Gevey sim not working on Rogers | Call failed on 122

This week it seems that the Gevey sim has stopped working on the iPhone 4.

Whenever we try to dial 122 we get the message “Call Failed” right away. Normally you need to maintain the call for at least 2 seconds before moving onto the next step in the Gevey unlocking process.

We’re not sure if this has something to do with Rogers (or Canada?) blocking calls to 122. If you are experiencing the same thing, please let us know in the comments.

  • cameroon

    I am having trouble on Rogers now as well. I wasn’t having trouble earlier but now I am. I was out of the country until August 20th – using my phone overseas with a card I bought there (in Italy) but since I have returned and re-installed my my Rogers sim my data is not working. I can see 3G but it tells me I don’t have a data plan. Rogers is of no help of course because it’s not their phone.

    • Jram09_darkterror

      maybe your problem is that when you insert the italy sim card, the APN configuration was modified, what are u using to unlock your iphone? Well maybe the solution go to settings-then to general- tap on network and where it said network mobile data or something like that see if the APN configuration is the correct for Rogers The first lines is the access point, then is the user and then the password, Im not sure as far as i know these goes on the access point “rogers-core-appl1.apn”, and the other 2 on blank. bye

  • Steve

    112 not 122