Adding Thumbnails To WordPress Posts

Now this may not work for all wordpress skins, but it will for the majority of the magazine/blog types like arthemia and convergence.

First, add a file to the “Media” section of your WordPress admin tools  by selecting Add File (or some sort of variation of that depending on the theme you have used) , select Upload file and find the picture you want to use as a thumbnail on your computer.  Once The file is uploaded it should look like this:

addpicture to wordpress

Note the highlighted area, this will be your picture’s path. Copy that line starting from wp-content for later use.

Next, go to the post we would like to attach the thumbnail to in the posts section of the dashboard. If you scroll further down the edit page of your post there should be a section for a custom field. Create a new custom field by clicking on the text box below name. For name input “Image” and for Value input our path for the image, in this case wp-content/uploads/2010/01/arthemia-screenshot10.jpg.

NOTE: The ‘I’ in Image, must be capitalized!

Adding A Custom Field
Adding A Custom Field

Now click Add custom field and we’re done, you should see your thumbnail on the blogroll.

  • Anonymous

    Tried your guide!
    Worked like a charm on my Error 404 guide

  • I really like your template, its simple but easy on the eyes and easy to navigate was it a paid or free template?

  • Great post – I was just curious how do you get hold of such a good domain?

  • physical therapist

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  • psu1976

    This is great if you are tied to your PC. But if you want to upload images using the mobile WordPress app, it won't work. You'd have to manaully

  • psu1976

    Have you been able to get this to work when posting entries from the WordPress mobile app? I use the arthemia theme, and when I post an entry using the WordPress app on my HTC Incredible, the thumbnail doesn't appear on my homepage. It does appear when you click into the entry, but the thumbnail isn't being generated. Has anyone overcome this>