RIM Suing Kik – Dec 2 2010

After pulling Kik from App World a few weeks ago, on Tuesday RIM officially sued them. We feel that most of their grounds are completely ridiculous and we sincerely hope these actions do nothing but help to promote the awesome service that Kik provides.

Here is our comment from the article on the Financial Post website:

What a Joke:
“In that capacity, Livingston had access to RIM proprietary information related to BlackBerry Messenger, including but not limited to technical information, development plans for BlackBerry Messenger, market research, internal reports, presentations, and other commercially sensitive or secret information.”

Its a beautiful app, but really, it’s a cross platform chat client with fewer features than BBM had 3 years ago – how could RIM possibly think that Ted’s time working there and his exposure to “secret information” is the reason he was able to put Kik together?
RIM is coming off as a complete a cry baby – a company actually manages to build a good and popular app for their terribly convoluted platform and they pull it down because they are naively scared it might compete with their one last hope at holding any ground in the consumer mobile world..
I think the truth is that as Kik continues to grow on Android and iPhone, RIM will lose the massive percentage of their users who only purchase Blackberries for BBM. People wont be stuck buying RIM’s behind-the-curve hardware in order to get a BBM like software experience.
Good luck Kik!

Here is the article: http://www.financialpost.com/news/technology/broke%20patent%20ethics%20pacts/3914225/story.html