Honda Civic Gauge Lights and Tail Lights not Working | Fix it Guide

This guide explains how to fix your tail lights and gauge lights on your Honda Civic in the event that they have somehow stopped working – usually as a result of a short during the installation of a new stereo head unit. This was done on a 2001 Civic, it will likely work the same on all 2001 to 2005 civics and probably be very similar on older a newer models as well. All instructions are taken at your own risk, be careful – you might want to disconnect the battery while replacing fuses. That said, the is an extremely easy fix that anyone can do themselves, we do not advise you to take your car in for service – that would be a complete waste of money.

It is likely that you are experiencing all of the following problems:

  • Gauge lights behind speedometer and other gauges not working
  • Tail lights not working
  • Main ceiling light does not come on when you open the doors (even in ‘door’ mode)
  • Car does not beep when you leave the headlights on and remove the key
  • Car does not beep when you leave the key in and open the driver door
  • Power locks to not work unless the ignition is turned
  • No constant power to the stereo head unit – the stereo will not store its presets and will not remember the time

The Solution

This problem is very easy to fix – You simply have to replace two fuses in the fuse box under the hood, both of which can be replaced with spare fuses already in your car (so no need to buy anything new.)

The 2 fuses are very poorly named, you would probably never even think to check them to correct the problem at hand. They are the 15A FI ECU Fuse – No. 2 in the chart below, and the 10A Back Up Fuse – No. 9 in the chart below. As you pop them out, have a look at them – you should see that the metal that runs through the plastic is broken (this indicated that the fuse is blown.)

As the chart shows, fuses in slots 21 to 25 are all spares – you will be able to find the 2 replacement fuses you need here (you will have to replace them with fuses of the same amperage, 15A for the FI ECU and 10A for the Back Up.

We would recommend having a look at your Accessory, Radio fuse as well – this fuse is in the fuse box under the steering wheel – post a comment if you would like to see a diagram of this fuse panel and we will put one up.

That’s it! You should be back in business. Let us know if you have any questions.

Honda Civic Tail Light Fuses

  • Patricia J Toler

    could i get a diagram of where the Accessory, Radio fuse is in the fuse box under the steering wheel –
    2003 Honda Civic

  • Jessemarkens

    I'll try this out with my 95 civic hatchback.

  • Zzz

    i have this exact problem, boosted the car and when it came back to life, blown guages. Ill test it tomorrow and if it works, ill post it here. Youre 100% right, i looked at the panel, and ECI? na that couldnt be the problem…

  • I haven't got the original paperwork that came with my Honda so thank you.

  • Carmen_12_car

    hi i tried this on my 97 civic and i have all the symptoms but my fi ecu and back up fuses are good there is no power to my light fuses under the dash what can be the problem my headlights work but taillights and dash lights dont

    • Brians_iphone

      Did you ever figure this out I have same car same problem

    • Brians_iphone

      If you could let me know how you fixed your I would appresheate it thanks my email in [email protected]

  • Like_mike

    Hello can i see the fuse box under the stearing will please

  • Honda Civic

    I had the same problem, for me it was fuse #2 under the hood.  Small light 15 Amp

  • VanillaMillz

    It was the small light fuse 15 amp fuse #2 on my 2005 Honda Civic. Got pulled over because of it and missed work.

  • Guest

    My passenger side tail light stopped working and after replacing the corresponding fuses that did it for me. Thanks.

  • Greggieguygood

    oh I thought I could fix my car after reading this post  but it did not work… wire searching for a loose connection … that seems like rocket science… 

  • Greggieguygood

    hmm my kid put some change in the cd player lol and it hasn’t worked since and weirdly relating the problem arises from installation of new radio… hmm WTF rocket scientist na Ripley’s Believe it or not… [email protected]

  • Greggieguygood

    I’m pulling the radio once I figure how

  • Greggieguygood

    Still waiting on a technical opinion from a guy here, seems he thinks the radio is not the problem, another says change the light bulbs but that wont fix the dash lights so …  would unhooking the radio fix the circuit? it must be in the wiring broke somewhere then I guess.. sorry bout all the comments… fidgety waiting.     

  • Civic girl

    could i get a diagram of where the Accessory, Radio fuse is in the fuse box under the steering wheel (2003 Honda Civic)

  • thank you thank you thank you!

  • Guest

    thank you!

  • studaddy64

    i have a civic and was going to swap radios instead of using an adaptor someone cut the factory wires i dont have a diagram of the fuse panel underthe dash could you show me one

  • EJ Han

    my 93 civic taillights is not come on when i turn on the headlights

  • Lance Rose

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic ex. My small lights fuse was blown so I replaced it with a new one and it still blew. All my other lights work except my tail lights.

  • Kari Roberts Towns

    The fuses were good. Just changed the relay for blinkers/hazards and those work now, but now the parking lights, tail lights and gauge lights do not. Fuses were good. They all worked before I fixed the blinker/hazard relay. Help…