Best Canadian Points Credit Card as of April 2011

As of April 14th 2011 the best points credit card in canada (in our opinion) is the American Express Gold Rewards Card (check it out here)

Basically it allows you to earn points faster than almost any other card and all the points can be converted to Aeroplan points at a rate of 1 to 1 (so long as you convert a multiple of 1000 points)

Until the release of this card, the CIBC Aerogold card was number 1. The Amex gold rewards card offers you all the same points earning potential of the Aerogold, and far more. For example, Aerogold lets you earn 1.5 points for each dollar spent at grocery stores, drug stores and on gas (as well as 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere. The Amex on the other hand lets you earn 2 points for every dollar spent at grocery stores, drug stores and on gas! Additionally, the amex gives you 2 points for every dollar spent on travel – this includes hotels, flights, rental cars and even all inclusive vacation packages (I recently booked one on and received double the points.)

The Amex is $150 per year, instead of $120 with the Aerogold BUT Amex waives the fee for the first year. Also, both cards normally charge you $50 per year for a supplementary card (usually for your spouse) but amex gives you one supplementary card for free (not just one year free, but free forever)

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