Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Top 5 Features

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc is one of the most popular devices available with current Android phone deals. So how can a single core device from a manufacturer that has released a number of lacklustre devices in recent years become this popular? We look at the phone’s top 5 strengths and try figure out why it is so popular.


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has one of the best phone cameras seen on any smartphone. This is thanks to the 8.1mp camera it has and the Exmor R sensor it utilizes with the device. This sensor was once the preserve of Sony’s compact cameras, has now been used by Sony Ericsson on the camera phone to excellent effect. The camera allows near compact quality photos on the phone. Add to this the ability to shoot 1080p and you have a phone that is as good for filming still and moving shots than most of us have at home separate to our phones.


The phone also comes with the BRAVIA Reality Display for use with its excellent 4.2inch screen. This display uses technology from the television manufacturers sets to increase the quality of the display. The use of the technology and processors means that the phone creates some of the best blacks and whites, contrasts and shadow details across a wide array of colours seen on any small screen anywhere at this point and time. This makes the phone amazing for watching footage on and also amazing for viewing the images you shoot on also. Reality Display offers real time picture correction, making images sharper and more vibrant.


The device is also physically beautiful. The Arc shaped back and the wonderfully slim bezel around the outside make the device a very attractive prospect. The phone is only 8.7mm thick and curves from top to bottom at the back. This all creates a very spectacular phone with which many will be happy to have in their pockets.


The device also uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread and drops many of the Sony Ericsson inspired applications. This is all quite positive for the device and means that it can do what it does best by utilising the software simply with little standing in the way.


The phone comes with a single core 1GHz processor which may not seem a lot, though is a nice quick processor that Sony Ericsson has got the most from. It can lag slightly when using things like the Timescape social media widget, though is a very good little chip and really works well.

But to make things even better Sony Ericsson have released an upgrade to the Xperia Arc with an even more powerful processor. This is the Xperia Arc S deals which come with a faster 1.4GHz chip and even better performance. This is not a full upgrade, and the Xperia range has not yet entered into the dual core era, but the Xperia Arc S is an excellent boost to an already fantastic phone.