iPhone 5 Specs & Release Date

The iphone 4S release is expected today (October 4 2011) at 11:00 PDT (2:00PM EST)!

So far from today’s conference the features highlighted on the new iPhone are:

Now Confirmed Features on the new Iphone

  • The new iPhone will be a 4S model and not an iPhone 5 (good call CNet), though it still has plenty of cool new features.
  • It will have a new dual core A5 processor in it, apparently twice as fast as the iPhone 4’s.
  • Graphics will be 7 times more efficient in the iPhone 4S than the 4.
  • There will be a new antenna system to correct the reception issues.
  • The camera has an 8 megapixel sensor, can capture higher than 3264 x 2448 resolution and shoots 1080p video at 30 frames per second.
  • Today’s presenter not get specific if the iPhone was 4G as the standard seems to have wide boundaries but did say the new iPhone will have 5.8 Mbps upload and 14.4 Mbps download speeds.
  • The new iPhone will be both GSM and CDMA making it easy to bring it across borders.
  • Siri made it into the phone in a pretty large way. Rumoured to be called assistant, the app lets you speak pretty much anything into the phone and get an answers back. For example, if you want to know if there is a type of restaurant in the area you can simply ask your phone exactly that and it will give you the top 5 listings from Yelp based on your spoken parameters.
  • In the United States the phone will be 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399 under contract. It will probably be about the same price in Canada.

Compared to the compiled rumours below it looks like the analysts were pretty close!

  • NFC Technology – The new iPhone 5 supports NFC technology the one which is used in Google’s Flagship Android phone, the Nexus S. With NFC technology, iPhone 5 will have extremely high data transfer rate between two devices.
  • Slimmer and lighter – The enclosure for the iphone 5 (or 4s) will be much more economically spaced, allowing for a slimmer and lighter iphone than it’s predecessor.
  • New Smart and brainy iPhone – Now with the new iphone5, you can even get answers to your questions like: What is the phone number of nearby hotel, Dispensary, taxi company? What Italian restaurant is nearby?
  • Facial Recognition – The iPhone will be able to identify  its owner through facial recognition. The phone can be unlocked and begin to function after recognizing its owner. We’ve seen similar technology in laptops when logging on to windows via face recognition. It no doubt come in handy for other apps.

  • iPhone 5 Camera – The new iPhone 5 will have an  8 megapixel camera and can record full HD video (720p we expect) with a capped recording time of 25 to 30 seconds. The camera is equipped with a Omnivision OV8820 sensor.
  • Case – The iphone enclosure will be slimmer and lighter than the iphone 4.
  • Battery Power – iPhone 5 comes with an awesome battery that exceeds the life of the 3G by 14 hours – 7 hours over 4G which makes it perfect for heavy use.
  • iPhone 5 Screen Size – 4.0 inches (scratch and shatter proof) Apple will be removing more of the nonsensitive borders on either side of the screen, reducing the size of the home button and possibly increase the size of the phone itself.
  • iPhone 5 Processor – The Iphone 5 will be powered  1.2GHz Dual Core Qualcomm wireless baseband chip.
  • iPhone 5 provides you with a variety of email alerts and notification. You can now assign alerts for different emails as well.

How iPhone 5 is different from iPhone 4?

  • The processor used in iPhone 5 is a 1.2GHz dual core processor which makes it faster than its former version in the iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 had a complication regarding the antenna issue, attenuation in receiving signals, dropping off calls etc.  will be completely sorted out with iPhone 5.
  • The battery backup of iPhone 4 is high enough to last up to 48 hours despite of its heavy use. With iPhone 5 we expect no issues regarding the battery life. It will have an extended battery life of 14 hours on 3G and 7 hours on 4G with a stand by time of 600 hours.
  • The hardrive will be larger on the iPhone 5, a range of sizes will be offered up to  around 64Gb.
  • iPhone 5 is expected to have a 8 MP camera, an upgraded from iPhone 4’s  5MP,  to capture high quality pictures and videos.

iPhone 5 Release Date

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch sometime in the middle of August 2012 in the US and shortly after that in Canada. Most analysts are calling for a Canadian release date of October 1 2011 to Telus and Rogers.

The information in this article is based on the most reliable rumors we found. Final specs will likely differ, but this list gives us some good hints as to what we can expect.

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      thats crazy? buddy are you a complete looser or yes? have you seen motorola atrix, galaxy 2, evo 3d and etc.?

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        You're a fan of phones that lose value within a few months and thier companies start promoting them as: BUY 1 AND GET THE SECOND 1 FREE!

        You're the loser, supporting phones that go out of business in like 2 months. Look at the Android. Verizon spent over 200 million on promotion allone and only seen a third of that money in return from sales. Get your self a real phone, an iPhone, and stop being a cock sucking faggot.

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          the term is not “go out of business”, i believe its “obsolete”

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          Nothing in your post has compelled me to consider and iPhone, or ever bother doing any research on it just to come back here and demonstrate just how much of a fanboi you sound like. If you are going to make looser posts like that, how about giving the people a reason to like iPhone. I don't think “Get your self a real phone” works because technically any phone that works is a real phone. I like the specs you claim your iPhone has, a “cock sucking faggot”. I had no idea iPhone could do that, I know Steve Jobs does though.

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            lol this is funny but must agree i have no clue y people are fighting ova a phone that dnt even kno  they exist…..ugh team droid HTC EVO

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          Galaxy s2 is an amazing phone and actual i had a iphone which i sold to get a galaxy s…
          Now when i sold my galaxy s i actually sold it for.more then i bought it for.
          its pretty much a fact that the galaxys2 rapes the iphone..p.s samsung should stop making parts for the iphone so the crappy uncostomizable phonebthat annoyed the hell out of me can go to the shitter

        • Coramana

          sorry man but your wrong. android has been out less than half the time than other phone OS's yet it now has controlling market share. Phones arent going out of business. the open source technology allows alot of companies to release new technology quickly leading to faster advancements in phones.

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    hmm, took them this long to release a phone equal to a few of the htc phones that are already out. Great Job.

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      Well yeah because they only come out with an iphone once a year and htc and all that stuff come out with a new phone like all the time

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      Are you retarded?? It's pretty easy for HTC to out do the iphone4 when the iphone4 specs were made publicly known BEFORE the HTCs hit the market. HTC phones suck ass. Verizon can't even make 1/3 of the money they spent to make it off the phone sales. So congrats, you're part of the few percentile of idiots and losers who decided to go with the shitty phone! lmao wake up.

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        You are mistaken. Both phones were released in the same year. Google and Wiki is your friend. All of you Apple fanbois' need to remove your heads from your rectum and do some research.

  • Real stylus capability would be nice. Just like that Eee stylus, Apple can come up with touch & stylus (like Wacom) capable screen for iPhone 5 and iPad 3. It would be awesome.

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    about time. i still think the HTC is the better phone but the i phone 5 is going to be a great one.

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      for the record, it will have a flash drive, not a hard drive. samsung already put this new processor on the market in their new Galaxy S 2 tablet. and these specs aren't as impressive as the htc evo 3D, which will be released before iphone 5. yes, iphones are nice, but they are not the best.

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      HTC is a good phone, especially DESIRE, but fool in battery technology

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      and the SGS II will be legendary

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    capping the video would be bullshit

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      Agreed… Why the fuck would you CAP video recording time on a phone that will potentially have a 64GB hard drive? Recording HD video @ 720p will probably give you more than 12 hours of recording time on a 64GB HDD, NOT 30 sec. TAKE CAP OFF NOW SAMSUNG!!!

      They're probably doing it so that they can have a promo scheme for the NEXT iPhone (SIX).
      They'll tell you… “Introducing the new iPhone 6 with NO CAP on video recording time.”
      BOOM!!! millions of units are sold BECAUSE of that lol. Love this country.

      • annnoyed

        because all of the information in the article is based off mindless speculation. The current iPhone 4 already takes 720p HD video, with no recording limit. The author of the article clearly just threw this in here because they have no idea what they are talking about. I mean seriously “Advanced antenna” “hard drive?” the author clearly has no concept of modern technology.

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    What about the Bluetooth in the new Iphone 5, would it have problems as in the previous ones…?!

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  • The IPhone will always be behind Android because of it's proprietary software, can't do sh-t unless it's jailbroken.

    The only reason the Iphone might not die is because of the Verizon network, I had an Iphone at one time, thought it was the greatest thing ever until Android destroyed it in every way, shape and form.

    Die Iphone, just DIE!

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    Wow!! Thats its??? its nothing very surprising. The HTC Evo 3D will be better. Iphone is losing as of right now.

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      iphone strted this whole thing, google just copied thm in every way and iphone 5 is gonna be the best phone on the market!

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      nuff said

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    A summer launch is not going to happen September is more likely

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      It is still techincally summer for most of September.  served.

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    Dear anyone who thinks htc is better than iphone,
    Just take a look at sales records? Apple knows their shit, they know how to sell a phone.

    htc are hard to use, look ugly and have a fucking useless app store.
    And yet you trolls will just argue that htc phones have better cameras and processors.
    The processor speed does not matter, once it's above 1Ghz, any extra is just unecessary. Same applies to a camera at 5MP.
    So please, kindly stfu.

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      hard to use? HTC hard to use? No wonder why you went to apple.

    • Orionsune

      You are mistaken.

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      Sure but samsung galaxy s2 pre order have surpasses iphone and as a 3 year iphone user this device has converted me amazing customization auper amoled screen no need for ugly apps to take up entire screen,dual.core amazing camera and 1080p recording flash ao i can watch megavideo etc etc etc

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    Sales records mean nothing. It means you have a good marketing team. It does not mean you have a good product. Anyone who has half a brain would know that. But most Apple fans dont have even a quarter of a brain. They buy what looks cool.

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      Sales records mean nothing? ok… Market share from 4% to 10% since a products release? still not good? How about every other smart phone using the iphone as a model? No? Nothing is ever enough for the haters. Some people buy it just because it's apple – their tools. You won't buy it just because it's apple – your a tool too. The product speaks for itself. No go suck on your mommas teat – she only texts me when she's lonely and she is annoying the fuck out of me.

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    It also means you only have 1 phone out there by apple! Every other company has multiple phones to choose from for each network provider

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      Having a variety of phones from the same developer is worse. I like the iPhone cause apple put all its eggs into this one basket which features everything. Having a variety would mean… and this is just an example… but that means choosing between a phone with an hd display or a phone that has wifi or a phone that has an 8 mp camera and maybe phone that has all of that but at an extremely exaggeratted price. Rather, apple has made just one phone that has everything and all features at an average price/cheaper than the majority of phones on the market. Why would you want that variety when you have one phone that can do it all?

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    lol basically a less customizable and crappier screen then the samsung galaxy s2

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    • Yes, everyone who has an iPhone got it because the person before them did, but all of the Fandroids out there are independent thinkers.

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        I can tell you own an iPhone cuz you have glasses

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      Had a droid, liked it, but applications tend to leak your email and sometimes other personal data. Have iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch(3x) and am happy to be a slave to the most enjoyable and technologically advanced product line in recent years. Take your Apple knock-off android and cry yourself to sleep.

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    Here's a thought, stop arguing over a phone that STILL has not come out. Get a girlfriend, or a life for some of you. I have an iPhone 4 and am completely satisfied, never dropped a call, nothing wrong. Just be happy with what you've got.

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      i love the iphone but if you had the iphone 4 and never had a drop call your just lying. i have more then 4 dropped calls PER DAY and its not becuase im in my basement or garage. im talking about while im driving, while im walking, i can be anywhere and it drops my call. the iphone 4 had the worst reception of any phone i have ever used.

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    How can we be sure that Iphone 5 will come out when this was posted? Can this be verified by Apple? All I heard and saw Apple talk about at WWDC was Lion, IOS 5 and I clould. If there  was an Iphone 5 coming they would have talked about it at WWDC, they always talk about new products at that conference.

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    i hope they make the iphone 5 better then the sony arc cause i got the iphone 4 and the arc and well the sony arc is awesome i like how u dont have to pay for the apps or get the phone jailbroken which voids ur warrenty. and for all you ppl that say go get girlfriends well im a girl and i love the iphone too so go shove it if u were mature u would go get lifes yourselve just saying

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    you guys are all sounding ignorant, its an opinion on which phone is better.

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    Will it  support OBEX?

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    I will definitely be getting this phone, I have the iphone 3G and I love it, it's the phone that has lasted the longest and I've gone through about ten different phones. I got it when it came out and I just can't think of any other phone I would want, and not because it's apple but because it's been the best one I have ever had.

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    When is the goddamn release date? Man, Fuk it I'm buying the new blackberry touch I think apple is not making any more phones.

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    I’m a business person so prefer the Blackberry for compatibility with secure back end communications systems specifically for business. I don’t care how great my phone is to play games, watch videos or listen to music. I just want a phone that is reliable and works 100% when I need it, keeps my contact and agenda.
    If the phone manufacturers put more focus in achieving proper reception and call quality rather than making toys for 13yr. olds we’d have much better quality “phones”. Regardless, of all these impressive features the fact of the matter is Blackberry and iPhones are NOT the future anymore, they’ve lost the battle to open source. Both, companies (RIM and Apple) tried to corner the market with their closed source OS and are now starting to lose market share to manufacturers who now create superior products and a much superior OS (Android). I’m sure the iPhone will be a hit for the die hard Apple poster girls / boys, but HTC, Samsung and other Android based products will continue to reign supreme simply because they don’t gouge the consumer every chance they get.

    • you are so right in saying that cell phone companies need to focus more on proper reception and call quality rather than making toys for kids.  I use my iphone for web, phone, email, and txt.. I too could care less how great it is to play games, or watch videos.  I just want better reception!!!!

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    sounds awsome

  • I screw 5

    hey all gays & fagged & iphone owners bastards , the iphone 5 copy is already in the market in china ! 

  • Just Saying

    Funny how people call android an iphone knock off.  Look at the “new” features on the ios 5.  Drop down menu… hmm android had that since the g1.  Cloud… samsung came out with that on their androids a year ago.  Siri… sounds a lot like voice search to me.  And funny how people forget that apple originally bought the design of their ui from samsung.  Take a look at AT&T’s impression or T-Mobile’s behold and tell me you don’t see something familiar there. And most of the hardware is made by LG.  The iphone is just a jumble of borrowed hardware and software.  Apple didn’t “revolutionize” anything with this phone.  They just copied and paid everyone else to do the work. And I guess it shows if you look at the actual retail price of the phone.  You’re paying for a company to  put their name on everyone else’s product.

  • screw the apple products the like to mess with peoples brain they been waiting for that for long time but they got that gay ass looking iphone 4s but now iphone 5 coming this year so fuck you apple i crossed the apple off my list android is the best htc all day tell i die.

  • Definitely the 4S has a strong screen. Not shatterproof, but strong. The 5, may be a bit stronger, or just as strong, but THINNER! That’s what I think. 

  • Michael_wisnewski

    why do people keep talking about sales? Of course apple wins in sales they are a monopoly, only helping themselves. Apple os, Apple Phone, apple tablets, apple everything. They help no one out. Android and windows have many different companies and deals. You support more people if you buy an android operating system or a windows one.

    also yes my phone has
    1.5ghz snapdragon
    1gig of ram
    32gigs of expandable memory.

    • Michael_wisnewski

      also expandable memory is important because all flash memory doubles each time a new sd card, internal or external, comes out.