Categories in Arthemia Theme – Get them working

This guide explains how to get categories working properly in your arthemia themed WordPress site. By default the theme doesn’t really support your categories, this guide fixes that problem.

  • Find the ID’s of the categories you want to show
    • In the admin section of your site, go to Posts, and select Categories
    • Click on the one of the category titles on the right (Note, if you don’t have any categories yet, add some now)
    • One you click on a category title, the ID of the category will show up in your browser’s address bar. Remember which ID is for which category (You can have 5 categories listed on your Arthemia site)
  • Now that you know which categories (and their ID’s) that you want on your homepage, we’ll add them
    • Go to the Appearance section.
    • Select Editor, and click Main Index Template from the list on the right.
      • Find the section in the code that says: php $display_categories = array
      • Just use Edit->Find in your browser
    • Change the numbers in the brackets to the categories that you want listed on your page.
    • For example if, I want the categories with ID’s 5,3,9,7 and 1 on my site, I will change the line of code to read: <?php $display_categories = array(5,3,9,7,1); $i = 1;
    • NOTE: Only change the digits in the brackets, do not modify the rest of the line, just leave it as is.
    • Hit Update File at the bottom of the page.

You’re finished!