A Better Quest Schedule/Calendar | Print and Save Universtiy of Waterloo Calendar

This guide explains how you can save your University of Waterloo Quest Calendar to a file (html, or Excel)

Quest sucks, and the worst part has to be the calendar. First of all, why does it take 12 clicks to find it? (it’s under enroll if you were wondering… ya, because my CURRENT courses should be listed under enroll… obviously..) What’s even worse is how impossible it is to save the calendar – you can’t… even if you save the html page it doesn’t come out right. You also cannot print it properly.

The geniuses over at Fix This Face have come up with an awesome system that lets you view, save and print your calendar in a simple and user-friendly way. You can view it right on the page and print it to a perfectly sized file, or you can save your quest calendar to an Excel file.

Just login and in 25 seconds, you have your calendar ready to go. It only takes 25 seconds the first time, once you’ve logged in once, your calendar will be saved to the system and can be accessed instantly at any time.

Check it out: UW Calendar Fix