were unemployed or underemployed), than you are in a position to make some money…not a ton, but enough to have some significant fun money, or set aside for the kids' college fund.

    • NotFooled

      So… how many people had to lose 499.00 so you could have some fun money??

  • truth speaker

    Just finished watching the highly anticipated Celebrity Apprentice all you stupid ACN clones have been bragging about. Wow!!! Well done. Gary Busey and Jose Cansenco in a gay parody is the winner. HaHaHaHaHa as Gizmo usually puts it. We barely got a peek at your stupid video phone and Donald Trump barely uttered the word 'ACN'. John Melton. I thought you said you were going to be on the show. You bragged to everyone you were featured on the show. Were you just one of the 450 dorks in the audience that they briefly panned across??? Stupid liar. I didn't even see you in that sea of losers who were all gazing at Donald Trump like they wanted to get on their knees and blow him. Everyone was adjusting their ties and fixing thier cuff links while Little John was laughing all the way to the winners circle. Loved it!!!!! The best part was at the end when Little John just found out he won but could not even remember your stupid slogan. What is it??? A world without limits or something stupid like that? Awesome. You see how invested he was in your little game? I'm really surprised that Donald did not pitch it more. Oh that's right, he is going to run for president and has disassociated himself from you. Boohoo. What's your next pitch going to be? Jose Cansenco and Gary Busy endorse us. Beautiful. A crazy person and a steroid junky. And before you all cry 'Well then why did Trump do this show?' Let me tell you. He was probably contractually obligated and that was filmed at least 4 or 5 months ago. Fucking losers. There I have lowered myself to name calling.

    • NotFooled

      check out Trump is now endorsing vitamins!!! Encourging people to get in on the ground floor in his new mlm company. What he really needs is Rogaine. Yes, Gizmo said it best HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Losers.

      • truth speaker

        Yep, Almost the same exact business model. The sign-up fee. $497. Sponsor five new reps and receive your initial investment back. Recruit. Recruit. Recruit. Pay $19.95 a month for your own personalized replicating website where your future clones will have to sign-up. This is just more of Trump just whoring out his name. All you ACN clones better get over there and blow another $500 so you can sell some shitty vitamins to your friends and family members. This looks suspiciously like the Amway business model. Not only is Trump a whore, he's also a plagarist. Run clones run. Why are you wasting your time on this site??? If you don't act now you won't be in on the bottom floor. Stupid losers.

  • Most people run when they hear MLM and I know why. It is near impossible to make any money. 90% of the people that fall for it quit. I am tired of hearing single moms that need money suckered into this. They do not understand it takes a long time, if you are lucky, to even turn a profit. I work a legit 9-3 job, I work at home,30 hours a week and I make 50k a year NOT MLM. I happen to be employed by an I.T. company in sales and I work from home and work when I want and sell as much I.T. hardware and software into my accounts as I can. Why would I pay $500 and get suckered into this crap? I cold called into an account to solicit my services, and a C level executive eventually tried to get me in on this. He strung me along for a few months pretended he was interested in my company, only to try and get me involved in his ACN MLM. He also solicited one of my co-workers he talked to once. He also asked me if my husband would be interested. My husband is a pharmaceutical rep with a company car, laptop, phone, base salary, bonus, and full benefits package. Why would he quit his job to do this MLM crap?? Proves that most people that do this are only looking out for themselves. They want part of that sign up fee. That is it. What a joke. Coming from a C-level. I was disappointed and yes this opportunity is BULLCRAP and the only opportunity you will have is to lose a fast $500. No thanks I will keep my 50k a year I.T. sales part time job where I get paid from $1 and get a paycheck every 2 years with ZERO up front investment. By the way once your friends and family learn you are with an MLM you will see them start avoiding your calls and emails. Trust me.

    • cblade

      “90% of the people that fall for it quit.”

      Well that's their (MLM-pushers) excuse as to why people don't make money. It's a catch-22… if you succeed you stay in, if you fail, it's only because you “quit.” Like who is going to stay in without making any money? That has to be the dumbest person on earth.

      The math says it all. The pyramid has to have a bottom. If you make money it's only because you pushed the problem down the line. There must be losers because the bottom of the pyramid doesn't make enough money just on sales.

  • Leandro

    It would appear that with ACN the blind are leading the blind. It also seems that the uneducated levels of society are also victims of this scam. They are promised hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros for little work. If you don't make any money the excuse seems to be that you didn't work hard enough. But the problem here, like all MLM's, is that eventually the work (people) dry up. Please, please makesure your children get a good education from the beginning. Making sure your children work hard at their education always lays the foundations for a strong work ethos for their future. Unfortunately, Obama doesn't promote work but likes to promote 'free for all' this helps companies like ACN prosper even more at the disadvantage of those who are taken for a ride.

  • truth speaker

    Uh oh. Another wave of multi-level marketing (aka-pyramid scheme) has hit the central PA area. Ignite Energy has come to town. And it's being perpetrated by all the same losers that are involved in ACN. I guess ACN was not paying the bills. Too bad all those beautiful video phones (I just threw up in my mouth when I typed that) are just going to set on people's countertops and collect dust. How many times do you clones think people are going to fall for your BS??? Fool someone once. Shame on you! Fool someone twice. Shame on them because they are just idiots. Good luck with Ignite energy suckers.

  • Tyson73

    Im all my life I have never seen such an ingenious, horrible and evil scam. ACN spends millions of dollars on phycology in order to suck $500 out of anyone they can get there hands on. They are all trained exactly what to say when you make an excuse as to why you don't want to do it. No matter how many times you say “no”, they will go around it and make excuses why you should pay the $500. I don't care who you are, believe me, your BEST FRIEND will screw you over to get that $500 from you, no matter what it takes. And believe something else, if you don't work your ACN business this way YOU WILL NOT MAKE ANY MONEY… ITS A GIVEN. All the hype about “telecom” and “dish network” and all the other shit is just what they masquerade it as. The truth is that they just want that $500…PERIOD.

    So here is my advice:

    Tell anyone (including your best friend) not to ask you for any favors…..Second
    Learn to recognize this scam before it happens to you so you can take the easy way out and JUST SAY NO!!!—-Third
    If you get unlucky enough to get sucked into one of these meetings (which only exist in cheap hotel rooms, peoples living rooms and free hotel lobbies) JUST WALK AWAY… DONT STAND FOR IT!!!
    DONT MAKE AN EXCUSE, just tell them you don't do any MLM…PERIOD.

    Say what you mean, and mean what you say, don't waste time trying to be nice. They don't care, why should you?

    Having said that, I think this article is very accurate, except I think its more like one person out of 500 who might have a chance at making a “career” out of this. Tell your ACN friends that they can come over to your house and give you a ride in the Lamborghini they just bought with the income from this…. My guess is that you will never get that ride

  • Brotherofdeath

    Forgot to say….. This scam has broken friendships all over the town I live in. There are about 250,000 people here and its running rampant. I was literally lied to by my best friend to get the $500 out of me with a promise that he would put a couple of people under me so that I would get the money back. A lie. What these reps want to do is go through your phone, get all your contacts and have you “TRICK” them into coming to an ACN presentation. The way to get your money back? Call your credit card company and tell them that you have been scammed. That gets there attention real quick, believe me. Also a funny thing—- on the “Launch Pack” that they send you it cleverly does not have a return address on it. Even if you look on the website good luck finding a number to call to get your money back.

    I think the pure evil people that invented this scam should be publicly executed and made an example of

  • Henry Bakshish

    “For his loyalty to ACN, he gets to live in his car. The van got repossessed.”

    I shouldn't laugh at that misfortune but I did.

    People, don't do ACN, you have 99% chances of failing.

    If you wanna make money at home without vaporizing your extremely hard-earned money, without selling your soul to MLM, keeping family relations and friends intact, then become an Amazon affiliate. That's what I do for extra cash.

    Just don't do MLM.

    • truth speaker

      Henry, we all hate to laugh at other people's misfortunes, but the reality is that when people think they are going to get rich off of other people's misfortunes they deserve every damn bit of of it. All these ACN clones are coached to lie. They are told up front they need to recruit their friends and family members. 'Exploit your relationships' is what they are told. They know that 99% of the people they recruit will fail so why should we feel sad for this asshole???? Have fun living in your car douchebag. You exploited people who probably trusted you because you saw a glimpse of a lifestyle you desired. I don't feel a bit of sadness. You lost your home, your girlfriend, and have probably alienated all of your friends and family members. John Melton, Tim Straub, and Donald Trump will be your friends in hell when you arrive you loser. Hey GiveMeABreak, I just mentioned a bunch of people's names again. Should I mention a geographic region? South Central Pennsylvania. To be more specific Harrisburg. Do you think this is slander or libel? The answer is neither. Oh and that's right, after that last brow beating you took you don't have the balls to post on this site. Run to Ignite energy losers. It's the next ACN but cheaper. You only have a $325 sign up fee. Everyone who reads this should friend John Melton of Facebook. He will accept anyone as friends as long as they show an interest in ACN. Then when he accepts you blast his page with ACN is a SCAM over and over again until he realizes he's been tricked. It's a brief bit of fun, but well worth the laughs.

  • Frankthetank

    I can say that acn is the worst thing that has happened to me. Now last year I got into this relationship with a girl. Things were going great until she told me she owned her owned network marketing business. Now at this point I was deciding that she was lying or I got a good catch.

    A week later she asked me to attend one of the meetings. When I asked what it was she said a business opportunity that I have to see for myself. Once I got to the meeting I was peppered with bullshit from acn reps from all levels, them saying it was an opportunity of a lifetime. Such horse shit.

    At the end of the opportunity her mother was asking me what I thought of it all and I lied and said It was great. She said I should sign up and I said I would think about it. I wish it ended there. I was dragged to a couple meetings but I never signed up, my girlfriend turned into the biggest douche and wanted me to sign up under and I kept saying I had no money at the time and she would tell me to borrow it and sign up. If I didn't go to the meetings with her I was accused of being “unsupportive.”

    For the next 3 months I had to hear this acn bullshit from her and her mother. Every day they would ask when I was going to sign up, and that i don't want to be successful in life because I wasn't signing up right away. Her mother was unemployed and burning through her savings fast, she thought acn was gonna let her be an unemployed rich person, and the only way to succeed was to bother those close to them and beg them to sign up for 500$.

    They even went as far as to drag to the nationals, they drove me nuts with acn and finally I gave them a solid NO. And that's when things went downhill. She stopped talking to me (and I couldn't have been happier) I know for a fact they're still struggling to reach their acn “dreams” of being rich at whatever cost and over whoevers feelings. I doubt they have made any money from it. I'm still richer than them and I work a minimum wage job, I drive a nicer car too.

    The whole time I was subjected to this shit I never saw any proof of anyone making money, and I had to listen to self edifying douche bags talk about how much money they made. It made me sick. I don't want to get rich on making others poor, that's what happens. You put the responsibility of recruiting on the person below you.

    You will end up with everyone hating you and distancing themselves from you. When enough people have said no there will be no one left to recruit. And when then next best thing comes along and new technology comes along ( and a better comany will, it always happens) you can watch your residual income ( which probably sucks anyways) be flushed down the toilet.

    There's my 2

    • truth speaker

      I like this post. It just shows the desperation and the lies that ACN reps are willing to go through to live some dream that is never going to happen. How many real stories are you ACN dorks going to have to read to give up on this scam??? One guy is living in his car, another girl is unemployed and spent her last $500 so some ACN crook can line his pockets, and this poor girl who is so brainwashed she is willing to destroy relationships to continue down a dead-end path with ACN. She's broke, her mother's broke, they drive around in a crappy car, they are probably spending money they don't really have on expensive clothes, yet they continue to live the lie that is ACN. Please stop supporting this scam people. And you ACN supporters don't come on here and bash this post and say it is full of lies. Too many people have told the same or similar story to make this untrue.

    • Julia

      Wow! That is terrible.. that is the main problem here – spoiled people's relationship…

  • EngineerGuY

    While I have never worked for ACN, I worked for a similar company called DS-MAX. Same type of “opportunity” to run your own business and such. While the company, ACN, is a reputable entity, the people running these meetings and training their people are imploring very bad business practices. My best friend since childhood recently, within the past year, became involved with ACN. He and his wife started their team, and began recruiting. I have been asked on several occasions  to come to a meeting. First, I am fully aware what the company is, from front to back from other former and current “employees” at ACN. I have seen him spend so much time with meetings and travel, on his own dime, do be a part of ACN that is saddens me. He and his wife don’t make much money from the company, but they sure brag on facebook that people who have normal jobs are suckers. Why do they think this way all of a sudden? Their “business leaders” have molded them into little ACN troopers. They came to my brother in law recently to buy a car, now I can understand if you have less than perfect credit, but they had to prove how much they made in order to get a vehicle. I will tell you that working full time at a fast food restaurant would likely pay more, or close to it, as they didn’t make enough to purchase the 10 year old car. The hours they invest weekly are at LEAST 80 hours, and for what? Yes, I understand that people CAN and HAVE made money with ACN. What the company is selling is opportunity. Hell, maybe I should charge people 499.00 and start up a lottery club. Hey, you have the opportunity to make money right? My point to all of this is, neither side is right or wrong. Is it a scam, no, but are you likely to make anything out of it, likely not either.  Why risk losing money, friends, and time away from your family just for a “chance”. I graduated college, and I now work full time for the Department of Defense. I am a few months away from graduating with my MBA in Management also. I put a few hours a week into college, rather than a hope and a dream into something that likely won’t pan out. Spend your time on an education and a good paying job with benefits, that will be there forever. I work 40-45 hours a week, have amazing benefits, and make 80-90K a year. I live the dream, and it doesn’t involve ACN or a bogus company promising me riches. I can back up my claims, I have the degree hanging in my office, and my check stubs are readily available for all to see. My friends who brag about ACN dance around the notion, and can’t provide proof. So to those of you thinking of joining, save your time and money, and invest it in yourself, go to college, get a REAL education, and get a REAL job that requires less time and will pay you MORE money. Enjoy

    • truth speaker

      I agree with about 99% of your post and you have made some very good and interesting points. All these ACN reps are lying and living beyond their means to put on the glamorous facade of the super rich lifestyle they promise. I do agree ACN teaches them that we are all suckers and that doing a normal 9 to 5 job is for dummies. I don't really agree that ACN is attempting to run a legitimate business. Google 'ACN scam' and you will find some interesting news reports where ACN executives are asked about the recruiting practices of their reps and they suddenly don't want to be on camera anymore. I own a successful software company and I would invite any type of media to quiz me on our marketing and selling practices. We have nothing to hide. Our independent reps and sales organizations are all legit. Most of them have brick and mortar facilities they operate out of. Not someone's crappy apartment or basement (like where most of the ACN recruiting meetings occur). Most of our reps are IBM or Microsoft solutions partners. Are they legitimate business entities? Yes. Does IBM and Microsoft have very stringent guidelines their partners must follow to continue brandishing the distinction of being a solutions partner. Hell yes. Do any of our resellers or independent reps do any type of multi-level recruiting? Hell no. And if we found out they did we would run their reseller contract through one of our shredders, video tape the whole process, and send them the video proof along with the bad news that they have just voided their contract with us. Why won't the ACN execs talk with the media about questionable recruiting practices??? If it's legit speak up and defend yourselves. I read that one ACN rep said, 'You will always have rogue reps who will go out and do their own thing outside of the control of the organization'. Bullshit. This is a scam. Run away from anyone promoting it. Do like EngineerGuy says. Get an education. Get a job. Get some good benefits. Give up your dream of getting rich with ACN. Now all you ACN losers get going and find out who is hosting the next Ignite Energy presentation. It's the next scam you will certainly fall into.

    • Julia

      yeh, right, for example, I am busy enough without it… And got a good job in some honest business, not grabbing money from people if they don't need our service, but benefiting those who got it… why I would start risking to lose my friends? But now I am afraid that if I refuse my friends to join them, they also won't be my that good friends… Should I pay now 500$ to make my friends happy? No, I will better give a normal job to their child… 😉  Anyway, my friends have already gotten the money they invested back… So, they lose nothing staying there… Oh no! they lose! they are going to those meetings that are more than 100km from their home!

      And nobody tells there about electricity discount. Is it really something that works? My friends are about to add ACN electricity service in their home. Somebody knows what can be hidden under it?

  • new-here

    so I have been attending some of their meetings and I had my meeting where i brought 3 friends who looked very interested but went home and bailed out lol. i dont have that money at the moment , but i was actually thinking in giving it a try and work hard and see what everything is about. to see if i can be successful there or not? but im still thinking. any sincere opinions?

    • just my opinion

      Here's my opinion. Run like the wind. I know 3 different people in my area who fell for this crap. 2 of them could afford to lose the $500 which they probably did and just walked away. They asked for their money back, but I'm not sure if they ever received the refund. The other person really can't afford to lose that kind of money so she is plugging away at it and trying to make her sign-up fee back, but she absolutely hates it and regrets ever getting involved. What she regrets most is knowing that she mislead friends who signed up who also can't afford to lose that kind of money. Now she has has less money and less friends. You decide.

  • cblade

    The closest I got to MLM was with the World Financial Group about 10 years ago when I was just out of college. They weren't high pressure. I turned it down when I realized they wanted me to pay them so that I could work. There wasn't any mention of compensation or anything. I remember asking a question about doing something differently, and the response was some kind of “don't break the system” or something. Well being educated I figured their system sucked.

    Recently I had a friend approach me about ACN. I told him no, and to get out of it himself. He's exactly the kind of guy who goes for this kind of thing so he's still trying. I'm not sure where it'll lead for him, but I hope it won't be too bad.

    People have to learn that business is rough. If you don't watch out, they'll take your money and run. That's exactly what ACN does. If you join ACN you basically have two choices: 1) lose your money, 2) take money from other people. There's no fair exchange of goods when you're a rep.

    I can't really speak for the ACN products, but I'll probably avoid them for fear or prolonging my friend's involvement.

  • Tania.


    • truth speaker

      YOU ARE A STUPID BRAINWASHED CLONE. FOLLOW THE SYSTEM. BE COACHABLE. EXCEL AND PROSPER. ANYONE WHO IS NOT ON BOARD WITH ACN ARE STUPID 9 TO 5 LOSERS. TIE A BRICK TO YOUR ANKLE AND JUMP OFF THE NEXT BRIDGE YOU CROSS. See how credible that all sounded by using cap locks. So how many people below you had to lose $500 for you to get your money back you dumb bitch? And you have made more? How much. Please tell us. I heard one guy on here got a residual check for $2. That's crazy money. And no, not all companies are pyramids. Only the ones that charge a sign-up fee and don't really sell a legitimate service.

    • truth speaker

      Hey dumbass, according to the Montana state government it apparently is not a legal business. And it's not 'paramid' it's 'pyramid'. If you are going to be involved in a pyramid scheme at least spell it right. And are you so damn lazy that you can't put the effort into typing out family rather than fam? And it's 'your' not 'ur'. Nobody wants to read your text message language you whiny little baby. It's clearly not the 'best company' and as I posted in reply to 'Smells Like' nobody is making any money at it. Go cry to your upline and please respond.

  • davieboy

    It comes down to this: you are either too smart or too dumb for ACN. If you are too smart then you won't do it because you realize it's a pointless scam. If you are too dumb, you won't do it because you believe everything is a pointless scam. It's all those in between moron and genius that get scammed and sign up. I'm no sucker normally, but I was exposed to ACN at a time in my life when I needed change, so I was vulnerable. Any other time and I would have totally blown it off. The rep who signed me up was so sleazy and deceiteful, and told me I'd do fine eventhough I was VERY reluctant to join based on the fact I don't know many people. The dumbass told me it was no big deal and that guy's riding bicycles have become SVP's before. But then it wasn't more than a month later and he was sitting in my living room staring at me frustrated and perplexed that not one person showed up for the presentation. I feel some compasssion for him because he was old and I know he was desperately trying to make this work since he had wasted so much time and money and caused so many people to lose theirs. In the two or three months I dealt with him I could tell that he and his girlfriend hated each other for doing this business. They'd immediately argue with each other over every little aspect, especially when things went wrong, which was often. I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend over ACN, but I soon got another one and dropped ACN like a bad habit. My new girl hasn't even heard of ACN, not that I've ever mentioned it to her–and for good reason. But I bet my old sponsor and his girlfriend are still arguing over the failures of each new rep they sucker in. Too bad people are so stubborn and won't back down and admit defeat when common sense and logic dictate doing so.

  • Donaldthedork

    I was going thru my old ACN notebook last night, just to laugh at the stupidity. I saw a pharase my upline told me to write down that was very important: “Become an expert at promoting events.” I wondered why he thought that was so important. Then I finally realized why. The events they want you to promote require traveling and lots of money. Anyone you get to attend has to commit time and money to ACN. And that right there is how they get you. If you've put this much time and money into it, might as well keep going with it, right? WRONG! I remember them trying to sucker me into the “Earth-shattering” annual meeting for $150 or whatever exorbitant price it was. Even when I was gung ho about ACN, I STILL wasn't going to pay that, nor could I afford the plane tickets to get to North Carolina, NOR could I take the time off work. And they actually expected reps to bring prospects there?!? Yeah, like I'm sure some prospect has $150 + $300 for plane tickets, + $300 for hotel…all just for some “business opportunity” they heard about on a lark. Granted, when I first got involved I was ignorant as to their practices and I did spend time learning how the business worked. But once I realized how ridiculous their expectations for success were, I cut my losses and quit. My upline guy didn't care because I think he was glad to be done with me so he didn't have to face up to the failure he created.

  • Spanky2010

    I was asked to join ACN by my neighbor. I was doing research to see what it was about. I found a report from “Montana”. This report exposes the true ACN. Look it up for yourself. The Commissioner of Securities of the” State Of Montana” Cease & Desist, order Case #SEC-2010-12″ It says they are declared a Pyramid Scheme. Don't let me sway your opinion. The cease & desist order speaks for itself

    • truth speaker

      Thanks for showing everybody this finding. Here is a statement I found online. This is cut and pasted directly from the article. This is not my statement GiveMeaBreak so this is not libel dumbass.

      Earlier today the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica Lindeen (D) announced the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order and Notice of Proposed Agency Action against ACN, Inc. and several of its founders for allegedly operating a “pyramid scheme.”

      One of the primary concerns cited in the announcement was the allegation that Montana participants “must personally buy” and sell a phone service that is “largely not available for use in Montana”.

      The Commissioner also cited the low average earnings of ACN reps based in Montana. Allegedly, in 2008 ACN recruited 91 Montana participants who “paid approximately $61,741.69 to be a part of the program”, averaging $678 each. All but two lost money, with one making $696 and the other making $700. In 2009 “over 300” Montana participants joined ACN and paid about $234,800, averaging about $775 each. According to the Commissioner's Office ACN's records show $896.86 was paid out to these participants, in total.

      Well done ACN reps. You guys are making crazy cash as we all can see. Where do I sign up? And the odds look great as well. 2 people out of 91 did not lose money. I like how that was phrased. Typically it's easier to say it the other way around. 89 out of 91 ACN reps lost money. HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!! Quit lying to us you losers. Give up on ACN and get a real job and pay some taxes to help out this horrible economy we are in.

  • Smells Like…

    Lucky I had family around before I was to invest in this shit. My teacher from a technical school tried recruiting all former students to his house about a meeting..A new technology? So I decided to go hear the presentation and told that if i was to be part of his team I would have to supply them my credit card info. Everything is hush-hush on this system..meaning they want you to not let people know about the company just to get potential customers to YOUR house. When they showed up to my house they showed up late, then someone I had not seen before was with them claiming he was the husband of one of the other two reps. So as I tell family (LIE!) about there reputation of sucess they have you play their dvd with donald! No one is buying it! So like any good buisness person would do they just sat around while we were preparing dinner. They decided that was it and left, uh oh! they forgot there box of phones papers materials ect. They came back and knocked on my door and claimed they had left there car keys in my sofa. No Luck! I left to the store and when I had returned I was told by family that they came back again not once but twice first looking for a hanger then if we knew someone that could help. So as I went outside and approached them I asked if they had AAA, Nope! If you are being successfull in buisness wouldn't you have insurance for this knowing you are driving all around town trying to recruit people? Anyways my brother in law was able to break in there car and retrieve their keys. These people looked homeless with ripped jeans their car was a wreck and looked they were living in it. So if anyone has doubts about this just think to yourself if you want crooks in your house talking to your family with 2faces about how wealthy they are and how good the buisness is.
    Scammers comming to a town near you!
    Also right after they had left I destroyed my credit card because I had given them my info at the meeting the day before!

    • truth speaker

      I had a hard time following this story, but I think I can summarize it pretty well. Smells Like got suckered into ACN by his ex-teacher, he threw a presentation at his families house the next day, some unreliable ACN crooks who he did not recognize showed up late, they showed everyone their stupid video, but luckily nobody bought into their scam, he felt humiliated and left the house to avoid any further humiliation, the ACN crooks live in a shitty car and wear crappy clothes, they locked their keys inside the shitty car, his brother-in-law broke into the car, gave the ACN crooks their keys and off the scam artists went empty handed. He then cancelled his credit card. Does that sound right? You better check your credit card spending history my friend. I guarantee they ran it the moment they got your number. Just call your credit card company and tell them you fell victim to a MLM scheme and they will usually not honor the charge. Good luck!!! I would hate to see you lose $500 to these scumbags.

  • Hi I just joined Acn and these issues have been on my mind. Ok first yep money goes to the top. Where doesn't it? I want to get there. Yep it's 500 bucks for all you who lost whomever or whatever over 500 bucks Acn was not your problem. It gives you a shot at becoming wealthy. Its not over night some reps do just say the big numbers and if your not smart enough to figure that out then you need some life lessons. Ok you can walk around with your computer and offer friends and family services. Instead of the retail stores making money off them you are. Now of course you can give it back to them or keep it. This is a PART time business that becomes FULL time that is why the money goes up cause they are working this thing FULL time you are not. Makes sense to me. So put your time in quit complaining lazy.

    • truth speaker

      Was that just a bunch of sentence fragments or one continuous train of nonsense? No one is getting wealthy from ACN idiot. Can't you read the other posts on here about $2 residual checks and 89 out of 91 people in Montana all losing money on this scam. Wow!!! What great odds and what an awesome opportunity to get rich. Give me a break loser. I think you need a life lesson and maybe a course on basic grammar. And not everything is a pyramid scheme you stupid ACN morons. I know that's what they teach you at the very informative millionaire's club meetings. Excel and prosper my friend. You are just another sucker who donated $500 to your upline.

  • Former Rep

    Just to get this straight, I've been to the training events, the meetings, the seminars and have heard all the top dogs of ACN and they all say the same shit, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT. This has to be the most elaborate pyramid scam today. Trust me the people you think have become your friends are only being nice to you and smiling at you just to get MONEY out of you. They want those $500 to keep supporting their lazy asses cuz they dont want to earn their money like everyone else. Everyone out there if you hear ACN turn it down, dont believe the hype that you will realize your dreams with this company. Do what you want to do and dont let these lying assholes tell you what to do in order to make money. They use the drill and kill method at their stupid trainings to brainwash you into believing you'll make easy money. Only the top dogs make the money off of your hard work. Stay away from ACN! It's not worth it.

  • Jd

    what a croc
    you are so unsuccessful you made a website to prove it

    • truth speaker

      Typical brainwashed ACN rep. Everybody who questions or criticizes ACN is unsuccessful and broke. Here's the reality dumb dumb. There are lots of legitimate sales jobs out there. I have personally been in sales my whole life. Not once have I had a rep sign up below me and pay a fee and then have him sign up more reps under him and make them pay a fee. That's called a pyramid scheme dumbass. Follow the system and take your ACN bullshit elsewhere.

  • truth speaker

    Well ACN clones, your poster boy Donald Trump continues to make a fool of himself in front of the media. His press conference yesterday was impressive. He said at least a dozen times he was so proud of himself and he honors himself for doing what no one else was able to do which is to get the president to show his long form birth certificate. I don't even know what it means to honor yourself but he said it multiple times. Well the president showed it and proved he was born in Hawaii. Trump didn't even have the dignity to say he was wrong for accusing the president of not being born in the U.S. He then changes gears and is now accusing Obama of not being fit to attend college because of bad grades. Are you kidding me??? Now I'm no fan of Obama, but come on clones, this Trump guy is a stellar representation of your company. A bunch of egomaniac liars and cheats. Trump has filed for bankruptcy at least 4 times in his past and his one IPO stock offering went from $30 a share to pennies on the dollar in less than a year. Almost as worthless as ACN. Find a new scam and find a new spokesperson losers. I think Gary Busey is available. He represented your company well on the recent Celebrity Apprentice you are all so proud of. Hey John Melton, I watched that episode again and still didn't see you anywhere. I could of sworn you said you were going to be featured on it. Oh well, just another liar and cheat I guess.

  • Jan F

    I spent a long time reading this forum. I wanted to let everyone know about my experience with ACN. I used to work a very crappy job with very crappy pay. I am married with two kids. The reason i joined was to make some extra money to keep my wife at home to raise our kids so that she wouldnt have to work.
    I got caught up in the whole “get rich quick thing” and quit my job WAY to soon. ACN has been both one of the worst things ive done and also one of the best things ive done.
    Ill explain:
    I never went to college or even graduated high school for that matter (with that said please dont bash my improper grammar if there is any lol).
    I got married very young to the my high school sweet heart and the girl of my dreams and started a family young, making it hard to go back to school and get a good education to pursue a decent paying job.
    4 years of struggles and ACN fell into my lap right after our second daughter was born and my wife didnt qualify for maternity leave, STRESS!!!
    After a year of hard work with ACN i only made about $500, BUT the personal growth and development i went through during this period was very much worth the $500. Even though i didnt make much money with ACN it seemed to open alot of new doors for me. My confidence grew huge when talking to successful people on a professional level and people started to notice the change in the way i walk, talk, and acted having known me pre-ACN.
    I am in no way saying ACN doesnt work. I know for a fact that it does IF you have the right personality and drive. The person i was working with started at QTT and is not a top producing TC and almost RD and ive seen some of his cheques (not 25,000, but still very decent income).
    My thing was i wasnt comfotable and confident enough pitching someone on a business opportunity when i had little to no success myself and drove a 98 mazda protege. Not that what you drive means much, but when your trying to pitch someone on a great business opportunity…….thats what they are going to look at. So needless to say recruiting didnt go very well for me.
    Anyway to make a long story short, leaving my job to pursue ACN was both dumb and great because i had learned so much and job offers started coming in. I got offered a job as a sales rep for a large vancouver company and on a walk in sales call to a car dealership, the owner turned down what i was selling but told me he wanted me to work for him. He was impressed by my approach and self confidence and wanted someone like me at his dealership. So yes be careful when joining ACN, but also look at the positive outcomes of things you pursue. Even if things dont work out the way you thought……good things can come about out of anything.
    Cheers and i wish all the best to ACN reps and non ACN reps. Hope you all find what your looking for

  • Home

    When I read through their comp plan the payout on services sold was 1/4 of 1%. That means that if you sell someone $200 of monthly services you make residual income of…Drum Roll… 50 cents. Better get out selling fast. It also means that if you sell $100,000 of monthly services your residual income will be…$250 per month. And yes, I know, if you go down several levels you will make more. Holy God, I should hope so. It will take you forever to make any real money unless you are constantly harrassing people to sign up. That is where your income will come from. Very, very, very few, less than 1% of reps make a solid income. The state of Montana filed suit against ACN and stated: “The Commissioner also cited the low average earnings of ACN reps based in Montana. Allegedly, in 2008 ACN recruited 91 Montana participants who “paid approximately $61,741.69 to be a part of the program”, averaging $678 each. All but two lost money, with one making $696 and the other making $700. In 2009 “over 300″ Montana participants joined ACN and paid about $234,800, averaging about $775 each. According to the Commissioner's Office ACN's records show $896.86 was paid out to these participants, in total.” I am fully aware Montana dropped the cease and desist order but they still pursued fines. It's the same ol' same ol' regardless of how hyped up you get at the meetings, no matter how big they tell you to dream, no matter how many times they tell you your dream isn't big enough yet. I tried to help out my friend and told her if I could get direct tv for less I would sign up with her. She came back and said she found out if I already had it she couldn't do it. Oh, something else they forgot to tell her. The company is full of it. When I was researching them I found another business that is not MLM where you sell the same services and receive 25% commissions. No sign up fee to the rep. Hmmm, 25% vs 1/4 of 1%. What makes sense here? They are called Commission River, check it out. I make nothing to let you know about them, I am not signed up with them…just saying. Do your research and you will find out the same things I did. I have a background in finance and so checked everything out.

    • truth speaker

      Wow!!! ACN sounds so lucrative when put that way. I'd rather invest $499 in lottery tickets or buy swampland in Florida. What do you ACN losers have to say about this great post??? You know what I love most about this website? The ACN clones who are new to the business and are still in the euphoric state of just signing up and still believe they are going to be instant millionaires all say ACN is not a scam and we are all broke losers for not believing the BS. It's what their recruiter told them so it must be true. They come on here and ignore all the horror stories of past reps and people who lost everything because they bought into the scam. The weird thing is we never hear from them again. Are they so busy spending their money they don't have time to come back on and post stories of their success??? No, they are ashamed and can't admit they were wrong. Quit defending this scam losers. I was out last night and ran into a guy who is involved in a similar pyramid scheme called Ignite Energy. He got everyone in my group all excited about saving them money on their electrict bills. He was talking about all these savings and was passing out business cards and everyone was really buying into his crap. Finally one of my friends said he would like to get a quote on transitioning his electric bill over to Ignite. Guess what his response was? He told my friend he will have to come to one of his presentations next week to learn more. He wasn't interested in selling him an energy contract. He just wanted to recruit him to be another one of his reps. He said he only needs ten reps below him to advance to the next level. What a bunch of shit!!!! Luckily my friend did not commit to anything and when this guy left our group I explained the scam to them. None of them will be attending. Screw you ACN and screw you Ignite Energy. Quit stealing people's money and quit giving false hope of riches to losers who are dumb enough to buy into this crap.

  • Guest_123

    HOW is this a scam at all??? People, you are spending money on the services that ACN provides whether you are with their company or another. The only difference is that you actually SAVE money by switching to their services. I am not a rep, I just subscribe to their cable, internet, and phone services and save approximately $50 per month. A relative set me up with the services and I couldn't be happier. The bottom line is this: If you actually get off your ass and put in the work required, you WILL make money. However, if you sit around waiting for the money/clients to come to you then you will fail..and likely blame the company, accusing ACN of being a scam (like so many of you on here). How is that any different from any job you may choose?

    Anyway, just my two cents..but it seems to me that a lot of people on here are making assumptions without actually trying the services for themselves or speaking from any first hand experiences that they have had. If you do not want to work hard or cannot commit to signing up reps..then DO NOT PAY THE $500..because you will probably lose it! However, if you are committed and determined, then there is a huge opportunity to make some serious money here! Again, haven't signed up to be a rep, however a close relative of mine is a rep and is having great success! As soon as I am able..I will definitely give it a shot as WHO DOESN'T LOVE SAVING MONEY AND HELPING PEOPLE??


  • Dreadboy321

    You guys are so stupid and close minded. Just look at the bigger picture,when you look at the masses, only 3% are millionaires, the other 97% are not, same with acn or anything in life. Millions of kids wanna be pro basketball players but how many of them actually make it? Exactly! When you really think hard about it, which you people seem to have not, then you'll realize that everything in like is like that. If your lucky enough or smart enough to find away to get in that small percentage than thats awesome for you, but most people don't, which is completely true for acn and everything else. I can already tell the side of the equation all of you fall under. I would hate to be as negative as you guys, cause then Id probably be in your situations. Complaining and hating life.
    I love ACN and its only been 2 months for me. But hey, I guess i'm in that small percentage.

    • NotFooled

      Dboy, I don't hate life or complain. I do have a big problem with ACN's business practices. They are deceitful. We all have dreams. Dreams are good. If I decide I want to be a pro basket ball player, I have to work hard, have talent and get that big break. If I want to succeed at ACN, I have to start with scaming my friends and family out of 499.00. I just saw the movie “The Fighter” last night. The no good crack head brother had gotten himself involved in a pyramid scheme and is trying to get an immigrant family to all join for 200.00 dollars each. He kept telling the family he was offering them a once in a lifetime opportunity. I recommend watching the movie and taking a good hard look at yourself, Dboy. Stay with ACN and you will wind up just as despised as that crack head brother.
      You are simply part of the percentage who got scammed by the person who recruited you. Your upline tell tell you anything to keep you recruiting for them. Wise up and get out before you lose everything!

      • Dreadboy321

        Actually im not getting scammed cause checks magically show up in the mailbox. I have billionaire friends who are involved and they love it. if billionaires like it, then i have a billion reasons to listen to there advice about finances then the average joe. sorry you dont like it man but i love it.

        • NotFooled

          OK, you have gone from being scammed to being the scammer. Tell me, how many people had to lose 499.00 so you could get your check?

          • Dreadboy321


          • Derall Ebanks

            How can he have gone from scammed to scammer if he is making money idiot that just proves it isn't a scam. use you brain and stop Hating

          • truth speaker

            Use your brain idiot.  Who cares if he is making money.  I'm sure there are a few people actually make money with ACN.  A very few. The problem is they are making it in an unethical manner.  And don't come on here crying about saving people money on their bills because we all know that is a scripted pack of lies.  ACN is all about recruiting, lying, and deceiving people.  They promise untold riches by following some bullshit system.  And that system is telling that same pack of lies to everyone you know so you can dig your hand in their pocket for another $499 and then have them tell the same pack of lies to everyone they know.  That is called a pyramid scheme dummy.  I have a system for you.  Go to school, get a job, get some experience in your field, become good at what you do, start your own business, hire some young people to work for you and nurture them and allow them to follow the same system you followed. That's how society should work.  Give young people the same opportunity someone gave you a long time ago and allow them the opportunity to succeed.  Kind of like the family business model that gets passed down from generation to generation.  Don't throw phoney presentations in your shitty apartment with that stupid Donald Trump video where everyone is smiling and waving from the golf course or from the deck of their boat saying 'Thank you ACN'.  They are paid actors on rented boats asshole.  And that stupid ass video phone that they claim everyone will have sometime in the future.  Really?  A video phone.  I personally don't see one of those in my future.  Bullshit.  If the video phone is the future whey did Microsoft just buy Skype for 8 billion dollars? ACN promises people a lifestyle they will never achieve.  That is a fact and you are stupid.  Now that I got that out of my system I can take your advice and stop hating.  Did your upline teach you that phrase or did you read it on a t-shirt?

          • Brotherofdeath

            Haha!!!  Nice post Truthspeaker!

          • skeptic

            Amen brother!!  Couldn't have said it any better

        • truth speaker

          First of all I don't believe almost anything you said in this ridiculous post. How many billionaire friends do you have? According to Forbes there are only 403 in the U.S. and 946 worldwide and you know a bunch of them???? Really??? And checks just magically appear in your mailbox??? I agree with NotFooled and want to know how many of your friends and family members you had to lie to to get where you are at, which I believe is nowhere. You have been tricked and brainwashed by your recruiter obviously. These are the kind of things they teach you to say. Everyone is broke. Everyone works a mediocre 9 to 5 job. Don't be a slave to your boss. ACN will bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Give me a break loser. Why don't you really tell us how big your checks are and how often they magically appear in the mailbox at your parents house. I bet they are so proud of you for your stellar career choice. Probably not because they are still mad you stole $499 from them.

          • Julia

            in any businesspeople work for their boss actually… He makes millions, but also gives the rest of people an opportunity to make some money  – by involving in his scheme, by teaching how to work… That is how all businesses work. On the top of 500$ the beginner should pay, one of the facts I don't like in ACN business – they do not have the main office where you can come… And that's true – we are all busy on our works… But still.. I am thinking that those who have abilities, make this business working… Friends of my friends, who are near 2 years in the business and who didn't afraid to start, already make big money… Some people are born to be businessmen… :)people work for their boss actually… He makes millions, but also gives the rest of people an opportunity to make some money  – by involving in his scheme, by teaching how to work… That is how all businesses work. On the top of 500$ the beginner should pay, one of the facts I don't like in ACN business – they do not have the main office where you can come… And that's true – we are all busy on our works… But still.. I am thinking that those who have abilities, make this business working… Friends of my friends, who are near 2 years in the business and who didn't afraid to start, already make big money… Some people are born to be businessmen… 🙂

        • truth speaker

          Just as I suspected. No reply from Dreadboy321. Just a pack of scripted lies from a typical ACN clone.

          • Julia

            that is interesting idea about ACN clone… ;))))))))

          • Dreadboy321

            You can speak your pathetic truth all you like.My truth is very prosperous so i love it.
            BTW, im 19 so i do still live with my parents. But i don't need their money like you probably did cause I play music for a living. ACN is a side thing for me. A very cool side thing.
            Btw there many renown musicians here in hawaii who I bet you listen to that are part of acn along with me and there all for it as well.
            Shoots BRahhhhh

          • truth speaker

            I did not know there were that many stupid people in Hawaii.  How many people have fallen for your scam?   And what's your band called?  I'd like to go make fun of you on YouTube.  Oh, and I knew you lived with your parents.  You sound like a spoiled little bitch.

          • Dreadboy321

            Hahaha def not spoiled. I play music for a living and probably make more money doing it then you.

        • truth speaker

          Dreadboy321 it's 'because' not 'cause'.  Cause is the producer of an effect, result, or consequence.  Because is an idiom or a conjunction.  For example.  My friend lured me into ACN because he is a broke idiot.  And it 'their advice' not 'there advice'.  Two completely different meanings.  For example.  If I would have taken their advice and joined ACN I would be $500 poorer.  Get it?

        • Atavitian

          I'm sure your none of billionaire friends made their money selling this crap. Them plunking down $500 is just a game. I'm sorry to say you will NEVER be even a MILLIONAIRE working the ACN plan. I think it's great that you are young and trying something to supplement your music career, but this isn't gonna do it for you. In the end, if you're happy with this, then good luck!

          • Atavitian

            That first sentence should read “I'm sure none of your billionaire…”

      • Dreadboy is lying. don't buy into the hype.

    • Ebusinessmedia

      Ever get talked into buying a piece-of-sh*t used car? That's ACN! The guys that own the lot are the Provenzano's of the world. Why, for god's sake would any company *charge it's own contractors* $30 per month to look at their sales pipeline and database? That's NUTS! Why would any REAL company forbid you do advertise your service (even though many get around this limitation)? Why would any legit company not assign *territories* to its *best* reps?

      Look, just like the used car “salesman”, ACN wraps a smelly, rotting fish in a nice piece of wrapping paper that's hermetically sealed. You don't notice the smell until you take it home.

      ACN uses very, very good “bonding” techniques in their personal marketing schemes to get people to fork over their money. They also throw the few successful people in ACN out front, because they know that people want to believe that they, too, can be rich – especially after they just plunked down $500 and rang up the courage to ask 5 of their best friends to do the same – on a promise.

      Notice that many of the “successful” ACN folks came from other network marketing companies – companies that they were likely in on during early stages. ACN will *pay* high level people from other companies to join their network. They don't advertise that, but they do. Other networks do the same thing.

      Trump? You mean the guy who inherited $40M from his father and talks about his “self made man” bulls*it? Trump is playing chief clown in his own circus – and he's laughing all the way to the bank because lots of ignorant people want to identify with what he represents – monied success! That's America!

      These ACN whores (the executive management at ACN) are the lowest of the low. They're rich, but they want more, so they keep selling their half-baked promises and using every manipulative marketing trick in the book to separate mostly people who can't afford it from their money.

      Videophones? They buy $50Milion in a practically dead technology fro a penny stock company and call that an “opportunity”? You can buy a laptop with a camera for $500 and no monthly fee tomorrow, at Best Buy, or even less, used, and in great condition. Videophone? Jack sh*t!

      I know people who plunked down $500 and then bought services for themselves. And, they're paying for every little marketing support trinket that ACN sends them. they pay to go to the meetings (which ACN makes a profit on), and many of them are doubling, tripling and quadrupling up in hotel rooms because they're stretching to pay the air and hotel costs. Sick.

      Most of these people will drop out, and will live short ACN lives, living vicariously through the few at the top who have “made it” – even though many of those who “made it” came from somewhere else and got paid by ACN to “flip”.

      I know a SVP who recently went to open up a “lucrative” foreign market, and brough a newbie with him to help. Why that newbie and not one of the hard working people in his downline? I'll tell you why; there are large suspicions that the new guy paid for the privilege, and he got handed accounts in return. They won't tell you about that, but it often happens that way.

      Frankly, I detest these MLM whores at the top. Why whores? Because they have sold their integrity for a buck; they won't admit that, but that's what it amounts to. And, they've turned into pimps as well, by using the art of persuasion to sucker others into their game. Sad.

      In fact, the ACN executives are selling empty dreams; they're selling broken down shiney used cars that are made to look like a bargain, until you take it home and live with it for a few months. That's ACN. There's a sucker born every day, and ACN knows where they all live. They're that good!

      • truth speaker

        Nice job my friend!!!  So much anger and so much truth.  Good questions by the way.  What legitimate sales organization charges their sales reps anything to better their chance of them being successful sales people?  Don't you think they would encourage and nurture their success?  No, they would rather suck every penny they can out of every sucker they sign up.  $150 for the national conference.  $10 for the stupid millionaire's club meetings.  I've also heard they charge their reps for some stupid motivational sales videos as well.  What legitimate business does not allow you to advertise???  ACN reps are told to not even tell prospective recruits what the name of the company is.  Why?  Because they all know it's a scam.  Google suggests the word scam when you type in ACN.  If they told you the name of the company no one would even show up to the presentations.  Again, nice job.  I enjoyed your post.

        • Julia

          But is it possible to do the business without going to all those meetings, especially if you need to pay for them? Conferences in any area of this life is a paid option, more expensive than the value… but also not necessary to attend… 

          So, people should pay $30 each month to see the recruitment scheme? That's not good… What else hidden payments are there?

        • Brotherofdeath

          Keep posting my friend!  And please read my new post I wrote on 6/4/11.

      • Tyson73

        Awesome post.  Frankly, I think Donald Trump and all the other whores at the top of this pyramid scheme should be taken to the town square and guillotined.  How many countless poor people have lost their money to this scam?  As well as friends and family?  It is a damn shame to think that their are laws to protect crooks like these from people like me.  This is actually called “Theft by Deception”, which is a felony in my state.  One thing that is interesting, ACN pays a lot of lawyers to defend them (like the state of Montana) and also to take down certain websites that proves this is a scam.  They have found the “loopholes” to make this scam legal so they can keep sucking people dry.

    • truth speaker

      Where are you Dreadboy321.  Hangin' on a yacht in the Cayman Islands with some of your billionaire buds?  Maybe chillin' in Vegas at the pool bar at the Hard Rock?  What?  No internet access on the boat or at the pool?  I thought that's what you sold.  A dream of untold riches and discounted internet access.  Oh, and a shitty video phone.  You better start paying your parents some rent money.  They are not going to let you live in their basement for free much longer.  Stupid A-hole.

    • Cbrd1228

      umm, you need to further your education and use spell check, you wanker

    • Rtv1130

      The bottom line is to be successful in this business, one has to sell a scheme to other people and use them. Yes, if none of us had consciences, we could all be rich (of course it would be hard to find that many gullible people). The only talent that you need to be successful in ACN is the ability to deceive others and no conscience. Apparently, you have both. Congratulations,  there should be a nice warm place in hell waiting when you are ready…

  • Helpuserve

    To the nay sayers,

    I have been with ACN for two years. No, I have never lied to anyone. It is simple, not always easy. There is a difference. I was ONLY told “this is NOT a get rich quick scheme” If that's what I was looking for, I was in the wrong room! I understood that.

    Like any business it takes 3-5 years to be successful. Is there a proven
    track record in place with ACN ? Yes. I can tell you I spent a whole
    lot more in the first 3 years with my corporation and worked a heck of a
    lot harder and my family paid dearly in many ways. Business is
    business, bad people weed themselves out eventually.

    The test and truth
    is you are responsible for how YOU conduct yourself and yes, that
    duplicates too. Good thing I think, as I am helping many people to make money. That's what I do. Bottom line, I want no person on MY team that doesn't understand this. I work closely with new people hence helping the up-line. It benefits no one to pull along people who don't understand this.

    I have told many people to get there money back (they have 10 days to do that) the moment I see them NOT following the “system”. I can't help them if they try to run this business without integrity and commitment to a new form of business (be coach-able, and DON”T SELL THIS). By the way, that was true of the corporation I owned as well. Many of these posts are written by un coach-able personalities I would have handed them their money back in a hot flash!

    • truth speaker

      Be coachable.  Follow the system.  Drink the Kool-Aid.  Why do I think of Jim Jones when I read this post?

  • Jay.

    I am an ACN rep and the I am not here to preach how amazing the company is etc.. It is difficult to make money from this in the beginning, however if you stick to it eventually you will get there. I just want to point out that ACN (as a company) does not promise that everyone who joins will be rich. The reps however…. out of desperation… tell others they WILL get rich. THAT is unethical and I would never support that. I have been in the business for 6 months, working part time at it while holding up a full time job. I only make $494 in residual/ month. Is it 'rich'? No. Does it pay for the car every month? Yes. I never tell, or have told for that matter, anyone they WILL get rich. I have instead told them that this business is tough and if you stick with it and do it ethically, then you can make a decent amount of passive income.


    • truth speaker

      Are you making the residuals from recruiting or by selling services? According to my math at the current rate of ACN compensation you would have to have $200,000 a month in contract sales to make that much commission. At an average of $150 a contract that's over 1,300 customers!!! Sounds kind of high to me after only being in for 6 months. How many people are losing their $499 for you to make that measley $494 a month? All you ACN reps have dropped your allegiance with Trump and are now being coached to talk about ethics. What is so ethical about luring people into a pyramid scheme when you know up front that 99% of them are never going to see a dime of their money back. And don't come back on here and tell us that ACN sells telecom services at a great price. That's been clearly refuted on here by several people who can't even get a cell phone contract through ACN or can't cancel their stupid video phone subscription. Well good for you anyway. At least your english is pretty good (unlike the rest of the ACN morons who post here) and you get your car payment paid every month by scamming people. I sleep pretty well at night knowing that I have a bunch of friends and family members I can depend on and who trust me. I'm not sure about anyone involved with ACN. Drop the ethics bullshit. None of us are buying it.

      • Jay.

        You dumb ass… I have energy customers in Ontario and a team of only 3 people. As far as scamming people? Please do your research, you make 10% of every bill you are able to acquire. I don't know where you learned what you call 'math'.. 200,000?? LEARN THE INFO FIRST THEN ARGUE.. So many of you out there reject this sort of marketing just because it's a 'pyramid', and that's fine but if you are going to argue get your facts straight. I have $4940 in contract sales, thus the 494/month. Hey do me a favor, can you post a link to the compensation plan? I want to see where you're getting your 'math' from. As far as ethics is concerned… I'm sorry I didn't know you attend ACN meetings to know that we are being coached to talk ethics. Again, none of your facts are straight but you shoot your mouth off thinking you know everything their is to know about ACN. Get your head out of your a**

        • truth speaker

          Pyramid scheme- a failed business model where it is inevitable that the vast majority of people at the bottom are doomed to failure while the early comers at the top reap the profit from the desparate masses who have been promised unattainable lifestyles and riches.  Stupid Socialist Canuck.

          • Jay.

            I asked for a link to the compensation plan you understand so well… you did not provide one… Instead you just redirected the conversation to the meaning of two words from a dictionary. Where's your proof?

    • NotFooled

      So, Jay, being as you are into ethics, I have a few questions for you. You say make $494.00 every month. Shouldn't the amount change every month based on what your customers actually pay? And the percentage you get of what they pay would change also depending on how many qualified reps you have under you. So maybe the truth might be last month you got a check for $494.00. Next month, who knows?  (and maybe you owe TS an apology, I think he was assuming your percentage was half of 1% which is what the newbies start out as. ACN has changed their comp plan several times, it's a little confusing)   

      So now you are successful at ACN, making a little under 6 grand a year. Congrats!! Now, next year, what are you going to tell the Canadian Revenue Agency? You do live in Canada, right?  Are you going to pay taxes on your “mailbox money”? Or are you going to suddenly remember your expenses?  Let's see, 499.00 start up fee, 4 conventions last year cost $1000.00 each to attend, $30.00 a month for the business package (360.00 for the year), $149.00 yearly membership fee, $10 dollars a week for the brain washing sessions ($520.00 for the year),  And let's not forget training materials, mileage on your car, your new suit, laptop, and expensive cell phone. Boy, those minutes can rack up, better write off part of your cell phone bill too. 

      Canada requires MLM's to report the AVERAGE earnings of their reps. It's 8 dollars a month for ACN. Wow. That 8 dollars is before expenses. 

      Jay, you would be better off working at McDonalds. At least you could get a free meal.

      • Jay.

        Yes last month I received a check for $494.00 I also said I have a full time job as well. As far as the meetings go, I haven't been to one of those '4 conventions' nor do they charge me to attend the weekly meetings. I know in some areas they do, but a couple they do. As far as the annual renewal fee goes I haven't been in it for a year yet. Also… new suit, laptop and an expensive cell phone?? I already had a suit.. before ACN what's wrong with that one? As far as a laptop is concerned, again i already have one.
        As far as the CRA is concerned, Of course i will pay taxes on my 'mailbox money' HOWEVER, I do fall in another tax bracket. Of course I will write it off as business expenses, every business owner does that. Those regulations are laid out by the government, not using them would be stupidity.
        And hey you know what, Show me you have a million in your bank account and I will listen to you.

  • Singledadoffive

    I read your article and although you do speak from percepted facts they do not take into consideration ALL the facts in each case.  Your advice is to put $500 in the bank and then do nothing!  I say get off the couch, shut off the tv, and go out and DO SOMETHING! I have been in ACN only a few months and I get what is referred to as “mailbox money”  That is my ACN check based upon my efforts.  No I am not rich yet, but I am making money.  This money has already surpassed my fees in only 4 months!  If I had taken your advice I would not earn the equivalent for about another 20, 30 maybe even 40 years!  Anybody can do the math to see how long it takes to double your money on differing interest rates. But i have doubled my money in four months and will continue to get paid every other week or maybe only once a month.  But that is based on MY EFFORT!  If you want to be rich, listen to rich people.  If you want to be broke, listen to you and other broke people.  You will become the average of the five people you hang around most. Dont listen to lemmings, listen to successful people to obtain success!  Be an example, Make your life a STATEMENT, not an apology!

    • NotFooled

      No you are not rich yet. You will never be successful until you wise up and quit falling for every scam you hear of. I'm glad you made your money back, but tell me, how many of your “friends and family” did you have to sign up first? How many of them could afford to lose 499.00? Do you even care? I have seen first hand how ACN really works. You will either not have the stomach for being a CON artist and will quit in the next couple months or you will be like my idiot ex friend and not quit untill you are homeless, broke and have no friends left who will speak to you. 

      As for the 500 in the bank, it's  called a savings account. You need one. I shouldn't have to explain why.

      Your ACN upline are the last people I would think of for mentoring on how to obtain wealth. They will suck you dry and kick you to the curb when they are done with you.

      There are many excellent posts on this site that explain why it's next to impossible to make money at ACN. Stop listening to your upline's attempts to brainwash you and read them!

      • Guest

        you don't have to sign your friends up to be a rep to make money…you make residual off of their energy bills..fees which they pay regardless of what company they are with. There is no charge to sign up for their services AND you actually save money. I save approximately $50 a month by switching and I am not a sales rep.

        • NotFooled

          Saving money through ACN is a myth. My ex friend could not show me a single bill that I could actually save money on. I did consider switching over one of my electric bills as a favor to him at the time. I told him I would if he would show me his electric bills from ACN so I could compare the charges.  He told me he would but never did. As hard as he tried to sign me up, I thought that was very suspicious. I even made a game of it. I would ask every time I saw him if he had his electric bills to show me. The excuses were hilarious.

          You don't need ACN to save 50 dollars a month on your bills. Many times you can simply call your provider and ask. I did this about a year ago on my land line and fax. You have to shop around.

          Another thing to consider is if you don't like ACN's services for any reason and want to switch back to your old company, they will most likely charge you a fee for that. And if you signed a two year contract, ACN will not let you out of it.     

      • Jay.

        Your friend lost his house over $500? Where is this property? I want to buy a couple of $500 houses.

        If you haven't figured it out already, I was being sarcastic. Even if you lose $500, that doesn't make you homeless. Say what you will, but you just lost credibility on that one post.

        • NotFooled

          Back up a little Jay and read some of my previous posts. The idiot ex friend of mine was renting his house. I never said he owned his home.  His upline told him he would succeed at ACN if he just followed the system. So he did. He went to the conventions like they told him to. He bought expensive clothes like they told him to. He spoke to everyone who got within 10 feet of him about ACN like they told him to. He went to the weekly brain washing sessions like they told him to. He lied about ACN to get people to join like they told him to.  

          He ruined his only means of support which was his carpet cleaning business. He did that by trying to sell ACN to his customers once he got in the door. ACN made him hate what he did for a living. I heard comments from him like “I'm nothing but a slave to these people. “These people are getting rich off my hard work” etc. etc.

          The idiot ex friend  spent a lot more than $499.00. They got him to sign up his girlfriend too. Everytime he went to one of the conventions it cost him around $1000.00 for gas, airplane tickets, rooms etc. etc. They tried giving away dinners at a local restaurant if you would listen to their presentation too.

          He lost work because he thought going to the conventions was more important than his job. His girlfriend got tired of supporting him and left him. Then he got thrown out of where he lived because he could not pay the rent.

           The idiot was getting by before ACN came along and would have gotten ahead eventually.

          Last I heard, He is still homeless. I have no sympathy for him.

          • truth speaker

            Well said my friend.  ACN forces you to lie to your friends and family.  They want you to leverage your relationships with people you know and trust.  But the problem is after they realize you lied to them and scammed them out of their $499 they have no choice but to hate you for it.  After my friend lied to me and tricked me into going to what he called a 'private meeting' I felt completely violated and do not trust him to this day.  We still communicate but the trust is gone.  I probably would not lend him money or let him borrow my car which I would have gladly done prior to the series of lie filled phone calls he made to me pleading me to come to his house to meet this great person who is about to make millions on this new technology.  He went as far as saying things like, 'I really trust your judgement on things like this so I want you to meet this guy who is about to take over the world with some new technology and he wants me to get in on the ground floor with him.'  Really?  Take over the world with a measley $499 investment?  Even the suckers who bought into Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme were not that stupid and some of them were dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars into it.  Like I said to my buddy Dreadboy, I'm sure there are people making money at ACN.  I truly believe that.  They are very small in numbers compared to the masses who have been recruited, but a couple people are making money.  But at what cost are you willing to pay?  I value my relationships with friends and family members.  What else do you really have in life?  I would never intentionally lie to anyone so I can put a small percentage of $499 in my own pocket.  Quit defending and perpetuating this scam.  Unless you are a money hungry crook without a soul this will ruin your life people.

          • NotFooled

            Thanks Truth Speaker.  It's creepy how these ACN clones recite these scripted speeches. The ex friend also told me “I really trust your judgement on things like this, so I want you to come see this new technology”. I couldn't attend his “meeting” because I was out of town that day. When I asked him the name of the company, he would not tell me at first. When I finally got him to tell me it was ACN, I googled it. I thought he would wise up and realize this was a scam after a while. He never did. I lost respect for him when he went after my elderly neighbor. Even after I chewed him out and threatened to call Senior Protective Services on him, he would still come around and try to sign me up. Told me stuff like “You're my best friend” “Can you just do me this favor?”  It was disgusting.

          • truth speaker

            Thank you.  Your posts show the true side of this disgusting scam.  Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury of learning the name of the company before the big presentation.  My friend just continued to tell me it was going to be so earth shattering it had to be kept a secret.  I  insisted I learn more before the meeting so I could do some research so my friend set me up with a 3way call with himself and this douche John Melton.  This crook Melton just kept dodging my questions and finally said, 'It has to do with Voip technology'.  When I told him that is nothing new, since I use Gotomeeting on a daily basis, he said, 'Just show up and you will see why it is so important to be involved'.  After the meeting, which I walked out of 15 minutes into it, I did the same thing as you.  I googled ACN and found this site and several more so I called my friend and told him he was getting involved in a scam.  He was already so brainwashed he would not believe any of it was true.  He finally wised up about a week later after Melton gave him a bunch of shit on the phone for not getting any of his rich friends to sign up.  I know all the clones bash me and say I must have nothing better to do than post on here, but I was so pissed for being decieved by my long time friend that I feel compelled to post the truth about this bullshit company and the scam artists that are running around the country stealing people's hard earned money.  Unfortunately, when the economy is bad, people gravitate towards the perception of easy money and these ACN clones make it sound like you will be living a rock star lifestyle in a matter of months.  Oh, and it is funny as well as pathetic how scripted everything is.  My buddy used the, 'You're my best friend. Can you just do me this favor?' at least a half dozen times.  Keep posting my friend.  Someone has to warn unsuspecting people about this shit show.

          • Tyson73

            Excellent post.  I agree that when people lie and deceive you, you really have no choice but to hate them for it.

  • Julia

    Vote statistics shows nothing at least because it doesn't ask for how long you are in the business and if you are in the business at all. Most people reading this article are those who are thinking to enter this business or not, looking for any information opposite to ACN advertisements, to weight the risks… So, of course, most of the answers should be “from $0 to $50”. 

    My friends who are in business for 1.5 months have already gotten 1.500$ back. That is from bonuses,  not regular monthly pay, but they returned what they invested. Business man is attitude, so of course, not everybody can be successful in business. 
    Second, these my friends took electricity  and internet/telephone for themselves services just because it saves their money. They don't hope to earn a lot of monthly income right away, but they have discounted prices for home services and because of improvements of the payments/bonuses system in ACN, they expect to get at least something in the beginning, and thousands/month after may be 2 years. But they do not invest money in it any more… And they have their jobs. So, it is whatever they can get on the top of their regular salaries. Then why not to work on it? Only those who start should fel that they can be business people – not everybody can. I know a lot of business-men who started from nothing, selling some products on the streets… But not everybody who does it becomes a successful business man. So, check up your attitude before you start. Or just get a services you like – and that's it!
    It is right that Pyramid- Scam idea is the first idea coming to people's heads when they listen about ACN , but actually, if you return the money you invested (just 500$), then the risk looks like goes down…The worst you get – nothing. But it is with every business. If you do not work, it won't be done.

    • Julia

      yeh, the biggest problem for me would be to approach my friends to invest 500$ into business I can't promise they are able to continue… Not everybody is so convincing. Also I don't like some need for meetings – no time actually, plus expenses on gas and parking in Toronto or wherever else… 
      Also, there is nothing about warranty of their products… What id the phone is broken? Nice looking toy, but really, I can use skype to talk for free. I am thinking that this free thing may disappear one day.. And free international calls are based actually on it… 
      Can somebody open all what is hidden, in numbers?

  • dreadboy

    To all you idiots. I have friends that are pro basketball players and football players who are all pulling over a million a month. Are they part of ACN? absolutely. You know why? cause there smart and they know what it takes to make money.All you people can say what you say and think what you think and guess what? your gonna keep getting what you got financially. Nothing will change in your lifestyle when your mindset stays the same.Anyway, my few friends that joined are making money which means i'm making money.Like i said, sorry it didn't work out for you, but it is for me and my buddies. I love opening my mailbox and seeing a green check that sais ACN on it. I know you don't get that otherwise you wouldn't be bitching. 
    BTW microsoft bought out skype and there actually making a video phone similar to ACNs.
    I didnt know skype and microsoft thought the video phones were cool and a good investment and I bet none of you did either.
    Haha 3 years from now most of the masses will have some sort of video phone weather it be from skype or acn. sorry to all you people who don't comprehend how real money is made.
    BTW, TRUTH SPEAKER speaks the truth straight from his asshole. I see him posting on everything. Obviously he has nothing better to do then to hate on what he wishes he had. Anyway, this is my last message. I gotta go check the mailbox to see if my weekly check has come in.
    I wont be replying so peace out mutha fakkkahhhs

    • truth speaker

      What doe the weather have to do with Skype and a video phone by the way?  Learn english dumbass.

      • Jay.

        does** “Learn English dumb ass”

    • truth speaker

      I'm calling b-s on this post.  First you are friends with billionaires.  Now you are buds with NBA and NFL players.  I'm assuming you are also friends with Obama since he was born in Hawaii.  Who else do you know?  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett?  Jerry Garcia?  He used to spend alot of time there.  You are so full of shit. Go clean the cat box and tidy up your room.  Your mom will be home soon and she will be pissed if you have not finished your chores.  And get a hair cut.  You probably look stupid with dreadlocks.

      • Dreadboy321

        So what do you do for a living DOUCHE BAG?

    • Jay.

      I am a rep… please don't post BS like that. You lose credibility. Thanks.

      • Jay.

        BS of course meaning the ' I know NFL and NBA players.'

      • Dreadboy321

        sorry bro, didn't mean to get so worked up.

  • Dreadboy321

    hahaha I actually do know professional athletes you dumb ass. I have cousins who play NBA basketball and NFL football. My brother works with some of the most elite real estate investors in hawaii and a couple of them are actually billionaires.  Go shove your ignorance right back up your ass.You don't know me and you sure as hell don't know who I am associated with.I bet your one of those Old, Fat, ugly,super irritating guys who hasn't gotten laid in years. You probably sit at home, watch porn on the internet and creep on girls who are probably much younger then you. I could be wrong but if you have nothing better to do then to go on this site for the past 8 months and bitch about ACN that tells me that someone is kinda lonely.BTW I have had dreads for 12 years so there actually super sick.Maybe if you watch the TV show OFF THE MAP or COUGAR TOWN, you will see me cause i'm on both of those shows.Then you can see how BAD my dreads really look hahaha.

    • truth speaker

      I thought you said you were not going to post here again.  I guess we are not that lucky.  Why are you involved in a pyramid scheme anyway?  You sound super successful on your own.  You've got your band, your acting career, a bunch of super rich friends, and some super bad dreads.  Do you really need to be running this scam?  And just like my old friend Gizmo (who is also a super successful ACN rep) you have turned this into a personal attack on me.  You don't want to throw in any racist comments?  I am kind of old.  I just turned 47 so you are kind of right about that.  I don't really creep on young girls because I own a software company that protects children from sexual predaotrs so that would kind of go against everything I have devoted my life to.  As for my sexual activity, which you are suddenly curious about, I get laid by my wife of 16 years on a pretty regular basis. Listen my friend, this site is devoted to warning people about the unethical business practices of the ACN reps.  Maybe not all of them operate in this fashion, but from what I've experienced about 99% of them do.  Are you the 1% exception?  I doubt it.  Are a couple people making money at ACN?  I'm sure they are.  Will 99% of people who sign up for ACN fail?  Yes they will.  That, my friend is not a good business model.  And it's 'they are' or 'they're' super sick, not 'there' super sick. Where the hell did you go to school?

      • Dreadboy321

        Sorry everyone. I didn't mean to get so worked up.
        I just really like ACN and it has been working for me and my buds.
        When someone says something negative about it i get irritated cause it does actually work.
        If you just follow the system and keep at it, things will figure away out to unfold.
        Anyway, my bad for saying those things to you truth speaker. Some people like ACN and some people don't. We can just agree to disagree I guess. 
        peace out

        • truth speaker

          It's cool.  Everyone tends to over react if someone disagrees with something they are passionate about.

          • Dreadboy321

            That is very true. Again,i'm sorry. BTW, have you ever watched a movie called the secret?

          • truth speaker

            No, are you in it?

          • Dreadboy321

            No im not, it is just a very good movie. It's a documentary about the law of attraction. I think you might really like it. Its very inspirational and helped me with many aspects of my life. Its just a really dope movie!!! you should try and watch it.

          • truth speaker

            I'll check it out.  You are all right Dreadboy, I feel bad we traded such harsh words.  No hard feelings, right?

  • Anus

    My friend came over the other day and told me he had an amazing “business opportunity” I might be interested in. 5 minutes into him blabbering about it I said it sounded like a pyramid scheme. He quickly said it was not, and it was a legitimate business. I allowed him to continue for another 30 minutes until I told him I wasn't interested, but was happy to see him so excited about it. He then kept hammering on about it for an hour until the point I wanted to snap but didn't because he's a friend.

    If it looks, quacks, swims, flies and walks like a duck, it's is probably a fucking duck.

    Thanks for this website. And to all you ACN'ers not happy about my point of view about to correct my grammar, it wont change the fact everyone knows ACN is a shitty business model.

    BTW, 9 to 5 jobs are awesome. You don't have to piss off family and friends.

  • Arron

    I really don't feel you have a balanced view of what you are talking  about .When we blame others for our lack of success in the world we call that a projection.If one person can be successful in any field then it is only logical if you reproduce what they have done you will be successful .
    It's not rocket science , the only way you fail in this world is by giving up on your self.

    • Anus

      Absolutely, but when your job is screwing people. It makes people like myself, and many others angry and annoyed. ACN is a middle man trying to persuade people to sign off their utilities to them, a middle man can never offer a better price then the original company.

      So, money is made from that $500 signup fee from the new ACN representatives… it's very sad people fall for this.

  • Guest1234

    I attended the ACN meeting this morning and was eager to hear about this “great oppurtunity”… I am only looking for valid feedback please don't waste my time, I am asking for your opinion and will take it with a grain of salt. When someone becomes rich (The USA comes to mind *American Dream Bullshit* – that's another story) isn't the money always coming out of someone elses pocket? I do not understand why I must pay 500$ in advance to WORK for this company. An interesting poll was taken (see above the comments) 67% of people earned 0-50$… How hard did you work, how many people did you try to contact about this “oppurtunity”, is this your field, is it just pure ignorance of what ACN has accomplished? On the other hand 33% of people either made their money back or more if my chances were 1/3 to get “rich” i would take the risk.(I am not on either side of the fence I'm trying to decide what I should do with this oppurtunity)

    POST !

  • Brotherofdeath

    Thank you Truthspeaker!  I love reading your posts!  I also was “tricked and manipulated” into going to a presentation.  It was done after I refused to go 4 or 5 times because I was tricked into going to one 7 years ago and knew it was all bullshit.  (At least I drank all her beer!)  Despite the fact that my 2 best friends assured me that it had “changed” I still wasn't even slightly interested.  So, finally, one of these best friends of mine called me and talked me into going to a presentation at a local hotel because my other best friend was the one speaking.  He called it “a favor”.  It would  boost his confidence level if his 2 best friends were sitting in the back row!  So when I showed up, I went to the “conference room” where this big presentation was going to be and guess what, THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!  As a matter of fact, there were no conference rooms even rented for this shit show.  I was on my way out of the lobby when I looked over and they were both sitting there!  My 2 best friends tricked me into showing up and hammered on me by myself!!!  In the lobby!!! It was one of the worst experiences of my whole life and gave me a migraine headache.  They strategically had one of their upline come in at the end and hammer on me as well.  I wanted to start throwing punches…  It really pissed me off.  The deception and lies they tell know no bounds, as well as the human evil that lives in them.  These ACN clones are programed and brainwashed to actually think that they are doing nothing wrong.  And whats worse, they wont admit it or apologize when they offend someone!  When I told my friend that I had a migraine, he clapped me on the back and said “So did I at my first presentation!”  He is very lucky I didn't put my fist through his skull right then and there.  Needless to say, I am nor will ever be friends with one of these 2 people.  The other one and I have an understanding at this point and he walks on egg shells  when he is around me even though we are still friends.  So the proof is in the pudding all you ACN clones, you have a 50/50 chance of completely losing friends and family members every time you lie and deceive them.  Even if they sign up you will eventually lose their respect because they will lose their $500 and possibly the respect of the people they are responsible for signing up!  And so on and so forth…

    Truthspeaker,  please keep posting!  I think it is worth it if we can help people avoid this shit!  I hope someone buys you a beer brother!  Cheers to you!

    • truth speaker

      Great post Brotherofdeath!!!  Thanks for the compliment.  I will keep posting on here as long as takes to expose this bullshit and I hope you do to.  ACN should be listed in the Webster's dictionary.  The definition should read;  A company that does not really sell anything except lies and deceit.  A company that focuses purely on recruiting and will promise or say anything to sign up any unqualified salesperson that has $499.  A company that hides behind the clever facade of some outdated technology that dummies all across America believe will be the next big revolution in the world of technology.  A compay that promotes and promises a lifestyle that 99% of their reps will never ever achieve.  Wow!!! I could probably do this all day.  I read an older post on here the other day that had some very valid points and I would like to convey what was said.  What legitimate sales organization throws out a massive drift net into a sea of unqualified sales people with hopes that 1% of them will succeed?  That fact alone proves that ACN is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.  When I sign up a reseller or an independent sales rep I pray every night that they succeed.  Because when they succeed my company succeeds.  My company does not charge fees to attend motivational seminars.  Oh wait, my company does not have motivational seminars.  That's another aspect of the ACN scam.  My company does not charge reps for brochures because every time a reop walks into a school and hands someone one of our brochures it increases our brand awareness.  My company nurtures and assists our reps on a daily basis with leads and tools to help them make a sale.  We never charge them for any of this because every time they close a deal they make money, we make money, and they are motivated by their own success to get up the next morning and go make another sale.  I would be humiliated to sit in some lobby in some shitty hotel collecting $10 a rep to sit through some rah rah session where one douchbag after another got up and bragged about how much money they were making with no mention of any actual sales advice or training.  Well my friend your post just shows the desparation and the audacity of the typical ACN sales rep.  Well said!!!!  And as I like to conclude many of my posts, F you John Melton you stupid miniature douche.  Oops!!!  I meant to say huge douche.  That was supposed to be a joke about your height.  You are really short.

      • Brotherofdeath

        Thats hilarious!  I love the Webster's dictionary definitions!  I have started to forward these posts to all my contacts.  I feel strongly that it is necessary to warn people of this scam.  As far as scams go, you have to admit that this takes the cake.  The general population of the U.S. operates on a 5th to 8th grade level.  Interesting how ACN spends millions of dollars on phycology for 2 reasons; first so they can suck your 500 dollars out of you, and second to brainwash/train their clones to keep doing it even though they know deep down inside that it is immoral.  That part to me is the worst, they are trained to have “larceny” in their hearts.  I honestly don't know how they can look in the mirror in the morning!  $500 is not a fortune, but to most hard working people it can be up to 2 weeks wages!  I mean, come on guys, THEY WANT YOUR BLOOD!!!  I have read maybe 30 or 40 posts here and what no one has said so far is once these clones recruit and build their pyramid, how do they maintain it?  The $500 sign up fee is only good for a year.  After that, it costs $150 per year (not to mention $30 per month for web site, Saturday brainwash sessions which are $10 and whatever conventions these clones go to).  So after a year, when these poor, hard working people and single moms decide to drop out because they have been scammed the pyramid just falls apart.  ACN wants to insert a damn needle right into your jugular vein and suck the blood right out of you.  I have said this before, I think the people at the top of this scam should be taken out to the town square and guillotined.

        • truth speaker

          Some good points my friend!  I wish I had answers to some of those questions because I just don't understand how people have the balls to go through with this when they have been coached to lie and deceive their friends.  The moment I walked into the presentation I got suckered into I knew what was going on and my friend could not even look me in the eyes because he knew he tricked me into being there.  There is another girl in our area who knows, and has admitted to friends, that what she is doing is wrong yet she is still having presentations, plans on going to the big national convention filled with a bunch of self-serving assholes, and still keeps bugging friends who have already told her no several times so I don't get it either.  I can't even imagine what her upline is saying to her to keep her going.  That crook John Melton is her upline.  Maybe he can tell us.  That's right Melton.  The reason I mention your name here on a regular basis is to increase the Google ranking of John Melton on this site.  And I know your stupid arrogant ass Googles your own name on a regular basis because that is the kind of loser you are.  And I also want to expose the fraud that you truly are.  Good luck spending the rest of your desparate life throwing fake parties at peoples shitty apartments and sitting in musty hotel lobbys collecting $10 a sucker.  You are nothing more than a carnival sideshow with a nice suit and a leased Bentley you phoney.  F you.

          • Brotherofdeath

            HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Ahhhhh that John Melton shit is funny!  He sure sounds like a real loser.  He also sounds much like the guy that tried to recruit and manipulate me.  This guy is the biggest pompous asshole I have ever met in my life.  He thinks his shit doesn't stink, he loves the smell of his own farts!  It even goes to show you the level of brainwashing these clones get from ACN.  Its amazing to think these stupid fucks would rather rip people off than go and get a real job and career.  Honestly, I think they are lazy!  Why else would they do it?  To them lying and deceiving people is what they do for work!  I have something I would like to say to all you ACN clones out there.  Their is no “residual income” that will sustain you in this business.  It is a myth pure and simple!  Matter of fact, their is no shortcut in real life like ACN  that will ever work…period!  The bottom line is that once the recruiting stops, the residual stops.  If you found buried treasure or maybe won the lottery that would be the only real shortcut to get you ACN clones that private plane, Lamborghini, yacht and $5000 a night hookers that you all so desperately want!  Until then give it up and quit running this scam!

          • truth speaker

            Nice!!!  Good point.  They are a bunch of lazy assholes.  Who else would plot and scheme a way to steal $499 without ever having to punch a clock or report to an office.  And that is exactly what they preach to the clones.  Why waste your time working for a 9 to 5 paycheck when you can wake up at whatever time you want.  And why do you want to spend the rest of your life making your boss rich?  What???  That is such B-S because that is exactly what ACN is about.  Making the guy above you money.  And he's making the guy above him money,   What a crock of shit.  Do you notice that when one of the new clones comes on here and defends the scam that they eventually just disappear?  Why do you think that is?  I believe it is because they eventually realize they have been scammed and are to ashamed to admit they are wrong.  Come on clones.  Defend yourselves.

          • Brotherofdeath

            Indeed, my friend!  The undebatable truth is, as I stated in my last post, once the recruiting stops, the residual stops.  Their are only so many people that an ACN clone can talk to and try to deceive.  So what happens when they have talked to literally everyone they know?  The tits gone dry clones!  What are you going to do now?  Truthspeaker, you have it correct.  Once these clones run out of suckers, they fizzle out and are to ashamed to admit they have been scammed and that they tried to scam other people.  This shit is running rampant in the city I live in and about half of my friends have been “compromised”!  I can promise that not ONE of these clones that I know will ever admit they were wrong.  They all have to much false pride and no honesty or humility at all.

  • Toma

    (Truthspeaker)  is a person never lost a job ….and share  here his name or last name noting else  to do and write a garbage  …it is a serious  business  and so many thinks are not correct..

    • truth speaker

      WTF???  What country are you from?  At least I'm hoping English is not your primary language because I have no clue what the hell you just said.  What does losing a job have to do with anything?  And why would I post my name on here?  I don't see any of the ACN clones posting their names.  All they do is come on here and spew some multi-level marketing rhetoric just like they have been coached to do.  What does 'so many thinks are not correct' mean?  Oh, you must be from Italy because 'I write a the garbage'.  That kind of sounds Italian doesn't it? And by the way I have plenty to do, I just enjoy making fun of dummies like you.  I also enjoy warning innocent people about the scam you are perpetrating.  …it is a serious business.  Yeah right.  So is the mob, but it's illegal as well.  You surely know about that mob.  It originated in Italy.  And I'm not making fun of Italians, I think Snooky and the Situation are real cool.  That's an American pop culture reference in case you didn't get it.

  • LookingforInfo

    Your post is a good read, the interesting part are the comments posted afterwards..I am not an ACN rep, but I have been looking at different MLM businesses. The first thing I wonder is why you HATE ACN, and why everyone who signs up for this company is a moron? 
    I mean, you make some very valid points that make this opportunity look like a scam.. But at the same time, reading through the article I find myself saying “well, duh..” You've made a ton of points about ACN that shows why its bad, why it sucks, why it doesn't work, But those exact points can be looked at for any opportunity, MLM, Owning a business, starting at the bottom of a firm hoping to make it up the corporate latter. 

    You mention a lot about the ACN clones that go on and on about the millions they make, and how easy it is. When it comes to points like this I think rather than shaking your head, crossing your arms and putting your nose should think to yourself, “is this possible? Can you actually make a decent amount of money in this business, and the way they teach you how to do it, is it possible, doing it that way?” Because if you attended a meeting, heard this and laughed than you're as dumb as the person claiming the earnings.. But if you look at the comp plan and answer the questions for yourself..its a little different, 

    From my knowledge of Network Marketing.. Duplication is the key, If you are slim ball ACN clone that just wants to make millions and leave your team wishing they hadn't paid the $500.. Is it at all possible that you will ever be in a position to make millions if you haven't taught your downline how to do the same through duplication. I suppose if you teach all of your new reps to be slim balls, and if everyone pays 500, just to make the bonuses, I agree here we are in a pyramid thats about to crash.. But then you have no residual, and you only have money while people are signing up, now a lot of people say you cant ever stop signing up reps, but if you did, and maintained the services within your organization.. is it possible to develop a legitement business? 

    Now, I realise not everyone is going to duplicate exactly, but that goes without saying.. As you said the services that ACN offers are good, (besides the video phone).. and when it comes down to it, all they are doing is reselling services of major companies throughout the country. so lets say you follow the model, refer 40 services.. and are able to duplicate what you have done successfully to a total of 200 people (throughout your entire organization)… and were earning a decent residual off your team of 200 would this still be a bad thing? Now I realise the main argument here is that the people who are at the bottom of your organization are going to lose if they cant build the same organization…  But another question I think needs to be addressed is that If you build a team of 200 (and I know a real lasting wealth would need to be more but for example, we'll use 200) and earn a decent residual, is it fair that you can offer this opportunity to someone else by saying “This is what i did, this is how you do it, IF you can do it, this will be the result”…

     If many people were handed a brand new Quizno's franchise and the person who gave it to them said, now you won't make any money for the first 5 years, you may even have to put some money into it to keep it a float, but if you follow our system you will get there, Do you think a lot of people will be able to last the first 5 years.. ? of any business, because any business that has generally high start up costs doesn't see any profits for quite some time.. 

    Now i realise i rambled on a bit there, but the main question is.. If the system does work, and you teach the system and follow the biggest rule of network marketing… duplication, could it work? 
    Are you in favor of Network Marketing businesses? Or do you hate the entire industry? I like the model these businesses follow and feel if they were run correctly, could actually work.. I mean even the “so called millionaires” you refered to that are paid to switch companies.. are they paid because they are successful in other MLM companies.. do you think their success shows in the new companies as well? or is it all fake? 

    Great article, look forward to reading your response. 

    • ABF

      OF COURSE “duplication” is the key.  That's just a word describing the pyramid effect and structure.  MLM's are not about the products they sell; they're about recruitment (or as you put it: duplication). 

      It's just like what they tell you at the meetings.  “If you get two people, and then they each get two people, and then those people each get two people…'ll soon have thousands of people under you!”  In fact, if that process were to repeat itself just 32 times, the entire population of the world would be in your network, plus about two billion orbiting martians. 

      What is the response to that?  “Oh, well not everyone will get two people!”  EXACTLY.  MLM's are set up to fail.  They get relatively few people very rich, collapse or fizzle, and then those wealthy people start up something else.  The process repeats itself.  The same suckers get victimized repeatedly, and the same people keep getting wealthy.  Who is to say that the modern phenomenon of network marketing isn't also contributing to the extinction of the middle class and the growing imbalance of wealth in the USA and around the world?  The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is slipping into poverty, little by little.

      Oh, and with your “200” customer example, it would take just four levels to get to 1.6 billion customers.  Level 5 and you're up to 320 billion people.  The false idea that MLM's convey is that markets are unlimited.  Not even close.  Not everyone can be a salesperson.  Modern economy in this industrialized world is far too complex.  Some “losers” have to take those stable, reliable manufacturing jobs that produce the phones, cars, computers, and miracle juice that we all enjoy.

      • ABF

        And just to follow that up with one more point.  The futility of the “duplication” effect is even more pronounced in smaller communities.  Imagine when ACN hits rural areas (like Montana).  Even if everyone in a small community signs up to be a rep, at some point the “market” (of new recruits) dries up and the ones at the bottom have lost their money.  They can't feasibly branch out and recruit people in other communities.  That's not practical.  These are the basic realities undermining the viability of any MLM, and you'll never hear about them at the pep rallies.  The lack of new recruits is effectively a mini-collapse of the pyramid.  Those at the top made money.  Those in the middle might have broken even.  Those toward the bottom are all in the red.

  • MamaGingini

    With names like “Brother of Death” and “Truth Speaker” It is easy to tell you are young people that have yet to accomplish much in life.  No business owner ship.  You have not groomed a start up company into greatness.  You don't own your home.  You aren't parents.  Yet here is your painfully uneducated posting on a blog that in between the lines, is clearly pushing paid advertising to further it's own financial agenda.  How?  by attacking a network marketing company as being responsible or liable for typical human behavior.  There is a reason why so few people ever get out of their socioeconomic comfort zone. It has nothing to do with $500.00 or Rah Rah meetings It has to do with staying focused on a goal and fighting your way out of the box. It can be done and Network Marketing is a way many have done it.  Period.   ACN is in its 19th yr as a Billion dollar business model that is not only now operating in and therefor approved by 23 governments,  It is a business model that has been around for years, a business model that allows a person who knows how to roll up their sleeves, stay focused and go to work inside a “franchise system”  to create a residual income.  In this case, through customer acquisition – that can also include bonuses along the way if you choose to build a team. If you were versed in cost analysis, guys, you would understand a company that has a $500.00 fee to buy into a franchise system is not making money off of a bunch of $500.00 donations.  They make money from the few who can keep the focus, make the shift in THEIR way of operating and doing business and building a massive marketing force that signs up customers on the proprietary services as well as the percentage they make from the business relationships of their top tier service providers.  This is business guys.  Big business. Business people understand this.  In this blog, you reveal emotion in your accounts.   Be careful not to whine.  That will be time wasted when you look back on your life.
    Guys,  go out and find something you are really passionate about,  and make something amazing happen for yourselves.  The people creating blogs like this to sell advertising so they can make money from home too…. those folks are like those little fishes that suckle off the muck on the belly of the really big fishes that are out there making it happen in the ocean of life. We all have a place.

    • truth speaker

      Ok Mama whatever you are, I own my own company, I own a house, I'm 47 years old, I chose not to have kids because of my career, I drive a German sports car, I have a beach house, and you are saying I obviously have not accomplished anything in my life and your are calling my posts painfully uneducated? You are the one who used the phrase 'out of the box'.  Do you really think people are still using that phrase? Roll up your sleeves.  Stay focused. Create residual income through customer aquistion.  Make the SHIFT in the way you operate.  Give me a break.  That all sounds very impressive to probably 90% of the people that read your post, but in reality this is more scripted B-S you have learned from your upline.  Hide the true facts and impress your prospects with a bunch of intelligent sounding bullshit is what I say. As for this site making money on advertising.  Who cares?  That's what bloggers do.  That idiot Perez Hilton has made millions blogging about celebrities.  Did he trick anyone out of $499 in the process?  I doubt it.  Don't come on here making accusations about what I have accomplished in my life.  Like I have said before, I sleep real well at night knowing that every day I will run a legitimate business that has an intrinsic value to society.  We protect children from sex offenders by the way.  I know that my reps and resellers across the country will never have to pay me a fee to continue to sell our product.  In fact we send them checks on a regular basis for commission on the annual support contracts our customers pay us.  Multi-level marketing is a scam, making residual income with ACN is a myth, and don't try to subliminally belittle me with your stupid fish analogy.  I doubt you are a real big fish in anyone's pond.  Are you John Melton's wife by the way?  And did that little weasel put you up to this? I can't wait to read Brotherofdeath's reply to this post.  He is way more angry than me.  Truh Speaker out.  That's anohter pop culture reference in case you are wondering.

  • BigBulldog24_7

    Great article! My friend got suckered into this scam and he is paying the price for it…. Literally.  When he got on board that's when all the powerpoint presentations and BS sale pitches came out. He would constantly beg my friends, brothers, and I to join as a favor (seems like ACN teaches them to “ask for favors”). It got to the point where we couldn't hang out with him anymore for the fear of being bored to death by his highly questionable presentations.  Now he is looking for a job with more stable pay because ACN “is a little slow right now”. ACN preys on people like my friend who are hard working and have big dreams.  I recommend that people watch Penn & Teller's Bullshit episode “Easy Money” (youtube it). It is about BS companies like ACN.

  • Btshop87

    Interesting post. I would like to say, as a successful representative in ACN, its like any other business. The more effort you put into the better your results. The people who fail in the business are the people who are not willing to put forth the effort (they want a get rich quick program, which ACN is NOT a get rich quick program). I have been in the business for 3 years now and am bringing in roughly 700 – 900 a week. Not bad money and is actually quite fun sense all you do is talk to people. Its not for everyone, but for those who enjoy working with others and not having to be stuck to a desk, its a great alternative. A quick comment on the start up fees. They don't go for the bonuses, the start up fees go to the call centers and “back end” offices (24/7 customer & rep support, designing all of our training, flyers, spreadsheets, online tracking systems for reps, online account management for customers etc..). It all goes to pay for the back end of the independent representatives business and support so that all we have to do in the business is get customers and representatives. 

    • truth speaker

      If you are not receiving bonuses from the recruiting fees why does your weekly income vary so drastically???  If you have a set number or customers how can it possibly change up to $200 a week?  And you concluded your post with 'all we have to do in the business is get customers and representatives'.  Are you sure you are telling us the truth?  I like the fact that you stated it's not a get rich quick business, but I don't believe that ACN doesn't commission anyone on recruiting new reps.  Until I hear a really good explanation I'm crying B-S.  Please come and prove me wrong.  Oh, and it's 'since' not 'sense'.

      • Btshop87

        I did not say we
        didn't get commission for recruiting reps. We do. What I said is we do not get
        any part of the upfront cost ($500.00). To get commission on recruits, you have
        to get them qualified (meaning get them to 5 customer points which would include
        them getting a video phone, switching to direct or dish, and getting their
        business assistant. they can do any services they want but these are the
        quickest ways SINCE most people pay for TV and phone anyway). Then we have to
        help them get their first two business partners which give them a check of 300
        dollars for getting qualified and finding two business partners in their first
        30 days. THEN we get commission on that rep. That is the incentive to keep
        working with your reps because if they are not getting a check, then neither
        are you. You can sign up 100 people a month and not get a single penny. The
        company makes it that way so you have incentive to work with your downline, but
        also make it as easy as possible for your finances to grow faster. Its copy and
        duplicate. If I signed up 100 people and didn’t do anything else with them,
        they will do the same thing and no one would get paid. But if I taught those
        100 people the steps I mentioned above right as they sign up, they are more
        likely to do the same thing and receive compensation. It is possible for your reps to pass you up financially if they are working harder so the person at the
        top is not always getting the biggest payout. It is a lot of work, and like I
        said it is NOT for everyone. You really do have to be a people person and enjoy
        working with a variety of different people at that. I can understand how people
        can get discouraged and come to think this was a scam because I started to
        think that too until my checks starting coming. When you really think about it,
        what business isn't pyramid structured? Look at real estate business, car lots,
        even grocery stores. In corporate America everyone starts off at the bottom and
        works their way up to different positions and higher pay grades. Only
        difference is in corporate America there is no way in hell you can make a
        higher paycheck over those in higher positions in the company. In ACN, you can. Not
        to mention the freedom of not having to be told when to wake up, when to have a
        break etc… As far as the “favor”, Im not sure if thats something someone came up with on another team or what but I have never asked any of my reps for a favor. I have only asked family members who were paying for tv, phone, internet, and cell phones anyway to do me a favor and upgrade their services through me once their contracts expire.

        • Ex-Rep

          haha, i can just imagine the acn founders sitting around deciding how the sign-up commission model would work as they planned out acn..

          Founder 1: “lets just do what the other guys do and pay them cash for every rep they sign up, new reps pay $500, we can afford to give $300 of that strait to the guy who signed them up”

          Founder 2: “no.. that's too easy, and not profitable enough for us, plus people will say it looks too much like a scam. I say let's only pay out the referral bonus if the new rep get's a bunch of services. Most of them won't do it, so we can keep more of the $500, but the best part is, even though we are actually paying the reps less with this new scheme, they're so dumb that I bet we can convince them it's for there own good! We'll tell them it will be better to hold their bonuses until they help the new rep because it 'encourages comradeship and help amongst reps'

          Founder 3: “hahaha i love it! we abandon the usual mlm model of paying the rep his bonus the minute he signs up a new rep, and we just get to hold onto the cash until (if ever haha..) the new rep gets … let's say 5 points??”

          Founder 1: “no way.. our reps are smarter than that – they'll see right through our little trick of keeping the signup bonuses for ourselves. no one is going to believe that bs about us encouraging help between reps..”

          Founder 2: “trust me, i saw how this went in my last mlm. when the whole signup bonus goes straight to the referring rep, the new reps get pissed.. they complain that all their entry fee's are going to nothing – and worse yet.. outsiders call it a scam because it looks like the new rep is getting no value for their money”

          Founder 3: “he's right.. people always call scam on that move.. i really think we can tell the reps we need to hold their bonuses until they help their new rep get 5 points, they will be dumb enough to go for it. can't you just picture the rah rah meetings now?? “…And just so we're clear boys and girls, none of your signup money is going to pay the rep who signed you up! it all goes to helping start your own little business! isn't that wonderful??…”

          Founder 1: “ok fine… even if we do piss off veteran reps with this move, at least it will become easier for them to con more new reps into the business using that 'no signup money goes to your referrer' bs.. and as we all know, only 5% of them are going to get 5 pts anyway haha, we'll keep 95% of those signup fees and never even have to pay them out to our reps! I'm sold”

          • truth speaker

            My new favorite post.  ACN reps are a perfect example of the dumming down of the American population.  Why is our government cutting education budgets when we have morons like this claiming that ACN is the greatest thing that has ever happened to them.  I would hate to see the shitty stuff that has happened in their lives if ACN is the best thing.  How can you idiots defend this scam while ACN is just blatantly ripping people off day after day?  Fucking idiots.

        • truth speaker

          Read your own post buddy.  You stated, 'A quick comment on the start up fees. They don't go for the bonuses, the start up fees go to the call centers and “back end” offices (24/7 customer & rep support, designing all of our training, flyers, spreadsheets, online tracking systems for reps, online account management for customers etc..). It all goes to pay for the back end of the independent representatives business and support'.  Again, that all sounds very impressive to anyone reading your B-S but it's more scripted ACN lies.

          • Btshop87

            I will ask you to do the same
            thing. Read my initial post. In your first response you claimed the startup
            fee's go towards the bonuses, that you didn't believe we do not get bonuses for
            recruiting reps, and to prove you wrong. So in an effort to educate you on
            where the money goes, agree that we DO get bonuses on recruits and how the
            bonuses are accrued I responded a second time. You just answered your own
            question with your copy and paste post because the startup fees go towards
            everything you just copied.. NOT the bonuses. If the money went towards the
            bonuses there would be a lot more successful people in ACN, and I myself would
            have had a lot more money than I received. All of this does not change the fact I am making money. I
            simply posted a comment because in your article you say yourself that you are
            speculating that the startup fee's go towards the bonuses (which means it’s not
            a fact and that your guessing). I gave you your answer. Its in your copy and paste post above. Why should
            there be a startup fee? Let me ask you this. Was it free to start up your other
            business? Or were there some costs that you had to put out to get it going? How
            is ACN any different than McDonalds franchise or an independent company being
            an authorized dealer of a cellphone or satellite TV provider like US Cellular,
            Sprint, Radio Shack..? All of these can be bought as a franchise and sell
            products as an authorized dealer. All of which has enormous startup cost. So what if they ask you to talk to your family and friends, its services they are paying anyway. The people who scare their friends and family away are obviously pushing it on them which is not what is practiced in ACN. Again, I can understand how people can think this as a scam because of how
            other home business were structured in the past. If you ask any business owner
            or franchise owner they all paid a pretty penny to get their business going.
            And 500 bucks is not that much money to have the rights to sell a wide
            portfolio of products. My son's xbox and playstation where both 600 when they first came out. I think a big part of people’s failures to this company
            is mindset as well. Not everyone has a business mindset but everyone does have
            a money mindset. I run 3 successful businesses, ACN being one of them (which was also the cheapest of the three to get started). I have been running my businesses sense I was 21 years old. It’s obvious that people who fail at ACN will think
            it’s a scam because they are the one's who think they will all of a sudden get rich. Yes, if you stop recruiting and getting customers your money will start to slow down as well. Just like if McDonalds stops selling hamburgers they will obviously loose money.. My own grandfather (who was not introduced by me) gave up on the
            company because he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. A year down the road he
            did wish he would have kept up with it because he sees my checks and that makes
            it real to him. ACN is kind of like religion.. Some people have to see to
            believe, while others just believe.. I’m not religious but that’s the best way
            I can describe it.

  • BigBulldog24_7

    Great article! My friend got suckered into this scam and he is paying the price for it…. Literally.  When he got on board that's when all the powerpoint presentations and BS sales pitches came out. He would constantly beg my friends, brothers, and I to join as a favor (seems like ACN teaches them to “ask for favors”). It got to the point where we couldn't hang out with him anymore for the fear of being bored to death by his highly questionable presentations.  Now he is looking for a job with more stable pay because ACN “is a little slow right now”.

  • Stools

    I spent 2 years of my life working HARD to get ACN to generate income. I talked to and presented the ACN to everyone i know + even people I didn't know. My friend and I worked together, had weekly meetings, went abroad to big ACN events, spent a lot of time, effort and money to make it work. But still: we never made a dime! In the end we realized that what we were doing didn't lead to anything and we decided to stop. There IS no easy money! I've learned my lesson and I am never gonna do this again, no matter how convincing the presetation of the idea is.

  • truth speaker

    Read your own post buddy.  You stated, 'A quick comment on the start up fees. They don't go for the bonuses, the start up fees go to the call centers and “back end” offices (24/7 customer & rep support, designing all of our training, flyers, spreadsheets, online tracking systems for reps, online account management for customers etc..). It all goes to pay for the back end of the independent representatives business and support'.  Again, that all sounds very impressive to anyone reading your B-S but it's more scripted ACN lies.

  • Bob1234

    The Rep Part is a scam but the idea of a video Phone is Cool

  • Focusreality

    Right now all I can tell you about ACN is the last time I saw my friend who signed me up was several months ago in the checkout line of Safeway in Monterey Ca and I told him to call me and I haven't heard back from him since. I hope he doesn't let the ACN stand in between our friendship. I purchased two video phones from him and signed up as a rep. I have never been much of a sales men but how many of us have joined these kinds of business to support our family or friends. So I was being charged for phone service that I never used and worst than that I am also being charged three-hundred and sixty seven dollars for a early termination fee. I called ACN and tried to have that fee waived no such luck. So its on my credit helping to lower a bad an already bad score after losing two houses via the housing crisis and a voluntary re-possession of my gas guzzling Nissan Armada that was costing me eight hundred dollars a month that Nissan refused to take back after I got let go from my teaching position due to state budget cuts. ACN has been bad news for me, I was doing just fine until I joined them. Oh well I guess all that is left is for me now is to sell my two brand new video, never opened video phones on e-bay. Look out people I'm spreading the news. Tony C. Chester 
    [email protected]. Good job on the article.

  • ABF

    A lot of good and insightful comments here.  Even more idiotic ones. 

    I have a friend who just got in to ACN.  The minute she told me the name, I told her to run.  Unfortunately she's already paid her initiation fee and is drinking the kool-aid.  She told me her definition of “failure” is caving in to people's opinions and being afraid of the “what if's.”  Alternatively, “you're only a failure if you quit.”  I presume these are lines she picked up at her first rally.  How convenient that these definitions of “failure” just so happen to directly benefit her upline.  I wish I could redefine common words for my own personal benefit.

    I attended an ACN pep rally years ago.  Having been suckered into an MLM in the past, and seeing family members get burned through several over the years, I was on alert for red flags, such as briefly glossing over the product/service offered and focusing on the lavish lifestyle I'll be living as an ACN rep.  I wasn't impressed by the pompous asses who got up on stage and talked about the fancy cars they were driving.  I'll just repeat what has already been said several times on this page: huge red flag for any MLM or business venture that takes the focus off the product and on the supposed lifestyle involvement will bring.

    Instead of boring you all with all the philosophical reasons I find MLM's to be reprehensible, I'll try to keep it brief (I'm a lawyer so no promises there). 

    First can we please put to rest the tired old analogy of the “pyramid” structure of traditional organizations with the “pyramid” structure of an MLM?  Apples and oranges, folks.  In a traditional organization, your boss/supervisor typically doesn't make a commission when you enter the organization.  Also, his/her compensation isn't directly dependent on your performance.  When you get hired, you also are not required to pay anything out-of-pocket.  Finally, while it is true that high-level executives make many times the amount that entry-level workers earn, this disparity is not nearly as that of ACN.  Take the Montana stats, for example.  300 participants paid $239,000 to ACN.  ACN paid a TOTAL of $896 to those participants (note, that is total, not each).  After minimal overhead, that's over $200,000 of profit, and the higher-ups are rolling in it.  And if Canadian ACN reps are making an average of $8/year, then a high-level ACN member or executive making a modest $100,000/yr (extremely conservative estimate) is making 12,500 times the amount of the grunts.  In comparison, American CEOs make 263 times the salary of the average worker.  Even that is disgusting.

    Also, let's drop the argument that becoming an ACN rep is like starting your own business.  Again, apples and oranges.  The best comparison is that of an independent sales rep.  As an independent sales rep, you make your own hours, have no base salary, and make money purely on commissions.  The products and services you sell are already in place, and the company might provide you a little bit of structure, training, and direction.  This is exactly what ACN does, except they charge you $500 right off the bat just for the opportunity to sell their products and make them money.  No one in their right mind would ever take an independent sales gig that required you to pay $500 up front.  Especially when you start off with a measly 2% commission rate on such small-ticket items/services.  Oh, and the “training” ACN provides?  It's not about selling the product/services, it's about selling the recruitment; selling the “dream.”

    That leads me to my next point.  And this is the stark reality staring everyone in the face, but which few people seem to recognize.  The mere fact that ACN pushes so much for recruitment is the single greatest sign of its illegitimacy.  A company that truly believed in the value of its products or services wouldn't need to recruit unlimited amounts of sales people.  Rather (as has been pointed out in these comments), they would simply hire qualified sales people, assign them geographical regions, and set them loose.  Because ACN doesn't do this, it just goes to show that the product they are REALLY selling is recruitment itself.  The resale of telecommunication packages is merely a thin veneer of legitimacy that keeps the feds off their backs.  An MLM is an illegal pyramid to the extent its upline bonuses are funded on the initiation fees of downline participants.  (If only ACN was a publicly-traded company.  I would love to see its annual reports and look at the breakdown of its revenue sources.  If 90% of its revenue comes from initiation fees or annual dues, well then congratulations, ACN is only 90% pyramid.)

    Other MLM models take the money out of the initiation fee and put it into the price of the product.  This is the case with companies selling miracle juice like Xango or Noni.  I was briefly involved in Xango (I was young and stupid), and they make their money by charging $30 per 1-liter bottle of juice and requiring reps to make a substantial purchase of product (inventory?) up front to sell to their friends and/or get them hooked.  The lesson from all MLM's, however they allocate the “cost” of their product, is that the business model is simply inefficient.  Either the reps or the customers (or sometimes both) get ripped off.  In ACN's case, it's mostly the reps, because from what I've read, their telecommunications packages are comparable to what the providers offer directly.

    I lied; I wasn't brief.  But I can only hope this might save someone from wasting their time and money on such a futile endeavor.  And to all those ACN proponents: put up or shut up.  Show us the money.  We've heard all the canned lines and motivational BS.  Do what many have requested.  SHOW us how much you're making along with how many hours you've put in.  Oh and don't forget to deduct your initial $500, monthly website fees, annual dues, and conference dues/expenses.  We don't care unless you're in the black.

    • truth speaker

      Great post!!!  Everything stated here is absolutely true and sad.  The stupid ACN clones can only regurgitate scripted lines their uplines teach them at the rah rah rallies.  'Your job is a pyramid scheme.'  'Quit making your boss rich by working for a 9 to 5 paycheck.'  'Don't believe the naysayers in life.  They are all broke losers.'  'Be coachable and follow the system.'  This is all the same type of stuff Jim Jones probably recited to his clones during the Guyana Tragedy.  'Drink the Kool-Aid clones.  We will be in a much better place once we do.'  When will you morons wake up and quit defending this scam???  And like ABF said, 'Show us the money.'  I don't believe any of you can or will.  By the way, Btshop87 you are a moron.  I won't even dignify your last post with a response because your are using top secret ACN double speak that none of us common folk understand.  F you.  Please quit posting your B-S here and get back to ripping people off.

  • Went to an information session and my first impression is that it was a  pyramid scheme.
     A very nice friend had it at his house and showed my all kinds of payments he has received but it just doesn't sound right. Its too easy.
    I'm a little surprised that this level of person doesn't recognize  what's happening here.
    Its sort of Amway but at least with that you get a box of soap which is pretty good stuff-the only good stuff they make or sell.
    So I said thanks, but no thanks and we parted as friends-I hope, because  they are very nice people.

  • Patoulap

    As I just got send this link from a friend who got invited by ACN for the “rah rah” meetings, I will leave a comment from what I have read. Just before you start flaming me for whatever reason, I would just like to point out, I am not with ACN, nor do I have interest in joining it. Also, English is my second language, just in case you might point out a few spelling mistakes in my text. I must admit though I was curious and went to a presentation (which was free over here) out of mere curiosity. Although, I have been reading quite a few answers on this particular post which made me wonder, all these ACN haters, you all seem to share one point, you are all using such suggestive comment and from personal opinion. Let me quote a few lines, especially from the one that is called “truth speaker”.

    Brotherofdeath : “I was also tricked and manipulated…”

    Truthspeaker : ” I will keep posting on here as long as takes to expose this bullshit and I hope you do to”

    Truthspeaker : “Good point.  They are a bunch of lazy assholes.”

    Truthspeaker : “So much anger and so much truth.”

    I cant understand why anyone with an objective regard on a subject would use such suggestive vocabulary. No matter what you have lived through or what ACN, or any other subject on that matter, had “done to you”, but flaming a company, a person for their life style choices or regards, who are you to judge them. They have made bad choices, maybe, they have been ripped off, if they joined for the wrong reasons then yes, but the ones that actually work are well compensated, as in any other business. New, by saying that ACN is a scam and should be hated and flamed to death, why not do it to any other multinational business that takes profit out of children in Asia, or simply paying very low wages at McDonald or WalMart. They are both companies that made a huge lot of profit in making people think they could get a better life, they employ anyone who's willing to work, while making huge profit out of the merchandise they are selling. They could probably pay their employees much more then minimum wage, but hey, it's less profitable that way isn't it?

    To return on ACN's case, as in any other business, there's always the bad apple of the group. Yes, some people might be tricked by some representatives who are just driven by numbers without counting or thinking about the human behind the numbers. Have you ever not called or heard about Rogers, AT&T, Bell, or whatever other huge business that some empl